2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S  Specs, Features, Performance Review - The 2016 Volkswagen Golf review S is the speediest front-wheel drive creation auto around the Nurburgring. Honda, Seat and Renault have been quarreling about that specific honor for as far back as year or thereabouts, yet by recording a 7min 49.21secs lap in April 2016 Volkswagen Golf car usurped all of them, bettering Honda's Civic Type R by 1.4 seconds.

The Clubsport S turns into the quickest and most restrictive model in a broad line up of superior, front-wheel drive Golfs. The 2016 Volkswagen Golf specs is the section level rendition, trailed by the GTI Performance and the GTI Clubsport Edition 40, the model that imprints 40 years of VW's hot trapdoor and that structures the premise for the Clubsport S.


The Clubsport S extends the 2016 Volkswagen Golf performance Clubsport's streamlined amendments. The front splitter and back wing not just counterbalance the 60kg of lift created by the GTI Performance, they really deliver a little measure of downforce. VW's architects cite 8kg on the front hub and 17kg at the back. They're unobtrusive numbers, yet with no lift to fight with VW has possessed the capacity to roll out huge improvements to the 2016 Volkswagen Golf interior frame parity.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
A DSG gearbox would add 20kg to the general weight of the 2016 Volkswagen Golf engine auto, so the designers immediately precluded it as an alternative. Most autos will come fitted with aerating and cooling, yet around five for every penny will manage without, sparing a further 15kg. The fumes, at long last, is a more liberated breathing thing to accomplish the 2016 Volkswagen Golf concept lift in force.

 Design and Styling

Given that it was created particularly to break the Nurburgring lap record it ought to shock no one at all to discover that the Clubsport S is greatly amazing on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf cost Nordschleife. Its motor promptly feels more grounded than the Clubsport's, with the same sharp throttle reaction, gigantic torque bend and lively top end. Just in the last dash to the 2016 Volkswagen Golf release date limiter does the motor start to strain.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
The 2016 Volkswagen Golf features manual gearshift is tight and direct and the auto gets its shut down to the street with no theatricality. It finds huge footing, even far from the most secure corners, and it never pulls itself over the street in the way that some powerful front-wheel drive autos tend to. Truth be told, the controlling and mechanical differential work so viably together that you can feel unequivocally how wide you can open the 2016 Volkswagen Golf style throttle before the front wheels will turn up.

The guiding itself is immediate and exact with a sensible measure of feel, yet what's truly exceptional is the grasp the front hub hooks out of the 2016 Golf price street surface. The Cup 2s sink themselves hard into the landing area and the extremely nonpartisan skeleton equalization means there's basically no understeer to battle with. That flexible front end implies you can truly pursue the 2016 Golf car as hard as you set out, as opposed to simply managing understeer. Discharging an auto into snappy, unsighted corners when your mind demands you ought to be no picnic for the brake pedal is one of the ageless delights of track driving.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
The 2016 Golf review generally pointy suspension equalization implies you just need to trail brake delicately to get the auto turned in, in spite of the fact that the steady backside never feels as if it may attempt to surpass the 2016 Golf specs front.

There is a decent measure of roll and the 2016 Golf design suspension doesn't feel horrendously hardened – over the enormous kerbs it's magnificently malleable, in truth – yet body control is great when the corners come thick and quick and the 2016 Golf performance auto isn't unsettled by knocks. It's very much damped in compressions, as well, all of which looks good for the general population street.

The brakes were hinting at withering after two snappy laps of the Nordschleife, however else they're solid and reliable. The 2016 Golf interior seats, in the mean time, offer decent backing without the trade off of a full pail seat and bridle plan. look also the 2016 Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Cabriolet review

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
Since we've driven the 2016 Golf engine out and about in the UK, we most certainly can grant it the full five stars. We took the Clubsport S up to the Yorkshire Dales to test it on exemplary, rough British blacktop and it was just heavenly. On the M1 amid the adventure up north it was shockingly livable. There is more street clamor on the 2016 Golf concept grounds that there are no back seats to astound the commotion from the back, yet it's of negligible burden and you could positively cheerfully listen to the radio. The 2016 Golf cost crude to-refined proportion surely hasn't swung too far towards the previous.


The motor is tremendously solid and in spite of the 2016 Golf release date fact that you don't have a singing top end that you can truly appreciate, the way it tears through the revs is entirely addictive. Coordinated to the mechanical constrained slip diff the 2016 Golf features is a considerable sidekick crosswise over nation, burrowing hard and finding tremendous footing from right on time in corners. It has a practically uncanny self-restraint that appears to permit you to drive with more noteworthy clarity accordingly.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
With everything taken into account, it feels like an exceptionally finish bundle. There is dependably a stress with autos that appear to have an inclining towards lap times that they will overlook their foundations and be less agreeable out and about. Be that as it may, the updates that Karsten Schebsdat and his group have made have permitted the 2016 Golf style to sparkle significantly all the more brilliantly on precisely the kind of streets where a hot portal ought to feel at home.

