2016 Mini Convertible Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Mini Convertible Specs, Features, Performance review - While it has subsequent to extended the Mini family to incorporate homes, roadsters, SUVs and five-entryway hatchbacks, in 2005 BMW picked a delicate top with which to first widen the 2016 Mini Convertible car  list of its then still moderately recently procured car style brand.

The 2016 Mini Convertible review spoke to safe ground in those days, not Minimum since Rover had just happened on the thought itself the prior decade, and at exactly that point since it was awed with the gathering that a constrained release, merchant changed over Mini got.

It might want that pattern to proceed and has secured the majority of the trim level bases to guarantee that it does, making the new 2016 Mini Convertible specs accessible in Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and even JCW particulars. We're putting the section level Cooper variant to the test.

Delicate top variant of the portal not to be mistaken for the Mini Roadster - that is still charming, and still a fine Minimal 2016 Mini Convertible design. Be that as it may, the accentuation is on little: the boot is minor and the inside bundling odd. New one arrives soon, so hold-off.


This is the place the 2016 Mini Convertible performance truly scores, essentially on the grounds that it is practically in the same class as the Coupe. Shockingly in this way, truth be told. It limits into a corner with the sort of eagerness you get from little, yappy canines when they go for the family guinea pig, or an adolescent young lady who's just seen another 2016 Mini Convertible interior Top Shop over the street. The guiding is pleasantly weighted, the suspension firm yet all around damped. Makes a splitting hot (ish) hatch.

2016 Mini Convertible
Space in advance is great just like the headroom for the 2016 Mini Convertible engine front seats. In the back you'll have to expel both your travelers head and legs, so they won't not be so satisfied. Really rides truly well even on the 2016 Mini Convertible concept bigger discretionary composites (it's a very much sorted suspension set-up), and the engines can bargain effectively with a little motorway work.

2016 Mini Convertible cost by and large feel like all the cash has been spent on the building - so the controlling feels extraordinary, as does the suspension and motor. In any case, with this era the inside beavers have been grinding away as well - where once the 2016 Mini Convertible release date felt entirely fragile in the switchgear (on the grounds that it's painted silver doesn't mean it feels like metal), it now feels plusher and more damped. Furthermore, despite the 2016 Mini Convertible features fact that there's an abundance of 'look! Aren't we, as, decent FUN!' in the configuration, you can't contend that everything feels a ton superior to the past era.

Design and Styling

With the rooftop stowed there's very little bootspace. With the 2016 Mini Convertible style rooftop up, there's … er… very little bootspace. All things, sufficiently considered for a squashy sack, however you won't pack your life and soul into the 2016 Convertible price. Still, it's little and nippy, has conventional puntability and insofar as you're supposing two as opposed to four for a weekend away, it's fine.

2016 Mini Convertible
They say time's an incredible healer – and with regards to car improvement, it's entirely convenient for resolving specialized issues also. That is the reason the most recent 2016 Convertible car is a much more proficient machine than its forerunner, having tended to the traded off progression and diMinishment in inflexibility that the 2016 Convertible review past era model endured as an aftereffect of losing its rooftop.

In spite of being 90kg heavier than its tin-top proportionate, the 2016 Convertible specs new Cooper rides over knocks with much more elegance than it did some time recently. Just a slight shimmy can be identified over the more regrettable surfaces, while the 2016 Convertible design body is very much controlled in corners and the guiding is magnificent.

Under the hat, the 1.5-liter turbo is smooth and refined, offering a lot of push in all driving conditions. The 2016 Convertible performance 134bhp, 162lb ft four-barrel is very much coordinated to our test auto's six-speed manual transmission, pulling unequivocally through all proportions.

Inside, there's a tasteful, well fabricated lodge with a lot of style. It's open in the 2016 Convertible interior front, far less so in the back – yet this is a Mini all things considered, so what did you anticipate? The boot is bigger than in its forerunner also. The 2016 Convertible engine delicate top drops in 18 seconds at the touch of a catch, and even with it down the inside is shockingly rave free. A discretionary wind con artist costs £235. With the top set up, the 2016 Convertible concept cabrio's lodge is practically also protected from drafts and commotion as the hard-top's.

