2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso Specs, Features, Performance review - Citroen hasn't done a considerable measure to change our most loved MPV, however it didn't have to. Indeed, even with regards to more up to date equals, despite everything it administers the 2016 Citroën Grand car perch as far as common sense, proficiency, esteem and solace. Minor tech updates move things along a bit, as well. Critically, the 2016 Citroën Grand review doesn't lose its natural feeling of style and character that truly gives it the edge. Great job, Citroen.

Substantial, tough looking SUVs are the request of the day now, with purchasers snapping them up to the detriment of customary, less 'on-pattern' MPVs. Things being what they are, has Citroen done what's necessary to keep its kin transporter applicable in 2016?


The 2016 Citroën Grand specs  ace card – except for its noteworthy flexibility – has dependably been its outside styling, so little has been changed for the upgraded auto. The changes are for the most part bound to the front: there's another guard with a bigger air allow and coordinated foglamps, which now have new chrome encompasses, as well.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Inside, the progressions are significantly harder to spot. It's still a major, light and breezy space on account of the slick developed windscreen, while the 2016 Citroën Grand design moderate dash plan with its enormous, brilliant 12.3-inch focal dials is unaltered. Citroen has centered rather around enhancing the 2016 Citroën Grand performance fiddly infotainment framework, with an upgraded seven-inch touchscreen now including things, for example, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink cell phone network. Citroen's Connect Nav additionally includes on top models, with enhanced mapping and new squeeze and-swipe works on the screen.

 Design and Styling

In the event that what's on the screen doesn't intrigue you, then the 2016 Citroën Grand interior astonishing measure of delicate touch materials on the dash and the abundance of stowage spaces absolutely ought to. Not at all like strong yet grim MPV lodge plans, for example, the VW Sharan, the 2016 Citroën Grand performance inside has a genuine feeling of event and quality – something that is absent from some of Citroen's more seasoned models. Things are obviously on the up, be that as it may, and models, for example, the expected C3 are set to further change open view of the French brand.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Critically, the splendidly adaptable and adaptable design stays in place, as well. The 2016 Citroën Grand engine center seats slide, crease level or flip up to permit access to the rearmost seats. These crease out of the floor effortlessly, and in spite of the 2016 Citroën Grand concept fact that they're more suited to youngsters, grown-ups could crush in for short voyages. On top-spec autos, each column has its own particular lighting, warming and ventilation controls.

The motor range is the same as before also, put something aside for another programmed alternative on the 1.2-liter PureTech petrol. Until we attempt that, the 2016 Citroën Grand cost 118bhp 1.6-liter diesel we have here is still our pick of the range, on account of its low running costs, rapid refinement and smooth six-speed auto gearbox. The 2016 Citroën Grand release date power conveyance suits the Citroen's casual character, and notwithstanding the MPV's size and weight it doesn't feel particularly underpowered.

At £28,160, our top-spec Flair may be a touch on the expensive side, however given the 2016 Citroën Grand features level of unit – including both presentations, sat-nav, DAB radio, double zone atmosphere control, all encompassing sunroof and without hands electric boot – despite everything it undermines a likewise specced Ford.

I won't let you know his name, clearly, spare to state that it starts with An and closes in A Gill. What I will let you know is that today he's in his sixties yet, given the 2016 Citroën Grand style shot, he said with a major grin, he'd do precisely the same once more.

I dread I'm similarly as terrible. When I'm advised by a travel permit individual to remain behind the 2016 Grand price line, I basically can't force myself to do it. I generally, dependably, dependably position myself so that in any event some of one foot is in the 2016 Grand car illegal zone. It's despicable yet I can't help myself.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Flawlessly stacked tins in a grocery store make me sick also. I get to be distinctly lightheaded and black out when I stroll past them on the grounds that the 2016 Grand review desire to thump them over is so unfathomably solid. It's one of only a handful couple of things left on my basin list.

Be that as it may, I'll have to pick up the 2016 Grand specs pace about it since I can feel myself getting old. I can detect the revolt in my spirit quietening down. It's not on the 2016 Grand design grounds that I now appreciate a "decent sit-down" more than nearly anything. It's more awful. This is on the grounds that I can't be troubled a fraction of an ideal opportunity to make a disturbance of myself.

This conveys me on to the 2016 Grand performance matter of leasing an auto. It's an errand. It's up there with attempting on pants or rubbing suncream into James May's back. You remain for a considerable length of time in a line brimming with shocking individuals, and when you at last get to the 2016 Grand interior front of it, you are made to remain there while the lady behind the counter composes War and Peace on her PC.

