2016 Volvo V40 Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Volvo V40 Specs, Features, Performance Review - Most recent renditions have a solid scope of motors that perform well and convey astounding mileage, while taking care of is secure and refinement great. In spite of the 2016 Volvo V40 car fact that it's fiddly to use, on-board innovation is on a standard with adversaries, while Volvo's astounding stereo and seat comfort draw high acclaim from proprietors.

The 2016 Volvo V40 review isn't the most handy of five-entryway hatchbacks however. Raise space isn't incredible and the boot is additionally on the little side. This merits remembering in case you're thinking about it as a contrasting option to a Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf. It's additionally somewhat costly to guarantee, albeit prevalent R-Design models have low deterioration and running expenses are held within proper limits as well.

The wide 2016 Volvo V40 specs territory concentrates on offering center family hatchback characteristics yet with somewhat additional premium speak to lift it over the center Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Peugeot 308 models that overwhelm this area. 2016 Volvo V40 design thinks of it as a tasteful opponent to the Volkswagen Golf, and we would concur.


Initially propelled in 2012, the 2016 Volvo V40 performance five-entryway hatchback restored a name utilized by a minimized Volvo bequest between 1995-2004. Marginally confusingly, there is no home 2016 Volvo V40 interior, Volvo choosing the reality this is its exclusive hatchback display discounted legitimizes the 'V for flexible' marking generally utilized on its homes.

2016 Volvo V40
Due to Volvo's past Ford possession, the 2016 Volvo V40 engine is really gotten from the present model Focus stage, however it imparts no unmistakable parts to the Ford and, today, offers an ever-more extensive scope of motors that are interesting to Volvo.

Trim levels changed with the 2016 overhaul. Some time recently, purchasers had a decision of ES, SE and SE Lux, R-Design and R-Design Lux, yet now they're given Momentum, Inscription, R-Design and R-Design Pro. 2016 Volvo V40 concept additionally offers the hybrid style Cross Country V40, which is offered in Cross Country and Cross Country Pro. Sadly, just the top-line T5 really offers all-wheel drive.

  Design and Styling

The 2016 Volvo V40 cost acquires the strong base of the Ford, that implies it's coordinated and exact through the corners, with a lot of top to bottom capacity from its all around specced undercarriage. 2016 Volvo V40 release date directing is a bit on the 2016 Volvo V40 features soft side however, with a stodgy vibe and absence of criticism, and body control isn't games incubate tight.
2016 Volvo V40

What the 2016 V40 price does exceptionally well is give the certainty and security you'd expect of a Volvo. It's steady at all velocities, little appears to upset the frame and it manages most circumstances without object or show. Numerous will joyfully exchange the 2016 V40 car last word in driver input for this adult, huge auto feel.

Get ready to be befuddled. 2016 V40 review has been exchanging its motor range from Ford-sourced engines to its own in-house outlines, however has consolidated this with a strategy of not alluding to motor size by they way it brands them (and the numbers no longer allude to the quantity of barrels either). The outcome is perplexity that you require tolerance to unravel.

2016 Volvo V40

Petrol motors are additionally befuddling. There is a 120bhp T2, 150bhp T3 and a 241bhp T5. Oddly, T2 and T3 variants utilize an alternate motor contingent upon gearbox decision: manuals are a 2.0-liter turbo unit, with automatics utilizing an option scaled back 1.5-liter engine. What's more, the T5 is no more drawn out a five-barrel motor, however a 2.0-liter turbo four-chamber.

The pick of the range are the 2016 V40 engine diesels. 2016 V40 specs most recent motor is eminent, with ultra-smooth behavior, low commotion levels and an extraordinary capacity to rev enthusiastically. The spread of pulling force in every one of the three is great: the 148bhp D3 is the 2016 V40 design pick of the range as it has the most balanced toque conveyance (320Nm from 1,750-3,000rpm), with the 187bhp D4 offering more execution at the 2016 V40 performance top end of the rev extend.

2016 Volvo V40
The D4 offers a discretionary eight-speed programmed gearbox; there is a mileage punishment, yet execution is marginally better and the 2016 V40 concept gearbox itself is amazing, changing intangibly and continually appearing to be in the right gear. D2 and D3 engines offer a more established six-speed auto, close by the 2016 V40 cost center six-speed manual that is standard over the 2016 V40 interior territory. The manual is a better than sufficiently average box, however not extraordinary.


2016 V40 features 2.0-liter T2 and T3 motors are great as well. They have an extraordinary capacity to force well from practically tickover: the T2 offers crest torque of 220Nm from only 1,100rpm, draw that is held until 3,500rpm. They are sweeter, calmer and effortlessly desirable over the 2016 V40 release date programmed options. The T5 is a semi hot incubate, combined as standard with that brilliant eight-speed programmed for included claim (the T2 and T3 utilize the more seasoned, less capable six-speed auto).

