2016 Audi S5 Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Audi S5 Specs, Features, Performance review - However, as a 2016 Audi S5 car and not an insignificant A5, this auto is about more than simply looking great. The S5's $14,200 premium over the A5 purchases a lot of go-quicker equipment. It begins in the motor inlet with a 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 delivering 333 strength and 325 lb-ft of torque. The blown six is mated to a ultra-brisk, seven-speed double grasp programmed (the six-speed manual that can be had in the 2016 Audi S5 review car is not accessible here), and Quattro all-wheel drive is standard. Our test auto was additionally furnished with the additional cost versatile dampers ($1000) and torque-vectoring back differential ($1100).

With the high-revving, 450-hp RS5 no longer offered for 2016, this auto is at least somewhat speedy outdoors Audis this year. Things being what they are speedy without a doubt. The S5 cabrio's zero-to-60-mph time of 4.9 seconds is 0.4 second behind the last S5 roadster we tried. Nothing unexpected there; the 2016 Audi S5 specs car gets by without the cabrio's about 400 pounds of collapsing top equipment and extra basic propping. In the meantime, it was only six-tenths behind the latest RS5 ragtop to go through our hands, notwithstanding its immense 117-drive impediment. Credit the supercharged 2016 Audi S5 design prevalent torque (325 lb-ft versus the RS5's actually suctioned V-8's 317) and the way that in the S5, dissimilar to the RS5, you don't have to rev the motor to the stratosphere to discover snort.


A top-down morning impact along the tempting two-path streets twisting through Southern California's Angeles National Forest and Antelope Valley made this present auto's $74,250 as-tried cost appear to be modest. The 2016 Audi S5 interior 0.89 g of sidelong grasp is entirely useful for a convertible, if fairly shy of the 0.96 g accomplished by the RS5 cabriolet, the last profiting by 275 vast tires contrasted and the S5's 255s. So, the S5 speaks to Audi's sweet spot for body correspondence, with sharp, consummately weighted controlling that is chattier than in either the A5 or the RS5 droptops, particularly in Dynamic mode, when the flexible dampers are at their stiffest. Accordingly set up, the 2016 Audi S5 performance strings together kept money S-bends effortlessly, the torque-vectoring back differential serving as the famous Hand of God measuring the auto's back and hurrying this convertible from peak to summit.

2016 Audi S5
However wearing and all around adjusted this convertible might be, at this value, it should be similarly upscale. When you're approaching this sort of cash for an auto so long in the tooth, it would be advised to feel unique. Also, the 2016 Audi S5 engine cabriolet does. Our test auto's Daytona Gray pearl-impact paint shimmered alluringly in the sun, and the red softtop was a lovely amaze to everybody who saw it set up. The rooftop additionally is thickly cushioned, giving coupelike quietness at speed, and there are inserted LED perusing lights in the back seating range. Different helps are raise situates that can fit people and their legs, a one-touch catch that drops or raises every one of the four windows at the 2016 Audi S5 concept same time, a fast power-beat bringing down speed of 14 seconds (17 seconds to raise), and a collapsing wind blocker that makes even triple-digit cruising a quiet undertaking.

Design and Styling

This auto came spruced up with 2016 Audi S5 cost clever aluminum-decorated dark wood finish trim ($1100) and a $1400 Comfort bundle that brought neck-level warming and ventilated seats. Additionally part of the Comfort bundle, be that as it may, was some strongly non-supple punctured cowhide that may be preferred used to sand furniture over upholster seats. We have become acclimated to Audi's MMI interface and very like it, despite the 2016 Audi S5 release date fact that it's far and away superior with the touchpad input found in different Audis. We additionally anticipate 2016 Audi S5 features smooth "virtual cockpit" innovation, which will advance into the cutting edge display.

2016 Audi S5
In many regards, however, the 2016 Audi S5 style cabriolet is as quick and charming an animal as ever, and it positively doesn't feel as old as it may be. Once we've gotten some wheel time in the cutting edge A5 and 2016 S5 price, which are required to touch base next spring as 2018 models, we may change our tune. In any case, until then, we can joyfully live with this.

The 3-liter turbocharged V6 motor – a connection of the splendid 4-liter, twin-turbo V8 that powers the relentless RS6 – includes coordinate infusion and is imparted to the new S4, propelled simultaneously with the 2016 S5 car.

The unit creates 349bhp from 5400-6400rpm with 369lb ft of torque prepared over a tabletop rev band – 1370-4500rpm. The 2016 S5 review main gearbox choice is the successful ZF eight-speed programmed. The twin-grasp DSG unit that served in the past era S5 is not evaluated for this new motor's torque yield.

2016 Audi S5
Power is sent to all corners by a Quattro four-wheel drive framework that components a locking focus differential. The ostensible torque split is 40:60 front to raise, yet the framework can redirect up to 70 for each penny of drive advances or 85 for every penny rearwards. A game differential can likewise be determined to juggle torque between the 2016 S5 specs back wheels.

