2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Specs, Features, Performance Review - With it comes an energetic new petrol motor, the vw caddy camper vans for sale alternative of double grip programmed (DSG in VW-talk), a group of wellbeing frameworks that carry security levels keeping pace with traveler autos, and some unobtrusive configuration components roused by the vw caddy camper for sale brand's Polo and Golf models.

The vw caddy maxi camper for sale fourth-era Caddy throws 10 years after the's first experience with Australia. In 2008, the reach was extended to a more drawn out wheelbase Maxi. Brilliant move; the Maxi now represents around 50 for every penny of (essentially urban) Caddy deals here.

The vw caddy maxi life for sale outside has been modernized with some cautious developmental styling work, while the vw caddy price list inside scores a cleaner, more tasteful appearance with an infotainment framework overhaul, crisp switchgear, and higher quality trim materials.

Execution is perkier on account of the move up to a turbocharged 1.4-liter four-chamber motor putting out 92kW (up from 77). Interestingly too there is a decision of DSG for purchasers of petrol Caddys. Indeed, even with the volkswagen caddy maxi life jump in execution, fuel proficiency has been honed with assistance from Volkswagen's comprehensive BlueMotion Technology way to deal with more cheap driving - which incorporates a motor begin/stop highlight and additionally brake vitality recovery - with the DSG form dealing with a (consolidated) 6.0L/100km – 0.2 superior to the six-speed manual.


The payload space of the new used vw caddy maxi life conveyance van is 3200 liters in the short wheelbase structure and 4200 liters in the Maxi. Another essential measurement is payload territory length - 1779mm for the SWB; 2249mm for LWB. Both are available through the back animal dwellingplace entryway style opening and left side slider. look also the 2016 DS 3 review

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
Other wellbeing highlights reach out to city crisis braking, which consequently applies the brakes to keep away from a crash or decrease its seriousness at paces underneath 30km/h, and the discretionary versatile voyage control (operational up to 160km/h).

In the event that the driver neglects to see a snag, the framework naturally applies the vw maxi caddy life brakes and guarantees that the pace of any crash is diminished. Preferably, it totally keeps the vehicle from running into the deterrent. The Front Assist framework is incorporated into the discretionary Driver Assistance Package.

The all-new dash and the substantial number of containers and a legitimate lidded glove box are quickly detectable. The caddy maxi life for sale front part of the lodge with a spotless even sash lines is truly an inviting spot with a helpful equalization of feel and usefulness – such a large number of canisters and spots for "stuff", including under the vw caddy maxi seats. There's likewise all that could possibly be needed glass holders for this two seater.

Design and Styling

The seats, the driver's movable for stature and lumbar, have adequate molding and backing to keep the driver's spine and kidneys glad amid a taxing day in the vw maxi. Imperatively for a vehicle that is bound to navigate incalculable convergences and person on foot intersections, the VW plan group has set a need on side perceivability.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
The most recent era infotainment framework with is recognizable to any individual who knows other VW items and the caddy maxi initial step of matching a telephone comes so effortlessly and quickly. Bluetooth and all the vw maxi caddy music/correspondence components are there as well, available through a multi-capacity controlling wheel. No sat-nav with this Maxi van however.

The mating of the seven-speed DSG with the startlingly enthusiastic, new-to-the- vw caddy price list 92kW TSI 220 motor is certain to be welcomed by drivers in cut-and-push city activity. Transmission and motor seem glad in each other's organization.

Judging the van's dynamic conduct in view of the way it handles Pyrmont roundabouts conceivably won't face any stringent shopper assessment, yet it controlled pleasantly, and appeared to be sufficiently steady. Brake pedal touch is only excessively delicate yet commonality would offer the foot some assistance with feeling.

Unladen, caddy maxi life reacts somewhat energetically to street defects, yet this trademark would not be as clear with a few hundred kilos of dead freight weight up the back. We saw too that when the foot goes down and the revs rise, the vacant vw caddy maxi life for sale uk open van range resounds obviously like a Stray Cats' recording.

Fuel utilization on the vw caddy people carrier joined cycle commences at 6.0 liters of costly 95 RON fuel for every 100km with the marginally more economical DSG fitted. This is around 10 for each penny better than anyone might have expected.

