2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290 Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290 Specs, Features, Performance Review - Another jewel from SEAT, the 2016 Seat Cupra car is speedier and more capable than before as well as better to drive. In spite of it costing not as much as all the top line hot hatchbacks existing apart from everything else, it can level with the 2016 Seat Cupra review vast majority of them where it matters most; out and about. Also, it comes preferable prepared over numerous adversaries to boot. On the off chance that just it had a great time inside…

The SEAT Leon Cupra has for quite some time been a poser, bragging the 2016 Seat Cupra specs  execution and element collection to stress everything except the most costly, most select hot hatchbacks. Furthermore, this new 290 model (supplanting the 2016 Seat Cupra design  active 280) proceeds with that subject with more power, more torque, another games deplete, and a scope of styling changes all around.

The outcome is a front-wheel drive hot seal that still expenses impressively not as much as all its key adversaries, however that can, on paper at any rate, contend with pretty much any of them where it is important.

In any case, it's unmistakable that the 2016 Seat Cupra performance has capability to everything except level with the new type of uber-hatchbacks exemplified by the Honda Civic Type R, Ford's new Focus RS and even its own fairly more costly stablemate, the inconspicuous however splendid Golf R.


Inquiry is, would it be able to convey the products in the twisty bits too, or is 286bhp past what a front wheel-drive frame can deal with these days? Regardless of the fact that it is helped in its cause by a standard fit electronic constrained slip differential? Answer; yes.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Out and about, the 290 feels truly quick, and in light of the 2016 Seat Cupra interior fact that its 2.0-liter turbocharged motor now grows more torque over a more extensive rev range than some time recently, it has that easy edge to its execution that lifts it above most standard hot hatchbacks. Select Cupra mode and the guiding, dampers, throttle reaction, debilitate commotion and even the 2016 Seat Cupra engine reactions from the DSG (when fitted) all get more honed, quicker. In any case, even in Sport or Comfort modes the 290 still feels critical. Also, brisk with a capital F.

Its genuine ability progressing, be that as it may, is its alleviating, verging on adult mix of clamor and suspension refinement, partnered to its quite undeniable feeling of powerful quickening. The 2016 Seat Cupra concept ride quality is fantastic considering the measure of horizontal self-control that is on offer, yet footing is never apparently an issue either. As a matter of fact, the smooth streets we attempted the auto on in Spain were not really a test for grasp, however the 2016 Seat Cupra cost standard-fit electronic diff functioned admirably, sending energy to whichever front wheel is best ready to convey the torque – without there perpetually being much indication of torque cow.

 Design and Styling

Lamentably, the 2016 Seat Cupra release date is let down a little by its inside. The games front seats are both agreeable and steady and the new Full Link comms framework is splendidly natural to utilize and comes fitted as standard. The back seats are additionally ample and agreeable while the develop quality is in that spot with the 2016 Seat Cupra features absolute best in this class, yet what there isn't is quite a bit of inside is visual spirit. The dials and dashboard are splendidly flawless and clean, yet they do not have any outline qualification from lesser individuals from the Leon range. Likewise the trim as a rule is somewhat conventional for an auto that has this much potential to excite.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Generally speaking, however, the 2016 Seat Cupra style is another peach from SEAT. From multiple points of view it's a cut value Golf R that makes a staggeringly decent showing thinking of it as does not have that auto's four wheel drive framework. What's more, as some time recently, it's likewise thundering great worth for cash, with the 2016 Cupra price execution and unadulterated element capacity of autos that cost significantly more and, once in a while, convey less.

When it was propelled in 2014, 276bhp appeared a considerable measure of force for a sub-£30k hot portal. Things have changed in the 2016 Cupra car most recent two years, however, with more opponents edging closer to (and notwithstanding passing) the 300bhp imprint.

While trying to keep up, Seat has crushed an additional 10bhp out of its 2016 Cupra review to make the 290 model you see here. Changes to the motor and another fumes might have expanded force, however discharges and economy stay unaltered.

