2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Specs, Features, Performance Review - Goodness ja, the auto we everything truly need," kidded one German PR agent when the 2016 Evoque Convertible car  cabrio broke cover a year ago, however the joke was on the other foot at the Geneva Show in March, when VW appeared the 2016 Evoque Convertible review  T-Cross Breeze idea, a configuration so incredibly like the 2016 Evoque Convertible specs , you ask why Land Rover hasn't taken legitimate advice.

Land Rover has attempted to take care of demand for its infant Rangey from that point forward. At present its Halewood plant close Liverpool works a three-shift, 24-hour-a-day operation to slake the world's hunger for the Evoque and the new Discovery Sport. In February, the half millionth Evoque took off of end-of-line investigation and like some other premium maker, Land Rover needs to keep people in general enthusiasm overflowing with new models, hues and, um, this two-entryway cabriolet.

Obviously, cutting the aluminum rooftop off an auto never composed at first as a cabriolet requests some arranging and significant skeleton fortification. So while the 2016 Evoque Convertible design  Convertible goes at a bargain in the States this late spring (costs begin at $50,475) it is at present in what is known as "slope up" at Halewood, where another auto pops off the line at regular intervals. To adapt to the extra gathering required, the cabrio spends an extra 26 minutes on a roundabout siding off the fundamental creation line, while a uniquely prepared group of six fit the Webasto-made collapsing best get together and 441 pounds of underbody fortifying including fortification for the An and B columns, jewel props under the body, and an all-steel sump protect.


Evacuate the rooftop, include reinforcing, and the 2016 Evoque Convertible performance weighs 615 pounds progressively that the standard three-entryway Evoque. Fitting complex electric delicate tops is an intricate and troublesome procedure, particularly when they are as large as the 2016 Evoque Convertible interior. "One of us needs to sit in the auto for 20 minutes fixing the back of the hood screws all together and afterward the seat fixings," colleague Les Woods let me know.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
The canvas rooftop rolls behind the back seats in 18 seconds and will convey at rates up to 30 miles for each hour. Body changes (beside removing the rooftop) are insignificant – there's a back trunk spoiler and a marginally more profound front bumper gathering with bigger cooling conduits. Standard halogen headlamps can be supplanted with LED choices. To secure travelers in the 2016 Evoque Convertible engine case of a rollover, twin aluminum move bars behind the 2016 Evoque Convertible concept  back seats will convey in 90 milliseconds. The storage compartment has only 8.86 cubic feet of freight space, about sufficiently enormous for a few carrier portable bags, and there's a ski hatch in the back seats, however you need to twist down to stack through the post box sort trunk cover.

2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Design and Styling

The motor is mated to a ZF nine-speed programmed transmission, which the 2016 Evoque Convertible cost  has utilized following 2014. Power goes to every one of the four haggles models get the GKN back hub with two extra grasps on either side of the differential unit, which can separate to give two-wheel drive for economy, or effectively overdrive every back wheel to push the Evoque through turns. It's like the 2016 Evoque Convertible cost framework fitted to the Ford Focus RS, yet without the hot Ford's float mode (now that would be something).

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Improbable as it may appear, Land Rover assumes a few proprietors may take their 2016 Evoque Convertible release date  Cabriolets off the beaten track and have tried it to the same gauges as all Range Rover models. While it may be of minimal enthusiasm to the normal huge city lawyer proprietor, the Cabriolet gets the greater part of the go-anyplace electronic gear, for example, switchable Terrain Response, and it has approach, breakover, and flight points of 19, 18.9, and 31 degrees, individually. The 2016 Evoque Convertible features can handle 45-degree angles head-on and 35-degree inclines sideways, and will cheerfully sprinkle around in up to 19.5 inches of water. Slope drop control and inclination discharge control are likewise standard fitment, just on the off chance that you get yourself stranded at the highest point of the Rockies.

