2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé Specs, Features, Performance Review - Like the 2016 GLC Coupe review , it imparts its underpinnings to the C-Class, while it acquires the 2016 GLC Coupe car hood, front wings and lower entryway boards. Notwithstanding, it sits lower than its SUV stablemate and is marginally longer by and large, as well.

Motor choices in the UK start with two forms of Merc's maturing 2.1-liter four-chamber diesel, the 220 and 250 d. By October there will be another two decisions; the 2016 GLC Coupe specs V6 diesel 350 d we drive here and an AMG 43 execution advertising. In time - possibly two years - there will be a 350 e module half and half, yet there are a couple, er, gearbox issues to deal with, evidently.


Mercedes has for quite some time been an authority of the six-chamber diesel and in light of the 2016 GLC Coupe design, that remaining parts the case. It flames to a velvety sit still, revs easily and conveys extravagant influxes of torque that make soak slopes and motorway overwhelms greatly unwinding. Merc's nine-speed torque converter moves between its numerous riggings insightfully enough without anyone else, as well, and isn't too a long ways behind oar pulls.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
UK autos will accompany latent Sport suspension as standard while for £1495 you can include versatile air suspension - as fitted to the greater part of our test autos. The 2016 GLC Coupe performance outcome feels an alternate mammoth than offered by BMW or Porsche; with the accentuation more on solace than inside and out deftness. Furthermore, that is no terrible thing on the grounds that our auto remained settled over trenches around the 2016 GLC Coupe engine local area and felt especially padding on the motorway, more so than its adversaries.

  Design and Styling

In any case, I'm not certain that is such a horrendous thing. The 350 d is splendid at closing out outside clamor, while in the tallest of its numerous apparatus proportions its V6 is permitted to sink to a quiet at a motorway voyage. Sat on air suspension, the 2016 GLC Coupe interior improves, and that will mean a great deal for some.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
So, the way that a littler screened Garmin-based sat-nav infotainment, raise stopping sensors, man-made calfskin seats, keyless begin, a turning around camera, LED headlights, warmed front seats and electronic back end all component on each 2016 GLC Coupe concept may mean you don't have to start the crate ticking.

We'll leave regardless of whether it looks like it up to you, yet in the event that you esteem solace and refinement before driver engagement then the 2016 GLC Coupe cost has a great deal putting it all on the line. Who knows, a drive of the standard-sprung rendition may draw it nearer to the Macan progressively, however we question it will ever outperform it without AMG getting included.

All things considered, a significant number of similar confinements we communicated while looking into the X4 are pertinent again here. At that point, we said a X3 is generally as great to drive however with more space, and similar seems to be valid here. In the 2016 GLC Coupe release date event that you can live with that, extraordinary - however despite everything we'd say the less expensive, more viable and scarcely revolting 2016 GLC Coupe features remains the better purchase.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
Roadster is, obviously, somewhat of an extend, however 'SUV with a marginally more dapper roofline' isn't especially smart. The 2016 GLC Coupe style follows in the tire tracks of the greater GLE Coupe, Mercedes' first invasion into this specialty inside a specialty. This 350d is the most intense model that'll go to the UK, at any rate until the 2016 Coupe price adaptation arrives later in the 2016 Coupe review year.

The 2016 Coupe car isn't simply recognized from the customary 2016 Coupe specs by its roofline; the case has likewise been updated to give more honed driving elements. In particular, spring and damper rates have been retuned, the 2016 Coupe design guiding framework is more straightforward and certain suspension hedges are stiffer, as well.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
The lodge gets much, including its present day and appealing outline and elevated expectation of fit and complete, from the C-class cantina. Indeed, the 2016 Coupe performance inside is an exceptionally lavish place in which to invest energy, and that is reflected in the 2016 Coupe interior auto's liquid, flexible ride quality. look also the 2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700 review

We can just expect so much element capacity from a tall and substantial auto, and on the 2016 Coupe concept off chance that we can't have sharp, quick and responsive taking care of we do in any event need better than average grasp and sensible body control. In those last regards the 2016 Coupe engine delivers – its directing is likewise without slack and very exact, however never feelsome – yet Porsche's Macan is more pleasant to drive rapidly.


On a curving street the Mercedes is getting it done in Sport +, which brings simply enough support at every corner that you can bring average speed through twists and incline toward the hold. Over harsh and rutted segments of street the 2016 Coupe cost ride becomes rather crashy, however.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
The 2016 Coupe release date V6 is helpfully refined for a diesel motor and just truly declares itself when you stand hard on the throttle. With so much torque the 350d flings itself along at a decent rate, however the nine-speed gearbox is obviously worked to swap proportions easily and unobtrusively in programmed mode – it's absolutely not taking care of business in manual mode, driver tapping without end on the 2016 Coupe features controlling wheel mounted oars.