You additionally get Seat's Full Link framework added to the 2016 Cupra specs infotainment setup as standard. This permits you to match your cell phone through Android Auto, Apple Carplay or Mirrorlink relying upon your handset. You can then get to a constrained scope of capacities through the 2016 Cupra design touchscreen, offering you some assistance with staying associated all the more securely.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Aside from that, things are much as they were. Outwardly, the 2016 Cupra performance best way to tell a 290 from a 280 is by the badging. As some time recently, you get a standard constrained slip differential to offer you some assistance with accelerating out of corners all the 2016 Cupra interior more viably and the alternative of a Performance Pack. The last includes greater brakes and wheels, side skirts and stickier tires.

In case you're trusting the additional force will have a major effect to the 2016 Cupra engine execution, you'll be somewhat frustrated. Yes, the 290 an exceptionally fast hatchback – 0-62mph can take as meager as 5.6sec on the off chance that you pick the 2016 Cupra concept programmed gearbox – yet the old Cupra 280 wasn't much slower. Unless you drove the two autos consecutive, we question you'd see what matters.

Situate additionally brags that the 2016 Cupra cost 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol motor is more adaptable than some time recently. It'll pull readily from around 2000rpm so you can gain really quick ground without changing rigging all the time by any stretch of the 2016 Cupra release date imagination. Indeed, even in 6th apparatus, the Leon will get from 50mph to 70mph immediately in reality.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
At last, however, it isn't as much enjoyable to drive as our most loved hot hatchbacks. There's a terrible parcel of hold accessible, particularly on the off chance that you pick the discretionary track-center tires yet the 2016 Cupra style never includes you as much as something prefer a Ford Focus RS. There's less criticism from the directing and the 2016 Cupra features battles to exchange its energy to the street as adequately as the best hot portals.

We were awed by the discretionary enormous brakes of the 2016 Cupra price Performance Pack, however. In addition to the fact that they were solid, they held up to hard utilize well with no recognizable blur. On the subject of discretionary bits, the 2016 Seat Cupra images sticky Michelin tires demonstrated exceedingly grippy on warm, dry landing area despite the fact that they might be less successfully on a soggy British B-street.


Except for the Full Link infotainment programming, the 2016 Cupra pictures inside is unaltered. That is to say there's a lot of conspicuous switchgear from the VW Group parts canister, however in spite of the fact that the inside doesn't feel shoddy, the 2016 Seat Cupra news isn't as tasteful inside as a VW Golf GTI or even a Skoda Octavia vRS.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
The upper segment of the dashboard is delicate yet there's a lot of hard plastic somewhere else. It might have been adequate when the 2016 Cupra speed was propelled, however things have proceeded onward to some degree. The same goes for the little 6.5in infotainment screen, in spite of the fact that this is in any event simple to explore and matched rapidly with the Android gadget Seat gave to test the Full Link framework.

On the off chance that you were keen on the old 2016 Cupra sound 280, then you'll likely locate the additional force and availability enticing. That you can browse a three-or five-entryway hatch or a bequest is additionally a help.

For comparative cash, you could purchase a Ford Focus RS which offers considerably more pace and better taking care of. It may not be as practical but rather it's significantly more fun. On the 2016 Cupra series off chance that you require more space, then the roomy yet quick Golf R Estate isn't much pricier, either. The 2016 Cupra video is still a decent auto, yet a percentage of the opposition is shockingly better.

Seat's architects have gone well and genuinely control distraught as of late. The Ibiza 2016 Cupra wallpaper hot portal got a monster force overhaul a week ago, and now it's the turn of its enormous sibling, the Seat 2016 Cupra autocar. Called the Leon Cupra 290, control now sits at an inconsiderately solid 286bhp (the 290 name originates from the auto's metric ps yield), up from the 276bhp 2016 Cupra dimensions 280 that beforehand bested the extent.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Holding the same 2.0-liter TSI petrol motor, most extreme torque yield stays at 258lb ft. The 2016 Cupra emissions greatest change, in any case, originates from how that torque is conveyed, with everything being dispensed from 1700rpm right the best approach to 5800rpm. This outcomes in a 0.2sec shaving from the 0-62mph sprint contrasted and the old 2016 Cupra first drive 280, says Seat.

With force comes obligation, and that couldn't be more genuine with the 2016 Cupra horsepower. Seat's additionally updated the fuel infusion framework, empowering a cited 42.8mpg - not an awful figure for the execution, regardless of the possibility that you'd have to drive with the lightest of touches to accomplish it practically speaking.