Why do they generally do this? I have the 2016 Grand engine cash and they have the auto, so what's the inconvenience? Why the need to tap away on a console for three hours? They don't do that in a sweetshop or at a petrol station. Be that as it may, they do at the airplane terminal rental work area. What's more, the main upside is that when the 2016 Grand concept endless hold up is over, you are given the keys to the speediest auto on the planet.

I have constantly determined contract autos just as my hair were ablaze. It's quite recently so freeing when you touch base at a street where a sign says "Unacceptable for engines" and you think, as you floor it, "Yes, however it's appropriate for this one, in light of the 2016 Grand cost fact that … yee-haw … it isn't mine."

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
This year I leased a house in Mallorca that sat at the highest point of what was effortlessly the tightest and longest and most difficult drive in the 2016 Grand release date greater part of the world. In the past it wouldn't have annoyed me one piece. I'd have essentially ricocheted up it in the 2016 Grand features rental auto, bobbing off the trees and the dividers just as I was a substantial scale show of Brownian movement.

Be that as it may, this year I ended up taking consideration. Furthermore, incredibly toward the 2016 Grand style end of the 10-sunrise the contract auto was given back without a scratch. It was an in the 2016 Grand price first place, and it made me think: "Goodness poo. At 56 years old I've turned into a grown-up."


The frenzy, however, is over, in light of the fact that last week 2016 Citroën Grand images sent round an indistinguishable auto from I'd been utilizing as a part of Mallorca. It's a 2016 Citroën Grand news  and it had the most uncommon impact on me. I drove about the place, concurring with every one of the guests on the Jeremy Vine appear and missing Nigel Farage.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
What I did rather was appreciate a portion of the 2016 Grand pictures elements, for example, the comfortable headrests and the traveler situate that accompanies an electrically worked stool for when the floor is quite recently excessively uncomfortable. At that point there are the sun visors that overlap way up yonder, into the 2016 Grand speed clouds to uncover a windscreen sufficiently huge for a National Express mentor, and, further back, an all-glass rooftop.

Additionally back still, there's a third column of seats, and wherever you look there are cubbyholes and capacity containers. This is one of those autos that are difficult to oppose in the showroom. It truly is stick pressed with stuff you'll need when you see it.

Driving it is an alternate story, on the grounds that there is some idiosyncrasy. The 2016 Grand sound gearlever, for example, is a wobbly little stalk on the controlling section. What's more, pretty much everything else is worked by a screen amidst the auto. That is fiddly and irritating.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
All things considered, it would be, however you'll be excessively bustling staying, making it impossible to as far as possible to be excessively stressed over how you kill the 2016 Grand video motor stop-begin work. Not that you'd need to turn it off, on the grounds that it spares fuel and that spares cash. Furthermore, sparing cash is the absolute most critical thing in life. It's the 2016 Grand series reason 2016 Grand wallpaper proprietors do all their shopping in the deals and just go to eateries with everything you-can-eat buffets for £4.99.

This is not a feedback of 2016 Grand dimensions clients. Each to his or her own. Also, it positively isn't a feedback of the auto, in light of the fact that in the event that you need a seven-seater, it bodes well.

You simply need to recollect that behind the 2016 Grand first drive smart plan touches there's an auto that is not moving to drive and will separate more than, say, a Toyota. What's more, that sounds like the 2016 Grand autocar approaching torpedo caution on a submarine in the event that you leave the lights on or open the entryway when the 2016 Grand horsepower motor's running.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
We used to joke that you would see more 2016 Grand emissions  on one scene of the 2016 Citroën Grand launch Biggest Loser (because of the vehicle sponsorship) than you ever would out and about. Unfortunately it wasn't that amusing a joke, as it was valid. What was really amusing was finding a fork stashed under the Citroën Grand car seat in our test auto… yet that is another story.

Beside that item situation, there hasn't been a ton of high-esteem showcasing to bolster the Citroën Grand review enormous C4, yet every time we invest energy in the ol' Space Toaster, we ask why more individuals don't see the interest.


Sit in advance, and the mammoth windscreen makes it feel like you are flying a helicopter. The Citroën Grand specs sun visor blinds reach out down to manage any overabundance glare, yet the forward vision is incredible. The split A-column helps as well, while arranging tight laneways and auto parks, permitting you an additional field of vision.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Like a '80s engine indicate idea, the guiding wheel is viewed as the Citroën Grand design control gadget for essentially everything, and the incorporation of 18-catches seems excessively mind boggling. You can deal with your communication, sound, journey control and driving data in a way which is an undeniable advancement of the "Lunule" ergonomic outline first observed on the Citroen CX.

