2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0 Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0 Specs, Features, Performance review - Most likely the people at Jeep need you to think about each new Cherokee as a Trailhawk model. Outfitted with a two-speed exchange case, a one-inch suspension lift, slide plates, three splendid red tow snares, and Firestone off-road tires, the Trailhawk is the 2015 Cherokee Limited car stone creeping mascot for this generally delicate roading shopping trolley. You can see the Trailhawk in TV ads, sprinkling through a sloppy trough and bobbling over stones, polishing this new Cherokee's picture and maintaining Jeep's holy notoriety.

In the event that you have eyes, you've seen that this Cherokee, code-named KL, makes no outline references, other than with the grille, to the 2015 Cherokee Limited review famous, rectilinear XJ Cherokee. This does not trouble us. That the two share a name is simply a savvy choice with respect to the showcasing office. So overlook the vocal throng agitate that this Cherokee doesn't resemble a cardboard box. On the off chance that you need your fresh out of the 2015 Cherokee Limited specs plastic new vehicle to pack the effortlessness and styling of a 13-year-old model, you ought to make scurry to the closest Mahindra truck dealership, which is presumably in New Delhi. Regardless of the possibility that it's a transitory style proclamation, the Chero­kee beats the 2015 Cherokee Limited design secrecy that is common with family hybrids.

The $2155 Technology Group is unadulterated fat, a driver-help suite to anticipate unexpected going dirt road romping by the 2015 Cherokee Limited performance scatterbrained. It incorporates versatile journey control, blind side observing, forward-crash cautioning, path takeoff cautioning, and an electronic move celebration of beeps and glimmering lights. There's even a self-stopping framework that will control you into parallel or opposite spaces and, on the 2015 Cherokee Limited interior off chance that you let it, the heap of snow furrowed onto the parking area berm.


The 2016 2015 Cherokee Limited engine has a premium inside and amazing rough terrain abilities, as per car columnists. Nonetheless, faultfinders say its on-street taking care of and base motor force are unremarkable.
2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
Analysts report that the 2016 Cherokee's lodge has appealing styling and first rate materials. They include that the front seats are agreeable on long-remove trips and the back seats are sufficiently large for grown-ups. Be that as it may, the 2015 Cherokee Limited concept 54.9-cubic-foot greatest freight limit is littler than generally contenders'. A few pundits are satisfied with the quantity of capacity containers in the lodge, however others wish there were more. The 2015 Cherokee Limited cost discretionary touch-screen Uconnect infotainment framework has basic on-screen menus and reacts rapidly to client inputs, as per auto authors. Uconnect additionally has customary catches and handles that analysts say are anything but difficult to reach and utilize.

Design and Styling

Fueled by a standard four-chamber motor, analysts say the 2015 Cherokee Limited release date can battle to get up to speed. For peppier speeding up, they prescribe the 2015 Cherokee Limited style accessible V6 motor, however some note that it takes a toll on efficiency. The base 2016 Cherokee gets up to 22/31 mpg city/parkway, which is near normal for the class. Outfitted with a V6 motor, the 2015 Cherokee Limited features wins 21/29 mpg city/interstate. A nine-speed programmed transmission is standard, and most auto journalists say it moves rapidly and easily.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
A couple short months on from the first nearby dispatch of the all-new Jeep Cherokee, the 2015 Limited price intense new styling keeps on polarizing sentiment. All things considered, the styling has positively developed on me the more I see the 2015 Limited car out and about. It's not beautiful all things considered, but rather it doesn't look as 'out there' any long

Presently, Jeep has finished the new Cherokee range with this, the 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited Diesel model. Evaluated a tick under 50 thousand at $49,000 in addition to on-street costs, the 2015 Limited review diesel Cherokee sits over the Trailhawk petrol model, which costs $47,900. It is likewise $5000 more than the proportionate Limited petrol model.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
A five-star ANCAP rating is standard for all Cherokee models and this Limited Diesel additionally comes standard with versatile journey control, programmed fog light leveling, front and back stopping sensors with stop and a converse perspective camera.

