2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700 Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700 Specs, Features, Performance Review - The Sutton CS700 is a 2016 Ford Mustang car V8 taken into a higher and by and large sillier execution measurement by London-based autonomous supercar merchant Clive Sutton's new tuning branch, Sutton Bespoke. It could be contended, obviously, that the CS700 takes the 2016 Ford Mustang review pace past the compass of even the 526bhp GT350R. A twin-screw-sort supercharger (sourced from the brilliantly named Whipple Industries of Fresno, California) takes the pinnacle yields of the 2016 Ford Mustang specs  5.0-liter cross-plane-crankshaft V8 to a far-fetched sounding 700bhp and 674lb ft. The power and torque comes likewise thanks to some extent to another quad deplete framework, a bigger throttle body and an extended carbon fiber enlistment plenum.

In the event that that motor transformation is all you need, Sutton Bespoke will give it to under £14,000 far beyond the 2016 Ford Mustang performance cost of your auto. Be that as it may, to get the CS700 in the 'lower than a snake's belt-clasp' full impact you find in our photographs, you'll have to spend a further £5500 for KW "V1" brought down loop over suspension and painted 20in amalgam wheels. And afterward another £9400 for the 2016 Ford Mustang design carbon fiber rockers, spoiler, hood, raise quarterlight spreads and inside trim, and additionally the "improving" air scoops only toward the back of the traveler entryways.


Discrete, it ain't. In its boisterous mode, that dynamic fumes makes the sort of racket that could hush a mentor heap of adolescents from the inverse side of the 2016 Ford Mustang interior motorway, while the stripped carbonfibre hood doesn't precisely compliment the bodywork with much in the method for visual nuance. Those louvers and spaces on the last are useful things, however, keeping abundance warm from working up around that 700bhp motor, furthermore permitting you to look into the motor narrows from behind the 2016 Ford Mustang engine guiding wheel. Keeping in mind the sound the auto makes might be boorish, it's likewise incredibly characterful. The whimper of that Whipple blower rings in like a sponsorship vocal for the V8's throaty ignition lead instrumental. It's great.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
Pick a suitable extend of landing area – ideally one without a speed restrain – take a long, full-throttle keep running at the 2016 Ford Mustang concept auto's redline, and you'll be left in most likely at all that the CS700 is a 700-pull auto. In any case, it's a genuinely substantial auto as well, and doesn't eject with mid-go torque like an Audi RS6 or a Porsche 911 Turbo S. At the end of the day, in case you're not either overcome or sufficiently silly to keep the 2016 Ford Mustang cost auto stuck somewhere around 5000-and 6500rpm, you're basically not getting your value for-the-money.

Design and Styling

Sutton's suspension makeover does two vital things for the CS700 fundamental for the 2016 Ford Mustang release date happiness regarding the auto's fearsome turn of speed: it makes the footing required to put the auto's shut down from low speed, furthermore the inside and out sidelong hold and solidness (on smooth landing area, in any event) expected to convey the 2016 Ford Mustang features enormous speed that the auto so effortlessly fabricates. In spite of the fact that it steers with a physically testing, heavy control weight, the auto's taking care of reaction is superb and its move control top notch.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
You may envision that a 700-pull  The unavoidable elephant-sized trade off accompanies the auto's ride, however – which is short, firm, forcefully damped and entirely unsuited to uneven British streets. As a major aspect of its suspension update, Sutton removes a whacking 35mm from the ride tallness of the standard 2016 Ford Mustang style at the front pivot, and 25mm at the back. A portion of this is about 'rectifying' the characteristic cruising pitch of the auto, and the better adjusting of its hold levels. Sufficiently reasonable. In any case, removing such a great amount of go from the auto's suspension leaves little room in which the auto's dampers can work, and makes it feel brutal, unsettled and crabby amid quick B-street driving. Frequently somewhat repulsive even on an averagely surfaced double carriageway, as well.

Including so much tire impression and sidelong solidness into the 2016 Mustang price cosmetics likewise makes it surrender its hold on the landing area in less dynamic and excusing design than you may expect of a front-engined, raise driven American muscle auto. Yet, the uplifting news both here, and regarding that uncompromising ride, is that you can tune and change the dynamic formula of your CS700 to your very own taste amid the requesting procedure. So on the off chance that you'd rather float that cut your way through corners, and need to protect at any rate a portion of the long-travel ride consistence of the standard 2016 Mustang car suspension, you simply need to say.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
The CS700 has an inconceivable powerplant that gives the 2016 Mustang review singing pace and fearsome execution character – and I can see a case for having the motor change done on an auto of the right age and condition. In any case, it likewise demonstrates that you can without much of a stretch go too far looking for included hold and dynamism from this American symbol – which isn't, and never will be, a genuine supercar-executioner.

