2014 Mini Cooper SD auto Specs, Features, Performance review

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto Specs, Features, Performance review - The 2014 Mini Cooper car  SD auto is the reach topping diesel model for BMW's third-era Mini three-entryway hatchback. Initially found in the new five-entryway Mini, this intense 2.0-liter turbodiesel is currently offered in the littler body.  Also, with an identification such as 2014 Mini Cooper review, Mini would have you trust this is an execution diesel hatchback. You get the looks, body and a comparative sort of execution as the 2014 Mini Cooper specs, yet with better economy. That is the hypothesis, in any case.

What's it like? An exceptionally un-Mini-like driving background, one that is far from the 2014 Mini Cooper design. Not that it's an awful auto, personality. The motor is solid and especially refined, doing its best work on motorway travels. It's a pleasant match for the 2014 Mini Cooper performance programmed gearbox, which is smooth and inconspicuous.

Economy in the mid-50mpg territory is additionally effectively achievable, making this an extremely decent little auto for covering incredible separations in, particularly when you're sitting in such an alluring inside.

The drivetrain makes this Mini feel each piece the infant BMW, however lively it is most certainly not. Yes, the 2014 Mini Cooper interior execution is great, yet the direness and turn of pace from the 2014 Mini Cooper engine model is inadequate. The flow additionally take a hit from having a greater, heavier motor giving force. The ride and taking care of parity is still clean, yet the sharpness and balance from the petrol controlled Minis is abandoned.

You shouldn't be taken in by that identification. This is a Mini that is more GT than GTI. In case you're sold in transit the new Mini looks and embrace a genuine measure of miles, making refinement and motorway execution the overriding variable, then Mini has made the 2014 Mini Cooper concept model for you.


Yet, that obviously will be a fantastically little measure of individuals and inconsistent with the
2014 Mini Cooper cost  statement of purpose. It is not a terrible auto – a long way from it, truth be told – yet it is an exceptionally corner item, and an extremely costly one at that.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
With each new Mini we drive, our unique decision this is an auto where less most certainly is more is fortified, the sweet spot of the extent being right back with the 2014 Mini Cooper release date 1.2-liter three-barrel petrol-controlled One model.

Smaller than usual affirmed the 2014 Mini Cooper features  was coming when it disclosed the new-for-2014, five-entryway maxi Mini a week ago. In any case, now it has issued the full spec and points of interest of the 2014 Mini Cooper style and the section level Mini One First.

The enormous fascination of the new 2014 Cooper price is the way it mixes execution with stinginess. Consolidated economy remains at 70.6mpg, while CO2 extends between 104g/km for the 2014 Cooper car  auto to 106g/km for the manual. Be cautioned when you're speccing your wheels; greater edges snack away at the CO2 figures by a couple focuses.

Design and Styling

The inhabitants of the 2014 Cooper specs  Mini reputation factory are enamored with making go-kart implications in depicting their image's items, and those suggestions have some establishment actually. Consider our test auto, the new four-entryway variant of the Mini Hardtop, in 189-hp 2014 Cooper review  S tune. It has gunfighter reflexes, scarcely a hint of body move, transient reactions reminiscent of a mongoose tormenting a cobra, and directing that is both speedy (2.5 swings lock-to-bolt) and exact to a few decimal spots. The 2014 Cooper design net-net is an auto able both of separating itself at an autocross and of making its proprietor feel like Fernando Alonso at track days.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
That is all great. Be that as it may, unfortunately, there's something else entirely to life than track occasions. Also, surveyed as a regular auto, the 2014 Cooper performance has less charming element qualities. For instance, the hardened suspension tuning that continues cornering demeanors level and reactions avid imparts any asphalt inconsistency greater than a dime straightforwardly to the tenants. This impact is opened up by the 2014 Cooper interior position of safety Pirelli Cinturato P7 run-punctured tires (size 205/40-18), which are fitted to abstain from carrying an extra. It means ride quality that ranges from solid to unforgiving—and transmits a decent lot of street commotion all the while.

