2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible Specs, Features, Performance Review - It'll please Union Flag darlings for a begin, as you can now have one sewed into the delicate top. On the more commonsense front, the discretionary 2016 Mini Convertible car Connected XL pack highlights a climate screen that can send you a content if there's downpour upcoming and you've left the 2016 Mini Convertible review rooftop down.

Nail the 2016 Mini Convertible specs dispatch and it ought to sprint from 0-62mph time in 6.6 seconds, which is two or three tenths behind the general portal because of the cabrio's additional weight. Top velocity continues as before at 150mph.

As standard you get a six-speed manual transmission, and we wouldn't try moving up to the 2016 Mini Convertible design discretionary programmed. The self-swapper has a rev coordinating capacity for bastard free downshifts and its short proportions keep you pleasingly occupied, so it coordinates the character of the auto superbly.


All the more logically you get back stopping sensors in addition to Bluetooth network for the wide screen 2016 Mini Convertible performance media framework. Gratefully a switching camera is free – back perceivability with the rooftop up is bad.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
To encourage your JCW to emerge, 2016 Mini Convertible interior offers a scope of personalisation alternatives – incorporating hued entryway mirrors with 2016 Mini Convertible engine logos projectors, hat stripes and that monotone banner for the rooftop.

Very few. They're joined to the new 2016 Mini Convertible concept, which because of the 228bhp, 236lb ft 2.0-liter four-barrel turbo motor it offers with the hard-best JCW, is the swiftest outdoors 2016 Mini Convertible cost you can purchase. Truth be told, it's among the swiftest Minis ever.

 Design and Styling

The 0-62mph time is 6.6 seconds (or 6.5secs in the event that you spend the additional £1,325 on the six-speed programmed gearbox) and the top pace is 150mph. The 2016 Mini Convertible release date hard-top is somewhat quicker and a smidge more accelerative, yet you won't have the capacity to differentiate unless you bounce from one straight into the 2016 Mini Convertible features  other.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
Weight. There's 105kg a greater amount of it, and that is down to all the metalwork 2016 Mini Convertible style additional (a hardening plate under the motor, 'specific advancement' of the side ledges and torsion struts in the front and back underbodies) to stop the 2016 Convertible price flexing and twisting when the going gets rough.

A bit. The ride isn't awesome in any case – our own didn't have the 2016 Convertible car versatile suspension, which would enhance matters – yet when you pound over a pothole or development joint, you can pretty much feel the entire thing turn and flex, particularly through the seatback, directing section and in the event that you happen to look through the 2016 Convertible review rearview mirror, the perspective through which quietly sells out the diverse ways the front and backsides are moving about.

This is not a major issue for the 2016 Convertible specs delicate top – it was continually going to be less hardened than the hard-beat – yet the level of flex makes us wonder if an open-Mini is better delighted in as an all the 2016 Convertible design more delicately sprung Cooper…

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
Inaccurate – it's somewhat of a chuckle. To start with, with the 2016 Convertible performance  rooftop down you're more presented to the fumes note, which is childish in the most ideal route, popping on the 2016 Convertible engine overwhelm and with each movement. We know it's not by any stretch of the imagination genuine, however then nor is most TV these days, and that can be entirely enlivening as well.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
Furthermore, it's a 2016 Convertible interior – so it handles truly entirely well, with sharp guiding and an enthusiastic powertrain. We've not connected definite science to it, but rather figure this being 90 for each penny as lithe 2016 Convertible concept and chuckable as the hard-beat.

What else? The manual gearbox itself is great, however the 2016 Convertible cost toss is somewhat long and the grip nibbles inside what feels like the initial five for every penny of its travel, which takes a touch of getting used to.


No. The individuals who need a quick 2016 Convertible release date are in an ideal situation purchasing the hard-beat, which is less expensive (the 2016 Convertible features taxi tried here is over £32K – ouch – however costs begin £26,630) and a superior auto all round.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
On the off chance that you appreciate driving and need the 2016 Convertible style wind-in-your-hair thing, the Abarth 124 Spider isn't a great deal more costly, yet it's pretty much as rorty and, we'd say, prettier. On the off chance that it's an open 2016 Convertible price you need, we would give up some rate and get a milder Cooper. Still fun, just not quick. look also the 2016 Seat Alhambra review