This motor is coordinated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or, critically for the vw caddy maxi life brand, a seven-speed DSG programmed that gives purchasers the new alternative of a self-shifter, though at a lofty $3000 premium. For now are front-wheel drive.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
On the whole, the vw caddy maxi review motor is pretty much as chipper here as it is in the Golf, in light of the fact that there's 100kg or so contrast in the unladen weights, however the new vw caddy more drawn out wheelbase models and ones with seven seats are clearly going to be similarly strained under burden.

This sort of vehicle is outlined mainly for inward city work, and that profound store of down and out torque, and the for the volkswagen caddy maxi review most part very much carried on and un-reluctant DSG make a fine showing with regards to of hustling about. It hits the vw caddy mpv greater part of its adversaries for force and torque, and the choice of that auto gives it a key offering point over a few.

As is standard for this kind of vehicle, it has an auto like and open to seating position and controlling wheel with achieve/rake conformity, and delicate dampers that give a nice urban ride. In any case, there's still a reasonable level of street commotion and blasting from the vw caddy max load range. More than a few opponents, in view of initial introductions.

Indeed, even unladen, the vw caddy maxi life review settles after sharp knocks and protuberances quite well and once in a while feels touchy. The body control is great, and its taking care of unsurprising. Its inside and out circle brakes additionally have great pedal feel and plentiful 'nibble'.

The vw maxi life tight turning circle of somewhere around 11 and 12 meters relying upon spec makes it a helpful little city partner, however the volkswagen caddy maxi reality you need to pay additional for switching sensors, not to mention a camera, is excessively miserly on VW's part. On the 2016 Volkswagen Caddy images off chance that you don't likewise alternative side windows, it's an intense thing to see out of.

The lodge, moreover, feels made to a higher standard than the Kangoo, Doblo and co. There's somewhat more marvelousness here, as that auto like level bottomed multi-capacity controlling wheel, and having four standard airbags is great.

As ever, the fit-out comprises of hard-wearing plastics, which are very much screwed together. The vw caddy life review French and Italian matches truly don't contend here. The base adaptations get a conventional 5.0-inch touchscreen, all the 2016 Caddy pictures essential network, journey control/speed limiter and an advanced speedo.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
There are additionally bunches of capacity choices, including a major open plate on top of the dash, an open zone under the belt or more the maxi caddy glovebox, enormous entryway pockets with 1.0L container holders, slidindrawers under the seats and a mark huge rack extended over the windscreen.

Yet, the volkswagen caddy 7 seater fabulous choices that Volkswagen is trumpeting are by and large additional expense on both the vans and human movers (barring the Maxi Comfortline range-topper). Perused about the full particulars for the vans here, and the 2016 Caddy video general population movers here.

That clever Apple CarPlay/Andoid Auto framework on a 6.3-inch screen $1190. Include a further $800 for sat-nav. You can likewise get a bundle with self-governing brakes and radar journey control — for $2260.


This is all fine, and regardless of the vw caddy lwb fact that it costs additional's despite everything it fragment driving. We do wish, however, that Volkswagen didn't demand charging $590 for stopping sensors. In the mean time to get a converse perspective camera, you need to pay $1090, on top of an additional $100 for a rooftop pivoted rear end set up of the caddy lite standard animal dwellingplace entryways. Safe to say there's a touch of edge there…

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
To the back. We'll do the payload vans first. For connection, the 2016 Caddy dimensions is around 200mm longer than a relative Kangoo, and has a more drawn out stacking territory and more prominent payloads. Just between the curves is it smaller, however both can fit a bed.

The base SWB at dispatch has a 773kg payload, moving to 847kg for the Maxi. In the 2016 Caddy autocar event that you consistently convey 200kg or more, Volkswagen urges you to purchase the 2016 Caddy emissions strengthened back suspension alternative with more grounded leafs and diverse knock stops ($390 on the SWB, $690 on the Maxi). That is brazen.

The freight volumes shift from 3200 liters (SWB) to 4200L (Maxi), both 200L more than a Kangoo. The caddy maxi camper group van is separated by its foldable three-man seat in the back, which diminishes payload volume by around 60 for each penny when being used.

