2016 MG GS Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 MG GS Specs, Features, Performance Review - The 2016 MG GS car is a SUV that offers a lot of reasonableness and hardware at a low cost. It's additionally agreeable and great to drive around the local area. 2016 MG GS review  SUV is let around its motor, be that as it may, as there's one and only on offer: a petrol that can just oversee 46.3mpg. The boot is genuinely little as well - and if that is not an issue for you then you should move down to the far better esteem SsangYong Tivoli.

Following quite a while of just offering two models, 2016 MG GS specs has at long last discharged the 2016 MG GS design, the brand's first SUV. It's an adversary for the Nissan Qashqai, yet MG's huge offering point is the value: the reach begins from £14,995, which is £3,555 less expensive than the passage level Qashqai.


Bounce in and you'll locate the same high-set driving position found in a considerable lot of the 2016 MG GS performance adversaries, which gives you a decent perspective of the street. There's a lot of modification in the seat and guiding wheel, so getting settled isn't excessively troublesome. The 2016 MG GS interior driving position isn't awful either, and keeps things agreeable progressing.

2016 MG GS
2016 MG GS engine lets us know the auto is set up for British streets, and the suspension absolutely splashes up the harsher plunges and potholes you'll discover on our roads. It's smooth at low speed as well, so driving around the local area is a solid point as forward perceivability is great. Lamentably at higher pace the GS feels unsettled, ricocheting over undulations in the 2016 MG GS concept street and feeling a touch too firm on uneven surfaces.

Design and Styling

Typically firm suspension helps while cornering, and that maintains a degree in the 2016 MG GS cost. It's sensibly deft in corners, with less body move than you may expect of an auto like this. The guiding is very much weighted around tight corners, however is somewhat conflicting and feels too light and ambiguous at the focal point of the 2016 MG GS release date revolution.

2016 MG GS
Keep to low revs and the 2016 MG GS style motor is astonishingly peaceful, and at motorway speeds it's practically indistinct. Wind and street commotion are not out of the ordinary from a tall SUV like the 2016 MG GS features, however both are entirely subtle.

So contrasted with a 1.2-liter Qashqai, the 2016 GS price 1.5-liter unit is aggressive. The issue is, the Nissan (like the greater part of alternate choices in this class) is accessible with a diesel choice, which is punchier, less expensive to run and just about as calm. Indeed, even the Qashqai's entrance level 1.2 oversees more than 55mpg. There are no arrangements for a diesel 2016 GS car yet, either - so your exclusive alternative is the 46.3mpg and 139g/km petrol.

Indeed, even the passage level variant gets a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol motor with 164bhp. Despite the fact that the diesel motor from the 2016 GS review 6 would fit under the GS's hood, there's no quick arrangement to offer that as an alternative.

2016 MG GS
You don't need to drive the 2016 GS specs exceptionally far to feel how firm the ride is. Indeed, even on a smooth bit of street, you generally feel like you're climbing and down in your seat. Get to a rougher stretch, and it turns out to be out and out uncomfortable. We get the 2016 GS design inclination this will get to be wearing on a long voyage.

The guiding aides here, in light of the fact that its weighting is great and it's anything but difficult to put the front of the 2016 GS performance definitely. The gearchange is sufficiently lovely, offering smooth if somewhat long moves, however lamentably this is spoilt by a motor that clutches revs unreasonably promptly. To roll out a smooth improvement, you have to fall off the throttle and deliberately sit tight for the revs to fall before changing into the 2016 GS interior following gear.

With respect to the motor itself, it needs striving to convey its best. Not at all like other little turbo petrols, this 2016 GS engine unit doesn't feel its most grounded until you hit around 3000rpm. Get it past 5000rpm and it begins to feel extremely strained. In case you're not in a rush however, the 2016 GS concept motor is calmer while quickening delicately and cruising.

2016 MG GS
Venturing inside the 2016 GS cost, you are immediately helped to remember the scratch and dent section cost. Top spec models may get calfskin and piano dark trim in addition to a better than average size touchscreen infotainment framework with sat-nav, however they don't occupy you from the low-lease feel of the materials 2016 GS release date have utilized.

Attempt as we may, we were not able discover anything other than hard, scratchy plastic on the 2016 GS style dash, entryways and focus console. It will presumably demonstrate sufficiently solid, however it's a long ways from the 2016 GS features plusher insides of generally opponents.


The 2016 GS price inside console is likewise out of date with a wreck of catches sitting just underneath the infotainment screen. While you may get used to their area in time, we ended up looking down extremely regularly to hit the 2016 MG GS images control we required.

2016 MG GS
While the modest cost, punchy motor and roomy inside may entice you; we think that its difficult to prescribe the 2016 MG GS news. Shockingly the excessively firm ride, shoddy feeling inside and just satisfactory discharges and economy far exceed any positives.