Official evaluating won't be reported until October, yet the 2016 Coupe style 350d will begin begins at just shy of £46,000 in Sport trim and around £47,500 in AMG Line particular. The main other fair sized 'SUV roadster' is BMW's X4, which can be determined with a comparably intense 3-liter diesel motor for £47,050

With hybrid SUVs now beating vehicles, the most recent Mercedes-Benz section into the quickly developing minimal portion appears to be bound to wind up the 2016 Coupe price marque's success in short request. It's been discounted since December, so you've likely effectively seen these calfskin lined shopping baskets swarming your neighborhood Neiman Marcus and Whole Foods parking areas.

For the new model, we again tried both back and all-wheel-drive versions with the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-chamber, which is the whole model range at present. The 2016 GLC Coupe images back driver is one of few in a class where quitting AWD as a rule implies settling for front-drive. Stuttgart expects to round out this range with diesel, module half and half, and AMG elite versions in later model years, in addition to a hydrogen energy component model and one of those insane fastback "roadster" hybrids to go head to head against the BMW X4. While nice looking and elaborately tuned in to its car (and car) stage mates, the 2016 GLC Coupe news outside profile cuts more intently to class standards than did that of the particularly squared-off, wagon-esque GLK. It'll mix into the jam in those strip mall parking garages and carpool drop-off paths, which may be something worth being thankful for the 2016 Coupe pictures individuals who would prefer not to feel gaudy sliding a Benz in among the neighbors' Kias and Hondas.
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
We're informed that Mercedes fashioners influenced engineers for greater wheels for the 2016 Coupe speed , with 18-inchers now standard and both 19-and 20-crawl overhauls advertised. The GLC300 4MATIC had the 18s, wearing mud-and-snow-reviewed 235/60 Continental tires with a run-level plan. The 2016 Coupe sound back drive illustration had significantly more discretionary hardware, including the snazzy, dark AMG 20-crawl haggles Dueler summer elastic, measure 255/45, which again were run-pads. Tire contrasts are most likely reflected in the 2016 Coupe video back drive auto's predominant cornering and braking figures. Given how much less demanding it was to dispatch the 4MATIC auto without exorbitant wheelspin, we speculate the increasing speed hole may have been more extensive if both illustrations had a similar tire.

One way that Mercedes accomplished more payload space with the 2016 Coupe series was by changing to run-punctured tires. The GLK had an inflatable smaller extra tire tucked under the load floor, yet the 2016 Coupe wallpaper has none. This doubtlessly pares general weight, yet the solid sidewalls and somewhat heavier development of run-punctured tires builds the unsprung mass the suspension needs to control. Our drivers noticed a jostling reaction to some street anomalies. It was more awful in the back drive case with the bigger wheels, yet even the 2016 Coupe dimensions 4MATIC astounded us with a sharp jar or two. Both test autos had the standard, steel-spring suspension that we've favored over the discretionary, air-spring AIRMATIC customizable setup in the C-class vehicle and roadster. With this haggle bundle, however, there may be something to prescribe the update.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
Underneath it depends on the company's C-Class cantina, and imparts quite a bit of its front end to its more customary SUV stablemate, the 2016 Coupe autocar. In any case, the Coupé is really lower to the ground, somewhat more and gets a more raked back roofline for an infusion of style.

It will be offered in passage level Sport and pricier AMG Line trims, with two four-chamber 2.1-liter diesel motors at first accessible; the 220 and all the more intense 250 d. In the not so distant future a six-barrel V6 diesel 350 d will join the range alongside an execution AMG 43 adaptation. A module cross breed will come, as well, in spite of the fact that not for around two years.


Like the general GLC, the 2016 Coupe emissions doesn't profit by Mercedes' most recent four-barrel diesel motor which as of late appeared in the new E-Class cantina. Still, with 201bhp to call upon and a solid slug of low-rev pulling power, the 2016 Coupe first drive doesn't battle for pace when asked .

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
Our test course was to some degree testing; it wound its way over the 2016 Coupe horsepower Italian Alps, where the 250 d felt marginally short of breath now and again. By and by, the standard nine-speed programmed gearbox benefits an occupation of selecting the 2016 GLC Coupe launch right rigging more often than not to get the best from the motor.

The GLC Coupe review 2.1-liter diesel motor protests when pushed hard and there's minor vibration at the controls, however it settles down pleasantly in loose driving and is no more regrettable than the motor in a BMW X4 xDrive20d. Beside a little wind clamor, the GLC Coupe car inside is tranquil at speed, as well.

There are two suspension choices: a standard non-movable setup and a £1495 air suspension framework, and it was the last that was fitted to our test auto. In this frame the GLC Coupé doused up the unpleasant Italian streets well on standard AMG Line 19in combinations and gave a satisfying floaty padded ride on the GLC Coupe design motorway,

Two, instead of three, grown-ups will sit in better than average solace in the GLC Coupe specs rearward sitting arrangements, as well. Six-footers will discover their heads close, however most likely not brushing, the roof and their knees clear from the front seatbacks. Generally speaking, raise space is like the adversaries BMW X4.


