2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Specs, Featuers, Performance review

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Specs, Featuers, Performance review - Agreeable to drive and great to take a gander at, the Sprint might at last flag the 2014 Alfa Giulietta car  begin of Alfa's hotly anticipated renaissance. Great as it seems to be, however's, regardless it not consummate; the footwell is confined and the material quality inside isn't comparable to most. It's a bit past the point of no return in the 2014 Alfa Giulietta review  life to have any genuine effect, yet in the event that you need another Alfa incubate then this is the one to have.

In Europe that identification envelops the whole six-in number motor extent, yet here in the UK the 2014 Alfa Giulietta specs  auto is offered with one and only. Essentially, it's the new 1.4-liter TB MultiAir turbo, giving the 2014 Alfa Giulietta design  148bhp and 250Nm of torque. Think warm bring forth, then, as opposed to hot.

Obviously there's a visual makeover, as well. The Sprint identifications on the front wings are the 2014 Alfa Giulietta performance  most evident expansion, however the styling changes likewise incorporate flawless 17-inch five-opening compound wheels, dark window encompasses, dull tinted glass and a "games" back guard joining a diffuser-style lower component. Dim completing around the grille and on the mirror tops and entryway handles finish the 2014 Alfa Giulietta interior  outer changes, in spite of the fact that you'll must be a dedicated Alfa fan to spot them in the city.

The carbon-impact dash is new, as well. Its completion isn't as flawless as a few adversaries', however, and the reflections it makes in the 2014 Alfa Giulietta engine screen are a superfluous diversion. This is excusable, be that as it may, as the Sprint demonstrates rather an amusing redirection.


The 1.4-liter revs with eagerness, in spite of the 2014 Alfa Giulietta concept fact that it's clearly turbocharged on account of its low-rev torque conveyance. There's a slight increment in beat from 2,300rpm, however else it's direct and energetic, taking the 2014 Alfa Giulietta cost auto from 0-62mph in 8.2 seconds. It sounds great, as well, with a valid, donning note that urges you to utilize its whole rev range.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
The 2014 Alfa Giulietta features motor's energy is coordinated by an expert undercarriage. It even rides well, in spite of those 17-inch combinations. Include a brisk, unequivocal, manual movement and the Sprint is a genuine sweet spot in the Alfa range – and a great deal more intriguing than whatever else at the 2014 Alfa Giulietta release date same value point.

It's pretty, as well, however then that is dependably been valid for Alfas. Just with the 2014 Alfa Giulietta style Sprint do those looks accompany genuine substance. Everything gives the Giulietta a very much required support. For sure, in case you're exhausted with the 2014 Giulietta price Golf and Ford Focus, then this may very well be the answer. At last.

The Giulietta was a really better than average drive at dispatch, and this one upgrades things somewhat more. Despite everything it can't coordinate class-pioneers, for example, the 2014 Giulietta car Golf and, shockingly, the Seat Leon ('the Spanish Alfa' beats the genuine Alfa – goodness, the incongruity), however is still a significant sweet thing to drive for those more keen on stimulation than solace. Play around with the Alfa DNA switch and you can make it feel practically hot bring forth sharp (the Q2 electronic differential capacity is a beneficial expansion here): the 2014 Giulietta review last clean is definitely missing yet it's still pretty fun. The firm ride isn't as terrible as it could be, either.

Design and Styling

The fizzy motors are the 2014 Giulietta design place the genuine fun lies, especially the superbly revvy 1.4-liter MultiAir. Indeed, even the section level Giulietta accompanies a 120bhp form of this fine engine. The 2014 Giulietta specs 2.0-liter JTDm-2 diesel has been enhanced for 2014 also, with the 175bhp TCT variant making a shocking Golf GTD chaser.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
At first it is hard not to be awed by the upgrades in saw quality that Alfa has made for the 2014 Giulietta performance. It would appear that a legitimately premium seal initially, while keeping up that material, alluring Alfa uniqueness that opponents, for example, the Renault Megane have lost by going all Germanic.

Beforehand, the itemizing let it down. For example, not having the 2014 Giulietta interior capacity to have an appropriate sat nav/infotainment framework. All cured here, and the great touchscreen setup is one of the best out there. Quality has been lifted as well, albeit most adversaries stay a long way from stressed (and even perhaps bewildered at how Alfa's ready to make parts of it feel like they have come straight from the 1990s) It's likewise worth saying that the 2014 Giulietta engine just comes as a fivedoor, yet the back two have concealed handles, so you get reasonableness and looks in the one bundle here.

