2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition Specs, Features, Performance Review - The 2016 Volkswagen CC car has been a significant accomplishment, with more than 300,000 sold worldwide since the first Passat CC was dispatched in 2008. Remaining for Comfort Coupé, it offers four-entryway reasonableness with more style than the more staid cantina on which it's based. Things being what they are, what's new here? In case we're straightforward, very little. Instead of another facelift, this Black Edition model is by all accounts intended to keep individuals intrigued until the cutting edge 2016 Volkswagen CC review  is discharged. It's accessible in GT or R-Line trim, and it's the last we're taking a gander at here.

For a £650 premium, you get sparkle dark entryway mirrors, window encompasses and front grille, alongside a sunroof and warmed front seats. You can have a manual or double grasp programmed gearbox, however motor decisions are restricted to the well known 2.0-liter TDI engine with either 148bhp or the 2016 Volkswagen CC specs 181bhp of our test auto.

Because of the consolidated endeavors of its 181bhp TDI motor and quick moving programmed gearbox, the 2016 Volkswagen CC design gets up to motorway speeds without breaking sweat and there's effortlessly enough inclination to surpass securely on a run of the 2016 Volkswagen CC performance mill British A-street.


Notwithstanding, in spite of the best endeavors of VW's XDS electronic differential bolt, the 2016 Volkswagen CC interior can battle to put the greater part of its shut down from a halt. It's unreasonably simple to get the front tires screeching and you'll feel the 2016 Volkswagen CC engine directing wheel moving in your grasp, as well. Once you're rolling however, it's never an issue.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
Tragically, Comfort mode likewise permits a considerable amount of buoy and flounder from the 2016 Volkswagen CC concept body. Slope it up to Sport and there's no issue with body roll, yet you do feel significantly more obstructions; Normal mode offers the 2016 Volkswagen CC cost best trade off.

Indeed, even in Sport, you'd never call the taking care of locks in. The guiding is very much weighted, however doesn't offer any criticism from the front tires amid cornering. Push the 2016 Volkswagen CC release date hard and you'll discover all that could possibly be needed grasp for most circumstances before the front end delicately washes wide.

    Design and Styling

While we're contrasting this with the Passat, you might need to mull over the 2016 Volkswagen CC features in case you're anticipating conveying grown-ups in the back routinely. Extra space to move around isn't an issue, however the swooping roofline eats into head room altogether. The 2016 Volkswagen CC style boot is a decent size however; it'll swallow golf clubs or two or three bags easily.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
As indicated by 2016 CC car, around 80% of CC purchasers will be business clients. In view of that, we'd propose shying far from this specific variation. The motor may have a lot of punch, however CO2 discharges of 130g/km place advantage in-kind (BIK) charge at 26% - a reasonable piece higher than the 2016 CC price best cantinas and roadsters out there.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
Honestly, the 2016 CC specs 148bhp diesel will offer all that anyone could need pace for by far most while demonstrating less expensive both to purchase and run. We'd additionally be more enticed by a passage level 2016 CC review, an auto which still gets a lot of gear for extensively less cash than this Black Edition. Even better; hold fire until the all-new CC goes on special. look also the 2016 Seat Mii by Mango Limited review
2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
A 2.0T R-Line won a correlation test in 2010 against all the 2016 CC design more capable rivalry from Buick and Acura. Load it up with the six and 4MOTION, however, and a CC begins knocking heads with some truly alluring and much fresher passage extravagance machines. Rather, consider the 2016 CC performance Sport 2.0T as a suitable other option to average size family vehicles like the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, and its more utilitarian-minded Passat stablemate.