In case you're taking a gander at the lower end of the 2016 GS pictures extent, a Dacia Duster or Ssangyong Tivoli offer a superior ride and less expensive running expenses (in the event that you select a diesel, that is), yet still accompany a lot of gear and space. In case you're considering a higher-spec 2016 GS speed display, an essential Nissan Qashqai is a vastly improved wager.

Since the 2016 GS sound was dispatched as the brand's first new auto under Chinese possession in 2011, the association's had a moderate begin. A year ago it sold marginally more than 3,000 autos. In 2016, it needs to offer 5,000 autos. That is very nearly a solid number – in any event, it is contrasted with the 782 it sold in 2012. By 2017, it needs to be at 7,500. What's to come? Who knows – it could take a gander at the 2016 GS video confounding statures of many thousands (for connection: Skoda enrolled around 75,000 autos in the UK a year ago, Nissan 154,000 and Ford 335,000).

2016 MG GS
As Cheyne pointed out in the question and answer session in front of our drive, 2016 GS wallpaper originator Cecil Kimber portrayed his autos as moderate and amusing to drive – yet, significantly, didn't specify anything about them being two-seat sports autos. So in case you're understanding this audit prepared to illuminate the remarks about how the 2016 GS series 'isn't a genuine MG', that is the means by which the association's legitimizing it regarding its legacy.

On the off chance that Qashqai man feels firmly about purchasing a British auto, he ought to make a beeline for his Nissan merchant. Humorously, the Qashqai is worked at the 2016 GS autocar association's plant in Sunderland, while the 2016 GS dimensions is delivered totally in China. Already, MG has attempted to offer itself as British by acquiring the 3 and 6 as thumped down units and assembling them at the old MG Rover production line at Longbridge, Birmingham.

2016 MG GS
That affectation has been dropped with the 2016 GS emissions. Albeit composed in the UK in collaboration with China, and created for European streets, the 2016 GS first drive is made totally in China. Haters going to despise. In any case, is that such an awful thing?


Straight-talking Cheyne is open about the 2016 GS horsepower methodology: it should be modest. There's no discussion of premium goals here (refreshingly) – it needs to offer more for less. One way they've attempted to accomplish that is by keeping the choices to the 2016 MG GS launch absolute minimum.

2016 MG GS
It's a procedure we've seen before with the MG GS car and MG3. Curiously, at dispatch you could just purchase a 6 with a petrol motor. Some faulted poor deals for the absence of a diesel offering – so they in the long run presented one, and unobtrusively dropped the petrol. They've supposedly this week abandoned the MG GS review altogether.

There are two gearboxes accessible: a six-speed manual or a seven-speed double grasp auto. On its dispatch in Oxfordshire, we just drove the MG GS specs with the programmed gearbox. It's not the premium experience we'd anticipate from a top-spec SUV, regardless of the fact that it is just £20,995. The MG GS design gearbox is jerky and effortlessly bothered.

The motor, in any case, is more agreeable. Once the MG GS performance gearbox unwinds itself, it's upbeat to gain ground, in spite of the fact that an uncomfortable measure of motor commotion advances into the lodge. There's additionally a level of vibration going through the MG GS interior throttle pedal, while the controlling is lighter than we'd like and has somewhat of a dead-spot around the straight ahead.
It bodes well, we feel, in section level Explore trim. As a commonsense, family hybrid for £15,000, it speaks to reasonable worth for cash – particularly when you consider its five-year guarantee. It'll emerge in an auto park of Nissan Qashqais, furthermore offers respectable common sense. You might need to keep hold of it for some time, however – remaining qualities will likely make it look to a lesser extent a deal on the MG GS engine off chance that you offer following a couple of years.

The mid 2000s were an idealistic time for MG GS cost lovers. While MG GS concept Rover had just a couple quid to spend on tarting up the Rover-based models, the ZR, ZS and ZT were really extraordinary to drive, and we were even treated to two or three joyously senseless V8 models.

The brand's latest resurrection has been less blissful, with the awkward MG6 and undernourished MG3. The MG GS release date might be another hybrid available – yawn – but at the same time it's MG's most developed model yet, and its most obvious opportunity for achievement. Be that as it may, – given the MG GS features identification – is there anything there to entice the lover with-family?

The MG GS style is the beneficiary of another 1.5-liter, direct-infusion turbocharged four-chamber motor. At 164bhp and 184lb ft of torque, MG GS price is guaranteeing class-driving figures among its two-wheel drive rivalry, however class-driving in this case is useful for a 9.6sec 0-60mph time and 118mph, so the MG GS images won't excite on pace alone. Up 'til now, there's no diesel elective.