I'd hold up a couple of years to purchase an out-of-guarantee auto, and after that I'd have the motor transformation, the carbon fiber ledges and the 2016 Mustang specs spoiler fitted – and either the asylum brought down "sportline" springs that Sutton offers, or the KW suspension tuned to my own deliberately chose settings. What's more, and still, at the end of the day, I'd be doing it knowing there are speedier and better driver's autos I may spend the cash on, and that I'll most likely wind up more fascinated of the burbling, foaming nature of the 2016 Mustang design execution than its through and through amount.

The works: £9,366 of carbon aerokit, the £5,496 20in haggle suspension bundle, finish with noteworthy suspension drop (25mm at the 2016 Mustang performance front, 35mm at the back) and, obviously, the 2016 Mustang interior full £13,545 Power Package with Whipple supercharger, dynamic quad fumes and back valance. Another £1,053 gets you bigger throttle bodies for the supercharger and a carbon fiber consumption, increasing another 30bhp.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
In any case, the essential thing is that you can filter out from a considerable rundown – there are three levels of carbon bodykit, two suspension choices and rather than a supercharger, you could simply have the 2016 Mustang engine £4,706 CS500 pack which gives you more liberated breathing admissions and debilitates, another back valance and switchable fumes control (fundamentally a volume handle), signifying 500bhp. On the other hand you could arrange any of those things exclusively.


This one even had a multi-shading LED set-up in the 2016 Mustang concept headlights. It's a bit B&Q Christmas enhancement, particularly since it accompanies a remote control, yet I can see it being a hit in a few quarters, regardless of the possibility that the £1,200 cost is somewhat smothering. What's more, correct, I had a play with it and can affirm that on the 2016 Mustang cost off chance that you squeeze red then blue at the right beat, you do look a ton like a squad car. Gee.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
All things considered, not the 2016 Mustang features ignorant lighting, much however my 11 year old thought it was the coolest thing about the entire auto. I figure the CS500 could be the 2016 Mustang release date sweet spot – that would counter my feedback about the standard auto sounding rather plain.

Presumably not. Two reasons – it takes a great deal of energy to drive the 2016 Mustang style supercharger, which implies the motor needs to work to bolster energy to the blower before the blower can give anything back. So there's a reasonable piece of slack. Additionally, this one had the programmed gearbox. It's just too moderate responding whether you're requesting kickdown or manual changes with the 2016 Mustang price oars.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
With time as the opponent most likely not, but rather regarding the 2016 Ford Mustang images vibes of speed, then yes, completely. It's not only the commotion and push that interest, but rather the sense the conveyance is scarcely contained, that the skeleton is bracing itself against the powers included. Two or three times under all out speeding up in low apparatuses there were squeaks and moans, and when you come to back off you're rapidly mindful that the brakes are more untrustworthy than you would trust and feel dead underneath.

It is, pulling reliably the distance over the 2016 Ford Mustang news range without any crevices. Be that as it may, again the powerless connection is the gearbox. It has a somewhat flexible feel, as though the power is extending it marginally, so the drive at the wheels isn't an absolutely precise impression of what the 2016 Mustang pictures motor is doing. Envision riding a push bicycle with an elastic belt rather than a chain. It's that sensation.

Be that as it may, if the CS700 stuffed the a great deal more moment, direct constrain of, say, a 911 Turbo, I don't think the back tires, huge 305/30 ZR20s however they are, would have the 2016 Mustang speed capacity to adapt. As it seems to be, the length of you keep the revs up you can really utilize the 2016 Mustang sound motor precisely – it reacts neatly and rapidly enough.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
There's an insight of low speed understeer, which 674lb ft can undoubtedly overcome to kill your approach (all without alarming the 2016 Mustang video languid footing control) and the brought down, hardened suspension feels far quicker to alter course.


It'll really handle quick sweepers in a genuinely persuading way, however through lower speed corners you're extremely mindful this is an overwhelming auto and doesn't have the suspension aptitude or directing exactness of an appropriate games auto.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
Well it's quite very much damped considering how without further ado sprung it now is (dropped 25mm at the front and 35mm at the 2016 Mustang series back), however you'd need to say it's entirely positive. This KW set-up is the most forceful Sutton offers, and it merits realizing that it's totally movable, and gives the auto a better than average assaulting position.

It feels more intentional okay, however you likewise need to know neither it, the supercharger or any of alternate adjustments transform the 2016 Mustang wallpaper into a games auto. This is a muscle auto, and the best way to change that, I think, is strip a heap of weight out. As it seems to be, the CS700 is too substantial, the directing's not connecting with enough, the reactions not sufficiently smart.

Put it along these lines, in the 2016 Mustang autocar event that I needed to spend this much cash to get this much power from an American engine, I'd set out straight toward a Dodge Challenger Hellcat – that is an unashamed muscle auto with a reasonable expected set of responsibilities.