2016 Mini Convertible
At first become flushed, there's literally nothing shocking about the new 2016 Convertible cost outline, particularly with the top up. The rooftop remains fabric, with wide C-columns and generally the same profile as the hardtop when it's raised. Likewise as some time recently, the rooftop can be incompletely peeled back, sunroof-style, or completely withdrawn behind the travelers. Rooftop activity, now completely electric, is again computerized and can be performed at velocities up to 18 mph. The back end still flips down, not up, and the base of the 2016 Convertible release date collapsing softtop can again be lifted to stack sizable things, just more this opportunity to get to a bigger load hold.

Upon nearer assessment, nonetheless, one can value the new model's much lower top stack, tending to one of our main objections about past Cooper Convertibles: frightful back perceivability with the top in any position. Likewise tidying up the configuration are the undetectable, pyrotechnic rollover bars, which dispose of the requirement for the cumbersome bands behind the back headrests. All things considered, you may never need to crease down the 2016 Convertible features top in any case in the event that you pick the 2016 Convertible style discretionary embellishing top sewing in the great example of the Union Jack.

2016 Mini Convertible
We'll need to hold up until January to discover the amount 2016 Mini Convertible images arrangements to charge for its new droptop, yet in the event that past is preface, plan on an upcharge of about $5000 over practically identical hardtops, so about $27K to begin, with stacked Cooper S models drawing closer $40K. Still got more to spend? All things considered, a reach topping Cooper JCW 2016 Convertible price will undoubtedly show up in generally short request.


The third-era 2016 Convertible pictures hatchback is better than anyone might have expected, and it's the same story with the 2016 Mini Convertible news adaptation. It's great to drive, with an upmarket inside and an awesome scope of motors under the cap too.

2016 Mini Convertible
It's genuinely costly, however there aren't numerous adversaries that offer open-top rushes in a superMini-sized bundle. There are a ton of personalisation choices, including a Union Jack rooftop, that can drive up the cost - yet keep your minds about you and you could catch a decent arrangement.

There's a hot 2016 Convertible speed model, in addition to a significantly more blazing John Cooper Works (JCW) variant, however even the less expensive Cooper and Cooper D flavors have a lot of force and oversee better than average economy too. There's next to no space in the back, in any case, and despite the fact that you may anticipate that the boot will be little, it is still worth underlining this isn't an especially down to earth auto.

The 2016 Convertible sound is currently three models in, with the most recent variant being the best yet. This model is greater and more upmarket than some time recently, and highlights a scope of turbocharged motors that offer preferred economy and control over ever.

Its adversaries are few. You could incorporate the Fiat 500C and DS 3 Cabrio as choices yet neither has a full collapsing rooftop like the 2016 Convertible series, rather they offer vast fabric sunroofs. That implies the MINI feels more like an appropriate 2016 Convertible video than the options and on a warm day you'll value the distinction.

There's more tech on board than past 2016 Convertible wallpaper models as well, which means it's more secure and more qualified to advanced life than some time recently. The inside feels well constructed, and the loco configuration all around will keep on meaning this little cabriolet is an attractive auto for more youthful purchasers.

There are a couple motor and trim variations to browse, with the 2016 Convertible dimensions being the section level auto took after by the diesel Cooper D, the fiery Cooper S and the all out hot trapdoor John Cooper Works (JCW) adaptation. All have bounty going for them, from the 2016 Convertible autocar economical diesel to the snappy Cooper S.

All are likewise accessible with a six rate manual or programmed gearbox, and on the 2016 Convertible first drive grounds that the Cooper is the section level auto there's a tolerable measure of standard unit too. Boot space of 215 liters and constrained legroom in the 2016 Convertible emissions back do hurt its common sense as a superMini, be that as it may.

In spite of some additional weight from the fortifying expected to strengthen the 2016 Convertible horsepower variant of the MINI, it's still extraordinary amusing to drive. It has very much weighted directing, a grippy undercarriage, a smooth rigging change and feels agile around corners.

2016 Mini Convertible
The driving position is agreeable and feels lively, yet some may discover the ride on the hardened side. The vibrations you frequently get as a consequence of a 2016 Mini Convertible launch losing the additional propping of a settled rooftop isn't generally perceptible. You'd need to drive the Mini Convertible car consecutive with the seal to see what matters as far as body inflexibility, even on British streets.