2016 Volvo V40
The new scope of 2016 V40 style motors truly conveys on efficiency, with some uncommon exhibitions over the range. The champions are the D2, D3 and D4 diesels. The D2 manual midpoints a wonderful 78.5mpg on the joined cycle, emanating only 94g/km CO2: the D3 pushes utilization up just somewhat, to 74.3mpg. Stunningly, the 2016 V40 price D4 likewise coordinates this 74.3mpg economy, regardless of its 187bhp power yield, which means both D3 and D4 offer similar 99g/km of CO2.

Picking a programmed diesel pushes utilization up a bit, however it's still amazing. Individually, the 2016 Volvo V40 images D2, D3 and D4 normal 74.3mpg, 70.6mpg and 67.3mpg with a programmed gearbox – that is six-speed on the initial two and more up to date eight-speed on the D4. It implies every manual diesel come in at VED charge band An, and all diesels are in band B.

Petrol motors are likewise exceptionally fuel effective, given their torquey turbocharged punch. Both T2 and T3 normal 51.4mpg on the joined cycle, emanating 127g/km CO2. Curiously, programmed forms coordinate this efficiency and push CO2 up just somewhat, to 129g/km (so still underneath the 2016 Volvo V40 news duty well disposed 130g/km stamp). Keep in mind, programmed T2 and T3 utilize a 1.5-liter motor, and manuals utilize a 2.0-liter.

2016 Volvo V40
The elite T5 is additionally fuel proficient, regardless of its great sprinting capacity. The 241bhp machine midpoints 47.9mpg on the joined cycle, in spite of the 2016 V40 pictures fact that CO2 goes up to 137g/km: this implies a VED impose band E and a £130 first-year street assess charge, instead of the band An expense of all different 2016 V40 speed.

With respect to running costs, long administration interims and Volvo's by and large solid dependability ought to mean the 2016 V40 sound costs less to possess than some of Volvo's bigger domains and SUVs. Driver Power proprietors' experience is absolutely reassuring: drivers vote the 2016 V40 video the fifteenth best auto for general running costs, which means there ought to be no awful shocks in real life.

Maybe mirroring its semi-premium status, protection bunches for the 2016 V40 series are somewhat higher than the standard. A base T2 ES comes in at gathering 17, while a comparable power Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost begins at gathering 10. There is additionally a significant stride up between motor variations, mirroring their additional power: moving from a T2 SE to a T3 SE sees protection bunches jump from 18 to 23. The 2016 V40 wallpaper superior T5 begins at gathering 28.

It's a comparable story for the diesels: the D2 ES is gathering 17 and a D2 SE begins at gathering 22; a D3 SE is in gathering 27. Strangely, the 2016 V40 dimensions Cross Country models are a protection gathering or so lower than standard V40s, maybe mirroring the 2016 V40 autocar less demanding repair of their scrape safe boards and raised body stature.

Held qualities for the 2016 V40 emissions are not too bad however differed. This implies it's vital to in this manner pick your model precisely. The most grounded entertainers are the diesel models, which by and large hold more than 40% of their unique rundown cost. The D2 comes in at around 41-42% following three years and the D3 is marginally better, beginning from around 43%.

There is, in any case, a maintained elevate for the 2016 V40 horsepower all the more engaging R-Design models: spec for spec, it's around 4%, which means it's likely well worth picking these models when purchasing new as utilized auto deterioration will be less. Following three years, the additional estimation of the 2016 Volvo V40 launch auto will be useful, especially in case you're purchasing on a PCP.

Petrol models hold preferably not exactly their diesel counterparts. They for the Volvo V40 car most part float around the 35-38% held esteem run, again with an inspire for R-Design models that pushes these variations into the 40-41% held esteem run. You ought to in this manner pick deliberately: the Volvo V40 review underlying rundown value saving money on petrol over diesel may vanish following three years.

There are a great deal of catches however: the Volvo V40 specs middle comfort is stuffed with them, and it's a slight instance of shape over capacity as a few catches are precarious to discover initially. This wasn't enhanced amid the 2016 facelift, either, in spite of more current models like the S90 and XC90 including a delightful picture style show.

2016 Volvo V40
There's a considerable measure of innovation stuffed into the Volvo V40 design – not minimum the dynamic wellbeing tech. City Safety self-governingly helps you dodge mishaps at city speeds and a speed limiter stops speeds inching up. Pick "Nav" models and you get Volvo V40 performance Sensus Connect, which incorporates voice control, a bigger 7-creep screen and associated web applications and web program. look also the 2016 Audi S5 review
The Volvo V40 interior uses Volvo's past era sat nav framework, instead of the most recent Tesla-style touchscreen setup on the new XC90. In that capacity, it's fiddly and cumbersome to utilize, requiring numerous touches of a dial and presses of an adjust catch to set goals. It's old innovation, and it appears.


The framework itself functions admirably, and mapping is clear from the Volvo V40 engine high-res screen, in spite of the fact that the show itself isn't the biggest: space is confined on the grounds that it's incorporated into the Volvo V40 concept dashboard as opposed to standing glad from it. Indeed, even the bigger 7-creep show on higher-spec Nav models with the Sensus Connect infotainment framework appears somewhat little.

