2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Specs, Features, Performance Review

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Specs, Features, Performance Review - With hybrid SUVs now beating cars, the most recent Mercedes-Benz passage into the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC car  quickly developing reduced section appears to be bound to end up the marque's hit in short request. It's been marked down since December, so you've presumably effectively seen these 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC review  cowhide lined shopping baskets swarming your neighborhood Neiman Marcus and Whole Foods parking garages.

For the new model, we again tried both back and all-wheel-drive releases with the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC specs  2.0-liter turbocharged four-chamber, which is the whole model reach at present. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC design  back driver is one of few in a class where quitting AWD ordinarily implies settling for front-drive. Stuttgart plans to round out this extent with diesel, module mixture, and AMG superior versions in later model years, in addition to a hydrogen power module model and one of those insane fastback "car" hybrids to go head to head against the BMW X4. While nice looking and elaborately tuned in to its car (and car) stage mates, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC performance  outside profile slashes more intently to class standards than did that of the particularly squared-off, wagon-esque GLK. It'll mix into the group in those strip mall parking garages and carpool drop-off paths, which may be something worth being thankful for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC interior  individuals who would prefer not to feel conspicuous sliding a Benz in amongst the neighbors' Kias and Hondas.


The drivetrain, as well, mirrors the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC engine current car hive-mind with yet another 2.0-liter four-barrel turbo unit, appraised at 241 torque. This supplants the GLK350's 3.5-liter V-6, which made 302 drive. That power crest is quick getting to be everyday for a turbo four of this size, coordinated by Kia, Ford, and Chevy among others. This turbo four's 273 lb-ft of torque is indistinguishable to the rating of the previous V-6, and the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC concept new auto's nine-speed programmed transmission has two a larger number of proportions to play with than did the GLK's gearbox. An upshot is that EPA city appraisals are up 3 mpg in all cases, while the 28-mpg interstate rating shared by both GLCs is up 3 and 4 mpg over the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC cost comparable back drive and 4MATIC GLK models. Our watched mileage of 21 mpg with the 4MATIC and 24 with the back driver is 2 and 3 mpg superior to anything we got in our test of the 2013 GLKs.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
Track assumes that were more apparent out and about incorporate the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC release date  enhanced braking execution, with 70-to-0-mph quits coming up in 166 and 174 feet, shorter by a huge 15 feet for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC features  back drive show however stand out foot for the 4MATIC. Skidpad roadholding of 0.84 g denote a change from 0.77 for the back driver, yet the 4MATIC did 0.81, indistinguishable to its forerunner's execution.

Design and Styling

We're informed that Mercedes creators persuaded engineers for greater wheels for the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC style, with 18-inchers now standard and both 19-and 20-inch overhauls advertised. The GLC300 4MATIC had the 18s, wearing mud-and-snow-evaluated 235/60 Continental tires with a run-level configuration. The 2016 GLC price back drive illustration had significantly more discretionary gear, including the a la mode, dark AMG 20-inch haggles Dueler summer elastic, size 255/45, which again were run-pads. Tire contrasts are most likely reflected in the back drive auto's predominant cornering and braking figures. Given how much less demanding it was to dispatch the 2016 GLC car 4MATIC auto without unnecessary wheelspin, we think the 2016 GLC review  quickening hole may have been more extensive if both samples had the same tire.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
The Dynamic Select framework that alters the 2016 GLC specs  auto's execution on an upward scale from Eco through Comfort and up to Sport+ marks valuable refinements and is much less demanding to oversee. Other robotized frameworks additionally function admirably—Mercedes-Benz's Distronic Plus versatile journey control, part of the 2016 GLC design $2800 Driver Assistance bundle—might well set the business standard, and its related driver guides dependably work as you'd anticipate.