The speediest ever GTI is now a gatherer's thing, but on the other hand it's the most able Golf yet. While it would appear that a stripped-out track auto within, the 2016 Golf price is splendid to drive out and about, sloping up what the standard auto offers with much more association and amazing refinement. On the off chance that you can live with the 2016 Volkswagen Golf images absence of back seats, you'll adore it. What an approach to check 40 years of GTI.

This implies it works brilliantly on rough UK streets. With standard versatile dampers, the ride is frightfully great. A splendid Nürburgring mode keeps the 2016 Volkswagen Golf news dampers supple yet the motor and skeleton sharp. Slope things up to Race, however, and the S is still tolerable. Firmer dampers limit body development and cut roll, yet there's a lot of grasp as the S's 19-inch lightweight composites are wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

The 2016 Golf pictures normal GTI's 2.0-liter turbo is connected to the recognizable six-speed manual box and delivers 306bhp. Rev it hard and the more liberated breathing fumes whooshes, emanating an incredible break on the upshift. The 0-62mph sprint takes 5.8 seconds, while top rate is 165mph. However it's the way the 2016 Golf speed handles that makes it so noteworthy. Similarly as with all quick Golfs, its guiding is ultra-exact. There's more feel and weight here, however, which makes the VW an all the more captivating, congenial auto to drive rapidly, in spite of its stripped-out, more responsive nature.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
You require the front pail seats to hold you set up, yet separated from these and an Alcantara directing wheel, the excellence of the 2016 Golf sound  is it's pretty much too worked as an ordinary Golf inside. Truth be told, regardless of the 2016 Golf video unobtrusive styling changes and its forceful persona, it's even astonishingly refined moving.
Abnormally for a hot lid, there's noteworthy downforce, as well. Those flared nostrils and that spoiler aren't for appear, changing the standard 2016 Golf series 60kg of streamlined lift at top pace (not abnormal for an auto of this write) to an aggregate of 25kg of downforce, 17kg of which is concentrated over the back pivot. There's resultant drag, obviously - down the Nordschleife's tremendous Döttinger Höhe straight the Clubsport's detectably slower than its opponents, VW says – yet it paws the time back in the corners.

There's been much electronic adjustment tweakery, as well. Setting the 'Ring record (7m 49.2sec – an entire 1.4sec faster than the 2016 Golf wallpaper past fwd champ, Honda's Civic Type R) just wouldn't be conceivable with latent dampers. The electronically controlled stuns assume a colossal part in aiding the Clubsport creature the track's kerbs, yumps and cambers. The "Solace" mode in the auto's driving profiles is indistinguishable to the damper settings utilized for the Nurburgring record lap.


The brakes have additionally been changed, with cushions that are more warmth safe and lighter aluminum brake pots, said to loan the 2016 Golf dimensions driver's foot more exact control. What's more, to wrap things up, a lot of credit for the auto's capacities likewise goes to its super-sticky Michelin Pilot Cup tires, particularly produced for the Clubsport. Sufficiently delicate to sink a thumbnail into, they're worth as much as five seconds a lap in the dry, we're told, in spite of the fact that they're 'very troublesome' in the wet.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
An amazing aspect concerning the 2016 Golf autocar is that in spite of its laptime-busting dexterity, it's not a scary auto to drive. As opposed to taking care of on a blade edge, it's extremely impartial, with a sheltered predisposition towards consoling (yet not baffling) understeer when driven underneath ten-tenths, and mind boggling dependability under hard braking.

Maybe the 2016 Golf first drive auto's most astounding aspect is the way its dampers handle knocks. It's conceivable to behave in a questionable manner with the Nordschleife's kerbs. Benny Leuchter, the truly helpful driver who set the 2016 Golf emissions auto's record-breaking time (once as well as on three separate laps, by chance), says he's lone ever determined three autos that can take the same kerb-jumping lines the Clubsport S can – and they're continuance racers with full race suspension.

In transit out of corners, the Clubsport S summons unimaginable footing for a front-drive auto. The 2016 Golf horsepower electronically controlled mechanical restricted slip differential, the same unit fitted to the customary Golf GTI as a component of the 2016 Volkswagen Golf launch discretionary Performance Pack, pulls the auto up to speed and effectively fixes its line, its impact felt more acutely through the new front suspension geometry. 306bhp through one hub? Don't worry about it. In the dry, at any rate...