All adaptations get between 6-8 lashing rings, hardboard side boards and a 12-volt attachment in the vw caddy maxi life camper back. In any case, not at all like the Doblo, you need to pay for a freight defender on the floor and an accident boundary.

The van dispatch range begins at $28,190 in addition to on-street costs for the Maxi petrol-manual. In the interim the caddy camper SWB is DSG-just until the Runner arrives, commencing at $28,990. The team adaptation commences at $29,690.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
It's a notably better auto in all regions, however the opposition will hot up legitimately when the vw caddy camper $23K-ish Runner and the diesels hit town. Until then, the nature of the line-up is somewhat distinctive to most adversaries in this very cost-delicate business sector. Right now is an ideal opportunity for Renault to push.

Similarly as with the vw caddy maxi life dimensions van variations, there are two body sizes — the SWB and Maxi. The previous comes standard with five seats and 750L of payload space, or for an additional $990 you can alternative a third-push seat that slices freight space to 190L when being used and not collapsed/evacuated. Smart touch, that.

The caddy camper van is standard with seven seats (2+3+3). There's an exemplary 1350L behind the second column a still decent 530L behind the third. It's a shockingly spacious, honest to goodness seven-seater with back vents and a couple Isofix grapples for $34,990 in addition to on-streets.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
You can see why Europeans cherish these things. Certainly, the vw caddy camper van windows just slide and it's noisier than more auto like adversaries, however it's a Mary Poppins pack regarding space. The enormous issue is the actuality the window ornament airbags just cover the vw caddy camper first and second seat lines — however that is still superior to some van-based human bearers out there.

To the decision. The vw caddy extras van dispatch reach is just half finish, with the cut-value Runner petrol and the greater part of the diesels still in the pipeline. All things considered, we have the somewhat upmarket forms on offer.


Fortunately, the new motor and lodge (particularly on the caddy life for sale off chance that you include a couple of choices), and in addition the super auto like driving flow and great limits, mean it merits its current marginally premium situating.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
Having driven most contenders moderately as of late, it's unmistakable to yours really that the vw caddy 7 seater concept Caddy unquestionably mirrors its "originality" by being the most adjusted bundle available. On the off chance that you can extend, do. On the Volkswagen Caddy cost off chance that you can't, sit tight for the Runner or wrangle hard on a Kangoo.

The vw caddy maxi for sale and performance is 470mm (18.5in) longer by and large than the standard vw caddy maxi camper and has a 320mm (12.6in) longer wheelbase. Accessible both as a traveler and a board van, the used vw caddy maxi life for sale brags prevalent inside and baggage space.

At the point when the third line seat is evacuated, stockpiling volume develops to 1,350 liters (47.7 cu-ft), and when the vw caddy maxi life camper conversion second seat column is likewise uprooted it increments to 3,700 liters (130.6 cu-ft).

Accordingly, the used vw caddy maxi and performance Maxi offers 848 liters (29.9 cu-ft) more freight space than the 2,852 liters (100.7 cu-ft) in the little Caddy with back seats evacuated. The most extreme payload of the volkswagen caddy maxi life for sale board van, including the driver, is 1,005 kg (2,215 lbs).

The Caddy horsepower Maxi has the same diesel motor choices with the standard Caddy: four 2.0-liter TDI units with yields extending from 75PS to 150PS. It is likewise accessible with two petrol motors: a 102PS 1.0-liter 3-barrel TSI and a 125PS 1.4-liter four-chamber TSI.

The complete driving range of the Caddy first drive has been given a working over to make it less van like and more in the way of an auto. Smart thought, we've never comprehended why van drivers ought to be dealt with like peons just to keep down the expense of vehicles in which they for the most part spend numerous hours consistently.