Motors improve the Alfa's proprietorship suggestion, not only the drive. The 2014 Giulietta concept 1.6-liter JTDM-2 is an especially incredible all-rounder, with heavenly CO2 details. In facelifted appearance, it's exceptionally sparing. All are shockingly very much estimated: no, it's not immaculate, but rather as under £20k gets you a tolerable turbo petrol or diesel, without a doubt you can excuse a couple imperfections in an auto this lovely?

Despite the fact that the first was a dazzlingly pretty car, it was the 2014 Giulietta cost first of an entire group of Giuliettas that changed Alfa Romeo from a little scale, top of the line, master auto creator to what today we would call a premium producer.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Subtle element changes particular to the 2014 Giulietta release date Sprint incorporate anthracite entryway mirrors and entryway handles, some somewhat attractive amalgams - particularly in shined dim - a diffuser-prepared back guard, ledge augmentations, security glass and some badging.

Inside there's fake carbonfibre trim – preposterously, in a delicate vibe material – Alcantara seats and a games directing wheel. Not much visual contrast, then, but rather the 2014 Giulietta features new 148bhp motor is a more than advantageous expansion.

Similarly as with the best Alfas, this motor is somewhat of a diamond. It's smooth, likes to rev, is genuinely energetic and issues an unpretentious foundation commotion that is really fragrant of Giuliettas of the past.

It doesn't rev that high, 6500rpm being the faintly strained farthest point, and there's an unmistakable force venture at 2200rpm when the 2014 Giulietta style turbo pulls harder - however regardless of this, the MultiAir is infrequently shy of valuable draw.

The Giulietta's suspension is unobtrusively noteworthy, as well. Alfa cases to have rolled out no improvements since dispatch, and there's none particular to the 2014 Giulietta price Sprint, however this auto rides with pleasantly confusion free suppleness, just the periodic sharp-edged knocks bringing on suppressed thumps. Also, this was on the discretionary 18-inch edges as opposed to the 2014 Alfa Giulietta images standard 17-inch units.

The undercarriage additionally conveys fairly sharp turn-in, a lot of grasp and great on-the-utmost conduct, the mix of finely tuned ESP and a standard-fit, Q2 electronic differential fixing the 2014 Alfa Giulietta news auto's line through hard-charged, tight winds without nosy intercessions. It's a long way from an uproar to drive, however it's satisfyingly competent.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
The guiding is less satisfying. It's too substantial when the 2014 Giulietta pictures DNA switch is moved to Dynamic, helpfully breathing life into the throttle, but since the modes aren't separately selectable, you can't have what Alfa calls "common" directing without a dulled quickening agent. Of the two modes we incline toward normal, the 2014 Giulietta speed controlling scoring for its weight and exactness, notwithstanding its desensitized street feel.

The 'if I purchase' address for the most part prompts a well known answer when it to comes to Alfas - which is that in the event that you favor something somewhat unique in relation to the 2014 Giulietta sound universal standard, an auto with a touch of character, then it's worth genuine thought if its all the same to you living with a couple defects and a more slender merchant system.


It gives a fine adjust of capacities, is sensibly very much estimated and has quite recently enough character to balance the second rate materials in parts of the lodge and the 2014 Giulietta video marginally constrained back room.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Alfa Romeo presented the Giulietta name in 1954 for a progression of conservative autos that included car, roadster and convertible models. One of Alfa's most notorious nameplates, the 2014 Giulietta series is known for its wonderful coachwork - done at Bertone, Pininfarina and Zagato - and energetic desire. All renditions of the auto are known not been included in motorsport one way or the other, yet the roadster is especially celebrated for producing the Sprint Zagato and Sprint Speciale models. The Giulietta was supplanted with the Giulia in 1965, and the name stayed torpid until 2010, when it was restored for a reduced hatchback. Devel oped to supplant the maturing 147, the current Giulietta got it first invigorate in 2014. For 2015, Alfa Romeo is growing the lineup by including a Sprint model, which accompanies a few restrictive components all around, and additionally a shiny new motor.