We know the Cherokee Limited Diesel isn't as moderate as a percentage of the 2015 Limited specs contenders inside of the section, yet we likewise realize that the Cherokee is amazingly stacked with standard gear over the extent. We additionally think about the 2015 Limited design greatest weapon that no other fair sized SUV has – genuine rough terrain capacity.

You can read our full valuing and determination breakdown to get the lowdown on the 2015 Limited performance statistical data points. The imperative point on that spec list however is the way that the oil burner, not at all like the petrol Limited, gets Jeep's double range 4WD framework, which the organization calls Active Drive II. What that implies practically speaking is that the 2015 Limited interior Diesel gets authentic rough terrain ability. Cherokee diesel gets low range and Select Terrain as a feature of the Active Drive II bundle.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
While the framework adds to the 2015 Limited engine rough terrain hacks, a smart element implies it withdraws the back pivot on-street, conveying a great fuel use figure. On the ADR joined cycle, the Cherokee Limited Diesel returns 5.8L/100km. The figure is likewise helped by the 2015 Limited concept Diesel motor being coordinated to the excellent nine-speed auto and, without precedent for the model reach, motor stop/begin. Contrast that with the 8.3L/100km figure for the petrol (FWD four-barrel) and 10.0L/100km for the petrol (AWD V6) Cherokee Limited and the 2015 Limited cost Diesel begins to bode well. That is significantly more pertinent in the event that you cover long separations routinely.


The 2.0-liter turbo diesel motor is noteworthy both on-street and off, and creates 125kW and 350Nm. As of now class-driving, the towing limit of the 2015 Limited release date Diesel has been extended somewhat further, up to 2393 kilograms. Whether most proprietors will utilize that tow rating or not, the actuality remains you can move a better than average estimated watercraft, or little convoy with that capacity. The Nissan X-Trail and Honda CR-V are the nearest to the 2015 Limited features Limited Diesel with a 2000kg rating.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
In our unique dispatch drive of the petrol Cherokee models, Tony depicted the 2015 Limited style smoothness and easy execution of the nine-speed ZF transmission (standard over the extent) particularly as a highlight. He was hit against then, and it's business as usual with that transmission helping the diesel motor. 125kw and 350Nm aren't monstrous numbers truly, however combine a productive motor to a cutting edge auto and you get genuine capacity on-street. Our street circle is short, yet the 2015 Limited price Diesel is an agreeable cruiser that you can without much of a stretch picture covering substantial separations in. The gearbox shifts between proportions flawlessly and forward advancement is smooth paying little mind to how quick you're voyaging. From a stop, the Cherokee Diesel will get up to thruway speeds as quick as you have to.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
As Tony experienced on his dispatch drive, you'll once in a while see seventh through to ninth rigging around town, such is the proportion spread, yet out on the open street, the motor drops into the 2015 Cherokee Limited images higher apparatuses to help fuel proficiency. While, with the petrol motors, the general agreement is that we'd select the bigger V6, the 2015 Cherokee Limited news four-chamber diesel is by all accounts simply right on-street. It's not a rocketship, but rather it never feels late either.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
Riding on cleaned 18-inch amalgam wheels, I was additionally inspired with the tradeoff in the 2015 Limited pictures middle of solace and taking care of on the open street. The Cherokee douses up all the typical nation grooves, knocks and coarse chip bitumen with aplomb, abandoning me pondering in the matter of how protected it would be the 2015 Limited speed point at which we took rough terrain.


Demonstration of Jeep's trust in the vehicle, our drive program incorporated a few genuine rough terrain landscape. My beginning worries with rough terrain solace (after the 2015 Limited sound street drive) were wide of the imprint as well. The Cherokee Diesel showed a mind blowing flexibility in drenching up all way of rough trails and rutted earth tracks. Investigate out video survey. The in-auto footage is shot over a legitimately rough, uneven trail and you can see exactly how agreeable the Cherokee is in the lodge. Indeed, even cameraman Glen couldn't trust how made the 2015 Limited video is the point at which you take rough terrain.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
The Trailhawk models may be the reach toppers in the rough terrain portfolio, however there is literally nothing amiss with the 2015 Limited series Diesel. Little uncertainty it will go way further and into far nastier landscape than any proprietor will guide it to. It's a classification punctuated by delicate roaders, this moderate sized SUV portion, yet there is nothing delicate about this Cherokee.