The motor isn't exactly as sweet as a few, either – it's working through entirely long, economy-one-sided gear proportions, keeping in mind it might slacken up with miles there's little bliss to be had working it much past the mid-range, as increasing speed tails off and a tuneless rambling plagues the MG GS news lodge. It clings to revs for some time amid each shift as well, rolling out smooth improvements troublesome. It's an extremely skilled motorway cruiser however – calm and torquey.


There's little in the MG GS pictures that will have the business sitting up and paying heed, however with that immediate infusion turbocharged motor and double grasp transmission, segment mounted electric force controlling and multi-join back suspension, it has all the MG GS speed mechanical traits now considered an absolute minimum for autos of this write.

2016 MG GS
Given the restricted hold that is pretty much too, however safe understeer is the main sensible alternative in an auto advertised so intensely at families. Less welcome are the GS sound brakes, which require a firmer nudge than you'd hope to make them work.

MG's current models have majored on worth, however that doesn't appear to have helped them much as deals have been sad. Maybe the GS video will change things – like them or despise them, hybrids like this are enormous business now and the GS series entrance level sticker price of £14,995 may see a couple of more individuals paying heed. This cost gets you an "Investigate" model with voyage control, programmed headlights and ventilating, while Excite and Exclusive trim lines include further unit. look also the 2016 Volkswagen Amarok review


The class smash hit – Nissan's Qashqai – begins at just somewhat more, however it's a reasonable piece less effective than the MG keeping in mind it rides well, it's not as fun as the British auto. Mazda's 2-liter CX-5 is most likely the best-in-class to drive, but at the same time it's around £8000 more costly and just matches the MG's 139g/km CO2 figure.

2016 MG GS
couple of months prior I got hold of a duplicate of a long-looked for after book, Maintaining The Breed, by John Thornley, initially distributed in 1950. It's an exhaustive history of MG hustling and record-breaking autos from the organization's establishment in 1923/4 to when it worked out of a previous tannery in Abingdon close Oxford and utilized thousands.

Thornley is no one's simpleton and his rear end stands re-perusing as far as what it says in regards to MG's present state. We'll return to that, yet to remind you, MG Rover, the back end of the British mass-delivered auto industry, was obtained from British Aerospace in 1994 by BMW, which demonstrated fairly not as much as its statement as far as sparing the organization. In 2000 BMW sold the entire caboodle (less Mini and a few outdated names) to the Phoenix Four, a gathering of Birmingham representatives who ran it until it imploded into receivership in 2005.


Aware of bullish unfulfilled guarantees previously, Matthew Cheyne, head of offers and showcasing, is protected. MG sold 3,152 autos in the UK a year ago and is on track to offer 5,000 this year, he says. The site still has retired offices to do last get together, paint and trim, however "we're significantly more sensible about development expectations nowadays", says Cheyne, who figures that around 700 GS models will discover proprietors this year.

2016 MG GS
  from £14,995 to £20,995 for the top-spec Exclusive model tried here with a seven-speed, twin-grip transmission and front-wheel drive. The case and the motor were produced with General Motors with whom SAIC has a relationship, while the twin-grasp transmission is SAIC's own.

While all UK autos have a 164bhp/184lb ft, 1.5-liter four-chamber turbocharged, direct-infusion petrol motor, manual or twin-grip transmission and front-wheel drive, a 4x4 model is sold in China yet just with a parched 2.0-liter petrol motor. With respect to diesels, Cheyne says the late disclosures in regards to diesel fumes emanations signifies, "we aren't hurrying in".


 Running Cost

The body outline, supervised at MG's configuration focus in Longbridge under outline head Anthony Williams-Kenny, is sensibly appealing against the quick rivalry. There appears to be somewhat a great deal of it contrasted and the 18in wheels, however I've seen more regrettable paintwork on premium German cantinas.

The inside is ample, with space enough over the secondary lounges for three grown-ups, a lot of head and room to breathe in the front and the boot is a sound 483 liters with the back seats up and 1,336 with the backs collapsed over the cantilevered bases, which gives a splendidly level floor. These are not the world's most agreeable seats for long adventures, notwithstanding.

Ok, the lodge quality... Well in the event that you list the hardware this is all going to appear tickety boo. However notwithstanding journey control, auto headlamps and air-con on base models and warmed calfskin seats, slope hold, satnav, DAB radio, Bluetooth and back stopping sensors and camera in this top Exclusive model, there's unmistakable blue water amongst this and primary line upper premium contenders, for example, the Renault Kadjar or Nissan Qashqai.


2016 MG GS 
4 cyls, 1490cc, turbo, petrol; 
 164bhp at 5600rpm; 
184lb ft at 1600-4300rpm;
6-spd manual; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
46.3mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
139g/km, 27%