What's it like? Indeed, you feel really uncovered with everybody taking a gander at you in this remarkable auto. The choreographed humming of the collapsing hood will draw a group even amidst a field. Be that as it may, dropping the top uproots the 2016 Evoque Convertible style  huge blind side the erect rooftop makes over the back seventy five percent. Begin her up and it's really clear that adding adequately four travelers to the check weight hasn't done much for the 2016 Convertible price  execution or the giving, albeit general refinement is truly really great, and even at interstate velocities, you aren't compelled to bring your voice up in discussion. The 2016 Convertible car  motor gives energetic as opposed to fast execution and the gearbox, while not the best nine-speeder in the business, isn't as inconvenient as it is in the Discovery Sport. look also the 2016 Citroën C4 review

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible

What's more, with respect to the charge that it's a pointless white elephant, that depends where you begin from. Nobody truly needs a cabriolet SUV, pretty much as nobody needs the 2016 Convertible review  vast majority of the stuff with which we pack our lives. In any case, the Evoque Cabriolet likewise does the employment of being a car adequately well to make you think (a tad), that you'd very like one of these. So don't think "why" – think, "why not?"

At the point when the 2016 Convertible design auto touches base in the spring, diesel renditions will begin from £47,500 – £5,200 more than the comparable hard-beat. That may appear to be a significant bounce, yet a convertible BMW 4 Series (yet with a collapsing hard-beat) costs £4,885 more than a car. A collapsing hard-beat just wouldn't have worked for bundling and outline reasons on the 2016 Convertible specs, so they've stayed with a fabric rooftop that overlap up or away in only 18 seconds.
Despite the fact that the 2016 Convertible performance  idea was generally welcomed, a creation rendition has numerous more difficulties and we'll admit to some anxiety about seeing the completed car.But in the metal, it's reasonable McGovern and his group have delivered a convertible that still has the Evoque's striking (and well known) great looks, with the 2016 Convertible interior  hood up or down.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
McGovern said: "The greatest test was keeping the virtue of the 2016 Convertible engine  configuration with the bundling vital for a convertible. The rising beltline gives it peculiarity, while camouflaging the 2016 Convertible concept  hood component and permitting better than average boot space."


The Convertible is barely more than the hard-best autos, at 4,370mm, and a touch more extensive, as well. Furthermore, with additional reinforcing round the 2016 Convertible cost A-columns and under-body supporting to keep the auto's basic unbending nature, there's been somewhat of a weight pick up, as well – an additional 277kg on account of the 2016 Convertible release date diesel models.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
That implies the 0-62mph time increments from the diesel hard-main's 9.0 seconds to 10.3 in the 2016 Convertible features  Convertible, while asserted normal economy is sliced from 57.6mpg to 49.6mpg. CO2 figures are hit, as well, from 129g/km to 149g/km – still genuinely sensible, however.

In any case, as with about all convertibles, the Evoque situates just four individuals – the fifth clearing a path for the hood collapsing component. You can likewise fit a discretionary wind diverter behind the front seats, adequately transforming the 2016 Convertible style  auto into a two-seater, yet it ought to guarantee that your hair do doesn't turn into a hair don't.

In the event that you do sit in the back, head and leg space is alright, with better than average access, as well. Boot limit is still adequate, at 251 liters, in spite of the fact that the 2016 Convertible price opening is a bit letterbox-like. Sitting on top of the boot is a charming looking spoiler that likewise houses the third back brake light. Gerry McGovern portrays it as a "kiddie apron spoiler" and affirms it's there for streamlined reasons.

Land Rover has utilized the entry of the 2016 Evoque Convertible images  to present a large group of new tech to the auto, beginning with the most recent InControl Touch Pro framework with its extensive 10.2-inch touchscreen and 3G Internet availability.

And also giving route and access to the 2016 Evoque Convertible news Meridian-supplied sound framework, InControl incorporates different applications that can chip away at cell phones, in addition to remote following and a Wi-Fi hotspot. Be that as it may, Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto availability is still "a little way off".

