2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Specs, Features, Performance review - Quick forward to today, where in the previous decade or so the 2016 Cooper Convertible car  -claimed MINI brand has sold more than 300,000 illustrations of the drop-top Cooper, and it's difficult to trust that such an uncontrollably prominent model was once so specialty. What's more, that notoriety is not lost on BMW, who, similar to perfect timing (we'll attempt to constrain the 2016 Cooper Convertible review references to German effectiveness, guarantee), has conveyed a Convertible model of every era of its new MINI Cooper lineup.

With the presentation of the new 2016 Cooper Convertible specs Hardtop coming barely a year back, it wouldn't have been long until the revived Convertible model advanced toward the show floor. Is it yet another appropriate beneficiary to the 2016 Cooper Convertible design Rover Mini Cabriolet legacy? Perused on to discover.

The 2016 2016 Cooper Convertible performance rides on the BMW UKL stage, which appeared with the 2014 MINI Hardtop. It's somewhat more extensive and somewhat more and somewhat roomier than the era it replaces, obviously, yet it's still a reduced auto with a control weight simply thumping on 3,000lbs. Like the Hardtop, the new Convertible picks up another inside, overhauled sheet metal and a large group of innovative updates.

How about we begin with the 2016 Mini Convertible car outside. At first look, numerous eventual unable to recognize the most up to date MINI models, however that is not irregular. Without putting them one next to the other, it has been for all intents and purposes unimaginable for the 2016 Mini Convertible review non-fan spectator to distinguish the contrasts between progressive eras of MINI's offerings.


In advance, the most evident overhaul to our Cooper S Convertible analyzer is to the 2016 Mini Convertible specs configuration of the front guard and grille. Gone is the old model's professed front guard bulge. In view of this, the grille now glides. It's part along the line where the guard meets the hood, yet its most extensive point is further down, simply over the 2016 Mini Convertible design protruding mist light lodgings. The lower grille is new as well, with more squared-off air gulfs flanking the cross section segment that covers the turbocharged motor's intercooler.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
In the back, the progressions are more unobtrusive. The 2016 Mini Convertible performance tail lights take up more land than they did some time recently, and the general look is more tall and slender, as opposed to short and wide, however it's unobtrusive. You'd must be searching for it.

The presentation on the middle stack is still round and affirmed, yet where the 2016 Mini Convertible interior speedometer once circled the border, all we find is a ring of mind-set lights, the shade of which (alongside whatever remains of the lodge's surrounding lighting) can be chosen with a switch on the cowl-mounted console. Inside that ring is the 2016 Mini Convertible engine new infotainment show. Base models get a 6.5-inch screen; our analyzer flaunted the discretionary 8.8-inch update. Incorporated applications incorporate iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify and GoPro- - which does precisely what you think it does.

Design and Styling

The bigger unit likewise accompanies MINI's trap "downpour cautioning" application, which, in the 2016 Mini Convertible concept same way as other cell phone climate gadgets, will caution you of approaching storms. Keeping in mind that element is slick, it appears somewhat pointless. With the rooftop down, one ought to have the capacity to detect an approaching tempest cloud with a lot of notification, and MINI touts the 2016 Mini Convertible cost capacity to raise or lower its energy collapsing top in just 18 seconds at paces of up to 18 miles for every hour. Helpful.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
Like the Hardtop, the 2016 Convertible brags a scope of turbocharged motors. In the engine of our Cooper S analyzer is a turbocharged, two-liter, four-chamber motor delivering 189 pull at 5,000 RPM and 207lb-ft of torque from 1,250 RPM. We had the chance to drive it both with the six-speed manual transmission (useful for 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and a top rate of 143 MPH, says MINI) and the programmed (6.7 seconds, 142 MPH).

The base model is furnished with a 1.5L three-barrel (likewise turbocharged) which is useful for 134 strength. Smaller than normal did not have any of these accessible for assessment. Furthermore, a John Cooper Works bundle will be presented in the not so distant future, which will present an all the more effective motor and various suspension updates.

To bulk up the auxiliary unbending nature of the 2016 Mini Convertible release date, BMW fit it with extra torsion struts in the front and back underbody ranges and included an extra solidifying plate underneath the motor. The 2016 Mini Convertible features windshield edge is additionally more hearty than that of the Hardtop's.