In the event that there are three things we can depend on with regards to another 2016 Mini Convertible images variation, they are 1) it will look charming, 2) it will be presented in Cooper and Cooper S structure, and 3) sooner or later, a more serious John Cooper Works form will show up, to push the model's envelope as far as execution and cost. The 2016 Mini Convertible news most recent a valid example is the new 2016 Mini Cooper convertible, which was disclosed a year ago, looking as cute as ever, soon to hit dealerships in standard and Cooper S shapes. Furthermore, now, right on time, 2016 Convertible pictures has discharged photographs and data on the reach topping 2017 John Cooper Works model.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
The new JCW ragtop takes after generally the 2016 Convertible speed same execution upgrade regimen as the JCW hardtop, including boosting the 2.0-liter turbo four-barrel to 228 pull (accessible at 6000 rpm) and 236 lb-ft of torque from 1250 rpm, contrasted and 189 drive and 207 lb-ft for the Cooper S. Small scale guarantees an "exceedingly passionate acoustic example over all heap ranges." Manual and programmed transmissions return for obligation, both with six forward rates. Bulky Brembo brakes and sportier suspension tuning are additionally part of the bundle. The 2016 Convertible sound security control framework accompanies an electronic locking differential and also torque-steer pay, while dynamic damper control is discretionary.

Outwardly, the JCW convertible is recognized by its forceful air pack; standard 17-inch wheels; and additional fat, halfway mounted fumes tips. As on the 2016 Convertible video hardtop, Rebel Green paint is held for the JCW form of the convertible and, as lesser Cooper convertibles, the 2016 Convertible series completely computerized delicate top can be requested in dark or a dark and-dim Union Jack design; it brings or brings down up in 18 seconds.

Small scale manipulates utilizing the key coxcomb by giving clients a chance to drop the little auto's top with a basic, delayed push of its open catch. Working the 2016 Convertible dimensions top remotely is just its, ahem, opening act. With it up, get inside and tap the header-mounted flip switch, and the front bit of the 2016 Convertible wallpaper rooftop slides back like a sunroof, even at interstate rates. It's a parlor trap imparted to the two past Mini convertibles, and its straightforward creativity keeps on enchanting.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
The Cooper S Convertible's genuine trick is its capacity to overlap its top altogether in as meager as 18 seconds at velocities up to 18 mph (the top shut in the same measure of time and at the same rates). Furthermore, because of shrouded move bars that can rapidly appear if the vehicle detects an approaching rollover, the most recent convertible offers predominant rearward perceivability contrasted and its forerunners. This isn't to say it's ideal—the stacked top still pieces a lot of the perspective—yet it's obviously better than past cycles of the British droptop, particularly with regards to beat up perceivability, as the auto's move bars no more square expansive segments of the back glass window. An administrative characteristic prohibits 2016 Convertible emissions from offering Americans the fold-down back headrests it utilizes as a part of Europe, yet in the event that nobody is sitting back there, the 2016 Convertible first drive ones utilized here can be expelled.


In discarding the metal rooftop, however, 2016 Convertible horsepower likewise tossed out a significant part of the little auto's torsional unbending nature. On everything except the smoothest surfaces, the convertible's suspension squirms and wiggles over street anomalies, especially when the Dynamic Damper Control is set to Sport mode. Choose Normal mode, and the ride quality enhances; cowl shake, be that as it may, remains.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
The carefree Brit's unbending ride is an aid in the 2016 Mini Convertible launch taking care of division, where snappy guiding reactions and negligible body move make the Mini Convertible car auto a delight to hurl around tight turns. Outfitted with grippy Pirelli P Zero run-level summer tires, the Cooper S Convertible orbited our skidpad at 0.91 g—just 0.01 g off the last John Cooper Works Hardtop we tried.

Credit the smooth and responsive 2.0-liter turbocharged four-chamber motor. With 189 strength and 207 lb-ft of torque, the Mini Convertible review almost turbo-slack free four-banger (crest torque lands at 1250 rpm) bests the old auto's 1.6-liter turbo four by 8 drive and 15 lb-ft. Sadly, the motor's additional dislodging and the auto's extra weight incur significant injury at the Mini Convertible specs fuel pump, as this Mini acquires unremarkable (for its size) EPA mileage figures of 23 mpg city and 33 mpg parkway—down 3 and 2 mpg contrasted and the old auto. Our test auto tasted a gallon of premium fuel each 24 miles.

