2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6 Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6 Specs, Features, Performance Review - You'll remember one when you see it out and about on the grounds that, similar to all 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle car, the Gen 6 is generally the size and state of a run of the mill focal London level. Likewise, on the grounds that it's accessible in stand out shading plan – two-tone Cherry Red and Candy White, in tribute to the correspondingly bright Type 2 VW Campers of the 1960s.

What's more, before you expel that thought, think about how frequently you've seen escorts of Transporters, their antecedents and their kin on the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle specs UK's motorways at ends of the week, while in transit to revitalizes and proprietors' club gatherings. That doesn't occur with Ford Transits or Bedford Rascals, isn't that right?


Furthermore, what VW is putting forth those devotees here other than the Postman-Pat-post-payrise outside shading is a decently completely stacked 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle review at a marginally diminished cost. Fairly, in light of the fact that such broad customisation potential exists in the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle design requesting process that there's truly no such thing as an "ordinary" completely stacked case. You can have an energetic one (high-yield diesel motor, brought down suspension, 18in wheels and so forth), a visiting one (versatile dampers, cowhide seats, tinted windows and a convertible bed installed), a rough terrain one (additional ground freedom, substantial obligation stuns, four-wheel drive, an appropriate locking back differential) and others.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
The 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle performance Gen 6 comes in what you may portray as a top of the line 'ordinary utilize' spec: mechanically, with a decision of 148bhp or 201bhp 2.0-liter diesel motors, front-wheel drive and a seven-speed twin-grasp gearbox. However, likewise with calfskin alcantara warmed seats, three-zone aerating and cooling, LED headlights, cornering foglamps, a Discover touchscreen infotainment and route framework, versatile journey control, dynamic case control versatile damping and uniquely outlined chrome-hubbed 18in composite wheels all as standard.

Design and Styling

Our 201bhp test auto was still a £54,000 auto, for which you'd absolutely trust it would come all around prepared – yet put a similar gear level on an auto in Executive trim and it'll cost you no less than several thousand pounds more.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
Ascending into the auto's lodge makes you expect, at in the first place, that you should be going to have a determinedly business driving background – not minimum on the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle engine grounds that the most agreeable approach to orientate your body in connection to the controls is to wrench the extremely customizable driver's seat up high and simply grasp the elevated perspective. Be that as it may, just once you're comfortable does the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle interior high gear level and evident material quality truly enroll. The moldings and fittings aren't official class in their fit or complete, yet they're an exceptionally wonderful shock when you're expecting the typical plain, unstable business trim stock.

Out and about, 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle concept twin-turbocharged, 201bhp 2.0-liter diesel motor does three vital things for the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle cost which, in blend, will do a considerable measure to persuade would-be proprietors that it truly could fit into their lives. look also the 2016 Porsche 718 Cayman review

"Quick" isn't really a lost word in that unique circumstance, either. The 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle release date execution level is unquestionably quiet at its £50,000 cost point, yet the auto's significantly faster and more easy to drive than the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle features normal supermini, and produces its way up to 70mph and past without requiring specific dauntlessness or duty.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
The DSG gearbox fitted to the Gen 6 surely adds to that feeling of sufficient pace, moving without end easily and definitively at higher rates, and needing for a touch of delicacy in the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle style way it connects with its grasp around town and far from standing. With a substantial heap of travelers installed, it's somewhat too simple to irritate the 2016 Caravelle price auto's hostile to slip direction and make the front wheels scrabble without conveying more than 66% of the quickening agent pedal's travel.

Indeed, even with those versatile dampers fitted as standard, there's a touch of van-level crudity to the auto's ride, and some apparent impediments to its taking care of, that you can't neglect to take note. The 2016 Caravelle car auto corners with a sensible hold level however with a lot of body roll on the off chance that you wander past a saved pootle around roundabouts and along B-streets. Motorway slip streets are frequently sufficiently sharp to start to take away the adequacy of the 2016 Caravelle review directed hub.

Two-tone paint work or not, the 2016 Caravelle specs is doubtlessly an auto that answers a need, important less for what it is as what it'll accomplish for you. So in the event that you don't have a large number of travelers or stuff to transport to different far off or difficult to-achieve places - or in the 2016 Caravelle design event that you lean toward resting between four dividers than four wheels - you'll presumably discover its bargains and confinements unpalatable.

Yet, how about we expect you have the need – or, for reasons unknown, simply the 2016 Caravelle performance slant; is this Gen 6 the complete variant? For transporting individuals around in relative solace, it could be. In any case, for me, it's only a smidgeon excessively wrapped up in the trappings and fineries of extravagance and retro-cool outline to speak to the T6 getting it done. In all honesty, they're the 2016 Caravelle interior wrong ornamentations.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
My concept of a definitive 2016 Caravelle engine would be a ruggedised adaptation: each of the four-wheel drive and long-travel suspension, with a slippy diff, "M&S" tires, a manual gearbox, an overlap away bed in the back – and a sunroof for star-looking. Chrome plated combination wheels don't generally come into it.