Supported by amazing methodology, flight and incline over points, the 2015 Limited wallpaper is willing to move into – and out of, urgently – the gnarliest rough terrain region you'd find on most weekend trips into the hedge. The low-run framework hasn't arrived for appear and it shifts into and out of low range rapidly and easily. There's no frightful thumping or faltering while the 2015 Limited dimensions framework chooses how to do what you've requested that it do.

Drawing nearer a couple of more extreme slopes I was verging on positive we'd see some scrabbling and loss of footing as the Cherokee worked its way up the slope. Firstly, that never happened, and furthermore, it was verging on clever how effortlessly the Cherokee peaked the 2015 Limited autocar slopes. It wasn't wet, so we didn't need to battle with tires obstructed with mud, yet the Cherokee Diesel in any case easily took care of the lofty ascensions.

Another point Tony noted in his survey is the nonattendance – fortunately – of a senseless foot worked stopping brake. The electric switch fitted to the 2015 Limited emissions is a much more intelligent expansion, particularly when you're punting around rough terrain. The exact opposite thing you require getting in your direction is a brake lever in the pedal region. The 2015 Limited first drive petrol Trailhawk model is equipped for being given a genuine beating rough terrain, however the down and out torque of the diesel, conveyed so consistently in high or low-run, presents the defense once more for a cunning diesel motor rough terrain. Jeep traditionalists may in any case lean toward the petrol, yet I'd run with a diesel unfailingly.

Over the CarAdvice testing group we've been awed with the new Cherokee's inside. Jeep guarantees the organization went for the 2015 Limited horsepower lodge to be class-driving and there's no contention that the Cherokee is comfortable top of the heap. It's another counter contention to the value point, particularly on the top of the line models like the Limited where the lodge feels extravagant, good and all around designated. Our medium SUV super test demonstrated that p Inside highlights for me incorporate the magnificent 8.4-inch touchscreen with satellite route that is anything but difficult to utilize and unmistakable in almost every lighting condition. Add that framework to the driver's 7.0-inch TFT shading show and you have a premium mix. The 2015 Cherokee Limited launch cowhide front seats are both warmed – an appreciated element in the Victorian high nation where the dispatch occurred. The nine-speaker Alpine sound framework is additionally phenomenal. I associated my telephone to test the Bluetooth sound and it worked consistently, conveying a noteworthy sound stage by means of Bluetooth sound spilling.

The main counter contention to the Cherokee Limited car lodge ergonomics and solace that we found in that medium SUV test is space. The Cherokee Limited, particularly in the baggage range, isn't the most far reaching SUV in the section. It's not minor, but rather families involving two kids may think that its short on storage room. The Cherokee Limited review second-push seating, however, is agreeable and sufficiently huge for two grown-ups.

As we additionally found in the medium SUV test, Jeep stays one of the main standard players to not offer a topped value administration program for its models. Similarly as with all Jeep vehicles, the Cherokee Limited specs Cherokee has a three-year/100,000km guarantee.


The Jeep Cherokee Limited Diesel is a moderately costly SUV inside of the Cherokee Limited design medium fragment but at the same time it's the most fit by some edge. In the event that you have to tow routinely, or head go romping, the Jeep is – as you'd expect – the best accessible. The Cherokee Limited performance Trailhawk model may be somewhat more in-your-face in a rough terrain sense, however for me, the Limited Diesel is the pick of the Cherokee range – spending plan allowing. look also the 2014 Kia Sorento 2.2 CRDi review

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
There's no denying the Jeep Cherokee's new 2.2-liter motor is more pressing and excited than the Cherokee Limited interiorold 2.0-liter, however while the motor has enhanced, the skeleton and suspension stay untouched. That implies it's still somewhat restless around town, and keeps on floundering and move on the Cherokee Limited engine open street. It's equipped, yet that is sufficiently not in a business sector overwhelmed via Land Rover, BMW and Audi.

Jeep's money related battles are presently long behind it, however, and the Cherokee Limited concept brand has seen 23 back to back months of development in the UK. The famous new Renegade now represents around 60 for every penny of all deals, and another Qashqai-equaling Compass is en route for 2017.