On account of a development spurt that adds 1.1 inches to the wheelbase and 5.1 inches to general length, it's currently conceivable to fit real (little) individuals in the Mini Convertible design confined 50/50 split-collapsing back seats. In like manner, the Cooper S Convertible's base pivoted trunklid opens to uncover a sensibly spacious freight hold. At 7.6 cubic feet, the Mini Convertible performancetrunk really bests the greater, comparably valued Volkswagen Beetle convertible 2.0T R-Line's by 0.5 cubic foot. With tops down, however, the Beetle has a 1.4-cubic-foot edge.


Despite the fact that we wailed over the Mini Hardtop's additional bigness, the additional inches really befit the convertible. Basically, the utilitarian additions (most quite, a sensibly measured trunk and a more livable back seat) exceed the dynamic insufficiencies.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
Smaller than usual's speediest convertible ever conveys all the execution, fun and show you'd anticipate. On the right street it's a charming drive, in addition to it sounds extraordinary with the rooftop down. English landing area uncovered the auto's hardened ride and expanded body flex, notwithstanding, so the fans who purchase these things are better off with the hatchback. They'll spare a sound lump of money on an officially expensive auto thusly, as well.


Small's spiciest models haven't generally been as persuading with the rooftop trimmed off as they are in hatchback frame; the intense motor regularly composed watches that the wobblier skeleton couldn't money. However, the most recent Convertible (in base Cooper structure in any event) appears to be stiffer and preferred to roll over ever. Is the most bad-to-the-bone John Cooper Works form as persuading?

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
That fumes, and the pace that goes with it, turns into the prevailing topic of the JCW's driving background. With 228bhp on tap it's a standout amongst the most capable little autos around, bettering the officially snappy Cooper S by 39bhp. It fires through the rev range with genuine zeal, getting from around 1,500rpm and just following off close to the redline. At the same time the fumes parps and blasts whether the auto is in "mid" mode or the (falsely) louder "game" mode to make quickening a genuine occasion. It's much louder with the rooftop down, as well.


It's significant, nonetheless, that it's almost 100kg heavier than the JCW hatch on account of extra frame fortifying. It's three-tenths slower to 62mph – keeping in mind the droptop positively feels quick in detachment, driven consecutive with the hardtop it doesn't appear to be very as dire from a stop. Supporting the sentiment speed, in any case, is the six-speed manual gearbox, which is smooth to utilize and highlights convenient rev-coordinating on downshifts. The auto box, while brisk moving and entirely on paper, weakens the feeling of rate so it's best stayed away from.

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
The JCW Convertible does – fortunately – hold the vast majority of the hatchback's taking care of capacity. Turn-in is sharp on account of the immediate and profound guiding, hold levels are average and body roll is kept solidly under control. Over smooth, streaming streets, you'd be unable to let it know separated from the hardtop. Over some especially rutted landing area around Oxfordshire, in any case, the near absence of body quality – joined with the solid suspension – made itself known. The window casing and body shimmies observably with the rooftop down, and with it up you can hear crashes and rattles from the rooftop component.


Running Cost

2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible Price is £26,630;Besides, the ride may be a lot for those not continually driving it on the edge. It's milder than past MINI JCWs, however it's still sharp and unforgiving on truly awful street surfaces, as opposed to the firm yet very much controlled Cooper S Convertible. The hatchback is similarly solidly sprung, yet the inflexible body manages potholes with more aplomb.

Still, not at all like the considerably wobblier DS3 Cabrio Racing, it is no less than a legitimate convertible. As normal it's swirling with the rooftop down at velocity, in spite of the fact that the discretionary wind redirector will decrease the effect. The rooftop itself protects well from street clamor, creases rapidly and discreetly onto the back deck, and even permits a not too bad measure of headroom in the back. Legroom is more tightly than in the portal, however, so grown-ups won't be all that upbeat back there. The lodge itself is regularly well-made and pleasantly nitty gritty, as it ought to be at the cost.

At £26,635, the JCW Convertible is a full £3,500 more than the officially premium-estimated hatch. Investigate MINI's broad alternatives list (which even incorporates a union jack fabric rooftop) and that'll rapidly hop to £30k. Our completely stacked test auto was about £35,000, which is a terrible parcel considering the as of now fun Cooper is simply over £18k.


2016 Mini John Cooper Works Convertible
4 cyls, 1998cc, turbocharged, petrol; 
228bhp at 5200-6000rpm;
236lb ft at 1250-4800rpm; 
6-spd manual; 
Top speed

CO2/tax band
152g/km, 27%