Welcome to what 2016 Caravelle concept was confronted with in the arranging stages for this, the new top-of-the-range variant of the additional adaptable 2016 Caravelle cost. This model, construct as it is in light of the 6th era adaptation of the Transporter van, is fairly blandly called the Generation 6.


Accessible with a decision of 148bhp or 201bhp four-chamber diesel motors and just with front-wheel drive and a seven-speed double grip programmed gearbox, the 'Gen 6' successfully packages a considerable amount of hardware together at a diminished cost.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
Among that standard pack is calfskin/Alcantara upholstery, three-zone aerating and cooling, LED headlights, a "Find" infotainment and route framework, versatile voyage control, versatile dampers and 18in composite wheels. Fit everything on that rundown to an Executive-spec auto and it'll cost you more than £2000 more.

Yet at the same time, £55,000 is a considerable measure to request any van-based MPV, so 2016 Caravelle release date choice to offer the model only in two-tone Cherry Red and Candy White paint is not really prone to expand its allure. So has VW's grandaddy MPV been advanced and trimmed too far for its own particular great?

The diesel's low and mid-run torque bears the auto's kerb weight effectively, and with an additional halfway apparatus to work with contrasted with the 2016 Caravelle features manual adaptation we've likewise tried, the standard double grip gearbox dependably appears to keep that motor drew in and prepared to work in its sweet spot, so it's anything but difficult to get and look after speed.

The motor is startlingly tranquil and common both out of gear and at cruising revs, and it decreases to get rowdy notwithstanding when revved. The lodge, in the 2016 Caravelle style interim, is additionally surprisingly all around fixed for something so feign and upright, holding wind interruption down and allowing simple discussion with your travelers.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
On efficiency, the 2016 Caravelle price additionally strikes a significant auto like bargain. Drive hard and your economy will drop near 30mpg, yet embrace a run of the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle images mill ordinary walk and you can return superior to anything 40mpg on a more drawn out run.

There's sufficient grasp to make the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle news taking care of feel secure at all times, yet body move constructs consistently at higher paces, and around roundabouts and motorway slip streets it's anything but difficult to over-gauge the speed the case will easily convey.

On An and B-streets, the crudity of the 2016 Caravelle pictures ride is the clearest sign that it should be driven with tolerance. Obviously conventional bits of raised ironwork and extension joints are sufficient to make the suspension pound and the colossal body squirm when you hit them. Greater knots and knocks are basically best determined around, such is the 2016 Caravelle speed seriousness with which they can crash through the lodge.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
Finding a marked 'Era 6' LED light beside where you plant your foot to scale into the 2016 Caravelle video lodge may include a minute's diversion for the ordinary 2016 Caravelle sound proprietor, however once they are climbed up and settled in, it'll right away have a craving for driving a van.

An extremely decent van, that is. Its switches are vastly improved exhibited and more material than you anticipate that them will be, in spite of the fact that not in £50,000 official cantina region for saw quality.


Most belt moldings look and feel charming, however you can discover less expensive installations at knee level and beneath. The Generation 6 variant's red dashboard thwart includes an appreciated blaze of shading, and its standard infotainment framework is anything but difficult to utilize and showed in a reasonable and appealing style.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
Assist back, the 2016 Caravelle series trump card becomes possibly the most important factor. With extensive sliding back entryways, two individual second-push situates that swivel, slide and lean back, a three-seater third-push seat that additionally slides fore and rearward and a lot of accommodation components, for example, an unsupported foldaway table and additional substantial jug measured cupholders, the 2016 Caravelle wallpaper auto's back traveler quarters are gigantically agreeable, adaptable and genial to go in.

The 2016 Caravelle dimensions remains an auto to meet abnormal and particular prerequisites. Notwithstanding for some bigger families its sheer size and adaptability will appear to be intemperate, and unless you consistently transport gatherings of grown-ups or have the 2016 Caravelle autocar kind of leisure activities that are just sought after via bearing massive gear, you most likely won't have a requirement for what it can offer.

On the off chance that you do happen to have a requirement for its gifts, in the 2016 Caravelle emissions mean time, spending more than £50k on the auto with the expectation that you'll get a more limo-like driving knowledge isn't generally fitting. We'd settle for a manual gearbox, a more unassuming hardware level and a paintjob less inclined to make individuals snicker at you in the 2016 Caravelle first drive workplace auto stop.

A test drive of Mercedes' likewise practicaly V-Class is additionally prudent, or if sheer space and reasonableness is the thing that you require – not a premium vibe – then Ford's far less expensive Tourneo Custom is definitely justified even despite a look.