A balanced front-hub differential lock battles the 286bhp being pushed through the front wheels. In any case, to take the 2016 Seat Cupra launch to the maximum, says Seat, you truly require the discretionary "Sub8" Performance Pack (a reference to the Leon 280's sub 8-minute Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time), bringing greater Brembo brake calipers, lighter compound haggles tires.

As some time recently, switchable driving profiles can change the Seat Cupra car energy guiding, throttle and damper settings, together with a valve-opening fumes framework. Think about the profiles more like ASBO settings, with Seat Cupra review mode' unleashing full yobbo conduct and a suitably crazy fumes note to go with it.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Since it ventures in as the Leon's reach topping model, the Seat Cupra specs gets a lot of gear as standard, incorporating a 6.5in touchscreen with sat-nav, full LED lights all round and alcantara trim for the seats and guiding wheel.

Seat Cupra performance line has been making a ton of waves following the Seat Cupra design apparently appeared unexpectedly to set the lap time record for a front-wheel-drive generation auto at the Nurburgring in 2014. That record has following been asserted by the 2016 Honda Civic Type R , yet Seat still demonstrated something more imperative than a record lap time. It demonstrated the world that it can rival the best hot hatchbacks in the business. The accomplishment of the 280 is likewise a major motivation behind why Seat apparently optimized the dispatch of its successor, the Seat Cupra interior.


Gloating all the standard components of the 280 and including some striking overhauls the motor and taking care of fronts, the Seat Cupra engine expects to take the notoriety of its forerunner to new statures, recharging Seat's objective of hot-lid predominance with a motor yield that now obscures that of the 2015 Renault Megane RS 275 Cup-S , a comparative hot-hatch that will impart the stage to the Seat Cupra concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show .

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
There's an all the more effective Seat Cupra cost in transit, as the Spanish maker keeps on pursuing the opposition in the wildly challenged hot lid market. Making its presentation at one week from now's Frankfurt Motor Show, the Seat Cupra release date will achieve the UK before the year's over.

SEAT has given the active Cupra style 280 a 10bhp help, taking energy to 286bhp over the active auto's 276bhp, which is only 10bhp short of Volkswagen's Golf R, 15bhp more than Renault's Megane Trophy and 40bhp more than Ford's Focus ST. The Seat Cupra features torque figure continues as before as the active auto at 258lb ft.

Both a six-speed manual and double grip gearbox will be accessible with the Seat Cupra price, the last bringing about a 0-62mph time of 5.7-secs and a 155mph greatest, the previous time a tenth of a second faster than the active Seat Cupra images.

The Seat Cupra news energy increment is obligingness of a gentle remap, but at the same time there's a retuned sports fumes to support the sound track. Outwardly just the Seat Cupra pictures identification on the rear end gives the amusement away.

Being the extent topper the Seat Cupra speed comes very much loaded with standard unit, including dynamic suspension control, LED front and back light, alcantara sports seats and Cupra sound guiding wheel, and what Seat calls Cupra video Drive Profile, which offers three modes – Comfort, Sport and Cupra series – that permit you to switch between various throttle and, where fitted, DSG shift modes.

The active Cupra wallpaper was one of our most loved hot trapdoors and a touch of religion saint due to the unassuming way it continued on ahead of being a drawing in and driver-focussed seal. Late wheel time in the Sub8 Ultimate model has strengthened how great the Cupra dimensions reach is, keeping in mind 10bhp may not be a quantum jump in force yield it will be another layer of shine to one of segment's best hot trapdoors.

For some, the 1980s were the halcyon days of the Cupra autocar hot lid. Be that as it may, we are right now in a brief moment brilliant period for what CAR magazine used to call 'rocket customers'. Autos like the Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R, Peugeot 308 GTI and Volkswagen Golf R offer energy to the Cupra emissions general population more than ever.


A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, or – for an additional £1,100 or so – purchasers can decide on a six-speed DSG self-loader. The Cupra first drive 0-62mph sprint takes between 5.6 seconds for the three-entryway hatch with DSG, up to 6.0 seconds for the Cupra horsepower ST bequest with a manual 'box.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
We initially inspected the Cupra launch on a shut street 'uncommon stage' in the mountains close Barcelona. With the Drive Profile switch set to "Cupra" mode, the directing and throttle reaction are well sharpened sharp, and the auto jumps into a progression of sharp corners like an avid puppy.