Audi cases to have brought down the 2016 S5 design kerb weight by as much as 60kg over the past adaptation through 'an insightful blend of materials and lightweight outline'. Through cautious administration of the wind current around the auto Audi has accomplished a drag coefficient of 0.25, which it says is the most minimal in the class.

The suspension design is a modern five-connect plan at all four corners and versatile dampers are accessible as a discretionary additional. The 2016 S5 performance electric power directing framework, then, has been recently created to enhance controlling reaction.

2016 Audi S5
Only a couple of years back the ordinary wearing 2016 S5 interior was plagued with a crashy, unsettled ride quality. On the discretionary versatile dampers, in any case, the new 2016 S5 engine rides with ease, making it an unwinding and cosseting machine both around town and over longer separations.


Switch the auto into element mode, however, and it finds a physicality that was absent from the past model. It doesn't all of a sudden copy the 2016 S5 concept back wheel drive adjust and flexibility of a BMW 4 Series, for example, yet the front hub benefits discover nibble on the passage stage to a corner and there's a pleasingly nonpartisan adjust through the 2016 S5 cost peak.

2016 Audi S5
A long way from being a determined understeer creature the 2016 S5 release date can really feel very sweet in cornering, both at the turn in point and under power when the discretionary game differential is driving the auto through the twist from the outside back corner. There is no liveliness in the frame past that, at any rate not in the dry, but rather the new 2016 S5 features is helpfully more engaging on a twisty street than the past adaptation. Body control at the cutoff, in the interim, is useful for an auto of this size.

The discretionary element controlling includes undesirable weight (in spite of the fact that you can take that out by utilizing the 2016 S5 price customisable drive mode to abandon it in solace) and there's never any vibe through the edge, however that doesn't stop you, given time and commonality, from finding the 2016 S5 style cutoff of front end grasp and putting the auto right on that point corner after corner. The controlling is immediate and totally free of slack, as well.

The V6 turbo is responsive and critical from low motor rates and it serves up solid execution, yet the sound is really unsuitable and there's basically nothing to get amped up for as the rev counter needle approaches the 2016 Audi S5 images redline. This motor fills a need and no more.

2016 Audi S5
Inquisitively the 2016 Audi S5 news programmed gearbox, so amazing in different establishments, can feel a touch worked on both up and downshifts when in manual mode, which adds to a general feeling of torpidity in the drivetrain. Similarly as with the 2016 S5 pictures frame it's successful, yet not especially exciting.

Execution autos ought to be judged both on their capacity and their character. This new S5 is substantially more fit in brandishing terms than the first 2016 S5 speed – sweeter and less disappointing to drive rapidly – be that as it may, similar to the past model, it is without any genuine fervor, show or character. It's the distinction between a decent auto and an awesome one, and in this case the contrast between a four and a five star rating.

The look of the 2016 S5 sound is in no way, shape or form new. For as far back as five years or more, it's been a plan benchmark for extravagance roadsters, so it's nothing unexpected that a large number of its prompts and topics have showed up in more up to date models. That is however likewise a demonstration of how well the 2016 S5 video outline functions. It has great back wheel-drive extravagance roadster extents (despite the fact that it's all-wheel drive), and the streaming, etched plan is conveyed to its best (yet not over the top) with highlight trim, some passed out points of interest, and unique accessible Black Optic 21-creep wheels. look also the 2016 Maserati Quattroporte GTS review

2016 Audi S5
In about each other regard, the 2016 S5 series feels like an adaptable, vivacious visiting auto from the driver's seat—and one that is especially deft and able. Audi's quattro all-wheel-drive framework helps this, biasing the front-raise control split at 40/60 percent—which bears some all-climate capacity—and braking execution is great. The 3.0T motor doesn't require revving to take advantage of its torque, yet sounds incredible when you do as such.


Inhabitant wellbeing data for the S5—and the entire A5 lineup—is missing in case you're searching for authority crash-test appraisals. However the 2016 S5 wallpaper wellbeing highlight set incorporates knee airbags; dynamic appear move bars in the cabriolet; and a back view camera with stopping sensors. From the driver's seat, perceivability rearward is on the poor side because of the stout C-columns that look so great all things considered (in spite of the 2016 S5 dimensions fact that on the off chance that you keep the all around protected delicate top down on the convertible, all is well).

2016 Audi S5
While the 2016 S5 autocar alternative rundown is feeling the loss of a portion of the mischance evasion and dynamic security wizardry that is accessible in more as of late overhauled models, the greater part of the standard extravagance suspects on board, including double zone atmosphere control, calfskin upholstery, satellite radio, and HD Radio. Critical alternatives incorporate 2016 S5 emissions dynamic guiding, versatile voyage control, and a fantastic Bang and Olfusen sound framework.

Inside, you get S-spec seats, which are conveniently agreeable, strong, and movable (despite everything we need to sit lower however, please Audi), and a more dished controlling wheel. Spec the Virtual Cockpit screen and you can arrange a focal rev counter and feel like a R8 driver. Until you begin driving, at any rate.

