2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run Specs, Features, Performance Review - How would you keep your item at the cutting edge in an inexorably focused commercial center? All things considered, in case you're Renault, you adjust your idiosyncratic back engined, raise wheel drive hatchback with a capricious, carefree brand: let us present the 2016 Renault Twingo car The Color Run.

Rather than working together with a mold house or acclaimed superstar, similar to the standard with car makers, 2016 Renault Twingo review has banded together with The Color Run - an inexorably prominent arrangement of UK-based 5km-running occasions. Roused by the Indian Holi Festival, these across the nation occasions include contenders being assaulted with rainbow-shaded powder at various stages all through the run. It's a wacky idea, and as per 2016 Renault Twingo specs, fits flawlessly with its similarly wacky 2016 Renault Twingo design.


So to praise this association, 2016 Renault Twingo performancehas delivered a lively uncommon release Twingo motivated by the occasion. In light of the officially very much named 2016 Renault Twingo interiorPlay, The Color Run gets an electric all encompassing texture collapsing sunroof, 15in "Exemption" amalgam wheels, uncommon release decals, custom floor mats and the decision of any perfect Exterior Touch Pack and Interior Style Pack.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Powerfully the 2016 Renault Twingo enginehas never been the best in its class. For a back engined, raise wheel drive hatchback, the offbeat 2016 Renault Twingo conceptis disappointingly numb and thusly somewhat dreary to drive. Without much feel through the wheel edge, the guiding doesn't give you a lot of certainty when driving rapidly, and neither does the generous measure of body incline in curves. In the event that you are after a touch of fun, certainly attempt the VW Up.

Design and Styling

What's more, even in an auto this light – only 864kg - the back mounted three-chamber engine feels discernibly underpowered. With a 0-62mph time of 14.5sec and a top speed of only 94mph, the little 2016 Renault Twingo costgets a handle on of its profundity when you leave the city. On the motorway the 2016 Renault Twingo release datebattles to stay aware of speedier moving movement and keeping up speed on a slope regularly obliges you to change down a gear and work the motor hard.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Gratefully, once back in the city, the 2016 Renault Twingo featuresfeels more at home. With light controlling, a 8.9m turning circle (just beaten by the Toyota iQ) and short shades, the Twingo is very flexibility. Actually, if we somehow happened to judge the 2016 Renault Twingo styleon the sole errand of exploring limited boulevards, it would have the majority of the opposition beat.

Notwithstanding, for an auto intended to be driven at low speeds, the 2016 Twingo priceisn't as refined as it ought to be. The five-speed manual gearbox is notchy, the obscure grip gains smooth ground a test, and the excessively hard suspension brings about an unsettled and foul ride. At last, both the VW Up and Hyundai i10 are more agreeable vehicles.

Within the lodge gets some minor changes to separate it from lesser 2016 Twingo car: specifically shading composed inside boards, seats with differentiating supplements, and custom floor mats. These little touches surely give the 2016 Twingo review auto a more dynamic feel, yet maybe won't be to everybody's taste.

Ergonomically, similar to the standard auto, The Color Run is a blended sack. There's a lot of room in advance, the 2016 Twingo specs driving position is sensibly agreeable and there's great perceivability. In any case, with the unlimited all encompassing sunroof fitted, raise headroom is truly tight for anybody of better than expected stature.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
At 188 liters, the boot is satisfactory for a few vast shopping sacks, and you can edge the 2016 Twingo design back seatbacks into a more upright position, which includes more space. Still, it can't plan to contend with the helpful 251 liters of space gave by the VW Up, yet for greater burdens the back seatbacks overlap in a 50:50 course of action. Helpfully, when they're down they lay totally level, and don't leave an ungainly stride to fight with in the 2016 Twingo performance augmented load straight.

We've generally enjoyed the essential idea of the 2016 Twingo interior, yet in this present reality, its frail motor, ambiguous taking care of and absence of snort keeps it down. Tragically, this idiosyncratic exceptional release has done next to no to change that.

For £800 not exactly a proportional 2016 Twingo enginePlay, there's most likely The Color Run is great esteem for cash. Be that as it may, with motor decision restricted to the gutless 1.0-liter three-barrel motor, we'd rather put resources into the all the more captivating, and more pragmatic, VW Up

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Renault's adorable and down to earth 2016 Twingo concept city auto extend has been upgraded to incorporate this new The Color Run Special Edition. It depends on the Play detail, however gets a large group of additional unit for a moderately little knock in cost. Is it justified, despite all the trouble?