On certain models there are versatile dampers which can adjust the suspension settings between driving modes, which implies you can settle on the Mini Convertible review fly between driving fun and ride solace. It bodes well on the quick Cooper S and JCW models, which have a lot of execution to abuse on a twisty street.

On the motorway and in slower-speed driving the Mini Convertible specs is very much carried on - driving wouldn't posture a lot of an issue, as there's little twist clamor with the rooftop up. Get it down and there's a lot of striking, however a removable wind diverter over the Mini Convertible design back seats can deal with the most noticeably awful of it. look also the 2016 Mazda 3 review

2016 Mini Convertible
The motor commotion is more capable of being heard with the Mini Convertible performance rooftop down, and in Cooper S models that implies the pops and blasts from the tailpipe are louder, which can be great fun in case you're in the mind-set. You can hear a shriek from the Mini Convertible interior turbo wastegate, as well.


The section level MINI Cooper gets a 134bhp 1.5-liter three-barrel, while the Cooper S has a 2.0-liter four-chamber motor with 189bhp. The Cooper D is the Mini Convertible engine main diesel model, and its 1.5-liter unit has 115bhp.

2016 Mini Convertible
Indeed, even the Cooper model has 230Nm of torque on account of its turbocharger, which implies 0-62mph takes just 8.8 seconds. The Mini Convertible concept Cooper D is somewhat less great, with the sprint taking 9.9 seconds, however the Cooper S model obliges speed monstrosities as it does 0-62mph in only 7.2 seconds. The JCW is speediest of all, taking just 6.6 seconds.

With its new scope of turbocharged motors, the new Mini Convertible cost is sensibly shabby to run. Additional weight means the figures drop from the proportional hatchback show yet the distinction alone shouldn't be sufficient to prevent you from purchasing.

The Mini Convertible features most prudent model is the Cooper D diesel, which returns 74.3mpg and discharges only 100g/km of CO2. Go for the programmed form and that drops to 72.5 and 104g/km, in any case. The petrol Cooper model returns 57.6mpg and transmits 114g/km of CO2 with the Mini Convertible release date manual 'box, or 55.4mpg and 119g/km with the auto.

The least expensive model to safeguard in the reach is the Cooper D, which sits in gathering 16. The Cooper model is somewhat higher in gathering 19, and both are higher than their hatchback counterparts. The Cooper S, being significantly quicker, is in protection bunch 29, however this drops to 25 on the off chance that you go for the Mini Convertible style programmed adaptation.

Initially there's not all that much distinction between the present Mini Convertible price and the past era model. Despite everything it has that advanced MINI look, with the retro-motivated grille and roofline giving it a charming and snazzy appearance.

The collapsing rooftop overlays the Mini Convertible images distance down, not at all like opponents like the Fiat 500C, which implies with the Mini Convertible news windows down the entire lodge is uncovered. The boot space brings a hit with the rooftop down, dropping from 215 liters to 150 liters, be that as it may.

You can indicate your rooftop with a Union Jack outline, for an additional sharp look, in addition to there are a lot of other paint hues and other customisation choices you can browse when purchasing.

The Mini Convertible pictures lodge is generally as idiosyncratic and retro-enlivened as the outside look, with larger than usual dials, a roundabout presentation screen in the focal point of the Mini Convertible speed dash and loads of offbeat outline prompts. Case in point, the driving mode selector switch is a piece of the gearstick gathering - as opposed to simply being a catch on the dash.

Numerous proprietors will go for the Chili or Pepper packs, which include choices like floor mats, greater combination wheels, traveler seat stature alteration, sports seats, aerating and cooling and Bluetooth. Both are a better than average arrangement on the off chance that you think you require most or the greater part of the choices included.

The infotainment and sat-nav framework in the Convertible sound is all a player in the expansive focal area amidst the dashboard. It's a cool component, and has an illuminated ring around the outside that matches the shade of the Convertible video speedometer lighting.

The sat-nav framework itself depends on BMW's iDrive set-up, utilizing a somewhat clumsily put dial controller behind the apparatus lever. The stereo isn't phenomenal either, which implies generally speaking the in-auto tech leaves a bit to be coveted considering the nature of whatever is left of the lodge.

