2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Specs, Features, Performance review

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Specs, Features, Performance review - The underrated California T is the 2016 Ferrari California car that sends pretentious fans' noses skyward, yet has baited a huge number of new purchasers to the marque. It's a completely diverse brute to Ferrari's other convertible, the mid-engined 488 Spider, and not just on the grounds that it costs some £50,000 less. As an ordinary suggestion, and one outlined not to panic somebody venturing into their first Ferrari from the 2016 Ferrari California review haven of a cuddly Mercedes SL, it was continually going to feel less unmistakably energizing than its kin.

However, now there's a 2016 Ferrari California specs  that may engage both new and existing Ferrari fans, one that holds all the common sense of the standard auto's collapsing hard-beat, immense boot and back seats, yet is considerably more keen to drive. Called the Handling Speciale, this redesigned 2016 Ferrari California design  is not to be mistaken for the change created on the old mid-engined 458 Italia to transform it into the wild 458 Speciale.

That was likewise the dispatch of the HS pack offered on the first actually suctioned 2016 Ferrari California performance  in 2011. Yet, while speedier guiding and stiffer springs absolutely upgraded the nimbleness on that auto, they demolished the solace and ease of use all the 2016 Ferrari California interior while.

The most recent 2016 Ferrari California engine Handling Speciale is obviously better determined. Each Ferrari has hair trigger controlling nowadays, so there are no progressions to there. Be that as it may, the front springs are 16 for each penny stiffer and those in the 2016 Ferrari California cost  back uprated by 19 for each penny, and the dampers retuned to suit. That is had an observable advantageous impact on body control at rapid, as well as in the way the 2016 Ferrari California concept  auto reacts when you bend the 2016 Ferrari California release date wheel into more tightly turns.


This is still a major auto, yet an even 50:50 weight circulation that originates from mounting the 2016 Ferrari California style motor and gearbox at inverse finishes of the auto, a Ferrari custom that about-faces to the shocking 275GTB of 1964, gives the 2016 Ferrari California features HS superb parity, and you the certainty to endeavor it. Not at all like on the old HS, this extra physicality doesn't extensively destroy the ride either, something Ferrari ascribes to ensuing advancements in the innovation behind the magnetorheological dampers.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Another fumes framework frees more commotion when you put your foot down, however the 2016 California price somewhat dull, stifled character of the turbocharged V8 remains. All the more emphatically, there's presently a practically add up to absence of turbo slack, and the ECU-controlled variable turbo help shrewdly emulates the crescendo of revving out a normally suctioned motor. The 2016 California car drivetrain hasn't been completely overlooked in this update either; a faster moving adaptation of the seven-speed double grip paddle-shift gearbox makes the 2016 California review auto feel unmistakably snappier, regardless of the possibility that the 3.6 second 0-62mph time doesn't mirror that.

Be that as it may, you ought to still think precisely before adding the HS alternative to the whirlwind of ticks on your request sheet. There is more fumes blast to fight with, and the 2016 California specs ride, while great in disconnection, isn't exactly as coddling as it is in the standard auto.

Design and Styling

In the event that you really can envision yourself pushing a 2016 California design T hard, the Handling Speciale pack is cash well spent. Be that as it may, the hour we spent wandering along the coast south of Genoa before our test course twisted into the mountains was just as agreeable as the mountain whip itself, in its own specific manner, and presumably more illustrative of the sort of utilization an auto like this will get. Given the theory behind the 2016 California performance, we can't resist the urge to surmise that the officially great standard auto will better serve generally purchasers.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
I adore Ferrari for such a large number of reasons: the vision of a NART 250 LM shouting along the 2016 California interior  ; recollections of striding crosswise over Europe in a 575M Maranello at wild speeds made simple; Mario Andretti in a 712 at Watkins Glen; consistently I've spent in the great F50 and the 2016 California engine burning, irate, lusciously adjusted 458 Speciale. Essentially, if Ferraris accompanied a driver's seat demonstrated on a bed of nails, regardless i'd need to be in there. No ventilating? Don't sweat it. Crappy sat nav? I'll purchase a guide. Uproarious, hot, brutal, physically requesting? These things would be a value worth paying.