One way that Mercedes accomplished more load space with the 2016 GLC performance  was by changing to run-punctured tires. The GLK had an inflatable reduced extra tire tucked under the freight floor, yet the GLC has none. This undoubtedly pares general weight, yet the solid sidewalls and somewhat heavier development of run-punctured tires builds the 2016 GLC interior unsprung mass the suspension needs to control. Our drivers noticed a jostling reaction to some street anomalies. It was more terrible in the back drive case with the 2016 GLC engine bigger wheels, however even the 4MATIC astonished us with a sharp shock or two. Both test autos had the standard, steel-spring suspension that we've favored over the 2016 GLC concept discretionary, air-spring AIRMATIC customizable setup in the C-class vehicle and roadster. With this haggle bundle, however, there may be something to suggest the overhaul.

In spite of the fact that the 2016 GLC cost premium cost Mercedes-Benz orders for commercial center standards of motor determination and general execution appears to be unnecessary, the inside outline and arrangements go a few courses toward legitimizing the 2016 GLC release date additional expense. Particularly in the back drive model furnished with $3950 worth of Designo-spec high contrast nappa calfskin, slag wood trim, and a large group of natty accents (encompassing lighting, lit up doorsills, top-sewed entryway board trim, and so forth.). Keep in mind the force of somewhat light to lift the 2016 GLC features temperament of a Northerner battling under the midwinter perma-cloud

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
It's additionally tranquil inside and the controlling, brakes, and transmission controls (once you get used to that odd little apparatus selector wand) react like all around adjusted devices. Though the 2016 GLC style old GLK's rearward sitting arrangement was suitable for grown-ups just for the fast dash to supper, we could imagine a lengthy, difficult experience trip in the toward the 2016 GLC price back compartment of the GLC. It would take just a bit of pressing control to fit a weekend of baggage for two couples; discipline coming up short, there's the rooftop rack.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
The base MSRP on the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC images back driver is $2000 lower than for the 4MATIC auto, yet once every one of the additional items were included, all that really matters tipped $2740 the other way. That Designo inside was the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC news greatest contrast. Both had the Driver Assistance bundle, Multimedia bundle (COMAND with route), Lighting bundle (full LED dynamic headlamps with programmed high bars, $1500), and Premium bundle (keyless ignition, a 115-volt AC electrical plug and satellite radio, $720). Both Monroneys additionally demonstrated the stand-alone choice of warmed back seats ($620); the 2016 GLC pictures Designo bundle incorporates warmed/ventilated front seats, while the 4MATIC auto had $580 warmed front seats. They likewise shared Burmester sound ($850) and exceptional request warmed windshield washers ($205). Just the 4MATIC had a $430 alternative for the 2016 GLC speed force traveler seat with memory. The back drive model's 20-inch-wheel bundle included $750, and it likewise had a $2950 Sport bundle (AMG body additional items, MB-Tex covers for the dash and entryway boards) and the $300 Night bundle (broad dark outside trim, in addition to chrome tailpipes). Whew.


There's something else entirely to be had, beginning with the 2016 GLC sound previously stated $1900 Air Body Control, so it's anything but difficult to push the sticker past $60,000, which on the 2016 GLC video off chance that you solicit us is a major stack from money to drop on a 2.0-liter hybrid. We completely expect the 2016 GLC series business sector won't concur and merchants will be battling about their allotments.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
The GLC replaces the GLK-class, the 2016 GLC dimensions rename coming as a major aspect of Benz's most recent terminology system and proposed to adjust it to the mechanically comparative C-class car. As did the 2016 GLC wallpaper GLK, the GLC fights the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Lexus NX, Lincoln MKC, and Porsche Macan, among others. Dissimilar to almost the 2016 GLC autocar majority of its rivals, it can be requested with back wheel drive, and 4MATIC all-wheel drive is accessible.