In the event that your point is open-top motoring, the 2016 Mini Convertible style conveys it in spades. The top-down drive is precisely as you'd expect, without undesirable pounding and other obnoxious reactions of surgically evacuating the top of an impeccably decent hatchback. We'll take note of that the wind redirector is mounted specifically over the center of the 2016 Convertible price rearward sitting arrangement, making it an either-or prospect in case you're slanted to convey extra travelers with the top down. Proprietors of past models will discover this is predicable, however for new customers, it's not as a matter of course something one may anticipate. With the wind redirector uprooted, back seat room is, well, display. look also the 2016 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro review

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
Be that as it may, how can it drive? Small scale reps frequently rehashed the 2016 Convertible car idea of "go-kart" taking care of in our item presentation, and for sure, given its weight, it handles genuinely well. In any case, remember, at 3,000lbs, it's not any less massive than your normal conservative car or hatchback. The 2016 Convertible specs isn't so scaled down any longer (conciliatory sentiments to those attempting to peruse this so everyone can hear for reasons unknown) and on account of the 2016 Convertible review missing rooftop, it's off guard contrasted with the Hardtop when things get twisty.

Most strikingly, street blemishes do transmit more promptly into the lodge than they do in the hardtop. There's an obvious shimmy in the dash at whatever point the 2016 Convertible design experiences a swell in the asphalt or an especially unexpected surface move. It's nothing disturbing, yet it's there. Cowl shake is the certain enemy of the cabriolet, keeping in mind MINI has put forth an admirable attempt to alleviate its belongings, it's not totally missing.

We saw too somewhat of a dead spot in the 2016 Convertible performance suspension when transitioning out of corners. At the point when returning to focus and quickening out, there appeared to be a couple of degrees of controlling where the frame wasn't exactly certain what to do to pass the time, which showed as a brief window of what craved looming understeer before everything started to work in concordance once more. We never made sense of precisely what it was- - whether some fluke of the electronic differential lock control recognizing slip and attempting to exchange force or some side effect of the 2016 Convertible interior suspension tuning.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
Our just other problem was with the brakes. While solid and reliable, we observed the 2016 Convertible concept pedal to be somewhat long and delicate for our tastes, which didn't give strict certainty on a portion of the speedier, twistier mountain streets we experienced in parts of the 2016 Convertible engine drive. We figured out how to trust them, be that as it may, and as our certainty expanded, so too did our pace.


Beside those little bandy, we had no dissensions about the 2016 Convertible cost drive that couldn't be ascribed to the trade off intrinsic in an open-top configuration. The late spring tires give a lot of hold and both transmissions performed splendidly. Praise to MINI for keeping the manual alive even in this less-engaged 2016 Convertible release date variation.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
For the execution situated purchaser, the 2016 Convertible features is a trade off. While it packs all the more low-end snort (and much more common sense) than, say, a Mazda MX-5, it doesn't offer about the same driving background. In the event that you need the nearest thing conceivable to a Volkswagen GTI Cabriolet, the 2016 Convertible style is your auto. For the individuals who esteem execution to start with, the Hardtop (or even better, the John Cooper Works Hardtop) is the auto for you.

All things considered, size for one thing. The new 2016 Convertible price is a considerable 98mm longer than some time recently, 1mm taller, and 44mm portlier to house a track around 42mm more extensive at the front and 34mm at the back. Joined with a 28mm hop in wheelbase, back travelers are asserted to get an additional 35mm knee room, while the boot is 25% bigger – 215 liters with the 2016 Mini Convertible images rooftop shut, 160 liters with it open.

Standard gear incorporates Bluetooth, air-con, raise stopping sensors and a turning around camera, keyless begin, in addition to an infotainment screen – not touchscreen – that lives where the Giant Speedo used to on early BMW Minis. There's no CarPlay or Android Auto support, however.

All shows get an electric collapsing fabric rooftop. Hold the 2016 Mini Convertible news catch on the header rail and the rooftop opens or shut in 18 seconds at paces of up to 18mph. The front area of the rooftop can likewise be withdrawn by up to 40cm at any velocity. It's a perfect touch: the cant rails stay in position and the segment of rooftop over the front tenants' heads looks back to uncover natural air; it sort of rubs the Fiat 500 Convertible's nose in it, as that is fundamentally all the Italian can do.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
You see how all around protected the 2016 Convertible pictures rooftop is in as much as next to no movement commotion enters the lodge. There is, notwithstanding, considerable wind commotion around the highest point of the entryway glass at motorway speeds. Not at all like past models, be that as it may, the aluminum rollover circles are currently totally covered up and intended to appear just under the wire amid those barrel-move calamities.