The GLC Coupe performance boot coordinates the BMW and Porsche's for on-paper space, yet both the Mercedes and BMW's inclining back rooflines make stacking tall things more troublesome. The Macan has a more useful baggage narrows.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
Our auto was fitted with a £1395 Premium Plus Equipment bundle, which components Mercedes' updated 8.0in Comand Online infotainment framework. It has a brilliant, clear screen and the GLC Coupe interior menus are anything but difficult to explore, if not exactly as natural as BMW's opponent iDrive framework.

There shouldn't be highly need to assault the GLC Coupe engine choices list. Mercedes' littler screened Garmin-based sat-nav infotainment framework, Bluetooth, synthetic calfskin situates, that turning around camera, atmosphere control, an electronic back end and warmed front seats are standard on all GLC Coupe concept.


Besides, those searching for the quickest taking care of SUV will be ideally serviced by a Porsche Macan. Keep in mind, however, that the Macan comes in faster yet thirstier six-chamber diesel frame just and is miserly with standard hardware.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
How have we come to characterize "sports" in motoring wording? Is it style? An ability? A level of uncommon reason? Furthermore, what is a "roadster" today? Is it entryway check? A profile outline? A rooftop shape? On the GLC Coupe cost other hand what truly is implied by 'Games Utility Vehicle', otherwise known as the SUV, despite the GLC Coupe release date fact that, at a gut level, you know what it is and what it's intended to do regardless of genuinely incorrect order?

Therefore, confronted with the possibility of a 'twofold game utility roadster vehicle', particularly the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, it's anything but difficult to be distrustful of what precisely it is and benefits, not to mention if it's in any way. I envision that, some place in Stuttgart, there's an item organizer and promoting chief having a decent giggle together (however the joke was most likely initially bandied around in Munich about BMW's X4).


Today, definitions are free, interpretive to a degree – who thought 'shooting brake' could ever be a five-entryway car wagon, for example? – and what to a great extent matters is whether an idea feels any great to the purchaser. Keeping in mind Mister Skeptical here at first drew closer the GLC Coupe features with a turned up lip and collapsed arms, its interesting and strange way (generally) won me over. At any rate, that is, in a few arrangements.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé
After early introductions around the Aosta Valley, in the Alps in Northern Italy, at its global dispatch, the average sized energetic SUV feels about "appropriate" for what I believe it's attempting accomplish.

The GLC Coupe style works not through intensely wandering motoring's wild edges, but rather in light of the fact that it gels together components that, sober-mindedly, shouldn't blend by any stretch of the imagination.


Running Cost

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350 d Coupé Price is (£48,000 est);Appearance savvy, it's sending all the right messages in the metal, regardless of the possibility that the center outline itself isn't precisely audacious or shape breaking. It's not simply a 'GLC with a mullet', as it's been extended 76mm long, is 37mm lower in tallness, and its dropped, slanting roofline is supplemented by a more laid-back windscreen and A-column. At the GLC Coupe price point when sat on 20-crawl wheels – 19s will be the section point for Aussie renditions – the squat position is emphasizd by an additional four centimeters of body width. At the danger of culpable its architects, there's something a little Macan-esque about it when seen from specific edges.

The inclined, single-louver 'precious stone example' grille stamps facilitate partition from the "consistent" GLC, yet it's truly the rubbing in the extent where the GLC Coupe images loses that run of the mill SUV dumpiness. Include the its sensibly conservative medium size (with its 4.73m aggregate length) it looks appropriately energetic in a way in which weighty, huge "execution" SUVs tend to battle. It looks keen and upmarket in the back which highlights thin LED taillights and, obviously, burglarizes generously from S-and C-Class Coupes.

Like the outside, the inside treatment conveys extensive on the GLC Coupe news games premium vibe if particularly printed in Mercedes-Benz plan tradition. The essentials – the gliding infotainment screen, the Comand support controller and its product frameworks, the switches, vents and instrumentation – differ little from the GLC Coupe pictures which, itself, conveys forward from C-Class. The key changes are in obvious zones, for example, the straightened ish-base paddleshifter directing haggle reinforced front games seats. In the second line, the front seat plan is imitated in the detachable areas for an artificial two-in addition to two look however, in breaking with roadster custom and sensibly in this way, the GLC Coupe speed back seat suits three travelers.



6cyl, 2987cc, turbo, diesel;
457lb ft;
9-spd automatic;
Top speed
Fuel Economy
47.1mpg (combined); 
CO2/tax band
155g/km, 31%
tbc (£48,000 est);