Applying Mercedes' present outline tasteful to the 2016 GLC emissions hybrid shape safeguards quite a bit of what we like about the look—the delicate radii and pressure building wrinkles—while maintaining a strategic distance from the hanging backside basic to the cars, and the 2016 GLC first drive emits a modern, costly vibe. The fashioners campaigned to fit the GLC with expansive width haggle bundles, thus 18-inch wheels are standard, and both 19s and dazzling, AMG-named 20-inch multispoke employments are accessible. Contrasted and the blocky GLK, the 2016 GLC horsepower more shapely GLC is partially taller, two inches more extensive, and about five creeps longer generally speaking.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
Past that, the typical pontoon of extravagance, comfort, and security devices can be included, including however not constrained to warmed and cooled front seats, warmed back seats, a bigger focal screen, a head-up showcase, Burmester sound, radar journey control, brake help, backside crash counteractive action, dynamic path keep help, route, and versatile LED headlamps.
Greater and curvier than the square shaped GLK, the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC launch name mirrors Benz's new terminology where GL alludes to it being a SUV and the C focuses to the car class it depends on. look also the 2016 BMW 225xe Active Tourer review

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
The Mercedes-Benz GLC car has been propelled in three trim levels - each adjusting to an alternate motor - beginning with the diesel 220d for $64,500, venturing up to the petrol 250 for $67,900 and fixing out with the all the more intense diesel 250d at $69,900. The Mercedes-Benz GLC review diesel models both fly under the Luxury Car Tax radar because of their relative fuel proficiency.

For reference, Audi's Q5 territory begins at $62,200 and BMW's X3 at $61,100. Nonetheless, the Mercedes-Benz GLC specs Merc's additional couple of dollars aren't prone to stress purchasers at this end of the business sector.


Benz specs its Australian models liberally and even the Mercedes-Benz GLC design base 220d is very much furnished with standard elements, for example, dynamic LED headlights, 7-inch touch screen with satnav, computerized radio, auto stopping framework, flexible dampers, and 19-inch compounds. The Mercedes-Benz GLC performance standard security unit is great too with 360-degree camera, nine airbags, blind side cautioning and impact ready framework with fractional braking.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
The 250 and 250d include cowhide upholstery (venturing up from the Mercedes-Benz GLC interior manufactured calfskin in the 220d), versatile journey control, path direction, auto crisis braking, foot kick back end opening capacity and 20-inch compounds.

The GLK's precise appearance had its fans abroad, yet the line of GLCs on show at its Australian dispatch are an incredible sight with their bends and smoothness.

You could contend that it's appearance was unsurprising given the Mercedes-Benz GLC engine family similarity to whatever remains of Benz's line-up, however the same thing can be said for the X3 or Q5. There's the intense grille, the Mercedes-Benz GLC concept extreme position and wraparound taillights - yet when downsized for the GLC it's far prettier.

Beginning in the base 220d, early introductions are of how peacefully calm it is – a blend of a refined diesel motor and awesome sound protection. Next impression: perceivability through the Mercedes-Benz GLC cost windscreen is superb – true to life even.

With winding nation streets egging us on, we push 220d harder. No one anticipates that this auto will handle entirely like a Porsche Macan – in light of the Mercedes-Benz GLC release date fact that it's not one. All things considered, the Mercedes-Benz GLC features grasp surpirsed me as we get through an especially quick clearing right hander with no indication of understeer or danger this could end upside down.

Slipping into the petrol 250 includes a touch more power and the Mercedes-Benz GLC style same noteworthy taking care of and great ride. The petrol is the pick for me – city purchasers will likely lean toward its more responsive throttle.

The GLC imparts a lot of its stage to the C-Class, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC price lodge is pretty much as rich as the vehicle with numerous common inside components.

With this lodge and that ride this really is the C-Class of Benz's SUVs, however with the reward of a raised driving position. There's likewise so much room that the C-Class Estate ought to presumably feel undermined, particularly as the Mercedes-Benz GLC images wagon is more costly than its new SUV relative. Furthermore, it ought to be concerned – the 550 liter boot in the GLC exceeds the Mercedes-Benz GLC news Estate's 490 liters and matches the X3 and Q5.