Sending all that power through the Seat Cupra review specs and performance front wheels could be a formula for wayward torque steer, yet the Leon's mechanical front differential benefits work of taming those wild stallions. There's no deficiency of cornering hold, and it takes genuine duty to make the front end push wide. Eventually however, there isn't the four-wheel-drive footing of a Golf R – or the Seat Cupra car review specs and performance flavorful back wheel-drive disposition of a Focus RS.


Will you recognize the additional 10hp? Maybe, however you'd require a more finely-adjusted street test sense than mine. The Seat Cupra specs and performance additional fumes commotion, be that as it may, is promptly and delightfully evident. Also, dissimilar to a few autos, for example, the Ford Focus ST with its 'sound symposer', it doesn't sound fake. look also the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Hot portals aren't only weekend toys, so sensible running expenses are seemingly pretty much as essential as straight-line speed. Official efficiency for the Seat Cupra engine performance lairiest Leon ranges from 41.5 to 43.5mpg contingent upon the body-style and gearbox combo. That is sensibly useful for an auto of this sort, despite the fact that keep in mind the Seat Cupra interior images inclination for pricier 98-octane super unleaded fuel.

Settle on the three-entryway Leon SC with a DSG gearbox and fumes CO2 outflows of 149g/km mean you'll pay auto duty of £145 a year. Every single other adaptation are in a higher VED band, at £180 a year.


SEAT offers the Seat Cupra interior pictures in three body-styles: three-entryway hatchback (Sport Coupe, or SC), five-entryway hatchback and domain (Sport Tourer, or ST). As you'd expect, the SC is the most attractive yet minimum pragmatic of the cluster, with a high window-line that makes the back seats feel somewhat claustrophobic. The Seat Cupra design wallpaper five-entryway portal ought to suit most needs, and offers a 380-liter boot – growing to 1,210 liters with the seats collapsed. For examination, a Ford Focus holds from 316 to 1,215 liters.

2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290
Be that as it may, the ST is the undeniable decision on the off chance that you require space for infant carriages, pooches or level pack furniture. Its 587-liter boot swells to an extremely helpful in reality 1,470 liters when required. Simply don't draw in Cupra mode with the labrador in the back…

Euro NCAP recompensed the Leon an entire five stars in its industry-standard accident tests. The 290 accompanies a large portion of the wellbeing hardware you'd expect, including drape airbags, a driver's knee airbag and footing control. The main outstanding exclusion is programmed crisis braking, which costs £515 when packaged with dynamic journey control.


Running Cost

An exceptional notice goes to the uprated brakes: 340mm circles at the front and 310mm at the back. It's anything but difficult to overlook that, while hot seals are great at going quick, they more often than not stop all the more rapidly, as well.

Cupra 290 costs begin at £28,375 for the manual SC, ascending to £32,780 for a DSG-prepared ST. Picking between the body sorts is truly an issue of what suits your necessities. We're suckers for a quick domain auto, and the ST costs a humble £800 more than the five-entryway hatch. In any case, it feels barely less dexterous out and about.

The greater part of the discretionary additional items are restorative. What about £505 for fluorescent 'Orange-Line' composites and entryway mirrors? Maybe not. The Sub8 Performance pack, in any case, is more genuine. Named after the Leon's record-breaking Nurburgring lap time, the £2,000 choice incorporates uprated brakes with Brembo four-pot calipers. For a further £500, you can include super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Albeit both are most likely needless excess for typical street use.

On the off chance that we had composed this audit a few years back, the answer would have been an earnest 'yes'. The Leon Cupra is awesome to drive and prominently viable – like a Golf GTI with included velocity, style and, er, Spanishness.


2016 Seat Leon Cupra 290 
4 cyls inline, 1984cc, turbocharged, petrol;
286bhp at 5900-6400rpm;
258Ib ft at 1700-5800rpm;
 6-spd dual clutch automatic;
Top speed
43.5mpg (combined); 
CO2/tax band
CO2/tax band 149g/km, 24%