Still, it's less demanding to get into the Convertible series back than in the trapdoor, since you can get the rooftop off and bounce in effortlessly enough. The seats aren't uncomfortable either, so it's only an instance of constrained space inside.

The Convertible wallpaper has been getting greater as the years progressed, and this new Convertible dimensions is no special case. At 3.8m long, 1.7m wide and 1.4m high, which means it's near superMinis like the well known Ford Fiesta and Fiat 500 in size. The collapsing rooftop implies the body must be fortified, so the Convertible weighs 1,280kg contrasted with the seal's 1,160kg.


The MINI has never had a major boot, and at 215 liters the Convertible emissions is as little as ever. That diMinishes to 150 liters with the rooftop down as well, so you'll have exceptionally constrained space for packs in the event that you choose to get the rooftop down on a late spring occasion. There are dependably the Convertible autocar back seats, nonetheless, which give a touch of additional space in the event that you don't have any travelers back there.

2016 Mini Convertible
The seal likewise dropped 88 places down the diagrams in our yearly Driver Power consumer loyalty study in 2016, with a low score in the unwavering quality classification. It likewise scored gravely for common sense, ride quality and construct quality. It doesn't look good for the auto, in spite of the fact that it merits remembering that as far as general score it was inside 10 for every penny of the top-positioned auto.

The Convertible first drive accompanies an industry standard three-year guarantee, so you're secured for the underlying time of proprietorship. There's likewise the Convertible horsepower Insured Warranty for after that, which covers autos under 100,000 miles. It covers a few distinct parts of the auto, so check what you're purchasing when you join.


Smaller than normal's adjusting pack is called TLC and spreads overhauling for a long time or 50,000 miles. Smaller than usual says that the adMinistration takes care of work and repair costs. For a further three years from that point, or 30,000 miles, the Convertible launch TLC XL bundle can keep you beat up. Both these installments can be packaged in with the expense of the auto or purchased independently.

2016 Mini Convertible
Presently Mini has discharged a Mini Convertible car review specs and performance form that guarantees business as usual style, reasonableness and driving fun. In principle, it ought to be a champ, particularly as there is no other premium four-seater drop-top in its class.

Scaled down has protracted the wheelbase by 28mm, expanding the Mini Convertible review specs and performance measure of knee space for back travelers by 36mm. It's in no way, shape or form enough to swing a feline in, however grown-ups who need to stay there on a long adventure will be appreciative for the enhanced elbow and leg space.


The boot is additionally now greater, keeping in mind the Mini Convertible specs and performance 25 for every penny increment to 215 liters with the rooftop shut is in no way, shape or form plentiful for four traveler of baggage, it means you can get all the more shopping in.

2016 Mini Convertible
Stacking the boot is less demanding than any time in recent memory in view of a 'Simple Load' capacity, which gives you a chance to get the party started casing to make a bigger opening. In the Mini Convertible engine performance interim a descending opening rear end gives a level surface that can bolster up to 80kg of weight, which is helpful on the off chance that you require some place to roost.

The rooftop system is tranquil and all around protected, making the new Mini Convertible interior images more agreeable at higher paces. At 70mph with the rooftop up it's anything but difficult to have a discussion, while wind clamor is quite decent with the rooftop down.


 Running Cost 

2016 Mini Convertible Price is £22,430; The 192hp 2.0-liter Cooper S is the speediest of the non-John Cooper Works models, on account of 280Nm of torque. It oversees 0-62mph in 7.2 seconds with the Mini Convertible interior pictures standard six-speed manual and can achieve 143mph, so it surges forward with amazing criticalness.

In any case, the littler, less expensive 136hp 1.5-liter is still fun. Sincerely. On paper, the 8.8-second 0-62mph sprint sounds moderate, yet as a general rule the 220Nm spot of torque from 1,250rpm makes it feel much snappier than it is.

Push it hard and you invest more energy bobbing off the Mini Convertible design wallpaper limiter without taking a chance with your permit, though with the 2.0-liter you soon need to dial down spend the evening on the telephone to your back up plan, executing the Mini Convertible interior wallpaper fun fairly.


2016 Mini Convertible
1998cc 4-cyl 16v turbo, 
189bhp @ 5000-6000rpm, 207lb ft @1250-4600rpm

Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Top speed
CO2/tax band