The guiding feels more honed, quicker than a normal GTI's, generally as an aftereffect of the Volkswagen Golf car changed front toe and camber points, however fortunately holds the certainty moving linearity of the standard auto's variable-rate directing rack. Whether it'll feel so sensible far from the race track on a commonly rough, bulbous British B-street is an inquiry we'll ideally get the Volkswagen Golf review opportunity to reply later on…

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
You can feel the decreased kerb weight in the way the Volkswagen Golf specs auto reacts, and hear it in the unfiltered sound of rock scattering the back curves and different pyrotechnic commotions originating from the Volkswagen Golf design superior fumes framework. It's just about - yet not exactly - as vocal as a Renaultsport Megane.

The RS Megane, and the Civic Type R so far as that is concerned, feel more forceful, less cleaned than the Clubsport S, and some may contend all the Volkswagen Golf performance more captivating accordingly - yet they're no place close as simple to drive rapidly. Nor, things being what they are, as fast against the Volkswagen Golf interior stopwatch…


Yes, as the Volkswagen Golf concept hot seal weapons contest has strengthened with apparently ceaseless one-upmanship to be the King of the Nürburgring, there have been increasingly variations of the modest Golf GTI brought into the Volkswagen Golf engine world.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
Extremely. It dealt with a 7:49.21sec around the Volkswagen Golf release date  Green Hell – 1.5sec speedier than Honda's Civic Type R – to guarantee the front-wheel-drive generation auto lap record. To give you some point of view of how quick these humble hot portals are getting, that is faster than the Volkswagen Golf cost  motorsport-determined Porsche 996 GT3 (a genuine benchmark of speedy), however an astounding 36 seconds a lap speedier than a Performance Pack GTI. Which is huge. Like, an entire six Vines worth of time.

Along these lines, VW designers were heartless and binned bits that weren't regarded vital. The back seats, package rack, concealed floor, armrests and a portion of the Volkswagen Golf features clamor protection were all tossed in the skip. Altogether, 30kg has been assaulted from the standard CS – helped by introducing a littler battery and aluminum front sub-outline.


In any case, where weight is down, force is up. The Volkswagen Golf style standard 2.0-liter turbo four (the EA888 TSI unit, suck, press, blast, blow fans) has been fettled to give 306bhp and 280lb ft of torque through the front wheels. Dissimilar to the standard CS (which highlights an "overboost" work taking into account most extreme force for 10 seconds when the throttle is on the Volkswagen Golf price floor) the S gives all of you of its beans, constantly.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
It's additionally got three pedals and a stick to change gears. Despite the fact that a DSG 'box would swap machine gear-pieces speedier, it'd additionally add 20kg to the Volkswagen Golf images  general weight of the auto – a punishment not worth considering. Furthermore, a win for the perfectionists. Air con has likewise been retired on five for each penny of the 400 auto constrained run, sparing a further 15kg. Also, the more extensive distance across fumes inhales all the more effectively and has a bit shoutier simultaneously.

The outcome is a 1,360kg kerb weight, which close by the additional force, yields a 0-62mph time of 5.8secs, and a top velocity of 165mph. That is correct, VW has additionally discarded the electronic limiter.


 Running Cost

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S Price is £35,000 (est); All things considered, there's a bespoke 'Nürburgring Mode' on the drive choice that mellows up the dampers and puts everything up to max. It's a trap a ton of us use on UK streets in autos with trap dampers, however this setting has been particularly sharpened for the Volkswagen Golf news wavy and wavy landing area of the 'Ring.

Another air bundle has additionally been fitted giving significantly more downforce (8kg on the front hub and 17kg at the back) helping fast steadiness and back hub lack of bias. Then, at the front is the same profound and extended front guard with vertical 'air window ornaments' (that channel air around the front wheels), side skirts and reprofiled back guard as the CS. Just with a marginally distinctive, more downforce-y flick of a spoiler sat on the back.

There's additionally cool new equipment and geeky tweakery in quest for pace. To associate reaction and turn-in, the front center point bearers are new, there are bespoke front knuckles, stiffer motor mounts, firmer shrubs and the boffs have done a few maths on the geometry. There's less toe-in and more negative camber. More race auto. Also, the XDS+ framework and electro-water powered front differential have been retuned.


2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S
4 cyls, 1948cc, turbo, petrol;
306bhp at 5800-6500rpm; 
 284lb ft at 1850-5700rpm;
6-spd manual; 
Top speed
Fuel Economy
38.2mpg (combined, est); 
CO2/tax band
172g/km, 31% (est)
£35,000 (est);