Yield of the turbocharged 2.0-liter four is respectable, and associated with a six-speed programmed, it conveys lively forward advancement. Zero to 60 mph is accomplished in 6.2 seconds, the 2014 Cooper engine quarter-mile in 14.8 at 95 mph. Energetic isn't the same as amazing, yet utilizing the transmission's oar shifters to summon the best the 2014 Cooper concept motor needs to give can include a tiny bit of fun.

A six-speed manual gearbox is additionally accessible, conveying positive engagements and a mechanical vibe that appears to have a place with a prior time—positively. Be that as it may, the 2014 Cooper cost programmed lands the position of swapping gear-teeth accomplished all the 2014 Cooper release date more rapidly.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
The suggestive feel stretches out inside, in any event to the extent the 2014 Cooper features seats, which are reinforced practically to a level of track availability with extraordinary sidelong bolster paying little mind to g-loads (0.87 g on our skidpad). Be that as it may, similar to the 2014 Cooper style dynamic attributes, this might be excessive for regular driving—the 2014 Cooper price seats are excessively limiting, especially amid broadened ventures.

The upside of this four-entryway hatchback is that it makes for a much more valuable Mini. Not at all like the 2014 Mini Cooper images two-entryway Hardtop, there's a valid rearward sitting arrangement equipped for pleasing two or three grown-ups. There's not exactly as much space as in, say, a Volkswagen GTI, yet it adds a component of reasonableness to a somewhat hard-edged auto.

Scaled down has made different concessions to reasonableness in its insides as of late, moving its window switches, for instance, to a more traditional area, and the pizza-sized roundel in the 2014 Mini Cooper news focal point of the dash has ended up home for the nav unit, the sound framework, and other auxiliary controls as opposed to the 2014 Cooper pictures speedometer.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
Smaller than usual evaluating has been premium since the 2014 Cooper speed brand's 2002 restoration, and that keeps on being valid. With a base cost of $25,950 with the manual, or $27,450 with the "Game Automatic" transmission tried here, the four-entryway 2014 Cooper sound S Hardtop programmed costs about the same as a relating GTI. Completely Loaded, a choice bundle on our test auto that included route, includes $4500. In any case, that wasn't all. Various different choices conveyed the as-tried aggregate to a reverberating $35,900. That is completely stacked to be sure—a lot for something this size, we say—and more than an equivalently
We continue specifying the 10Best-winning GTI in light of the 2014 Cooper video fact that it offers a little edge in motor execution, similar readiness, and more inside volume furthermore on the grounds that the VW is less demanding to live with as an every day driver. Then again, if your goal is an autocross-prepared weapon with a brazen, heathen persona that will dependably emerge from the 2014 Cooper series crowd, and also a soupçon of common sense, well, here's your ride.


The new MINI has been running down the 2014 Cooper wallpaper creation line at BMW's Plant Oxford since 2001. In any case, despite the fact that its looks haven't changed fiercely from that point forward, even with another, second-era model in 2006, there's a great deal more to this new, third era MINI than meets the 2014 Cooper dimensions eye.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
Small scale is bringing no odds with its willingly foreseen newcomer. Not just is the 2014 Cooper autocar auto greater and more refined than some time recently, it includes an all-new turbocharged motor line-up and considerably more upmarket inside. Also, surprisingly, there's a MINI 5-entryway model, as well, with an additional 72mm in the 2014 Cooper emissions wheelbase, which makes an interpretation of straightforwardly into the 2014 Cooper first drive same measure of additional back legroom – it's a legitimately down to earth MINI.

The MINI likewise profits by considerably more elevated amounts of innovation than some time recently, making it more secure, preferred prepared and posher over it have ever been some time recently. Yet with costs ascends by 2.6 for each penny, or around £400, the 2014 Cooper horsepower new MINI is likewise a standout amongst the most intensely evaluated that BMW has ever sold.

There are additionally five models in the MINI models range in both MINI trapdoor and MINI 5-entryway shapes – Mini One, 2014 Mini Cooper launch, MINI Cooper S, diesel controlled MINI Cooper D and the hot MINI John Cooper Works, which creates 228bhp making it the most intense generation MINI ever constructed.