Then again, from memory the S4 felt more back driven. 2016 S5 first drive specs its test autos with the discretionary game differential, which effectively tosses more torque at the outside back wheel while cornering (the ordinary split is 40% to the 2016 S5 horsepower front, 60% to the back), and in the S4, I truly detected it working its enchantment, giving the auto a truly nonpartisan feel as it dug in and controlled far from twists.


The powertrain's truly compelling, yet maybe so smooth as to be somewhat dreary. You must acknowledge how available, how module and-play 2016 Audi S5 launch has made 350bhp, in all climates, on all streets, however it's to the detriment of any genuine fervor in flipping the oars or revving out the V6. An AMG C43 has a fizzier, more characterful engine – and a marginally less smart programmed gearbox.

2016 Audi S5
It feels like Audi has intentionally increased the Audi S5 car GT qualifications (it's calm, exceptionally supple, and out and out simple – plain, even – to drive) and paddled back its animosity. Which bodes well, given that the new RS5 will supplant its singing V8 with another turbocharged V6, and it'd be awfully clumsy on the off chance that it were outshone by its less expensive twin

Presently a more adjusted auto than it was beforehand, the Audi S5 review holds its snappy turn of pace however ties it in with an all the more lenient ride. It's not the most captivating decision from in the driver's seat, despite the fact that the new 3.0-liter V6 motor is a jewel – punchy, smooth and shockingly conservative. The Audi S5 specs feels like it has more to give, however maybe that is deliberate from Audi, as it makes some space for the up and coming boisterous RS5 to sparkle.


The Audi S5 design has experienced a remarkable change since the first model came around in 2007. Indeed, the original auto is gone, and in its place comes the new Audi S5 performance - it's been sent to the tailors, put on an eating routine and showed some kindness transplant, and about time, as well.

2016 Audi S5
The new Audi S5 interior depends on an indistinguishable underpinnings from the current Audi A4, bringing along the weight-sparing measures found in that auto. Be that as it may, the most huge change is under the hood, where the supercharged 3.0-liter V6 has cleared a path for a turbocharged unit. Despite the fact that it's still a 3.0-liter V6, Audi says the motor is around 80 for every penny new, and profits by a turbocharger which sits between the saved money barrels to support reaction and decrease turbo-slack.

The advantages are clear to see, on paper in any event - the new motor builds up an additional 21bhp and 60Nm of torque over the Audi S5 engine old unit. That puts the featuring figures up to 349bhp and 500Nm of torque - at the same time utilizing less fuel and radiating less CO2 than the old auto. Audi S5 concept claims 38.2mpg and 170g/km.


The motor likewise contributes a huge part of the auto's 60kg weight decrease. It's 14kg lighter than some time recently, in addition to Audi has shaved 15kg from the new body, 5kg from the front seats and 11kg from the front and back suspension set-ups. The lighter brakes, raise seats and directing rack round off the huge weight-sparing regions.

2016 Audi S5
Against the Mercedes-AMG C 43, the Audi S5 cost looks somewhat of a featherweight, tipping the scales at 1,615kg; that is 120kg lighter. Toss quattro all-wheel crash in with the general mish-mash and the Audi S5 release date will cover 0-62mph three-tenths of a second speedier than the back wheel drive 440i, in 4.7 seconds.

Things liven up when you switch the S5 into Dynamic mode. It doesn't change it from a long-separate cruiser into a 100m sprinter, yet there's a level of agility that you wouldn't accept existed subsequent to getting a charge out of the auto's milder side. The guiding isn't overflowing with input, in spite of the fact that the quattro all-wheel-drive framework gives you a chance to incline in corners, with the games differential sending power viably at the back to give the auto a further feeling of dexterity.


 Running Cost

2016 Audi S5 Price is £tbc;  While the quattro set-up is fit for sending up to 85 for every penny of its energy to the back wheels, it never feels like it, as the Audi S5 features is certain footed and planted at the breaking point. Be that as it may, if the back wheel-drive 440i is slower, it's additionally energizing. Be that as it may, there's no scrutinizing the viability of the new V6 motor. Top torque of 500Nm touches base at only 1,340rpm and doesn't tail off until 4,500rpm, which makes for smooth and easy power.

Audi S5 style new MLB Evo stage brings a few common sense points of interest. The 465-liter boot is 10 liters bigger than some time recently, and despite the fact that the Audi S5 price auto just has two seats in the back, it's sufficiently spacious.

Those in advance have it better, however, as they're ready to take full preferred standpoint of the S5 's lovely lodge. Audi's discretionary 12.3-crawl Virtual Cockpit show is as noteworthy as ever, while you won't locate any shoddy or awful looking bits of plastic trim. In any case, when you're probably going to fork out around £45,000 for the auto, that will be normal.


2016 Audi S5 
 V6, 2995cc, turbocharged, petrol; 
349hp at 5400-6400rpm;
369lb ft at 1370-4,500rpm;
 8-spd automatic;
Top speed
Fuel Economy
38.7mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
166g/km, 30%