2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet Specs, Features, Performance review - This is the main 2016 Fiat Tipo car  in a long while that hasn't depended on retro appeal to help deals. It might have a name that looks back to 1989's European Car of the Year, yet the new 2016 Fiat Tipo review  is a spotless sheet plan.

Not that there's anything earth shattering here. The 2016 Fiat Tipo specs building is completely traditional, with styling that is unrealistic to affront. Where this auto truly exceeds expectations, be that as it may, is the measure of space it offers for a generally little cost.

You can spend under £13,000 on a five-entryway 2016 Fiat Tipo design, while even a top-spec diesel Station Wagon with a double grasp programmed gearbox is under £20,000. With Ford Focuses, Vauxhall Astras and other C-fragment contenders now extending admirably past that higher figure, the 2016 Fiat Tipo performance is positively justified regardless of a more intensive look.


Under the etched hat of this specific case is 2016 Fiat Tipo interior well known 1.4-liter T-Jet four-barrel petrol motor. A turbocharger lifts energy to 118bhp, the most rationale power you'll discover in the present reach. Execution is satisfactory instead of quick; 0-62mph takes 9.6sec and the cited top pace is 124mph. In spite of the fact that the motor can pull from around 1500rpm, you need to work it much harder to concentrate its maximum capacity. The 2016 Fiat Tipo engine gearbox is at any rate entirely smooth.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
At the point when the street gets to be bendy, you'll soon discover the taking care of fails in favor of soundness instead of energy. Pitch it hard into a corner and you'll see that the 2016 Fiat Tipo concept opposes move well and offers great hold yet never feels as deft as a Focus or even an Astra. The controlling is a comparable story. The weighting is somewhat lighter than that of a few adversaries however not excessively in this way, and it's additionally sufficiently brisk to manage barrettes without twirling the 2016 Fiat Tipo cost directing wheel excessively, yet there's little in the method for feel.

Design and Styling

Quiet things down and you can begin to welcome the auto's genuine resources. While cruising, the motor subsides out of spotlight, while the ride is for the 2016 Fiat Tipo release date most part agreeable. We do have a few worries about the way the auto jarred its inhabitants over especially awful extends of street, however we'll hold up to affirm ride quality back in the 2016 Fiat Tipo features UK.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Moving on board, it's hard not to be inspired by the 2016 Fiat Tipo style measure of space on offer at this cash. Front-seat inhabitants will think that its simple to get settled, paying little respect to tallness, and those in the 2016 Tipo price back won't protest, either. Indeed, even with somebody more than 6ft tall driving, there's sufficiently still extra space to move around for a traveler of a comparable size to sit behind them.

Head room isn't exactly as liberal, yet you'd must be long of body to discover your head brushing the 2016 Tipo car roof. The center seat isn't the place you need to sit, however. The 2016 Tipo review base feels an odd shape, while the backrest is hard - not something you'd need to persist for long voyages. Move to the boot and you'll discover a heap territory that easily trumps that of a Volkswagen Golf. With the two-level floor in its most astounding position, there's little in the 2016 Tipo specs method for a heap lip and the opening is a decent size.

Back in the lodge, you'll discover a span of delicate touch plastic on the 2016 Tipo design highest point of the dashboard however not by any stretch of the imagination anyplace else. Still, the 2016 Tipo performance controls feel strong in real life and the hard plastics are textured. You certainly wouldn't call it premium, yet it'd be cruel to expect it at this cost.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Generally, the new 2016 Tipo interior puts forth a convincing defense for itself. Considering the value Fiat is asking, you get a not ugly hatchback with a lot of room inside, nice levels of standard gear and a more present day feeling inside than those on offer from spending brands.

What you won't get is something that you could call amusing to drive; there's little happiness to be had. It's additionally unrealistic to offer if the 2016 Tipo engine considered squishy plastics and Germanic outline make you come over all wired. Assuming, in any case, by and large space at a focused cost is fundamental, the Tipo may very well be for you.

Correct – "Tipo" is a name Fiat was applying to hatches in the 2016 Tipo concept 1980s. This new one is a successor to the frustrating Bravo, which supplanted the disillusioning Stilo, which supplanted, well, you get the thought.

Initial introductions aren't awesome. The family bring forth division is a standout amongst the most fervently zones of the business sector, and the 2016 Tipo cost center gathering styling would battle to emerge stopped in a desert, yet alone alongside a Mazda 3, Renault Megane or Vauxhall Astra.

Within it's unmistakably laid out however the materials aren't awesome, particularly on the 2016 Tipo release date lower half of the dash. It's sparkly, tinny and won't keep Hyundai or Kia conscious during the evening. Skoda, Seat and the French will rest soundly as well.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
That is a great deal increasingly the 2016 Tipo features pack. There's bunches of room in advance, a huge 440-liter boot, and society in the back will be inspired at the knee and shoulder room. Not all that cunning on headroom however, strangely. Irregular how 2016 Tipo style has taken a square shaped roofline and lost the additional space inside. There's a Station Wagon form that unravels that specific issue.