The presentation of the 2014 Giulietta wallpaper Sprint happens as the brand praises the 60th commemoration of the nameplate. The first Giulietta Sprint was revealed in late 1954, a couple of months after the standard 2014 Giulietta dimensions was dispatched. Despite the fact that the present auto has nothing just the same as the lovely car of the 1950s, I acknowledge Alfa utilizing the new 2014 Giulietta autocar to commend the Sprint and help us to remember the organization's superb past.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
The rundown of outside augmentations is somewhat short, however the new subtle elements isolate the Sprint rendition from a typical 2014 Giulietta emissions. The most detectable overhaul is around back, where another guard consolidating a diffuser-like overskirt with four balances replaces the standard piece. The lively character of the hatchback is improved by larger than average, chrome debilitate funnels.

Inside, the Sprint is basically a 2014 Giulietta first drive with additional standard elements and a dark games trim. The reinforced seats are wrapped in fabric and Alcantara sewed together with red string, while the headrests accompany red "Sprint" lettering. A calfskin secured controlling wheel with red sewing is additionally included, while the 2014 Giulietta horsepower dashboard and entryway boards brandish a carbon-hued wrap up. The dark inside topic proceeds with dark rooftop coating and unique floor mats.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Similarly as innovation and comfort highlights go, the 2014 Alfa Giulietta launch Sprint is furnished with standard journey control, back stopping sensors and Alfa's new Uconnect interactive media framework with either a five-or a 6.5-inch touchscreen. The last incorporates a satellite route framework with 3D 10,000 foot view maps, dynamic course direction and the "One Step Voice Entry Destination" capacity for entering the required destination with voice summons.


Much the same as the customary Alfa Giulietta car, the Sprint model is accessible with a pack of gas and diesel motors, and even a LPG unit. There is, be that as it may, a fresh out of the box new motor on the table, as a 1.4-liter, four-barrel, MultiAir unit evaluated at 150 drive. This factory empowers the Sprint to achieve 60 mph from a standing begin in 8.2 seconds and a top pace of 210 km/h (130 mph). With this motor in the engine, the Alfa Giulietta review Sprint tastes 5.6 liters of fuel for every 100 km, which interpret into around 42 U.S. mpg.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
The motor lineup additionally incorporates a 170-horse rendition of the same 1.4-liter, MultiAir unit - this one accompanies a TCT twin-grip programmed - and three distinctive oil burners. The 1.6-liter JTDM creates 105 stallions, while the 2.0-liter JTDM can be had with either 150 horses or 175 pull. In conclusion, the 1.4-liter LPG plant makes 120 strength for those worried about the earth and running expenses.

Dispatched at the 2013 New York Auto Show, the Alfa Giulietta specs seventh-era Volkswagen Golf is longer, more extensive and lower than its forerunner. The hatchback is additionally more streamlined than the active model and it returns better efficiency. The vehicle's new plan mixes exemplary Golf components and fresh out of the Alfa Giulietta design box new signs alike, and showcases adjusted guards, an amended front grille and overhauled lights. Lodge curiosities incorporate a redesigned focus console with rearranged controls, upgraded legroom and shoulder room, and reexamined trims on all models.

In the engine, the Volkswagen Golf is offered with a decision of two powerplants in the U.S. A 1.8-liter four-chamber makes 170 pull and 184 pound-feet of torque, while a 2.0-liter four-pot diesel produces 150 drive and 236 pound-feet. Both units mate to either a manual or a programmed transmission. Valuing starts at $17,995, however a reach topping diesel Golf can retail for more than $29,000.

Redesigned for the 2015 model year, the present Focus wears the Alfa Giulietta performance organization's trademark front grille and styling signs that appeared on the Fusion. The inside has been overhauled also, bragging a more premium look and a shiny new SYNC AppLink framework.

Overhauls proceed under its hood, where a 1.0-liter, three-barrel EcoBoost creates 100 torque and returns an EPA-assessed 40 mpg on the expressway. The Alfa Giulietta interior fuel-sipper mates only to a six-speed manual transmission and joins the officially recognizable 2.0-liter four-pot evaluated at 160 drive and 146 pound-feet of torque. The Alfa Giulietta engine last can be had with either a five-speed manual or a six-speed programmed.


The Alfa Giulietta release date is not doing too well in a business sector commanded by the Volkswagen Golf and the Ford Focus, so it's characteristic for Alfa Romeo to think of new forms by sticking on the nameplate's grand past. In any case, regardless of how cool the Alfa Giulietta concept Sprint is contrasted with its standard kin, it won't do much towards expanding Alfa Giulietta cost deals. This shouldn't imply that the Alfa Giulietta style Sprint is terrible thought. In case you're crazy about Alfa Romeo and its past famous autos, this model is a decent approach to bring that Alfa enchantment into your carport without purchasing an exemplary auto. However, in the Alfa Giulietta features event that you're simply searching for a hatchback that is capable, proficient and rock-strong, then you're in an ideal situation with an auto that wears an alternate identification.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
The Alfa Giulietta images is a polished little family auto that has embarked to adversary hatchbacks, for example, the VW Golf, Ford Focus and considerably more upmarket autos like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class. The strongpoints of the Alfa Giulietta price are its extraordinary looks, shrewd inside and expansive decision of motors. You can spare a normal of £4,280 in the event that you purchase the auto by means of carwow.