Consider: We as of late tried a Mazda 6 that had a ton of advanced security and telematics highlights that this VW needs, including a touch screen greater than any you can get in the 2016 CC interior, and it was stacked to inside $200 of this present auto's MSRP.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
The 6 has somewhat more space for both travelers and payload and accomplishes much better efficiency as per the EPA. The Mazda is additionally beautiful to take a gander at and great to drive, despite the fact that its track numbers were every one of the somewhat behind the 2016 CC engine (7.0 seconds to 60 mph, 175 feet to prevent from 70 mph, 0.84 g). The case for the CC is that it's calmer under hard speeding up, more refined in both taking care of and ride, and, in this appearance, has a manual. We'd not contend with any individual who chose the 10Best-winning Mazda was the 2016 CC concept better purchase, yet the CC still merits genuine thought.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
The Volkswagen CC depends on the functional 2016 CC cost Passat, yet its attention is on style and great looks. It's pointed solidly at more costly official adversaries like the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 3 Series cantina. The 2016 CC release date plans to offer a large portion of the reasonableness of a four-entryway cantina, yet with the looks and style of a roadster.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
2016 CC features changed the name of the auto for this most recent form: it's basically called the Volkswagen CC, rather than the 2016 CC style. VW trusted that by putting separation between the CC and the standard Passat, the CC would turn into a more optimistic and selective auto.


The 2016 CC price is accessible with three motors. There's one and only petrol, yet it's a present day and productive 1.4-liter that offers 148bhp and returns 49.6mpg. In the event that you need a diesel CC, there's a decision of two 2.0-liter motors. The less effective has 148bhp and returns 62.8mpg, while the all the more capable 178bhp adaptation oversees 55.4mpg.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
The 2016 Volkswagen CC images can be indicated in five trim levels. The passage level auto is basically called the CC, with trim levels then ascending through GT, GT Black Edition, R-Line lastly, CC R-Line Black Edition. The passage level CC is the main trim level accessible with the petrol motor, while the all the more effective 178bhp diesel motor isn't offered here.

Whichever trim level and motor you indicate, you're ready to pick either a six-speed manual gearbox or 2016 Volkswagen CC news DSG programmed. The last has seven riggings when combined with the petrol motor, yet six with the diesels.

The Volkswagen CC is an extremely very much prepared auto: even the passage level model accompanies sat nav, Bluetooth telephone availability, atmosphere control, downpour detecting wipers and programmed headlights. Surrounding inside lighting makes a refined lodge, while the driver's seat conforms electronically.

Passat CC no more. It's presently a model all alone: the 2016 CC pictures. Well yes, yet it's still a facelifted Passat CC, which means it's a Passat in an extravagant dress. What's more, now the facelifted Passat has had its own one of a kind facelift, which has made it substantially more engaging.

The 2016 CC speed is a truly agreeable flexible auto. In managing spiked surfaces - which implies a large portion of the streets in Britain - it's a standout amongst the most cultivated things this side of a major Jag. It's likewise accessible with Adaptive Chassis Control Setting, a three-phase versatile suspension, and twiddling the handle to "game" adds some immovability to the ride and weight to the controlling, yet on the 2016 CC sound grounds that you can feel a distinction doesn't mean it has any effect.

With it having the same profile as a roadster there isn't such a great amount of room in the 2016 CC video as the standard Passat. When you're driving, this appears as close to a marginally restricted feeling that stems from the closeness of the highest points of the screen columns. It can obstruct your perspective a bit at specific sorts of intersections as well. In the back, there are currently three seats (where once there was two), which are easily can molded and don't limit your head or legroom.

You're unrealistic to be tricked by the name or the looks yet in the event of some unforeseen issue, yes the "new" CC is essentially the redid form of the Passat CC that was propelled in 2008. 2016 CC series has dropped the Passat part of the name to give it a greater amount of its very own character, while the looks have been overhauled with the most recent 2016 CC wallpaper family styling. It really looks a considerable measure like the Phaeton which gives it the upmarket picture 2016 CC dimensions is going for.