Yes, and you'll need the 118bhp, 1.4-liter T-Jet turbo motor for the 2016 Tipo price occupation on the grounds that, in spite of the fact that not as pushing as its edgy name guarantees, it's somewhat of a peach. Throttle reaction is great, it doesn't ramble or reverberate as the revs climb easily, and it punts the 2016 Fiat Tipo images along at a convenient pace. Great, fiery, Italian motor.


The six-speed manual feels like it's made of elastic and greased up with plasticine, yet in the 2016 Fiat Tipo news event that anything that just gives you a chance to crash the riggings in faster and stay aware of Turin activity astutely.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Inconvenience is, sixty for every penny of individuals who purchase a 2016 Tipo pictures, as opposed to contract one for the family occasion, will get a diesel as a matter of course since they'll be armada purchasers. The 1.6-liter 118bhp MultiJet diesel does the employment, however always chunters away as though it's murmuring to itself about the monotony of pulling around a shoddy hatchback.

In the interim, the 1.3-liter 94bhp diesel has no torque and the grip pedal is so flabby you think about whether 2016 Tipo speed neglected to tighten it legitimately, so unless you truly should discharge C02 in gracious 99g/km lumps, keep away from it.

Right, however it's no calamity. The directing's all around outfitted and tolerably weighted, it doesn't understeer gravely and it can be entirely dexterous. It's positively handier than others (Nissan Pulsar, Hyundai i30) and may even humiliate the as far as anyone knows sportier Alfa Giulietta.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Not at all like the Alfa, the 2016 Tipo sound really construct to a great extent in light of Fiat 500L bits, and the ride is the primary terror. Enormous knocks are managed acceptably, however littler niggles wriggle the auto and clatter around the lodge. It's the place you can tell the 2016 Tipo video auto does not have some complexity, and has been denied better dampers or free back suspension to cut expenses.

In Europe, you can lift one of these 2016 Tipo series up, but in fundamental trim, for under €11,000 which is wonderful, Dacia-pestering quality. It's as of now offering rather emphatically as well, in notchback four-entryway cantina structure that we won't get in the 2016 Tipo wallpaper UK.

Here, it'll begin from £12,995 with Bluetooth, DAB and air-con tossed in. The 2016 Tipo dimensions reach topping Lounge spec we drove, fitted with the amiable 1.4-liter engine, wearing 17-inch combinations, a switching camera, 5-inch sat nav (the better 8-inch framework is unusually denied to Brits) thus on is £15,995 – three thousand not exactly the 2016 Tipo autocar 1.6-liter diesel variant. Worth considering in case you're not into intergalactic mileage to counterbalance the passage charge.

Basically, Fiat's pulling the 'one-size-up' trap that used to suit the Koreans so well, offering a Focus-sized auto for near on Fiesta cash. What's more, yes, you can pinpoint where the cash has been spared, yet it doesn't stop the 2016 Tipo emissions being a fit for reason, genuine workhorse.

Due in the UK in September, 2016 Tipo first drive new bring forth begins at about £12,995. So it's a Focus adversary for also like Fiesta cash. As tried here, with the well known 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol motor in high-spec Lounge trim, it'll set you back £15,995.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Other petrol and diesel motors are accessible, and a large portion of them cost more. Be that as it may, this one is a decent case of Fiat utilizing attempted and trusted segments to continue top of the 2016 Tipo horsepower expenses – without which, obviously, it would be a Focus adversary for Focus cash, and that would be a much harder thing to offer.

Be that as it may, it's amazingly ample inside, both for individuals and gear. The 2016 Fiat Tipo launch boot has a flexible floor, as well, so you get a considerable measure of reasonableness per pound.


In advance, however, it's not as sharp as it is enormous. The hardware level is truly useful at the cost, whichever model you go for, yet it's every one of the Fiat Tipo car somewhat stark to take a gander at and it's not executed with the kind of material quality you take up with great autos nowadays.

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
You don't get pivotal execution, either. We have the Fiat Tipo review motor at its most intense here, and with 118bhp and 152lb ft it's sufficient – however you do need to work the gearstick and gas pedal to make them move, and it doesn't sound much like it's getting a charge out of the Fiat Tipo specs experience.

It feels substantially more agreeable when you're not asking hard inquiries. Relax, let it ride, acknowledge that it won't handle like a thing had.

And, after its all said and done, official figures of 47.1mpg and 139g/km will barely unnerve the class pioneers. In spite of this, however, the Fiat Tipo design holds a great deal of guarantee. It's not an auto for individuals to appreciate, but rather it's a strong piece of worth for what is an exceptionally usable bring forth surely.

In 2015, Fiat disclosed the Egea, an idea that saw a minimal vehicle intended to supplant the maturing Linea. A couple of months after the fact, the creation auto with the same name was propelled in Turkey and renamed the Fiat Tipo performance for different markets. It was a huge takeoff from its forerunner, utilizing a new plan, a very much prepared inside, and a differing motor lineup. Come 2016 and Fiat extended the Fiat Tipo interior family with a hatchback and a wagon.