This current 2016 Mustang emissions part isn't as characterized – however that is to a great extent down to the way that it's had each alternative tossed at it. Be that as it may, I think watchful alternative determination in the Clive Sutton list would be a decent approach to give your 2016 Mustang dimensions more independence and character. Possibly simply include the fumes, and return later for the admission. And after that possibly the suspension. Continue going that way and soon you conclude that you need to have 700bhp…

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
English supercar merchant Clive Sutton is known for his perfect taste in the better things of the car world. In any case, Sutton additionally feels comfortable around American muscle autos, a reality that has been stressed with the arrival of three diverse tuning bundles for the 2016 Mustang first drive. The most intense of these projects is called "CS700" and is fit for expanding the yield of the 'Stang's 5.0-liter Coyote V-8 to a noteworthy 700 pull. Two different projects – the "CS500" and the "CS350" – are additionally accessible, in spite of the fact that the CS350 is perfect with the passage level, 2.3-liter four-chamber EcoBoost-fueled 2016 Mustang horsepower.

Notwithstanding the plenty of Power Packages that are being offered by Sutton, the program likewise accompanies an appearance bundle, brake bundle, ride bundle, and individual choices that can be profited in conjunction with the power bundle. Alterations to the inside are likewise accessible affability of tailor-made administration Sutton Bespoke.


The Ford Mustang car individuals who wind up getting all the tuning bundles will probably spend a premium for every one of them as the aggregate cost could surpass £30,000 rely on upon what's confirmed. Be that as it may, the guarantee of a far reaching and elating 2016 Ford Mustang launch might be too great to leave behind.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
Singular choices are likewise accessible and incorporates a "slam air" on the hood and window louvers, both of which are produced using carbon fiber. There's additionally a quarter board side scoop, body shading hood scoop, a custom lighting pack, and aluminum louvers that are accessible for Fastback adaptations of the Mustang. Another arrangement of 20-creep, 10-talked uniquely completed sparkle dark composite wheels from Vossen finish the Ford Mustang review outside updates. look also the 2016 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso review

The main inside adjustments right now are the Ford Mustang design four-piece carbon fiber dashboard and a Super HiFi Audio bundle. No specifics were given on what accompanies the sound bundle, however a sheltered suspicion would be overhauls that will immensely enhance the sound framework inside the muscle auto. Sutton likewise said that the Ford Mustang specs would be qualified for the Sutton Bespoke treatment, which after checking its site, could incorporate materials extending from "Alcantara, Napa and English Hide, Real wood polishes, and Piano dark Lacquer."


This is the place Sutton's program for the Ford Mustang performance truly demonstrates its value. As I've specified, there are three distinctive tuning bundles accessible for the Ford Mustang interior, two of which are accessible for the V-8 adaptation of the muscle auto.

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700 The first of these three units is the CS350. This program is comprised of another frosty air allow, an Active Exhaust Control framework, and a bespoke back valance, and a quad deplete framework. The AEC, specifically, can be enacted by a switch introduced on the Ford Mustang engine middle comfort and permits the driver to browse four distinct settings: Touring, Sport, Track, and Custom. Each of these four settings accompany a one of a kind volume and tone of the fumes sound. All together, the CS350 program builds the yield of the Ford Mustang concept 2.3-liter four-pot EcoBoost from 310 torque to 330 strength.

At that point there's the CS500, which accompanies an indistinguishable arrangement of motor adjustments from the CS350 unit. The main eminent distinction is that the CS500 is accessible for the V-8 Ford Mustang cost and is tuned to deliver 440 pull, a little uptick from the standard unit.


Running Cost

2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700 Price is £72,500; At last, there's the CS700. This program is accessible for the V-8-fueled Ford Mustang release date and includes a Whipple supercharger and a redesigned intercooler in with the general mish-mash. The outcome is a yield of 645 strength, more than 200 horses more than the Ford Mustang features standard model. Would-be clients are likewise given the choice to remove an additional 55 strength cordiality of a bigger throttle body and carbon fiber bay tubes, conveying the yield to 700 drive.

No execution numbers were given however considering the additional juice that Clive Sutton could escape the Ford Mustang style EcoBoost four-barrel and V-8 motors, expect some observable changes on the muscle auto's 0-to-60-mph spring time and top speed. On account of the V-8, a 0-to-60-mph sprint time of under four seconds and a top speed of 190 mph is conceivable given that the electronic limiter is evacuated.

To suit the expanded power achieved by the Power Packages, Sutton is likewise offering two interesting Ride Packages to address the treatment of the Ford Mustang price muscle auto. The primary bundle is perfect with the CS350 and CS500 units and incorporates the 20-creep haggles springs that can decrease the auto's ride tallness by .098 inches. The Ford Mustang images second bundle is accessible with the CS700 and accompanies a similar wheel offerings that likewise incorporates Bridgestone tires. An uncommonly outlined CS700 Suspension unit is likewise accessible and is fit for dropping the ride stature by 1.18 inches.


2016 Ford Mustang Sutton CS700
V8, 4951cc, supercharged petrol; 
 674lb ft;
6-spd automatic;
Top speed

Fuel Economy

CO2/tax band