In any case, the suspension is on the Mini Cooper car firm side. That said the ride is detectably superior to on past models and on the 15-inch wheels it's just severely broken surfaces which send shivers through the auto. Be that as it may, as you expand the wheel size you build the uneasiness and on 17 and 18-inch amalgams the ride will be excessively unforgiving for some individuals. It deteriorates with the discretionary games suspension. The Mini Cooper review discretionary versatile dampers, be that as it may, do help as

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
There are three petrol and three diesel motors to look over. The passage level MINI One gets a 100bhp 1.2-liter three-barrel turbo, while the Mini Cooper design gets a 134bhp 1.5-liter three-chamber. The Mini Cooper interior S upsizes from a 1.6 to a 2.0-liter four-barrel motor with 189bhp. The diesels are both 1.5-liters and create 94bhp in the One D and 115bhp in the Mini Cooper performance D while the SD has a 2.0-liter with 168bhp.

The smooth 1.5-liter diesel can be jerky at low speeds, yet once the Mini Cooper concept revs pass 1,500rpm it reacts freshly and neatly to the throttle. It's additionally a calm motor. Actually, just from the outside would you be able to perceive the well known diesel clack, and still, at the end of the Mini Cooper engine day it's a standout amongst the most quieted little diesels in the business.

The MINI has dependably been pretty fuel productive, however the new scope of motors enhances this impressively. Smaller than usual cases that the passage level 1.2 petrol is around 25 for every penny more fuel proficient, and can return efficiency of 61.4mpg and CO2 outflows of 108g/km.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
Similarly as with each MINI, there's enormous extension for personalisation. The Mini Cooper cost One accompanies 15-inch wheels as standard however you can move up to 18-inch compounds on the off chance that you like. There's likewise the Mini Cooper release date mainstream Pepper and Chili hardware packs which most purchasers fit to their autos, and are an unquestionable requirement for streamlining resale values. Additionally a differentiating dark rooftop is a no-cost choice, and for an additional cost, you can get hood stripes and dark 17-inch composites set up of the standard 16-inch edges. There are likewise discretionary LED headlamps, with unmistakable round daytime running lights.

Smaller than usual has been bolder with the new auto's inside, in spite of the Mini Cooper features fact that the eye-getting outline still components a lot of retro touches. Commanding the dash is a substantial, round showcase for the infotainment and discretionary sat-nav. This is encompassed by a ring of brightening that flashes green when the stop-begin framework works and can be customized to copy. look also the 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint review


In any case, the inside has been generously revised. A great deal of the Mini Cooper style switchgear has been moved – the commonplace line-up of flip switches is still on the inside console, however the window catches are currently on the entryways, while a BMW-style iDrive controller sits between the front seats, supplanting the Mini Cooper price old auto's joystick.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
The vast focal rev counter is gone, as well, swapped by a roundabout showcase for the infotainment and discretionary sat-nav. It's encompassed by a ring of brightening that progressions shading as you switch between the discretionary drive modes, or can even be modified to mirror the scope of a rev counter.

Standard unit incorporates aerating and cooling, Bluetooth and a DAB radio, while the Mini Cooper images discretionary Chili Pack includes alluring hardware, for example, atmosphere control, a multifunction directing wheel, front games seats and encompassing lighting.

The 5-entryway auto gets a sound 72mm of additional back space, which makes the Mini Cooper news back shockingly down to earth and agreeable, for two in any event - a third back traveler is a poor connection. Those little back entryways open pleasant and wide to make getting in less demanding, however the entryway opening is restricted at the Mini Cooper pictures base so you'll need to point your feet to get them in and tuck them under the seat in front.


The Cooper sound driving position is great, and there are new seats which are considerably more strong than some time recently. Perceivability is really great, as well, in spite of the Mini Cooper speed letter box windscreen. There are two gloveboxes and the seat backs and front traveler footwell have spaces to store containers and maps.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
The Cooper series still accompanies a focal armrest that never neglects to obstruct your elbow, whether you have it up or down. The boot space is better now, as well, up 30 for each penny to 211 liters – the five-entryway is better still with 278 liters and simple to crease split back seats. Notwithstanding, the Cooper video boot's still too little.