The Chili Pack groups choices together, including full LED headlights, double zone atmosphere control, voyage control and a couple of different amenities. Somewhere in the range of 80% of purchasers are relied upon to decide on it, similarly the 2016 Convertible speed Tech Pack with sat-nav, Harman-Kardon stereo and a heads-up showcase.

The seats are comfortable, yet roosted very high. The armrest – part of the Chili Pack – discourages the rigging change and access to the iDrive controller a bit, and the directing wheel spokes are excessively stout, making it impossible to effectively wrap your fingers around.

Like its hardtop kin, the Mini uses strut front suspension with a multi-join back hub. Most autos in this class utilize a less expensive torsion bar – the 2016 Convertible sound all-wheel-drive Audi S1 being a remarkable special case. Additional fortifying has likewise been added to stop the Mini's body wobbling: supports make a jewel shape underneath the auto, while there's a hardening plate under the motor and meatier A-columns – which are likewise marginally more cleared back than the 2016 Convertible video roadster.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
Initial introductions of our Cooper S on 17s disillusioned. The 2016 Convertible series ride is exceptionally nervous and tremors continually sneak up the guiding segment. It doesn't feel like the structure's especially upbeat in the wake of being beheaded and it ruins the 2016 Convertible wallpaper driving background at a low-speed posture.


Up the pace, be that as it may, and things progress. You can choice versatile dampers and Mini Driving Modes, with Sport, Mid and Green to change throttle reaction, controlling help and – on the 2016 Convertible dimensions off chance that you've sprinkled the money – the auto shift modes and damper immovability. Our manual Cooper S was completely stacked. An electronic differential lock is additionally standard. Like the Golf GTI, it's not a genuine locking differential, but rather utilizes the soundness control programming to inconspicuously brake a turning inside haggle the snort to the tire with more footing.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
The uplifting news is that Mini dexterity, the insight to turn into corners with a flick of the 2016 Convertible emissions fast guiding, is still there in plenitude. The Cooper S corners level and quick, and utilizations its fake LSD to fabulous impact, producing loads of footing out of corners.

The motor is willing and carefree, has a fruity, available fumes note, and it's sufficiently adaptable to be left in third rigging for a considerable measure of the twisty stuff. Flick the shifter and you'll see it light and simple, if not as material as, say, the Civic Type R.

Switch to Sport mode and the 2016 Convertible horsepower throttle reaction inclines up significantly, making the Mid setting feel dormant. It truly infuses a dose of adrenaline into the force conveyance. Disgrace our auto's discretionary dampers all the while crush the ride quality. In the 2016 Convertible first drive UK, it'll most likely be go-kart like, as the infotainment screen guarantees no suspension at all.

It's presumably the better choice. Our auto was additionally on discretionary 17s yet settled dampers keeping in mind the ride isn't awesome, it's a great deal more mediocre. The exchange off is substantially more body move than the Cooper S, so it's less fun and planted in the corners.

There's much to like about the 2016 Mini Convertible launch, however one basic drawback of the Cooper S is the poor ride quality and the tremors you feel from the topless body. It adds a brutality to the low-speed driving background that just feels pointless. Undoubtedly the inch-littler standard wheels would help, however don't expect marvels.

Cheerfully, the Mini Convertible car is still an exceptionally pleasant auto to punt along a contorting street, with a suspension more coordinated than a twofold jointed tumbler and a powertrain constantly avid to fling you a the following twist.


The UK-spec Mini Convertible review tried here, gets the same motor as the hatchback rendition, which means there's 135bhp and 230Nm on tap from the Mini Convertible specs charming cabriolet. Most extreme torque lands at 1,250rpm, which is valuable for surpassing, yet there is a discernible level spot as you force far from a halt.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
Tragically economy takes a hit also, with 62.8mpg in the trapdoor dropping to 55.4mpg in the Mini Convertible design. Still, that is not a gigantic drop, and numerous will to take the hit for that additional late spring happiness. CO2 emanations of 114g/km (up from 105g/km in the trapdoor) puts it in a higher expense section however.