This new constrained version display ties in with the 'Shading Run' occasion happening all through Britain this late spring, where participants are pelted with hued powder as they run. Thus, the 2016 Twingo costgets Color Run badging and heaps of lively personalisation alternatives as standard.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Our auto included a blue outside complete, coordinated to an inside style pack that progressions the upholstery, entryway cards and part of the 2016 Twingo release date middle support. There's an arrangement of stripes down the side of the auto as well. All together it looks awesome, and if style is your thing then this extraordinary 2016 Twingo features will be justified regardless of the cost over the Play display from the standard range.

Additionally included are 15-inch amalgams, a texture collapsing sunroof, aerating and cooling, DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB network. There's no focal screen, however you can download an application for your telephone that showcases sat-nav, web radio and even a rev counter. On the off chance that you have a proficient cell phone this could be similarly as valuable as an inherent screen.

So this Color Run adaptation looks like great esteem at £10,495 - at the same time, similar to any model in the Twingo range, it's eclipsed by the phenomenal Skoda Citigo and Hyundai i10. Both of those autos are shabby to purchase too, yet both are ideal to drive.

In spite of being back wheel drive and light (865kg) the 2016 Twingo style isn't as enjoyable to drive as the Citigo or i10, with light directing that needs feel. It doesn't turn in as pointedly as its adversaries either. This isn't to imply that it's not diverting to dash about in, with its splendidly tight turning circle, yet it can't coordinate its front-wheel drive adversaries for the sake of entertainment.

It is very useful, with the back seats being shockingly obliging for such a little auto. The 219-liter boot is a better than average size considering that there's a motor underneath it and the 2016 Twingo price seats overlap down to free up 980 liters altogether. Some protection implies it doesn't get excessively hot back there either.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
A four-year guarantee, a setting in protection aggregate 3 and shoddy yearly street duty will mean the 2016 Renault Twingo images Color Run will be sensibly shabby to run, yet this present motor's 56.5mpg economy is somewhat baffling.

My father used to have a Renault Avantime, the 2016 Renault Twingo news peculiar car Espace, and however it was an auto with *merits* (I'm being liberal for his purpose) it was not a major merchant. In like manner the Vel Satis extravagance cantina that went marked down in the meantime. Joined, there are around 700 of them exited in the UK. And also the 2016 Twingo pictures particular styling and the sketchy market situating, Renault was additionally up against a central preference in the brains of the British open: French extravagance autos. The Germans do extravagance; the Brits do extravagance; even, ostensibly, the Italians; yet the 2016 Twingo speed French? They make autos for laborers, isn't that right?

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Which is the reason the 2016 Twingo series feels so right. Yes, I know the 2016 Twingo sound is a half German auto, however there was a justifiable reason Renault collaborated with Smart on this back engined five-entryway incubate, as opposed to collaborating with Rolls-Royce on a £300k extravagance fastback. The Twingo is the thing that 2016 Twingo video has dependably generally done best: a basic, sparing city auto with genuine character.


Furthermore, that is the means by which we've all felt about our yellow honey bee. Nipping into town for a baguette and a container of plonk is a voyage that is built into this current auto's qualities, with its thrummy three-barrel motor and its bewildering pooch ardently pursuing sexual relations turning circle. Its inside is very much judged as well – pared back and useful from one viewpoint, yes, however not plain or exhausting, and once in a while straight forward usefulness is the thing that we as a whole ache for – like when you simply need to get in and interface your iPhone. In this sense, the 2016 Twingo wallpaper has turned out to be beat a la mode and simple to live with.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Take it more distant than your nearby boulangerie or (as we call them in Britain) 'the bread shop' and its restrictions are uncovered. Maybe a couple of CAR's drivers remarked on the waywardness of the 2016 Twingo dimensions at motorway speeds, when – with a frightful sidewind or even in another auto's wake – the 2016 Twingo autocar feels like it's not totally secured to the street. Also, motorway speeds themselves aren't anything but difficult to keep up, particularly on the off chance that you hit a long tough slant. At whatever point I took the 2016 Twingo emissions on a major, crosscountry motorway drive, I discovered my right foot pounding the quickening agent to the cover the entire time, with literally nothing left for possible later use.

However, for me, the 2016 Twingo first drive has one major blemish that prevents it from being a genuinely incredible auto – the free feeling, finger-light directing that obliges you to whirl your arms all around. There was a reason that the first Mini turned into a legend, and it wasn't a direct result of the shrewd bundling – it was incredible to drive as well, in a go-kart sort of way. In correlation, the Twingo is anything but difficult to drive, yes, however it additionally feels separated, and ease back to react. Disgrace – if the architects had been daring with a truly coordinate controlling rack, it could have been totally astonishing. In any case, then, 2016 Twingo horsepower attempted "gutsy" some time recently, and look where it got them.