Caddy emissions likewise has another, all the more capable 1.4-liter TSI turbo-petrol motor that gives it near auto like execution while it diminishes fuel utilization and outflows. It produces 92kW of force and torque of 220Nm somewhere around 1500 and 3500rpm.

vw caddy life for sale arrives in a gigantic scope of bodies, everything from an uncovered two-seater van to seven-seater individuals movers. The last mentioned, labeled as Caddy dimensions Maxi, are to a great degree reasonable vehicles that ought to be a major accomplishment in the business race. Nonetheless, the speak to macho looking SUVs of numerous purchasers implies the Caddy wallpaper isn't liable to make much progress in Australia. Pity…


The heap region is available from the left half of the vehicle. Two unevenly split back wing entryways permit stacking payloads of up to 1134mm in stature. Payload volume in the van ranges from 3200L in the SWB adaptation, to 4200L in the Maxi. The compartment length is 1779mm in the standard van and 2249mm in the Maxi. The greatest tallness of the freight space is 1259mm.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
The principal all-new Caddy series following 2006 has done a considerable measure of making up for lost time in the innovation field, joining an expansive number of wellbeing and driver help frameworks. There are consolidated side/head airbags for Caddy video vans and second-push drape airbags for individuals movers.

Security is taken to another level on the off chance that you pick the discretionary Driver Assistance Package that incorporates self-governing crisis braking that works at rates under 30km/h. On the off chance that the driver isn't focusing it naturally applies the brakes, ideally to maintain a strategic distance from an accident, if not then to lessen the pace of the effect.


A discretionary 360-degree optical stopping framework (OPS) gives a realistic representation of the vehicle from above on the shading showcase of the sight and sound framework. By method for yellow and red flags the driver can see whether the Caddy sound Maxi has an adequate crevice from any impediments at the front and back.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
Such is the achievement of the Volkswagen Caddy speed in Europe that the configuration spending plan has allowed architects to tailor the suspension to suit varying burdens. There's autonomous wheel suspension on the front hub and the unbending back pivot on leaf springs with burden touchy safeguards, which modify their removal qualities relying upon the spring's level of pressure. Stabilizers on both axles diminish the vehicle's edge of roll.

Our underlying drive system was completed on courses set by Volkswagen Australia as a major aspect of the official media dispatch. Handling the apparently unending Sydney activity was extreme on us parents acclimated to more serene conditions at home on the Gold Coast. Be that as it may, it was simple work for these VW vans because of a semi-high driving position, extensive side mirrors and help from the driver help things when required.


Motor execution is great on account of the high torque figures and great spread of snort from the turbo-petrol unit. For sure, so great are the most recent VW petrol motors from VW that we think about whether purchasers won't change far from diesels.

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi
Massively useful, the Volkswagen Caddy pictures have capacity drawers under the front seats and containers before the rigging lever, and in addition in the entryway boards. The last are sufficiently extensive for upright 1.0-liter beverage bottles. A rooftop rack extends over the windscreen over the full width of the lodge.

Ride solace isn't to the standard of little to moderate size autos, yet isn't too far shy of them. Taking care of wasn't generally ready to be tried, however is not really a subject of thought of purchasers in this field.


Volkswagen Caddy Price

2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Price is £24,647; THE VW Volkswagen Caddy news VAN is verging on pervasive, however for reasons unknown, you aren't generally mindful of it. In each city and town, there are a great many the things humming about, generally brilliantly sign-composed and conveying everything from cakes and buns to espresso. Truth be told, VW has sold something like 1.5 million of the third era model in its 11-year generation run.

Taking after on from the very much archived diesel issue, VW has shrewdly chosen to offer the new Volkswagen Caddy images with a solitary motor, a 92kW TSI petrol motor fitted with BlueMotion innovation for enhanced economy (BlueMotion incorporates stop/begin and brake vitality recovery). A diesel form will touch base in 2016.

Greatest news for the new Volkswagen Caddy price (other than a glove box top!) is the enhanced security highlights. These persist from the traveler vehicles in VW's reach and lead the classification. Let's be honest, business vehicles are, for some individuals, their work environment and numerous spend the vast majority of their working day in the vehicle, so it's just sensible that it be as sheltered as humanly conceivable (and in nowadays of case, it might be a fiscally insightful choice by managers to guarantee they supply the most secure vehicle they can).


2016 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi 
Engine 4 cyls, 1395cc, turbocharged, petrol;
123bhp at 5000-6000rpm;
162lb ft at 1500-3500rpm; 
7-spd dual-clutch automatic; 
Top speed
48.7mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
 133g/km, 21%