2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet Specs, Features, Performance review - It's accessible with three motors: a section level 4.7-liter turbocharged V8 in the 2016 S500 Cabriolet car, a bi-turbo 5.5-liter V8 in the boisterous S 63 AMG and a stunning 6.0-liter turbocharged V12 in the extent topping S 65 AMG. The AMG models are standalone trims, while the 2016 S500 Cabriolet review is accessible in only one: AMG Line.

'Passage level' most likely isn't the right expression for this situation however, in light of the 2016 S500 Cabriolet specs fact that the S 500 costs an astounding £110,000. That places it in direct rivalry not just with adversary extravagance open-tops, for example, Bentley's Continental GTC V8 additionally somewhat less expensive choices, for example, BMW's 6 Series Convertible and Maserati's Gran Cabrio.

There's positively nothing passage level about the 2016 S500 Cabriolet design V8 motor. It plays the quieted cruiser splendidly, however wake it up with a goad of the quickening agent and it changes character promptly.


Mercedes' nine-speed double grip programmed gearbox is sufficiently smart to depend on the 2016 S500 Cabriolet performance huge wretched pulling power as opposed to change down while quickening, despite the fact that changing to Sport mode urges it to utilize higher revs in a lower gear. In Sport, quickening agent reaction is enhanced, as well, and the 500 will do 0-62mph in only 4.7sec. Certainly, the 2016 S500 Cabriolet interior weighs 85kg more than the Coupé, yet you'll never have the capacity to tell.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Sport mode likewise adds weight to the guiding and solidifies the 2016 S500 Cabriolet concept standard air suspension, and generally as the 2115kg 2016 S500 Cabriolet engine 0-62mph time is hardly credible, so is its capacity to manage corners. The controlling is a touch overwhelming in Sport, however the way the 500 keeps up a level body in turns and feels energetic to alter course makes it more fun than it ought to be to drive.

Try not to misunderstand us - you can even now feel how overwhelming this auto is, and it feels happiest at a stately journey, yet it does likewise compensate more than you expect in the 2016 S500 Cabriolet cost event that you drive it with some power.

Design and Styling

Switch to Comfort mode and the suspension is permitted to inhale, the 2016 S500 Cabriolet release date directing is loosened somewhat and the fumes turns out to be more quieted. In this express its ride quality is noteworthy, with next to no proof that you're sitting in a less-inflexible open-top.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Vast hindrances are drenched up effortlessly, and without a lot of pitch and plunge from the body, while normally scruffy British street surfaces float underneath the 2016 S500 Cabriolet features auto with just an unpretentious, not entirely obvious shudder. It's just over sharp-edged potholes, especially while cornering, that you get a substantial clunk and shiver, and a touch of body flex; generally the 2016 S500 Cabriolet style is a smooth, liberally happy with thing.

Rooftop up, this is about the 2016 Cabriolet price calmest convertible marked down, with scarcely any street or wind commotion, even on the motorway. The motor is factory lake smooth at all revs, as well, and scarcely capable of being heard at a voyage.

Dropping the 2016 Cabriolet car rooftop takes cycle 20 seconds at paces of up to 30mph, and the experience doesn't get substantially less refined. Windows up and standard electronic wind diverter set up, there's next to no pounding at any rate, and Mercedes' standard neck-warming Airscarf highlight is an appreciated expansion. Be that as it may, those in the 2016 Cabriolet review back will feel very blown about at much else besides urban velocities, regardless of the nearness of a front redirector mounted on top of the 2016 Cabriolet specs windscreen to ensure back travelers.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Just as extravagant as its limousine and Coupé cousins. There are swathes of fine calfskin on the 2016 Cabriolet design dash, entryways and seats, while its metallic switches and infotainment controller have a reasonably top of the line look and feel. Mercedes' Comand Online infotainment framework with 12.3in shading screen remains outwardly great and coherent, if not exactly as easy to explore as BMW's iDrive.

There is a gigantic measure of space in the front, and the 2016 Cabriolet performance driver gets an immense scope of electronic seat and wheel alteration. The front seats are modestly steady in quick twists, additionally especially agreeable on long excursions. The two back seats, in any case, aren't exactly as obliging. There's some haggling room on the traveler side if the 2016 Cabriolet interior front seat's inhabitant pushes ahead, however it's a press to fit two grown-ups one behind the other on the driver's side. Indeed, even along these lines, head and shoulder space for grown-ups with the rooftop up in the back is great.

Boot space with the rooftop up and divider moved off the beaten path remains at 400 liters, however divider and rooftop down, that space is significantly less. It's great that the 2016 Cabriolet engine divider moves naturally so you don't have to get out and do it without anyone else's help, however there's truly space for a few huge (yet delicate) weekend packs on the 2016 Cabriolet concept off chance that you need an outdoors encounter. Indeed, even a weekend away with three or four individuals is going to represent an issue for baggage space.