The Mercedes GLC has touched base in the UK with the Mercedes-Benz GLC pictures class-driving BMW X3 immovably in its sights. The premium 4x4's forerunner, the GLK, was accessible just in left-hand-drive structure, so this is adequately an all-new model for British purchasers.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
Having tried the lower-controlled 168bhp 220d form as of now, this is our first drive in the 201bhp 250d. It's in the most costly AMG Line trim, as well, with greater, 19-inch haggles lively bodykit.

While the SE and Sport models are furnished with versatile dampers, AMG Line models decide on general suspension that has been solidified for better taking care of. The additional pounds and knocks this brings when rolling over more keen edges are particularly detectable around the local area, in spite of the fact that the discretionary 20-inch wheels on the test auto bear a percentage of the fault. These interruptions aren't particularly domineering, however are inconsistent with the smooth moving nine-speed programmed gearbox and the generally refined turbodiesel motor.


On motorway trudges, the GLC is pleasantly settled and gives a quiet situation in which to while away the miles - beside some street commotion on rougher extends. Ninth rigging slices the revs to only 1500rpm at 70mph, keeping in mind there's a removed automaton from the motor at a journey, it's not as wearing as that of the likewise effective BMW xDrive 20d. When you require an additional measurement of force, there's insufficient turbo slack and push is conveyed in a constant flow from 2000rpm upwards, the motor getting louder however no coarser.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
Where the 220d needed for force, the 250d has enough snort to sprint stunningly between corners on nation streets, and the blend of clean body control and variable four-wheel drive implies you can bring great velocity through the curves, even in clammy conditions.

Actually, the GLC handles rustic streets with a charming ease. It's only a disgrace that the guiding, while sufficiently responsive, is too light in Comfort mode yet needs weight variety in the heavier Sport mode. We don't expect incredible guiding criticism in this class, yet the GLC's is slightly one-dimensional, and the brakes, albeit viable, are fundamentally without feel.


It is conceivable to put versatile dampers on the AMG Line by picking the air suspension alternative that inspired us amid before drives. It's unquestionably worth considering for its better mix of solace and dexterity.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC
There's much to suggest the GLC's lodge. It depends on the C-Class saloon's, which is to say it's up-to-date, sensibly laid-out and, generally, firmly manufactured; even darken surfaces, for example, the entryway containers are done in delicate touch plastic, and the switchgear feels tight. A solitary quality problem is the gleam dark focus console trim, which squeaks to the touch.

AMG Line determination adds exceptional touches to the inside including brushed steel pedals, a games guiding wheel, one of a kind dials and weaved floor mats. A 7.0in infotainment screen is a piece of standard gear on the GLC, and it's effectively worked by means of either the touch cushion or the revolving controller. Satellite route is excluded on the section level SE model, however is standard-fit with Sport and AMG Line trims.


 Running Cost

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC Price is $39,875; The firm front seats give the brought perspective you'd expect up in this class, and offer a lot of electric modification as standard, yet push the shoulders forward a bit. In the back - which may be somewhat desolate without the glass rooftop - two seats offer great head and room to breathe, and separated from being tight, the focal fifth seat is genuinely obliging.

There are helpful switches in the back line and at the boot opening to drop the back seats (which likewise split into three), and a controlled rear end is additionally standard-fit. The wide-mouthed boot coordinates precisely the BMW X3's for volume at 550 liters, there's no lip and a false floor covers up supplementary storage room.

The GLC is an exceptionally cleaned item and a solid expansion to the littler premium 4x4 class. It has style, common sense and ease of use, and with the extra force of the 250d - which comes with no penance in discharges or guaranteed economy over the 220d - it has the execution to match its for the most part great element abilities.

Mid-range Sport trim passes up a great opportunity for a percentage of the AMG Line's corrective touches, however gets the unrivaled versatile suspension as standard, so bodes well. It's likewise the main model accessible with the discretionary rough terrain bundle that brings more prominent capacities far from the street.