2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe Specs, Features, Performance review - The goal was to make something speedier and more honed to drive than the GT Line, however less demanding to live with than the 2015 Renault 220 car  considerably harder-riding, full-fat Megane Renaultsport 275.

The front will wash wide on the off chance that you push the 2015 Renault 220 review GT 220 too hard, yet the suspension's fun loving nature implies a delicate lift of the throttle trims it back to your picked line.

It utilizes the same Renaultsport 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol as the 2015 Renault 220 specs, however it's detuned to create 217bhp and 251lb ft of torque. In the process it has turned out to be marginally more productive. Normal consolidated fuel utilization is currently 38.7mpg and its CO2 discharges are 169g/km.

Despite the fact that this is a detuned motor, it's still an euphoric thing. It pulls well, sounds incredible and loves to rev, turning out to be especially energetic above 4000rpm. Without a doubt, the 2015 Renault 220 design entire drivetrain feels exceptionally all around built.

The grip activity is certain, which makes the GT 220 simple to get off the line, and the 2015 Renault 220 performance gearbox's six proportions are divided consummately to keep the motor in its energy band. It's only a disgrace that the long divert of the gearlever takes the 2015 Renault 220 interior edge from the experience.


Cheerfully, Renaultsport has likewise invested energy enhancing the skeleton and brakes. The 2015 Renault 220 engine controlling has been recalibrated to work better with the new dampers and tires that are particular to the GT 220. The brakes use greater circles than the 2015 Renault 220 concept Line, front and raise, and in addition the same expert chamber as the 275 to give them a more dynamic feel.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
Everything signifies an auto that is a genuine joy to use on winding nation paths. The 2015 Renault 220 cost directing won't not give much criticism, but rather it's exact and all around weighted. This gives you the certainty to push the frame, and it rewards you by cornering with little body roll and offering heaps of grasp. There's no restricted slip differential, so you need to convey the 2015 Renault 220 release date force tenderly on soggy streets to point of confinement torque steer, yet by and large footing is great.

The front will wash wide in the event that you push too hard, however the 2015 Renault 220 features case's lively nature implies a tender lift of the throttle trims it back to your picked line. Give it a genuine lift mid-corner and it will oversteer, albeit unfortunately the 2015 Renault 220 style can't be totally impaired to endeavor this.

The suspension won't not be as brutal as that of the 275, however there's no getting away from the way that this auto is set up for rate as opposed to comfort. Generally, the 2015 220 price ride is firm yet middle of the road for a lively offering at the same time, especially at pace, there's a consistent ricocheting over edges and extension joints, which can get to be wearing.

Design and Styling

There is additionally a decent measure of wind and tire clamor on the motorway, in addition to that nearby proportion 'box implies the motor twists at near 3000rpm in top at 70mph.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
The Megane's lodge is worthy instead of awesome. There are some pleasant touches as a component of the 2015 220 car bundle, similar to the aluminum pedals and cleaned carbon completes all through. In any case, other than the 2015 220 review delicate feel dash, there are bunches of lower-evaluation materials all around else.

There is a lot of space in advance and even tall grown-ups will discover there's heaps of leg and headroom. On the other hand, the 2015 220 design span customizable controlling wheel doesn't reach out sufficiently far, which means a few drivers will wind up at full extend.

The seating position is likewise moderately high, even with the 2015 220 performance stature agent at its most reduced setting, while the games seats are very tight between the supports. Everything indicates a driving position that for some will feel bargained as opposed to normally agreeable.

Restricted leg and head room implies that, unless you're conveying kids, the 2015 220 interior back seats are best for short treks just. On the off chance that you consistently convey back travelers, you'd be in an ideal situation settling on the five-entryway hatchback adaptation.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
In any case, even in car shape the boot is still a decent size. At 377 liters with the 2015 220 engine back seats set up, it's on a standard with a Seat Leon and a helpful 61 liters more than a hatchback Ford Focus. The drawback is the tight opening and a high lip that implies that massive things are hard to stack.