At any rate you don't have to dive profound into the 2016 Cabriolet cost choices list. AMG Line trim brings extravagances, for example, 19in combination wheels, air suspension, atmosphere control, programmed LED headlights and auto wipers, warmed and electrically movable front seats and warmed back seats, sat-nav, Bluetooth and DAB radio, in spite of the fact that the 2016 Cabriolet release date full rundown keeps running far longer.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
A S 500's rundown value looks shabby alongside a Bentley GTC V8's, yet it is higher than a BMW 650i Convertible or Maserati GranCabrio's. In any case, considering the 2016 Cabriolet features kind of figures we're discussing, the progression up from shouldn't be an issue for the lion's share of purchasers.

Running it nearest is the Bentley GTC, yet regardless of that auto's comparative refinement, taking care of, execution and extravagance, it figures out how to make the 2016 Cabriolet style resemble somewhat of a deal, on the grounds that the Bentley costs around £44,000 more to purchase. This, and its splendidly balanced arrangement of abilities, means the 2016 Cabriolet price now sets the benchmark of extravagance open-top motoring.


Brilliant, would it say it isn't? The all-new 2016 S500 Cabriolet images is clearly only a delicate main, two-entryway S-Class, yet it looks such a great amount of more excellent than the officially fantastic hard-best; an appropriate area yacht. The primary drop-top S-Class following 1971, no less.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Thing is, dissimilar to most different Mercedes, this isn't a Benz that contends straightforwardly with Audis and BMWs. This is an opponent for Bentley, for Aston Martin, and Ferrari. Strange as it might appear, in that tenuous, fascinating badged, artisan organization, this Benz is the 2016 S500 Cabriolet news minimum amazing identification. It's the standard one.

Where to begin? Maybe with that wraparound chrome beltline crawl that is obvious rooftop up or rooftop down. Alternately the 2016 Cabriolet pictures triple-layer delicate top with its wonderfully fashioned Alcantara roof to coordinate the calfskin A-columns, so with the 2016 Cabriolet speed rooftop set up there's no revolting join – or sense you're driving a delicate top, truth be told. It's an impressively forcing yet absolutely exquisite item.

According to the 2016 Cabriolet sound, which means it's an awesome blend of traditional, lavish, just about craftsmanship deco with front line tech, completed with top notch materials and scrupulousness. Doesn't feel standard in here, that is without a doubt. Not unless your every day transport is Air Force One.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Isn't flawless, personality: the directing wheel still hacks off the 2016 Cabriolet video top portion of the virtual instruments and the copied swipe/scroll "Comand" controls are bizarre. Rooftop operation catches are flawlessly covered up under the 2016 Cabriolet series console armrest. Could be an agony if your traveler nods off inclining toward the 2016 Cabriolet wallpaper top before a hailstorm.

The back seats are usable, yet just for kids or short grown-ups. This isn't an issue. Before it closed down the S-Class Coupe, Mercedes peddled proprietors of the 2016 Cabriolet dimensions old CL and the ebb and flow S-Class, and asked them how regularly, if they not be chauffeured, the secondary lounges were utilized. 'We simply sling our baggage back there', came the staggering answer.

Rooftop up, it's about as quieted as convertibles come. It has got twofold coating all things considered. Also, you'll stay calm in light of the fact that the 2016 Cabriolet autocar "Climatronic" warming framework created for this auto utilizes an armada of sensors to adjust the temperature inside the lodge, paying little heed to what you do with the rooftop and the 2016 Cabriolet emissions encompassing atmosphere.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Anyway, we should pop the top in the boot (a 20 second execution possible at up to 37mph) and see what roofless S-Class motoring resemble. Calm, is the 2016 Cabriolet first drive early introduction. The Aircap device, which sends a meager spoiler on the windscreen header rail to flick wind stream over the lodge, looks somewhat untidy when you're review from the kerbside however it has a detectable effect to the effectively insignificant striking inside the 2016 Cabriolet horsepower auto. You could drop the side glass, send the 2016 S500 Cabriolet launch Aircap, and joyfully do A-street speeds without turbulence drumming your ears into popping.


You're sat generally high for what resembles a low, smooth machine, yet it's a convenient attribute, making the auto's measurements simpler to put and delicately implying shouldn't be sat with your posterior on the floor hurling the thing around. This is the S500 Cabriolet car place the S63 AMG rendition tumbles down a bit. The Cabrio is an auto with a resolutely loose step, and it needs to lope along, untroubled and unruffled. The S500 Cabriolet review £110,120 (before choices, you comprehend) S500 is the variant to have. By miles.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
Effectively. You simply needn't bother with more than 449bhp, and with such strength accessible as it is the S500 Cabriolet performance will even now hit 62mph in 4.6 seconds and would break on towards 186mph in the event that you decoded the limiter. This is a quick auto, throughout the S500 Cabriolet specs day. However, significantly, the velocity obtained is in a state of harmony with the auto's ride, taking care of and brakes. Everything merges together wonderfully, not at all like the S500 Cabriolet design beating, somewhat unwell AMG form. look also the 2016 Audi A3 Sportback review

Gracious, and it sounds flawless. Really characterful, this 4.7-liter V8. It's less stressed by the S500 Cabriolet concept weight of creating YouTube analyst inspiring figures and continues on ahead in an ideally smooth and burbling style. It's honestly very old school, and given this auto is kind of what you'd trust the Rat Pack or Audrey Hepburn may drive in the S500 Cabriolet interior event that it'd been around a large portion of a century back, that is right on the S500 Cabriolet enginemoney.