Obviously Ferraris aren't care for that nowadays. A 488 GTB rides flawlessly, the F12 is agreeable and usable consistently, and Maranello even forms a four-seater, all-wheel-drive car that obliges four full-estimate people. You may in any case need to purchase a guide, however. Anyway, the 2016 California concept fact of the matter is, Ferraris don't require tremendous penance to appreciate, put something aside for the huge slope of money you have to really purchase one.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
The bundle is comprised of suspension modifications, another and considerably more vocal fumes framework, recalibrated F1-Trac solidness and footing control frameworks, and new programming to drastically enhance shift speed for the 2016 California cost seven-speed double grasp transmission. It's recognized by a grille and back diffuser completed in Grigio Ferro matte, dark tailpipes, and a little identification on the transmission burrow. The front springs are 16 percent stiffer, the backs 19 percent, and Ferrari likewise retuned the magnetorheological dampers to suit the 2016 California release date more forceful settings. Those movement times are cut by 30 percent on upshifts and 40 percent on downshifts. Power from the 3.9-liter, twin-turbo V-8 continues as before, a wholesome 545 strength at 7,500 rpm and 557 lb-ft at 4,750 rpm. As some time recently, Ferrari just gives you the full supplement of torque in seventh apparatus, with the lower riggings running distinctive maps to make the figment of a regularly suctioned power conveyance and to guarantee the 2016 California features back tires aren't overpowered.

The 2016 California style T HS sounds great when it tears into life in the lovely town of Camogli on Italy's northwest drift. It sounds more profound and all the more intense, however a throttle blip uncovers a high-vitality, immaculate tone as the 2016 California price revs rise. It's a decent begin. When we've wended our way up into the slopes adjacent, the HS has demonstrated that it can at present do the nice GT thing pretty convincingly. Leave the recognizable, guiding wheel-mounted manettino switch in Comfort mode and the ride is firm yet not steadfast. The 2016 Ferrari California images fumes is maybe only a small piece boomy, yet the drivetrain's reaction and behavior are unadulterated class. How Ferrari makes its turbocharged motors so totally free of slack bewilders me, and for sure none of its adversaries appear to have made sense of it, either. Just the 2016 Ferrari California news weak shriek that overlays the V-8's rich voice deceives its turbochargers. Regarding throttle reaction it's just phenomenal, and that makes an instantaneousness and instinct that is extremely engaging. It's likewise really valuable when avoiding quick moving Fiat Pandas that come at you from all sides on limited paths that bit by bit move up and far from the shrewd disorder of Italian activity.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
At last the battered little Fiats die down, the street opens up, and the HS is liberated to be a genuine Ferrari. Or if nothing else to indicate whether the 2016 California pictures T has honed up to find the valid Ferrari inside. The motor truly is incredible. It does not have the crazed race to the 2016 California speed redline of the old regularly suctioned V-8, yet for some the payback as far as sheer execution will be more than a reasonable exchange. What's more, as far as throttle reaction — even on an extraordinary street where you need your right foot hard-wired to the motor and subsequently the suspension parity — it's incomparable. The 2016 California sound gearbox is abundantly enhanced as well, quick and punchy on upshifts and smooth and exact on downshifts.


Like all present day Ferraris the controlling is quick yet there's better than average weight to it, and a touch of surface thunders up through the 2016 California video wheel's thick edge. Ferrari says it has viably rebalanced the body so the HS is more unbiased and spry, and that positively seems to be valid. Swing into a second-or third-outfit corner, and the reaction is sharp and exact, and the auto's back doesn't simply take after behind faithfully. Rather it gives a touch of state of mind, successfully indicating the auto into the peak. To such an extent that you're soon instinctually transforming into a corner and after that loosening up a touch of lock as the 2016 California series back takes its normal position. This is all accomplished well inside of the limits of the dependability control projects, and it creates an extremely liquid, movable walk.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Having said the majority of that, the HS doesn't altogether annihilate the 2016 California wallpaper T's standard shortfalls. There's still a lot of body roll. Along speedier segments of street, you additionally get a sense the body is skimming marginally past the springs' control. At these circumstances the quick directing isn't such a help since inputs set the HS anxious and it can feel like there's a distinction between the street and the auto. The 2016 California dimensions consistent dialog and secured feeling you get with, say, a 911 Turbo or Audi R8 are not there. Truth be told, a SL63 has more predictable body control in extremis, which appears an odd thing to say of a Ferrari. Crying along a void Italian street with that motor growling and crackling endlessly remains a fine affair, however there are different autos for comparable cash that offer more prominent control.