Standard hardware is like the high-spec GT Line, so it accompanies elements, for example, sat-nav, a premium sound framework and a back camera for switching. The 2015 220 concept bundle additionally incorporates Bluetooth, a USB port, auto headlights and wipers, voyage control, LED daytime running lights and double zone atmosphere control.

On the off chance that you need to include additional hardware the 2015 220 cost choices list incorporates path takeoff cautioning with auto-plunging headlights, in addition to warmed calfskin seats.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
It's a hard one to approach whether to pull the trigger and purchase one, and here's the reason. To drive, the Megane GT 220 Coupe is tantamount to any warm offering out there. The 2015 220 release date issue is its driving position and fast ride bring down what it was intended to be, which is a more useable adaptation of the 2015 220 features 275. Most relevantly, at £24,230, it's costly for the execution and bundle that it offers.


The Focus ST won't not have those car looks, but rather it feels pretty much as great to drive, with a similarly sublime undercarriage. It is additionally over a second quicker to 62mph and ostensibly has a somewhat better fast ride. In the meantime it figures out how to be more sparing and proficient. Also, on the off chance that you aren't worried about heaps of standard pack, its cost begins from £22,195.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
All things considered, a touch of exploration into online representatives uncovers the 2015 220 style GT 220 Coupe is accessible from as meager as £15,570. Beyond all doubt, at that value it's an outright take and worth each penny.

The rough motor gave push galore, the diff bolted the front tires into the Provençal ridges and the 2015 220 price frame took anything that I tossed at it. It says more in regards to Renaultsport than Pollardsport that the SLS couldn't shake me off.

So a softly detuned rendition could be something exceptional. One of the 2015 Renault 220 images immense cutting edge hot hatchbacks, twisted back to a more worthy level of spend and heave, to care for your wallet, protection gathering and the 2015 Renault 220 news environment somewhat b

The issue accompanies the bits that aren't fitted. The 2015 220 pictures absence of a constrained slip diff implies the front wheels turn uncontrollably, the suspension loses the balance offered by PerfoHub directing geometry and Ohlins dampers, while the 2015 220 speed Brembo-less brakes are less certainty motivating.

The GT 220 bundle is accessible as a three-entryway "car" bodystyle (as tried), or a more viable five-entryway Megane and the visiting bequest. Simply recall that it's a run-out extraordinary; Renault arrangements to demonstrate the all-new Megane at the 2015 220 sound engine appear.

It's a decent asylum, the 220, yet we'd suggest you put something aside for the 2015 220 video full-fat Renaultsport 265 or 275; we've checked in the classifieds and you'll get an almost new one for not exactly the expense of a GT 220. Why bargain?

The Renault GT 220 Coupe is a sensible and fulfilled expansion to the 2015 220 wallpaper range. There are some just as competent opponents available which are somewhat less expensive to purchase and run, however the Renault is positively up there with regards to energy.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
It's gone for purchasers who are looking for something somewhat more energizing than the standard Megane, yet would prefer not to run the entire swine with the 2015 220 dimensions Trophy. Yet in light of the fact that this newcomer doesn't bear the well known Renaultsport name, don't believe you're getting scammed.

Underneath the unassuming outside, the brand's motorsport arm has fettled the 2015 220 autocar motor and undercarriage, so as in the bequest, you get the essential 2.0-liter turbo from the 265 Trophy – detuned to 217bhp – and an energetic hunger for curves.

There's sufficiently still jab to keep you suitably entertained, nonetheless, with a solid spread of torque helping you from 0-62mph in 7.6 seconds. There's slight faltering from the 2015 220 emissions  motor under hard quickening, yet above 3,000rpm, it's enthusiastic and responsive. Then again, we discovered substantial throttle inputs brought about the 2015 220 first drive front hub to wind up somewhat overpowered and turn the tires in corners, as there's no restricted slip diff.

And additionally the Renaultsport skeleton and motor, the 2015 220 horsepower Coupe incorporates a couple of games seats, carbon-fiber enumerating and aluminum pedals. Air-con, sat-nav and a turning around camera come as standard, as well.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
Our Renault Megane GT 200 audit uncovers a fast, colossally agreeable and generally down to earth hot trapdoor. Ben Griffin explains...