Yes, which is unexpected given Mercedes unobtrusively concedes the S500 Cabriolet cost has more primitive suspension than that offered in S-Class Coupe-kind. Enchantment Ride Control, which checks the street ahead for knocks and responds before you hit them, and the Coupe's tilting framework that'll incline toward corners to wipe out body roll, are both truant.

It truly is, and not for a brief moment does the auto languish over not having a more extravagant identification on the grille. Yes, this is an extremely German type of extravagance – tech-encrusted and weighed down with driver helps and stimulation knickknacks – however the basics are preeminent: this is an astoundingly casual, tranquil cruiser, and an excessive delicate top.

There's a bang and a whirr as the S500 Cabriolet release date robotized collapsing fabric rooftop finishes conclusion. Just 20 seconds prior we were relaxing in the warm daylight of an early spring twelve in the south of France, winged animals trilling, trees stirring, inaccessible movement humming.

The rooftop up quietness of this lavish four-seat convertible is bewildering. Indeed, even with its V8 motor revving hard as the auto quickens far from a toll stall and up to the 130km/h autoroute speed restrict, the S500 Cabriolet features sounds no noisier than its Coupe partner.


It's no dream. Improvement chief Hermann-Joseph Storp says there's no distinction in decibels between the hardtop and delicate top at a consistent 110km/h. The S500 Cabriolet style rooftop sounds distinctive, with more accentuation on the lower frequencies than the Coupe's stiffer metal structure, he clarifies, yet it's no noisier.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
The S500 Cabriolet price is the most recent expansion to the broadest S-Class line-a la mode. Mercedes started in 2013 with standard and long-wheelbase limos. From that point forward it has included considerably more and more lavish Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-Maybach Pullman models.

The quite pillarless Coupe, based on a short form of the S-Class body, is its nearest relative. The two littlest S-Classes offer 60 for every penny of their body shells, however the delicate top has distinctive backside metal to fit its foldaway rooftop.


A lot of this is aluminum and Benz engineers guarantee the S500 Cabriolet images exposed body measures close to that of the Coupe. In any case, the three-layer rooftop and its electric actuators add 85kg to the S500 Cabriolet news.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
This involved need as much as decision. Benz's Curve Tilting Function (which makes the auto's body incline toward twists like a bike to improve cornering force) is standard in the S-Class Coupe however there's essentially not space for this innovation in the S500 Cabriolet pictures.

The $360,000 S500 has a 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 (335kW) collaborated with S500 Cabriolet speed most recent nine-speed auto. Next in line is the $445,000 S63, with AMG-supplied 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 (430kW) and seven-speed auto.


The S-Class Cabriolet is enormous (more than five meters in length) and substantial (more than two tons) yet it doesn't look fat. Robust, yes, additionally fit and conditioned. Rooftop up or down, this is a gorgeous convertible.

2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet
It's additionally a fine drive. There's no indication of the body shivers that frequently distress open autos and it's additionally shockingly coordinated for its size and weight. The taking care of isn't games auto sharp yet the huge Benz can be made to stream smoothly on a winding street. Direct controlling aides, as do well-picked settings for the standard air suspension.

The enormous front seats are especially comfortable and the work of Benz's optimal design specialists is clear in the absence of turbulence while driving rooftop down (with the discretionary Aircap framework, at any rate). The two back seats are fine for those up to medium stature yet it can turn into somewhat blustery back there at parkway speeds.


Running Cost

Price is £110,120;In the S63, which is recognizably snappier than the S500, the firmer suspension and louder-voiced V8 don't improve the Cabriolet's normally casual vibe. Furthermore, the $85,000 spared by picking the S500 rather is sufficient to purchase, say, an exceptionally very much prepared C-Class.

Maybe the S-Class Cabriolet's lone weakness is the generally little freight compartment. It can hold just 250L, keeping pace with a minor portal, with the rooftop down and only 100L more with the rooftop up.

The maturing V12 that powers the dearest adaptation of the Cabriolet and other top of the line S-Class models will live on in the up and coming era of Mercedes-Benz extravagance autos, says advancement chief Hermann-Joseph Storp.


2016 Mercedes-Benz S 500 Cabriolet 
V8, 4663cc, twin-turbo, petrol;
 449bhp at 5250-5500rpm;
516lb ft at 1800-3500rpm; 
9-spd automatic;
Top speed
CO2/tax band
204g/km / 37%