In any case, the Cherokee is still a major player for Jeep. Following a four-year holiday, the Cherokee Limited cost harsh and-prepared SUV made a rebound in 2014 and, taking after criticism on the first motor extent, it has recently been made accessible with a couple of new 2.2-liter diesel units. With a decision of 182bhp or 197bhp, the redesigned powerplant replaces the Cherokee Limited release date old 168bhp 2.0-liter and sits close by the littler, less expensive 138bhp 2.0-liter alternative.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
We were allowed to drive the higher-power rendition of the Cherokee Limited features 2.2-liter Cherokee on UK streets – in top-spec Limited appearance. It's indistinguishably valued to the BMW X3 xDrive 20d M Sport – and £1,095 more costly than our present class top pick, the Land Rover Discovery Sport – in SE Tech trim.

So the opposition is extreme. In any case, on paper, this new 197bhp 2.2 puts forth a convincing defense for itself. It's 1.5 seconds speedier to 62mph than before (8.5 versus 10 seconds) and 8mph quicker level out (now 127mph). Urgently, it likewise has 90Nm more torque, which makes it feel more anxious right from the Cherokee Limited style get-go.

In spite of the additional execution, the new motor will likewise do another mile for each gallon of diesel fuel you put in. That implies it'll return the Cherokee Limited price very same mileage as an Audi Q5 TDI 190, sitting in the same VED band for £145 yearly street charge.


In genuine driving the Cherokee is not what you'd call quick, and it doesn't manufacture speed as charmingly or productively as the BMW X3, however the support in force is welcome and the Cherokee Limited images nine-speed gearbox swaps machine gear-pieces rapidly and easily. As some time recently, there's no controlling wheel mounted oars, and on the off chance that you switch the 'container to manual utilizing the customary lever, it won't generally permit you to choose the Cherokee Limited news rigging you need and this can demonstrate disappointing now and again.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0
Plant your foot and the Cherokee Limited pictures seems to pick up revs without much impression of rate. Look down at the dials and you'll be shocked how rapidly you're going however, and it'll continue quickening great past the national velocity limit.

Essential models accompany Jeep 's Active Drive I framework, which cunningly separates the Cherokee Limited speed back pivot when not expected to spare fuel. Be that as it may, the 197bhp form is additionally accessible with Active Drive II, with a low range setting for enhanced going 4x4 romping. This adds £185 to the cost, yet doesn't influence the Limited sound auto's 2.5-ton towing limit.

Refinement is somewhat off the pace in such a focused class. The Limited video is fairly uproarious out of gear, however settles down at velocity and doesn't endure a lot on the motorway. A Mercedes GLC is much calmer, however, even on the bigger AMG Line combination wheels.


Running Cost

2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited 2.0  Price is £35,695; Yet, the suspension brought on us the most steamed. Regardless of fitting a bigger, all the Limited series more intense motor, Jeep has done nothing to enhance the way the Cherokee drives. That implies despite everything it wriggles over knots and knocks around the Limited wallpaperlocal area, yet flounders and moves over undulating B-streets. It's a formula for auto disorder and feels messy contrasted with BMW's X3 or even models like the Ford Kuga and Volkswagen Tiguan.

You won't be baffled by the broad unit list, however. This 197bhp motor is just accessible as an extent topping Limited model (the rough terrain one-sided Trailhawk variant is held for the 3.2-liter petrol V6), while the lower-fueled 182bhp auto can be had in lesser Longitude and Longitude+ appearances.

Our Limited spec auto gloated a seven-inch TFT screen between the dials, electrically-worked warmed and ventilated front seats, and xenon headlamps and in addition bigger 18-inch compound wheels, a force rear end and keyless go as standard. Jeep's recognizable 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen media focus and maps is standard on Longitude+ and Limited autos, as well.

Reasonableness is unaffected, which implies the sensible 591-liter boot is still extendable to 714 liters with the back seats in their principal position. While that is focused against opponents, fold them level and the 1,267-liter burden inlet misses the mark regarding the 1,698-liter Land Rov