Being the center youngster is never simple, particularly if your more youthful sibling is the immensely fruitful standard Megane and your more established sibling the 2015 Renault 220 launch  widely praised Renaultsport 275. Luckily Renault's most recent passage into the Megane extent can remain all alone four wheels.

From the front it's mean yet some way or another still entirely downplayed, while the trademark love-it-or-despise it backside is available and right. There's no denying it's a beautiful auto – one that expertly treads a barely recognizable difference between kid racer-esque and smooth.

Those looks do include some significant downfalls. The Renault 220 car  back windows are little and checking your blindspot is similar to looking through the opening of a needle, while the Renault 220 review somewhat inclining rooftop implies individuals from the 6ft-tall club won't have much headroom in the back, nor legroom so far as that is concerned.

The back seats don't overlap level, however we figured out how to get a 2m Ikea flatpack in the Renault 220 specs boot with no bother. An exceptionally usable 372 liters of space can be had with the back seats up. There are likewise a lot of cubby openings around the lodge.

"There's no denying it's a beautiful auto – one that expertly treads a scarcely discernible difference between kid racer-esque and graceful."The calculated velocity dial makes it a touch hard to know in case you're doing the careful pace restrain or not, while working out how to cross out the Renault 220 design  route could have been a test on The Crystal Maze.

You can control the touchscreen infotainment framework utilizing a dial between the Renault 220 performance  front seats however it's unnecessarily dull. The client interface itself is likewise somewhat of a torment as it takes no less than three catch presses to set a destination in the Renault 220 interior  satnav, however at any rate the 7-inch screen is splendid, clear and responsive.


Toss any thought the GT 220 is simply one more hatchback with aluminum pedals and go-speedier stripes. The 2.0-liter motor under the hat has been culled from the Renault 220 engine 271bhp Renaultsport 275 and detuned to 217bhp.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
Its 7.6-second 0-62mph sprint sounds moderate in this day and age for a hot-seal (the Renault 220 concept Focus ST takes 1.1 seconds less time), yet actually it feels effortlessly sufficie

A substantial 340Nm of torque starts to kick in around 2,500rpm – not far-removed the 296bhp Golf R's 379Nm. The 149mph top pace is bounty sufficiently quick to offer you some assistance with losing your driving permit.

The Megane GT 220 can in any case lethargically overwhelm most autos gracefully, however you should work the apparatuses to truly wring out its crest execution. If not, there are times where it takes a second for the Renault 220 cost turbo to end up.

"This current auto's suspension is more qualified to offering it some assistance with nudging pinnacles dangerously fast instead of keeping your jars of Coke from bubbling up."Unsurprisingly for a front-wheel drive auto, the Renault 220 features is somewhat of a modest bunch when you truly firearm it, because of the absence of a constrained slip differential and heaps of torque cow, however it's heaps of fun and impeccably sensible in the Renault 220 release date dry.

The ride is firmer than in the standard Megane, yet less inclined to harm your spine than the Renault 220 style model. Be that as it may, just barely. This current auto's suspension is more qualified to offering it some assistance with nudging summits dangerously fast instead of keeping your jars of Coke from effervescing up in transit once more from the Renault 220 price grocery store, so expect cruelty on truly uneven streets.

There could be all the more feeling through the Renault 220 images directing, and this disheartens truly tossing it into a corner too quick, however the fast reactions and insignificant body roll makes it feel spry and certainty rousing. It never hurls any astonishments.

Lively, huggy seats keep you immovably set up when you tackle the Renault 220 news twists at velocity, while the generally long-toss gearbox could be snappier however it's just a minor problem as you can even now change through the gears in satisfyingly fast manner.

On the off chance that there's one positive symptom of losing control over the top model, it's the Renault 220 pictures slight change in mileage to 38.7mpg, while CO2 discharges drop to 169g/km – a side effect of the stop/begin framework, which cuts the motor when you stop.

Those figures are in accordance with the Focus ST's 39.2mpg and 169g/km and the Renault 220 speed Leon Cupra's 42.8mpg and 154g/km. Not that any of the autos are prone to see these figures due to the way of mileage tests and in light of the fact that... who drives a hot-incubate gradually?