2016 Volvo V40
"Nav" renditions of every single trim line are accessible, costing £800 more than standard. Picking a Nav variation with Sensus Connect brings that bigger shading show (7-inches is up from 5-inches), hard drive music stockpiling, European mapping, TMC movement message channel and lifetime yearly guide overhauls.

Volvo has a merited notoriety for great stereo quality and the Volvo V40 cost is no special case. Indeed, even the standard High Performance Sound framework has astounding profundity, definition and clarity, with yet more prominent quality coming as a component of the Volvo V40 release date discretionary Harman Kardon 130W 'sound stage' framework.

The Volvo V40 features benefits an occupation of feeling like a bigger, more costly Volvo inside. Front seats are a portion of the best in this area, their expansive, strong and extravagant outline proceeding with Volvo's notoriety for fantastic driver comfort. The Driver Power study mirrors this, with the Volvo V40 style scoring an exceptional fourth place by and large for seat comfort. Feel sorry for another Volvo custom, warmed seats, are saved for the Volvo V40 price alternatives list (as a component of the Winter Pack, costing between £350-£500 subject to trim).

Inside stowage is a blended sack. There are heaps of stowage cubbies, including the Volvo V40 images shrouded one behind Volvo's "skimming" focus reassure, however some are on the little side: entryway canisters, for instance, won't effortlessly hold a jug of water. Fortunately, the sliding box between the front seats contains a holster for two glasses.


Despite the fact that it is a significant expansive auto all things considered, the Volvo V40 news isn't one of the roomiest models inside. Unmistakably all the Volvo-particular security designing to strengthen the Ford-determined stage has gobbled up a tad bit of the room typically held for travelers (at the Volvo V40 pictures same time, as we'll see, there are advantages here… ).

2016 Volvo V40
Front seats are mounted high, maybe excessively high in models with electric seats, which can affect a little on headroom. The pedals feel a touch tight as well, and the V40 isn't as open arrangement as models, for example, the Volkswagen Golf.

The V40 is a little on the confined side in the back. Getting in and out can be somewhat clumsy, because of the measure of the front seats which can hinder your feet. Once in, travelers will discover agreeable seats yet not a plenitude of space.


It is pleasantly trimmed in the back however, and kids will locate the all around cushioned, rich back seat situate an extremely decent place to while away the hours. There's a special reward as well – discretionary warmed back seats are accessible, a £200 alternative that will change winter comfort for those in the back.

2016 Volvo V40
The boot of the Volvo V40 is somewhat frustrating contrasted with other five-entryway family hatchbacks. Situates up, the diesel display offers only 335 liters, contrasted with the 380 liters of a Volkswagen Golf (inquisitively, the petrol is somewhat even littler, on 324 liters).

Seats collapsed, the diesel extends to 1,032 liters, or 1,021 liters for the petrol. That is with baggage stacked to the rooftop, as well: in examination, a Volkswagen Golf offers 1,270 liters of space with the seats down – an entire 238 liters' more space than the V40.


The upscale backside implies the boot opening is a bit on the slender side, and the ledge is somewhat high. The boot is pleasantly trimmed however, with lashing focuses in the sides to secure baggage, and the back seats do overlap completely level for stacking massive articles. Simply be cautious when you close the back end – the back screen is fairly steeply raked.
2016 Volvo V40
Shockingly, general proprietor fulfillment has taken a plunge as of late, with the V40 dropping from sixteenth to 78th in the Driver Power overview. It appraised exceedingly for seat solace and running expenses, yet not all that well for ride quality, execution or common sense. Volvo came thirteenth in general, be that as it may, which ought to look good for the facelifted auto.

Part of the Volvo new auto guarantee is three years' Volvo Assistance roadside breakdown cover – for both the UK and Europe. In the event that you have your V40 overhauled at a Volvo merchant, it is consequently stretched out following three years: in the event that you don't, 12 months' take care of costs £99.


 Running Cost

Benefit interims for the most recent scope of Volvo motors is yearly or each 18,000 miles – this is a help from the Ford motors which had shorter mileage benefit interims. Volvo merchants are for the most part focused on estimating, and test quotes can be ascertained by means of a device on the company's site.

Be that as it may, to keep things focused, Volvo has changed its littlest model for 2016. The progressions are most apparent from the front, where the fashioners have executed the XC90's currently natural 'Thor's Hammer' headlights, offering a much bolder mark with splendid LED daytime running lights. All autos likewise get a bigger identification on the grille, and a superior incorporated radar sensor for the programmed crisis braking and radar journey control.

You'd be hard pushed to tell the new and old autos separated from the back, yet that is no awful thing as the overhauled show holds its ancestor's new components with the well known obscured rear end and tall light bunches. Indeed, even our entrance level D2 gets double debilitates, so put something aside for the badging on the bootlid, your associates would be unaware on the off chance that you picked this section level eco display.


2016 Volvo V40
4 cyls, 1969cc, turbo, petrol;
150bhp at 5000rpm;
 184lb ft at 1300-4000rpm;
 6-spd manual; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
51.4mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
127g/km, 22%