Volkswagen has conveyed another exemplary character with the new 6th era Transporter and the 2016 Caravelle horsepower individuals bearer rendition sticks to this same pattern. The T6 Caravelle show proceeds with the old adaptation's qualities yet includes far and away superior levels of solace, quality and refinement. Simple to drive and cunningly bundled, it demonstrates transporting bunches of individuals can be a charming, even sumptuous, interest.

Volkswagen's Transporter van isn't only a business vehicle, the 2016 Volkswagen Caravelle launch, Shuttle and California that depend on it remain a well known choice with purchasers who have different individuals moving necessities. To be sure, more established models have practically religion status among the Volkswagen Caravelle car surfing and outside groups, guaranteeing rock strong remaining qualities for the individuals who can bear the cost of the new cost.


UK clients can browse SE, Executive and Business trim levels and VW has affirmed that it will bring the retro two-tone exceptional release Volkswagen Caravelle review to the UK. And in addition the bi-shading paintjob, which is accessible in four mixes, the shading is reached out to the dash and the vehicles have exceptional white 18" wheels that draw intensely from Volkswagen Caravelle specs microbus back inventory.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6

Contingent upon detail the Volkswagen Caravelle design has maybe a couple rotatable seats in the second column, permitting two travelers to turn and face the back seat tenants. Every individual roost has ISOFIX retainers for youngster seats. The majority of the seats behind the driver can be moved or evacuated, to present to 3.5m3 of load volume in the short wheelbase models and up to 4.4m3 in the long wheelbase. Indeed, even with all seats set up however, the Volkswagen Caravelle performance offers liberal load space for gear behind the last column of seating.

The seats are agreeable whichever push you select as well and there is aerating and cooling to every line through rooftop vents in Executive trim or more. Access to all seats is simple, on account of force locking sliding side entryways on both sides.


The shorter of the Volkswagen Caravelle interior two vehicles is 4,892mm long and 1,970mm tall, so is moderately simple to string through movement. The more extended model takes up 5,292mm of roadspace and has a rooftop tallness of 1,990mm, so check confinements before going to a multi-story auto stop.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
Both Volkswagen Caravelle engine models are anything but difficult to drive however, with their high seating position conveying an all encompassing perspective of the street ahead. They have light yet coordinate guiding and the suspension figures out how to adapt to the measure of the Volkswagen Caravelle concept vehicles well.

Around 74 for each penny of UK purchasers go for the DSG transmission with the rest taking the manual. In either case, drive is to the front wheels, in spite of the fact that VW's 4Motion all-wheel drive is accessible as a choice on the all the more effective models.


We attempted the 148bhp motor with a six-speed manual gearbox and it conveyed incredible increasing speed and simple cruising on the Volkswagen Caravelle cost motorway. The 201bhp motor with the DSG box produces extravagance level travel, offering whisper-calm advance and enough energy to adapt to tenants in each seat in addition to gear.

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6
The Euro 6 motors have Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with AdBlue debilitate added substance. The AdBlue filler is in an indistinguishable fold from the Volkswagen Caravelle release date vehicle's diesel tank neck and the reception of the 13-liter AdBlue tank has seen the fuel tank drop in size from 80 liters to 70 liters. However given the Volkswagen Caravelle features guaranteed change in fuel utilization, of no less than 15 for each penny over the range, this shouldn't bring about extra treks to the petrol station.

Last fuel figures have yet to be discharged, yet the Volkswagen Caravelle style 148bhp motor with a manual gearbox now conveys 155-157g/km of CO2, contingent upon model, or 149-151g/km with DSG. The 201bhp motor produces 165-167g/km with the manual and 160g/km with DSG.


Location Feltham, Middlesex; On sale now; Price Engine Power Torque Gearbox Kerbweight 0-62mph Top speed Economy CO2/tax band

Running Cost

2016 Volkswagen Caravelle Gen 6 Price is  £54,547;I've generally said that our quick, refined and reasonable Golf GTI is a definitive family auto, however even I needed to concede that it would battle to oblige seven individuals and all their gear for a week's vacation on the island of Jersey.

Splendid however the Golf is, there was no chance I could press in me, my better half, our two youngsters, my sister-in-law and two nephews without leaving a couple of disillusioned occasion producers on the dockside. Cheerfully, I didn't need to look far for a brief substitution, in light of the fact that VW has various flexible seven-seaters on its books. Also, the greatest is the huge Volkswagen Caravelle price.

In view of the Volkswagen Caravelle images brand's incredible Transporter van, this enormous MPV is accessible in short or long-wheelbase appearances, and with anything somewhere around six and nine seats. Our auto was a mid-run Executive model with a seven-situate design that involved individual sliding and swiveling 'commander's seats' for the initial two columns, in addition to an expansive, sliding three-seater seat at the back.



 4cyls, 1968cc, turbodiesel;
332lb ft;
7-spd twin-clutch automatic; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
CO2/tax band
164g/km, 32%