So while it's not entirely new, the 2016 CC autocar has been completely redesigned. Despite everything it holds the car styling with a low rooftop and smooth profile, yet is currently somewhat more keen and squarer. There are new LED back lights at the back and a chrome grille at the front. It has additionally been given a patched up inside with the most recent 2016 CC emissions format including another guiding haggle better quality feel to the plastics.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
The motor reach includes 1.8-liter TSI 160PS or 2.0-liter TSI 210PS petrols and a 2.0-liter TDI regular rail diesel with either 140PS or 170PS. Both renditions of the TDI accompany fuel sparing BlueMotion Technology. In addition all shows with 170PS or more have a XDS differential as standard. This is the same framework that elements on the Golf GTI and utilizes the electronic footing control framework to enhance cornering and footing.


The awful news is that rundown costs have risen extensively over the first Passat CC yet the uplifting news is that the level of standard hardware has expanded to adjust. So all shows accompany touchscreen sat nav, DAB advanced radio, iPod and Bluetooth network, two-zone atmosphere control, 17-inch amalgam haggles headlights.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
There is something about the Volkswagen Scirocco that makes it truly alluring, particularly after the arrival of the third-era model. Obviously, this attractive quality doesn't do much for those of us here in the U.S., as we're not sufficiently special for it to cross the lake – at any rate not yet. Indeed, even with the presentation of the new era happening simply a year ago, Volkswagen felt it was important to develop the attractive quality of the Scirocco much further with the arrival of two extraordinary release models.


To begin off, both Black Edition models are fitted with the standard sash's and visual outline lines of their separate trim levels. Dark painted composite haggles percent tinted windows come standard on both models. A dark painted complexity rooftop, back spoiler, and entryway reflects all draw the outside together. As should be obvious from the photo, the dark accents notwithstanding the lively outline and silver paint simply hop out at you and say "we're intended to be as one." The GT Black Edition trim is fitted with 18-inch Black Lisbon amalgam wheels, and the R-Line release gets 19-inch Black Lugano composite wheels.

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
Four unique motors are accessible in the GT and R-Line Black Editions, and in addition two distinct transmissions. There are two fuel motors and two diesel motors. On the low end, there is the 1.4-liter, gas controlled four-barrel that puts out 125 PS (123 pull.) The other gas fueled alternative is a 2.0-liter that puts out 180 PS (177.5 torque.) On the diesel end of things are two 2.0-liter motors that pump out 150 PS (148 drive) or 180 PS. The 1.4-liter, gas motor is just accessible with a six-speed manual transmission, while the other three motors have the choice of moving up to a six-speed DSG transmission. 0-to-62 mph times range from 9.3 seconds for the 1.4-liter fuel motor down to 5.5 seconds for the rang-topping 2.0-liter gas and diesel motors.


Running Cost

2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition Price is £33,485; Presently, every one of this won't not appear like much for uncommon release variants of the Scirocco GT and R-line edges, however you need to take a gander at the entire picture. Contemplate the evaluating of one exceptional version model. The GT Black Edition with the 1.4-liter diesel hits the bank for £23,135, which is £550 progressively that the non-Black Edition GT and R-Line Trims. Simply including the 18-inch Lisbon permit wheels to either standard model will set you back £610, and the 90 percent tint, another £70. That implies going for either exceptional release can spare you some cheddar in case you're hoping to get the overhauled haggles, in addition to you get the dark emphasizing.

The Scirocco hit indicates spaces for the 2014 model year. Every single trim level element things like a 6.5-inch touch screen infotainment framework, customizable games seats, and a calfskin wrapped guiding wheel. R-line models incorporate a particular, lively body unit. Within, R-line models got an alternate controlling wheel, handbrake and gear shift too has carbon-look dash embeds and warmed seats. R models incorporate lower sport suspension, front lamp washers, and gleam Black inside trim supplements. Inside and out, the Scirocco is one of the most attractive vehicles in VW's lineup, paying little heed to trim. It's a disgrace it isn't accessible here in the U.S.


2016 Volkswagen CC Black Edition
4 cyls, 1968cc, diesel;
181bhp at 3500-4000rpm; 
280lb ft at 1750-3250rpm;
6-spd dual-clutch automatic
Top speed
56.5mpg (combined); 
CO2/tax band
130g/km, 26%