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Land Rover is further focusing on the 2016 Convertible pictures auto's extravagance certifications with cowhide seats on all models, in addition to personalisation choices including the capacity to have your own name engraved in the treadplates.

On street in a portion of the best convertibles, you can in any case feel the body flex somewhat as you hit a pothole. The Evoque Convertible stayed undauntedly quiet as we went crosswise over plunges and up inclines, without any indications of the 2016 Convertible speed  rattles or squeaks that, to be perfectly honest, we may have anticipated.

For the record, the Evoque Convertible can likewise adapt to 45-degree slopes and 35-degree tilts, and wade through water 500mm profound. Each of the a somewhat odd sensation in a sumptuous lodge with simply the sky straightforwardly above you.

Similarly as with the altered head Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover is putting forth the 2016 Convertible sound  drop-top variant of its littlest SUV with the alternative of a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol motor. Called the Si4, it creates 237bhp to give execution that is fundamentally superior to even the 2016 Convertible video most elevated yield diesel.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
In addition to the fact that it is snappier, picking the 2016 Convertible series petrol engine spares you 31kg. While that might appear a sensible sum, it's a drop in the sea when you consider the kerb weight is still a weighty 1936kg. Amazingly, there are variations of the Defender that weigh less.

The explanation behind the 2016 Convertible wallpaper enormous increment in weight contrasted and the tin-top Evoque is all to do with unbending nature. There are critical measures of extra propping that have been added to the auto's structure, enough for it to have the 2016 Convertible dimensions capacity to adapt to the sort of convoluted rough terrain activity Range Rovers are well known for.


Like the diesel rendition, you can just get the petrol-fueled 2016 Convertible autocar  in the sumptuous HSE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic Lux variations. That implies the Si4 costs a heavy £52,400, £700 more than the TD4. Is it worth the premium?

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
As you would trust, the Si4 feels a great deal more cheerful than the 2016 Convertible emissions diesel-fueled Evoque Convertible. With a 0-62mph time of 8.6sec, it's not fast, but rather you won't wind up being outdragged by modest hatchbacks.

After a slight respite from the nine-speed programmed gearbox, the Si4 pulls all around ok from low speeds, insofar as you're readied to rev the 2016 Convertible first drive motor. It might be more capable than the TD4, however it's down on torque by more than 60Ib ft.

You in this manner discover the gearbox kicking down all the more much of the time, gaining for less casual ground. While the motor's tone isn't repulsive, it's not tuneful either. It is still a change on the 2016 Convertible horsepower occasionally clattery TD4 engine at high revs, however.

On the off chance that you do push on, you truly begin to feel the mass of the 2016 Evoque Convertible launch auto. A lively downhill keep running on a twisty mountain street will soon get the odor of toasty brakes noticeable all around, while quick bearing changes can now and then feel somewhat massive.

Like the diesel, the Evoque Convertible car is much more satisfied cruising than charging. Dial back the pace and you begin to welcome the all encompassing perspectives offered by the open top that are improved by the tall driving position.

It's as of right now that you'd likely wish the Evoque Convertible review suspension was more agreeable; it doesn't take an especially harsh street to have the tenants bumped around. On these surfaces, you may likewise see the odd tremor through the Evoque Convertible specs structure. It's positively not floppy, but rather it's absolutely not as hardened as strong roofed Evoques.

With respect to the inside, grown-ups can crush into the back seats, however just on the Evoque Convertible design off chance that somebody short in stature is in advance. Put even a sensibly tall individual in the driver's seat and extra space to move around everything except vanishes, in spite of the fact that head room isn't too terrible with the Evoque Convertible performance hood up.


Regardless of the Evoque Convertible interior fact that you do get four grown-ups inside, you won't have space for quite a bit of their gear. The boot is much littler than in the settled head models, despite the Evoque Convertible engine fact that you do get a ski fold for more things.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
Be that as it may, the individuals who are in the Evoque Convertible concept business sector for one aren't prone to be especially objective. The head-turning looks and draw of in the open air motoring from an elevated roost will doubtlessly take care of business. The Evoque Convertible cost way that it consolidates its excellent inside and retractable rooftop with certifiable rough terrain capacity likewise makes it a really one of a kind suggestion.