Its development isn't remarkably natural and it was time and again where the Citroën Grand performance auto was placed in Manual as opposed to Drive, and Park rather than Reverse. There are no lights or different markers of what rigging you are in on the shifter, other than its obscure physical position.

The Citroën Grand interior top screen permits configurable driving data conveyed like LCARS on Star Trek. You can change to view current sound or even a slideshow of pictures. Futile yet sort of cool. It sits underneath a shade as well, so isn't influenced by glare.

Touch boards, lights, beeps, all extremely cool… however again not a case of process-immaculate UI plan. The infotainment framework is the Citroën Grand engine same as found in numerous Peugeot/Citroen vehicles and we've had steady fights with the menu structure and additionally the Citroën Grand concept infrequent bolt up.
It's not all unreasonableness either. There are some sensible components to the Citroën Grand cost inside. Take the tremendous focus comfort and the 'media cubby' which houses the USB focuses, sound sources of info and even space to keep your telephone. There's a devoted telephone holder on the support as well.

Top torque is accessible from 2000rpm however top power doesn't come in until 4000rpm, implying that you'll rev the Citroën Grand release date little four-barrel more than you might financially want to when hurdling along through movement.

The gearbox doesn't generally keep things running easily and is by all accounts moderately fastidious about its choice from the Citroën Grand features six-proportions accessible. You get some low-speed shivers and it can be ease back to respond when you are in somewhat of a rush.


Braking likewise isn't the Citroen's strongpoint, the Citroën Grand style pedal frequently feeling delicate and supple, especially in activity. All things considered, the guiding is somewhat delicate and elastic as is the ride. It's a delicate and elastic sort of an auto.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Visiting however, is the place the Citroën Grand style sparkles and the auto will subside into 6th apparatus at 100km/h on a tightfisted 4L/100km. That delicate ride now means solace and consistence and you discover the Picasso simply gobbling up miles with a casual, French attitude.

This isn't an energetic auto. This isn't a sharp auto. It isn't the Citroën Grand images extravagance Americruiser the Kia Carnival has gotten to be, and regardless of the colossal feeling of space, it really has a sensibly little impression (4600mm long x 1826mm wide contrasted with 5115mm x 1985mm of the Kia).


It's that specific Citroen aptitude, offering a coasting sensation alongside a feeling of surety and association with the Citroën Grand news street. You can feel the wind, you can feel wet streets, however you're not ever constructed to feel uneasy.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Jettison the children at grandmother's home and the Citroën Grand speed can change over into a van with 2181-liters of space accessible should you have to dash out and gather 2181 containers of pamplemousse juice to stock the refrigerator.

The center column can have each of its three seats collapsed independently, however the procedure to do as such isn't instantly clear, and in all honesty, it would be disappointingly un-Citroen on the off chance that it was.


You can slide every seat forward and backward, and the Citroën Grand pictures external seats can both get to the flip-down plate tables – with an unnaturally grippy surface – on the back of the front two seats. These even have versatile strips to hold pencils or iPad cases for amusement on longer outings.

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
Materials are again pleasant, however of the hard-wearing assortment. The Grand sound windows have coordinated sun-blinds and there are LED perusing lights on the rooftop, in addition to vents in the B-columns and a 12-volt attachment on the back of the inside support.

It feels vaporous as well, on account of the Grand video standard, goliath, all encompassing glass rooftop. The main drawback is the center seat has an ungainly rooftop mounted safety belt which can be somewhat of a torment for shorter/more youthful arms to reach.


 Running Cost

2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso Price is  £28,010; Setting up the third column is somewhat of a procedure of flipping tab An and collapsing into opening B, however once there you simply have 165-liters of space under the heap cover. There's even a light which serves as a light.

Here the room is tight for grown-ups, so best kept for minimal ones. They are all around suited with rooftop mounted vents and perusing lights, yet abnormally only a solitary container holder and capacity plate.

While there is incredible adaptability in the Grand series seating, there are heaps of rails, clasps and other mechanical device which will doubtlessly catch garments, sequester foodstuffs and stick no less than one finger (likely yours) amid your existence with the auto.

The boot itself has a discretionary fueled capacity ($1000) and the heap sound is decent and low to help with getting things in and out. Another minor bogeyman is the modest back window wiper that scarcely clears a protractor estimated bend over the back glass.


2016 Citroën Grand C4 Picasso
4 cyls, 1998cc, diesel; 
148bhp at 4000rpm; 
6-spd manual;
273lb ft at 2000rpm; 
 9.8 secs; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
65.7mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
111g/km, 22%