In the event that for a minute you can overlook the 2016 California autocar T HS is a Ferrari and simply take in the surroundings, the looks, and the elements, then something like a R8 or 911 Turbo S Cabriolet is generally as usable, quicker, all the more energizing, furthermore honored with better itemizing and quality. Obviously the Handling Speciale bundle upgrades the experience to such a degree, to the point that it's somewhat of an easy decision to tick that container on your request. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you cherish Ferrari for the history, for the hustling legacy and, in particular, for the way the street autos generally drive, the 2016 California emissions T remains an anomaly. This is Ferrari's Cayenne or Urus or Bentayga. Put it like that, and the 2016 California first drive T is an exceptionally delightful thing without a doubt. look also the 2016 Range Rover Evoque Convertible review

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Considering requesting a Ferrari 2016 California horsepower T yet need it to have more verve and acoustic vicinity? At that point step thusly! Ferrari's revealing another 'Taking care of Speciale' bundle for the drop-top 2016 Ferrari California launch, which is intended to provide food for those proprietors needing slightly more from the tasteful twin-turbo GT.

The HS alternative components a large group of modifications, all of which are gone for honing and misrepresenting the Ferrari California car execution to convey an all the more donning feel. One snappy and simple approach to accomplish that objective is to solidify the auto up, which is precisely what Maranello has done. The front springs are presently 16% stiffer, the backs 19%, and the Ferrari California review damper settings have been changed to suit.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Ferrari says that the patched up suspension cuts pitch, roll and make the Ferrari California specs plunge cornering, yet that it results in a lessening in ride quality; in case you're hoping to help cornering execution then there will be a bargain some place along the line. The Ferrari California design ride stature stays unaltered, however, so you shouldn't experience any difficulty clearing our dozing policemen.


There have been upgrades to the Ferrari California interior seven-speed double grasp transmission. In Sport mode it's presently asserted to offer snappier and punchier shifts, breathing life into the experience for anybody in the driver's seat. Ferrari's given the footing control framework a light upgrade which ought to offer you some assistance with dealing with the Ferrari California performance T HS's livelier nature and permit you to improve utilization of that twin-turbo power on rougher surfaces and out of corners.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
What any lover will correspondingly probably acknowledge is the expansion of a louder, more forceful fumes. Ferrari says that the new framework has been produced with the Ferrari California engine patched up motor and gearbox mapping at the top of the priority list, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that it conveys a proper note and volume when the auto's being driven in a suitably donning style.

There are generally couple of tasteful changes, however, so outside of the louder fumes framework passers-by are unrealistic to notice that you've spent much more on your Ferrari California concept. Visual changes comprise of another front grille, completed in dim, a back diffuser completed in the same shading and matte-dark completions for the tailpipes and vertical diffuser components. There's a plaque in the cockpit, as well, offering your travelers some assistance with confirming that – yes, in reality – they are riding in a HS-prepared Ferrari California cost.

Ferrari says that in territory Europe the HS alternative will cost around €7000. UK estimating is yet to be affirmed be that as it may, in light of Ferrari's figures, anticipate that it will be in the locale of £5200. That would bring the aggregate cost of a HS-prepared Ferrari California release date to around £158,500. It's not accessible as a retrofitted overhaul, however, so you'll must be requesting another Ferrari California features on the off chance that you need it.