In the Evoque Convertible features event that you are one of those individuals, we'd suggest sparing some money and going for the diesel. It may not be very as refined, but rather the Evoque Convertible release date extra torque makes for a great deal more casual cruising and far less excursions to the pumps.


Evidently rejecting the fizzled endeavor at a convertible hybrid by Nissan with its Murano Crosscabriolet, Land Rover has discharged the Evoque Convertible style for the 2017 model year only in front of the vehicle's official presentation at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. This isn't the first occasion when we've heard arrangements of its creation, be that as it may. Its first introduction at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show had bits of gossip flying around a 2013 generation.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
It will enthusiasm to check whether the Evoque Convertible price hybrid portion gets on now that Land Rover is trying. Maybe those inclined to purchasing a loco yet sumptuous and proficient Evoque will hold onto the Evoque Convertible as something more fun.

The Evoque Convertible images takes the well known state of the Evoque and pretty much hacks the rooftop off. Shockingly, the Evoque wears its new topless plan rather well, having its shapely beltline and windshield encompass give a lot of engineering and itemizing to appreciate.

The Evoque Convertible is offered in two trim bundled, the Evoque Convertible news SE Dynamic and HSE Dynamic. Six compound wheel decisions are accessible, extending in size from 18-to 20-inches. All the more astonishingly, 13 hues are offered, going from unobtrusive to freakish.


In spite of the Evoque Convertible pictures extravagant nature, regardless it offers remarkable rough terrain abilities. It has a methodology edge of 19 degrees, a breakover point of 18.69 degrees, and a takeoff edge of 31 degrees. It's intended to portage water that is 19.7-crawls profound and can scale a 45-degree slant.

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
The Evoque Convertible's inside is like the Evoque Convertible speed Coupe's. Its two-in addition to two seating design offers space for four, alongside a moderately sizeable capacity region in the back. The dashboard and front seating compartment hasn't changed much, offering the Convertible sound natural moderate configuration with Land Rover's withdrawing revolving gearshifter mounted up front. Intensely supported seats with accent sewing that is reflected all through the lodge brings a lot of energetic signs into the configuration, reminding spectators this is no common hybrid.

Obviously, no convertible is finished without an awesome sound framework. Area Rover's organization with Meridian proceeds here, with a standard 380-watt, 10-speaker sound framework with a discretionary 660-watt, 12-speaker framework.


 Running Cost

2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible Price is £52,400; The Range Rover's powertrain continues with the natural 2.0-liter fuel four-chamber. Making 240 drive and 251 pound-feet of torque, the turbocharged motor offers a respectable mount of energy without relinquishing efficiency. The motor components an all-aluminum development, direct fuel infusion, variable valve timing, a low-dormancy turbo for snappy spool-ups, and twin balancer shafts for smooth operation.

Land Rover engineers needed to defeat a few snags in keeping travelers safe in spite of the missing rooftop. The A-columns are fortified over the standard Evoque's, giving it the required backing for a move over accident. A move over security framework behind the back seats will send if need be, keeping the back inhabitants safe. Additional propping and basic backings have been added to hold unbending nature.

New airbags have been included too. The front seats now has a joined thorax and head airbag that is said to offer the same level of assurance as the Evoque Coupe's different thorax and head airbags. Finally, the Evoque comes will all the cutting edge wellbeing and security control framework that keep the hybrid from losing control or flipping over.
Land Rover isn't investigating uncharted region with the Evoque Convertible, however the region is fairly misleading and bereft. Few have succeeded in this portion and the truth will surface eventually is area Rover will sink or swim.


2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible
4 cyls, 1999cc, turbo, petrol;
237bhp at 5800rpm; 
251lb ft at 1750rpm; 
9-spd automatic; 
Top speed
32.9mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
 201g/km, 35%