Notwithstanding the additional weight added by the Mini Convertible performance reinforcing expected to change over the auto to a delicate top, the MINI Cooper is still incredible enjoyable to drive. The very much weighted directing, grippy suspension and smooth rigging change mean any unmistakable stretch of street is a treat. Despite the fact that the auto measures more than its hatchback partner, regardless it feels deft around corners, and in spite of the Mini Convertible interior fact that the suspension is somewhat firm it keeps the body come under wraps.


Discussing wind clamor, there's a considerable amount of pounding at velocity, however this can benefit from outside intervention on the Mini Convertible concept off chance that you fit wind redirector over the back seats. It stops you conveying any additional travelers, however it avoids the Mini Convertible engine most exceedingly bad of the blasts. With the rooftop shut it's much similar to the seal inside, and just partially noisier.

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
It's far-fetched you'd be tackling numerous travelers back there at any rate, as a normal tallness driver takes up all the back legroom. That is valid for most MINIs, however, and additionally the minor 215-liter boot (160 liters with the rooftop open). The Mini Convertible cost lets you lift up part of the rooftop for simpler access to the lid, however.

Inside quality on the Cooper is amazing, and each model gets a screen in the Mini Convertible release date focal point of the dash that suits the standard turning around camera. The switchgear mirrors the MINI's fun drive with a hip look, yet it won't be for everybody. The focal starter switch is a perfect touch, and the Mini Convertible features agreeable seats and driving position mean the lodge feels generally as inviting as it does in the portal.


Upon nearer review, in any case, one can value the new model's much lower top stack, tending to one of our boss grumblings about past Mini Convertible style: terrible back perceivability with the top in any position. Additionally tidying up the outline are the undetectable, pyrotechnic rollover bars, which dispose of the requirement for the burdensome circles behind the back headrests. All things considered, you may never need to overlay down the Mini Convertible price top in any case on the off chance that you pick the discretionary enlivening top sewing in the exemplary example of the Union Jack.
2016 Mini Cooper Convertible
We'll need to hold up until January to discover the Mini Convertible images amount Mini arrangements to charge for its new droptop, however in the event that past is preface, plan on an upcharge of about $5000 over similar hardtops, so about $27K to begin, with stacked Cooper S models drawing nearer $40K. Still got more to spend? All things considered, an extent topping Mini Convertible news will undoubtedly show up in moderately short request.

The two-entryway Mini Convertible pictures is the most recent model to join the British carmaker's advanced line-up, taking after the third-era three-entryway hatchback, more reasonable five-entryway hatchback and the as of late presented six-entryway Clubman – every one of the three of which added to a record 338,466 Mini deals worldwide in 2015.


Running Cost

2016 Mini Cooper Convertible Price is £18,475; Because of achieve UK showrooms in April, the Mini Convertible speed new open-top model is bigger and offers fundamentally more inside space than its mainstream ancestor, which had been marked down subsequent to 2009. It likewise accompanies another scope of three-and four-chamber diesel and petrol motors that offer included execution and more prominent economy and, similar to the Convertible sound most recent incarnations of its different kin, is more completely prepared than some time recently, as well.

Based around guardian organization BMW's adaptable UKL stage, as utilized underneath the greater part of Mini's later models, the new Convertible video additionally has a 28mm longer wheelbase, at 2429mm, alongside tracks that are up by 42mm long at the front and 34mm at the back – all of which gives the auto a much bigger impression than at any other time.

Venture pioneer, Axel Braune, says the new stage gives an impressive change in unbending nature and firmness contrasted and that of the Convertible series past model. In any case, the expansion of more considerable auxiliary components and other solidifying measures inside of the floorpan and bulkheads has prompted a 115kg increment in weight over the three-entryway bring forth; the Convertible wallpaper driven here tips the scales at 1275kg. In spite of its bigger measurements, however, it is just 25kg heavier than its immediate forerunner, which tipped the scales at 1255kg in Cooper S appearance.



2016 Mini Cooper Convertible 
3 cyls, 1499cc, turocharged, petrol;
134bhp at 4400-6000rpm;
 170lb ft at 1250-4000rpm;
6-spd manual;
Top speed
57.6mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
114g/km, 19%