On the off chance that there's a dubious memory of this occurrence some time recently, coincidentally, don't worry – you're not envisioning things: Ferrari did likewise in 2009 with the first Ferrari California style. That HS update profited from weight diminishments and more power, be that as it may, and summoned a premium of £4320 when it was dispatched.
2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Still not persuaded that Ferrari's most recent Ferrari California price T is deserving of a steed identification on its nose regardless of the additional force and sharp slack free turbo motor? The new Handling Speciale pack arrives to alter your opinion and close that crevice to the Ferrari California images radiant 488.

There was a HS pack on the old actually suctioned Ferrari California news, however it was a touch of trade off. Stiffer suspension and a 10% speedier controlling rack gave the taking care of some genuine nibble, however demolished the ride solace and refinement.


What hasn't changed is the Ferrari California pictures sweet frame adjust, a consequence of its even weight dispersion. You don't drive this auto with just the front wheels. Transform into a twist and you can feel it turn, not slide precisely, but rather unquestionably working the Ferrari California speed back tires.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
The manettino flip just elements three settings: Comfort, Sport and ESP off. Indeed, even in Sport the steadiness framework never feels like its a long way from mediating, so you've nothing to fear from pushing hard regardless of the California sound fact that you've never determined anything with this much power some time recently. Switch the ESP out inside and out and the California video will slide with incitement, yet you must be making a decent attempt in the dry.

The California wallpaper motor is unaltered, conveying 0-62mph in 3.6sec, right around zero turbo slack and piles of useable torque. Be that as it may, the HS pack brings speedier shift speeds for the F1 transmission. They're not exactly 488 quick, but rather they're observably speedier than in the California series standard Cali T.


Since the California dimensions remains an auto intended to convey new purchasers to the brand, not frighten them away. What's more, on the off chance that you manufacture a trap California autocar that expenses nearly as much as a 488 individuals are simply going to move up to the mid-engined auto.

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
Unless you're purchasing a California emissions absolutely to swan about in Miami's South Beach at 20mph, it's difficult to see why you wouldn't decide on the HS pack. It sounds better, the taking care of is more tightly and by supercar norms it's somewhat of a deal.

It's been around two years since Ferrari redesigned the California first drive to T-spec with a 3.9-liter, level plane wrench, twin-turbocharged motor, and we observed it to be a suitable change – remunerating to drive, and convincing to encounter. Presently Ferrari has presented another taking care of alternative, which will make a big appearance at the up and coming Geneva Motor Show in March, which ought to add a more keen edge to the roadster.


Running Cost

2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale Price is £160,798; Like most taking care of bundles, the springs and dampers get the most consideration. The magnetorheological dampers fitted to the ordinary California horsepower T get changes that expand their reaction time to changing street conditions. As some time recently, damper settings are controlled by means of the guiding wheel manettino, and the most forceful change is to be found in the Sport setting. The front springs are stiffer – 16 percent in advance, 19 percent in the California launch back – which will help body control in all tomahawks. Ferrari claims that, generally speaking, the setup just possibly diminishes the ride solace. It'll take driving a Handling Speciale-prepared auto to discover.

The Ferrari California car review specs and performance progressions go past simply taking care of equipment. Movements are speedier in Sport mode, both in programmed and manual modes, on account of recalibrated transmission rationale. Ferrari's specialists likewise found some extra corner way out velocity by tweaking the F1-Trac soundness control framework's modifying. The Ferrari California review specs and performance organization guarantees this change likewise assists with speeding up on rough surfaces.

At long last, in an extremely Italian move, the Ferrari California specs and performance fumes note has been recalibrated "to underline the execution picks up." That is to say, in the event that you don't happen to have a skidpad helpful to do an immediate estimation of the expansion in cornering ability – which, it ought to be noted, Ferrari doesn't measure – the Ferrari California engine performance sportier sound will serve as a mental update. There's no case that the new fumes framework changes the motor's yield – autos so prepared make the same 553 hp at 7500 RPM as the model we tried in 2014


2016 Ferrari California T Handling Speciale
V8, 3855cc, turbocharged, petrol;
552bhp (with 98 octane fuel) at 7500rpm;
557lb ft at 4750rpm; 
7-speed dual-clutch auto; 
1625kg (dry, with lightweight options);
Top speed
26.9mpg (combined);
CO2/tax band
250g/km, 37%