To drive the Alfa Giulietta news is depicted by commentators as being "dynamic and lithe". There are three selectable driving modes – that modify the auto's responsiveness – yet they are censured for being excessively gimmicky. A firm ride and direct guiding offer extraordinary control on twisty streets, however make the auto excessively unsettled in the city. The Alfa Giulietta pictures offers a vastly improved harmony between driver excites and solace.


Standard gear is liberal over all particulars and the passage level Progression model gets a five-inch touchscreen with DAB (computerized) radio, electric windows and aerating and cooling. Back stopping sensors are an advantageous discretionary additional on the Alfa Giulietta speed grounds that rearward perceivability is poor.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
For those searching for a more lavish feel, you won't locate any calfskin upholstery until the Giulietta sound second most noteworthy Exclusive particular. By and large, however, there are a lot of toys even on the section level Progression model, including a five-inch touchscreen with DAB (advanced) radio, electric windows and cooling. It may be savvy to extend to the Distinctive model on account of its standard-fit stopping sensors – rearward perceivability is poor so you'll require the Giulietta video assistance. Expansive entryway columns don't improve the perspective much out of the front either.

There isn't much eagerness among pundits for the measure of traveler space on offer. The Giulietta series diving roofline implies the headroom isn't incredible and there's not a dreadful part of back legroom either. Numerous faultfinders scrutinize the unusual pedal design, saying they fluctuate in tallness, are excessively near one another, and that there's valuable little space to rest your grip foot on long voyages. Some additionally felt the directing wheel sits too far from the driver. Adversaries are unquestionably all the more ergonomically inviting.


As far as inside and out volume, the boot is 30 liters shy of the Giulietta wallpaper, yet 34 liters greater than the Ford Focus's. Tragically, the high stacking lip makes the space on offer significantly less useful. The back seat backs fold, yet not totally level, and general volume just extends to 750 liters.

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint
Past the boot, cubby openings are difficult to find in whatever remains of the lodge. The Giulietta dimensions entryway pockets are genuinely little, and there aren't a particular spaces on the dash to store a cell telephone – a 21st century prerequisite adversaries provide food for.

Each Giulietta autocar accompanies Alfa Romeo's DNA driving sort selector – around condensing for Dynamic, Natural and All-Weather. Contingent upon which mode is chosen, the responsiveness of the motor, the weighting of the controlling and the level of mediation of the Giulietta autocar electrical driver helps are changed. A few commentators propose, in any case, it's every one of the somewhat gimmicky or, more regrettable, a misuse of cash. Regardless, Dynamic mode is not suitable for city boulevards – the ride


Running Cost

2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Price is £20,490; It's a genuinely not too bad auto to drive eagerly down twisty streets however. That firm ride has a positive exchange off as far as body control, so there's little in the Giulietta first drive method for roll and, in spite of the fact that analyzers say the controlling has little feel, it is at any rate immediate and quick, offering a feeling of dexterity. With the right motor, it's very energetic between the bendy bits, and the brakes are solid and responsive as well.

Pundits are less clear about the Giulietta horsepower ride, with feelings separated running from through and through cumbersome to 'superior to anything late Alfa Romeos'. This is a genuinely underhanded compliment, so expect some solidness whatever model you pick.

The Alfa Giulietta review specs and performance passage level 1.6-liter diesel gives back a class normal 0-62mph sprint of around 11 seconds while posting efficiency figures in overabundance of 70mpg. An a great deal all the Giulietta launch more chipper choice is the bigger 2.0-liter diesel, which still returns a guaranteed 64mpg yet hits 62mph from rest three seconds sooner, on account of its 175hp and 258lb ft of torque.

An entire suite of electronic driver guides – solidness control, electronic brake dispersion, vehicle dynamic control (which supports the DNA driving selector) and an electronic differential – supplement the six airbags and dynamic hostile to whiplash head restrictions to make the Alfa Giulietta car review specs and performance one of the most secure autos you can purchase.