I swapped our greatest long-termer for our littlest: my Range Rover Sport for our 2016 Renault Twingo launch. At first I cherished it: adored the looks, the drone of the three-pot, the postage-stamp impression and the turning circle that makes your head turn. I loved the simple coordination with my iPhone, loved the lodge design and wasn't excessively affronted by the Renault Twingo review obscure, under-equipped controlling.

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Be that as it may, then I drove it on the Renault Twingo car motorway, and got myself – like CAR's James Taylor – excessively apprehensive, making it impossible to go anyplace close to as far as possible in a sidewind – and not on account of I'm utilized to that Range Rover.

A companion popped round to visit as of late, and as opposed to having a some tea and a talk was compelled to remain around vulnerable while I climbed all through his auto, pushing the Renault Twingo specs controls and distractedly opening and shutting the boot.


That is on account of he drives the past era Renault Twingo design , the as far as anyone knows marginally as well sensible-for-its-own-great Mk2 one. What better approach to see exactly how overcome and new the overcome, new Twingo is than to contrast it specifically and its front-engined, front-drive ancestor?

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
Renault Twingo performance III hits back with four conveniently bundled ways to the old auto's bulky two (the Mk2 was just accessible as a 3dr), and a totally level, shockingly sensible load space when the back seat backs are collapsed. Besides it's cleaner, less parched and significantly lighter. Still, there's a pestering impression that the Renault Twingo interior more seasoned auto feels more balanced and usable than its additionally brave, inventive successor. Which appears a disgrace, truly.

The Renault Twingo concept back at CAR Towers, and gave me somewhat of a dismay when I acquired the keys for a late motorway trek. Turns out it truly doesn't care for crosswinds. A slender impression and a rooftop so high you scarcely need to duck to move in made the Renault Twingo engine quite erratic when the going got breezy, to the degree that it twice set off the security control framework. Somewhat startling on the M1. It would appear that a honey bee, glides like a butterfly. Alternately a kite. look also the 2016 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge review


Filling your windscreen washer jug is direct on most autos, yet not the Renault Twingo cost. There's no hat get inside the auto – rather, you need to evacuate a bit of plastic in the nose to uncover a bolt; utilize the way to open and pop out two plastic levers; push the levers to discharge the hat, and after that hitch it advances to get at the liquid containers. Why didn't Renault Twingo release date simply put a filler neck in the inside, and spared us the bother?

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run
The Renault Twingo features and Smart ForFour might be a similar auto under the skin, yet that doesn't make them a similar auto. First off, our Renault Twingo style Play SCE costs £9995, though this posher ForFour Prime is £12,315. It's difficult to make like-for-like correlations – both have a similar three-barrel motor and running apparatus, yet their characters are as dissimilar as the trim levels.

Yet, the Renault Twingo price has a stripped-back, basic appeal about it – it's still a bit 'Renault 4', where the Smart feels 'smaller than usual Mercedes'. That additional pack means the Smart is heavier as well, and a part slower – and in this universe of wheezy 1.0-liter motors, each second tallies. So I'll adhere to my honey bee, and its super 14.5sec 0-62mph time, much thanks.


Running Cost

2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run Price is £10,495; It played devastation with the optimal design. It felt like I'd connected a sail to the rooftop, or a parachute; as though at any minute it may lift the auto like an unfilled plastic sack in a breeze, and twirl it into the air to get tangled in a streetlight. Directional soundness was additionally influenced, the guiding wheel jinking left and perfectly fine crosswinds seized a us, similar to a toy auto with an idea about the rooftop. I can see why Renault doesn't offer a five-meter Canadian kayak as a choice on the Twingo.

Be that as it may, they do offer rooftop bars! Genuine, the rooftop being referred to is as large as a hand towel, yet in light of the fact that it's little doesn't mean the titchy Renault can't go on huge, round-the-world enterprises. Envision: a glovebox brimming with fascinating maps; the rooftop stacked high with outdoors hardware like an old Land Rover on safari; and the little three-barrel motor moaning and wheezing with the exertion. The Himalayas would be an altogether first-equip issue, yet the Gobi Desert would be easy.

Unfortunately, without a six-month window in my journal and with a large portion of the world in some sort of horrendous common war, I couldn't go on a round-the-world trek this time; however those rooftop bars continued gazing at me in the Twingo handout, whispering 'Utilize me! Uuuusssse meeeeeee!' So I chose to do what I generally do at whatever point civilisation is debilitated, society is disintegrating and the world is sliding into geo-political calamity: I bugger off on my watercraft.


2016 Renault Twingo The Colour Run 
 3 cyls, 999cc, petrol;
 67lb ft; 
5-spd manual; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
56.5mpg (combined); 
CO2/tax band
112g/km, 19%