Not surprisingly, the Fiat Tipo engine hatchback's configuration is indistinguishable to the car toward the B-column. The front belt don a wide grille with "gliding" chrome embeds, a couple of sleek headlamps, and a pleasantly etched strong motor hood. The guard additionally gives off an impression of being the same put something aside for the round foglamps and modified dark encompasses. Around back is the place the Fiat Tipo concept will look not the same as its vehicle kin, dumping the conventional deck and trunk cover for a rear end. The taillights have likewise been updated contrasted with the car's C-formed units, while the Fiat Tipo cost guard includes another lower segment.

Normally, the five-entryway is additionally shorter than the Fiat Tipo release date  car. At 4.37 meters (172 inches), the lid is 162 mm (6.4 inches) shorter, which ought to make it simpler to drive and stop in the city.


By and large, the five-entryway Fiat Tipo features looks present day and energetic and its hatchback setup makes it a prettier suggestion contrasted with the vehicle. Obviously, an execution situated Abarth form would function admirably with the Fiat Tipo style  beautiful yet athletic outline.
2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
Innovation astute, the Fiat Tipo price comes standard with a LCD screen, AM/FM radio, and Bluetooth. The more costly trims will profit by another Uconnect LIVE infotainment framework with a seven-inch screen that works like a tablet, permitting clients to squeeze and swipe.

The Fiat Tipo images infotainment framework incorporates a sans hands Bluetooth interface, sound spilling, content peruser and voice acknowledgment, AUX and USB ports with iPod joining, controls on the directing haggle, a back stopping camera and the Fiat Tipo news new TomTom 3D worked in route framework. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will get to be accessible before the year's over.


The gas range starts with the 1.4-liter Fire four-barrel evaluated at 94 pull and 94 pound-feet of torque. The Fiat Tipo pictures 1.4-liter T-Jet wrenches out 118 stallions and 159 pound-feet, while the Fiat Tipo speed bigger 1.6-liter E-torQ conveys 108 drive and 112 pound-feet. look also the 2016 Peugeot 2008 review

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet
The same 1.4-liter T-Jet is accessible in the Tipo sound double, LPG and fuel arrangement. It is likewise evaluated at 118 steeds, yet returns better mileage. Fuel-productivity data is not yet accessible for either powerplant.

It's too soon to discuss costs here, yet given that the Tipo series vehicle retails from €14,500 in Italy, it's protected to accept that the seal will cost not as much as that, which would likewise make it more reasonable than the €14,000 Punto. In the U.K., the Tipo video hatchback could begin from around £10,000 in base trim. Creation will initiate at Fiat's Bursa plant in Turkey, with conveyances to start in 2016. Much the same as the car, the five-entryway will be sold in Europe and a few markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


 Running Cost

2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet Price is £15,995; The auto to beat in this portion, the Volkswagen Golf is sold with a wide decision of powerplants in Europe, going from 1.0-liter three-chamber units to 2.0-liter four-pots, in both gas and diesel pretenses. Gas models convey somewhere around 84 and 148 drive, while oil burners create somewhere around 108 and 148 steeds. Not at all like the Tipo wallpaper, the Golf can likewise be had in three execution arranged forms. There's the GTI evaluated at 217 stallions and 258 pound-feet, the R with 296 pull and 280 pound-feet, and the diesel-fueled GTD that offers 181 steeds and 280 pound-feet. Costs begin from £17,595 (about $27,000) and go past the £25,000 (around $38,400) mark for the extent topping models.

The Nissan Pulsar is shiny new for 2015 and, much like the Tipo dimensions, it denote a new beginning for the Japanese automaker in this intense corner. Donning Nissan 's current styling dialect, the Pulsar accompanies three motors. The base gas model uses a 1.2-liter DIG-T with 113 torque, while the extent topping 1.6-liter turbo-four wrenches out 187 steeds. The Tipo autocar diesel form is fueled by Renault 's universal 1.5-liter dCi and accompanies 108 drive and 192 pound-feet of torque on tap. Evaluating for the Pulsar begins from £15,995 (about $24,550), however the reach topping model expenses £22,645 (around $34,800) before alternatives.

It's hard to foresee what sort of effect the Tipo emissions will have on the hatchback market now, yet judging by the nameplates it will conflict with, its main goal will be hard no doubt. In any case, Tipo first drive will stand a superior chance with a reconsidered, more cutting edge hatchback against any semblance of the Nissan Pulsar Nissan Pulsar and Volkswagen Golf than it did with the Bravo. Much like the vehicle, the hatchback ought to appreciate some fame in developing markets because of its reasonable cost.


2016 Fiat Tipo 1.4 T-Jet 
4 cyls, 1368cc, turbo, petrol; 
118bhp at 5000rpm; 
152lb ft at 2500rpm;
6-spd manual;
Top speed
47.1mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
139g/km, 24%