To do this, the new model elements all the more high-quality steel in the Cooper wallpaper body and effect safeguards and a pop-up cap to enhance a person on foot's shot of survival if you have the incident to hit one. A full suite of airbags and ISOFIX mounts is likewise included. New tech for the Cooper dimensions MINI incorporates the choice of a back perspective camera, to help with switching, and a head-up presentation, to keep your eyes out and about.

A camera-based versatile journey control framework is likewise on the alternatives list. The Cooper autocar is manufacture utilizing a great deal of all-new tech, blended with some attempted and tried advancements. In any case, as this will likewise be utilized as a part of a large group of BMW models, this ought to have been designed to last.


It may look well known, yet the new Mini – or new Mini – is a totally diverse auto to the one it replaces. Not a solitary body board is persisted. It has another scope of motors, so the Cooper emissions S's 1.6-liter is supplanted by a 2.0-liter turbo. It has a more drawn out front end and another face with two or three tusk-like air admissions under its jaw. The surfaces are more etched and the Cooper first drive back lights are currently the span of stallion seats, with an end goal to mask the expanded extents. There's even now a five-en

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
The speedo has relocated to the right position before your eyes, while the Cooper launch focal circle it clears now houses a ring of sparkling lights that edge the data screen. The mushroom stalk that controlled all the old auto's infotainment stuff is supplanted by BMW's iDrive wheel. Manufacture quality is magnificent and there's parts to play with, similar to the neckline that pivots around the base of gearstick to modify the Cooper horsepower driving modes and discretionary versatile dampers.

The Mini Cooper car review specs and performance S can be yours from £18,655. Be that as it may, for it to truly bode well, and to give it a genuine purpose of distinction over hot-hatch adversaries, for example, the Ford Fiesta ST, it needs a solid list of alternatives. What's more, once it's stacked with those, you're taking a gander at a major bill. Bean stew Pack, route, versatile dampers – they all include. This isn't to say they're not justified, despite any potential benefits, only that – as ever – the Mini Cooper review specs and performance Mini is still a costly little auto. With, given the resurgent hot lid part, some extreme new rivals to beat…


Each variant of the most recent Mini accompanies amalgam wheels, aerating and cooling, a Bluetooth sans hands telephone association, an advanced radio and a USB attachment that lets you play your iPod through the stereo.

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto
Smaller than normal additionally offers various frill that let you customize your auto, including cap stripes, differentiating rooftop hues and a Chili Pack, which brings sports seats, front foglights, bigger amalgams, surrounding inside lighting and part-calfskin upholstery.

Smaller than usual likewise offers a wide range of "way of life" embellishments, for example, bicycle racks and rooftop rails, yet one thing you can't do with the most recent models is fit a tow bar, which means you won't have the capacity to tow even the littlest of trailers.

Mini Cooper specs and performance? The petrol motor offers more keen speeding up and a lively fumes clamor, however this SD is the same amount of fun and substantially more thrifty. It's not the most functional hot seal by a wide margin, but rather it offers the character and fun that is lost in less expensive and more costly opponents.


  Running Cost

2014 Mini Cooper SD auto Price is £21,070; There's more torque for more prominent in-rigging push, while economy with a tender right foot is asserted to be 68.9mpg – a valuable 21mpg more than the petrol auto. Emanations drop from 136g/km to 109g/km, satisfying organization auto clients and private purchasers alike.

In any case, for the (superbly lovely) diesel snarl as opposed to petrol thunder, the SD feels every last bit the quick, fun MINI. There's fantastic grasp, light and pointy controlling and a lot of jab, if not from the minute you push your foot down hard on the Mini Cooper engine performance throttle.

This most recent MINI is well meriting our Car of the Year title because of its more agreeable ride (unless you select Sport mode in the dynamic set-up), great quality and top of the line tech choices – despite the fact that they're expensive.

With 72mm more space in the middle of front and back wheels, there's astounding space in the back seats for two – three in case you're pushing your good fortune. Access is somewhat tight through those dinky back entryways, while the Mini Cooper interior images boot – albeit greater than the three-entryway's – isn't enormous.

That additional length doesn't hurt the MINI's looks too gravely. It's not exactly as charming as the three-entryway, but rather insufficient to put the Mini Cooper interior pictures numerous individuals off who MINI says it's passed up a major opportunity for by not offering a five-e