The Renault GT 220 is supported by the GT Line TomTom's spec. Beginning at £24,245 for the 220 sound Coupe, it fairly legitimizes its higher cost with standard additional items. Satnav is incredibly helpful, as is slope begin help and push-catch motor begin with keyless passage, in spite of the fact that the "key" is horrendously plasticy.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
18-inch combinations and a somewhat bringing shade of dim on the 220 wallpaper video entryway mirrors, which electronically withdraw when you bolt the auto, are additionally decent options. We should likewise not overlook Renault's four-year/100,000 mile guarantee, double zone atmosphere control, daytime running lights and an uprated Arkamys sound framework for some square shaking beats.

Our test auto additionally profits by the calfskin pack+, which adds stature flexibility and warming to the 220 dimensions front games seats, making them conceivably more agreeable than they are as standard.

The discretionary and rather bringing Malta Blue paintjob seen here is particularly complimentary, yet you could go on vacation for the £625 additional it expenses.


Six airbags and a back perspective stopping camera help with the wellbeing part of the 220 autocar. The standard facelifted Megane just oversaw three out of five stars in the Euro NCAP test so there are more secure autos out there, it must be said. look also the 2015 BMW 435d M Sport xDrive Gran review

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
Lukewarm. Luke warm. You could without much of a stretch think the mid-path point between the 220 emissions icy Megane and the bubbling hot Renaultsport 275 would be a copout, however the fact of the matter is definitely not. Draw a line between the two models and the 220 first drive is much closer to its significantly more costly sibling.

Where the GT 220 tumbles down hardest, other than the somewhat pokey back traveler space, is quality for cash. It's more costly than the section level Focus ST, while the lightning-speedy and more down to earth Golf R is just £4,000 additional.

Be that as it may, here's the thing. What the 220 horsepower needs in numbers on paper it more than compensates for with endless excitement and a sense it simply needs you to make every trip fun. You can just smile like an imbecile when the 220 launch throaty turbocharged 4-chamber cries at you.

It is, in this way, not the most shrewd decision, but rather it merits thought on the off chance that you need hot-portal fun in a smart bundle. Search for a decent arrangement and we question you will think back. Aside from when you begrudgingly stop it up and leave


Renault is resolved to be a major player amongst a large group of European marques as of now being foreign made to Australia. The Renault 220 car review specs and performance French producer used to be gigantic in this nation, building autos here for a long time, and might want to come back to its days of being a standard player downunder.

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe
Utilizing the time regarded strategy for expanding deals, Renault Australia has cut costs on its greatest offering display, the Megane. It has incredibly extended the Renault 220 review specs and performance quantity of models on offer and, best of all, has presented an elite station wagon.

The Renault 220 engine performance wagon is a marginally detuned form of one of our most loved superior autos - the Megane RS 265 car. While the 265 is a semi-track model for the intense driver, the Renault 220 specs and performance is gone for the individual searching for a family transport with a sound measurements of driving energy.

By the way the numbers 265 and 220 allude to the crest yield of the motors in torque. The French, who developed the metric framework, don't utilize it when measuring power yields of motors, wanting to utilize the supreme units of torque. Might we pessimistically propose that is on account of 265 and 220 are greater number than 195 and 162 (the force in kilowatts for the powerplants)?


Running Cost

2015 Renault Megane GT 220 Coupe Price is £24,230; Renault Megane wagon is sold in Dynamique level detail with 16-inch combinations, double zone atmosphere control, rooftop rails, and raise stopping sensors. It can be requested with a petrol or diesel motor, yet just with a programmed transmission in Australia.

The Megane CC (Coupe-Cabriolet) with its collapsing hard-top is presently offered in three models, beforehand there was only a solitary, rather costly, one. In another section level detail the Renault 220 interior images CC starts at just $36,990, making it deal estimated in its class.

For those searching for additional, there's a Renault Sport outlined GT-Line as a bundle on the Renault 220 interior pictures hatch, station wagon and Coupe-Cabriolet. This has a sportier front guard plan, a honeycomb barbecue and boomerang-molded LED daytime running lights. Megane GT-Line is accessible in a mark Malta Blue shading, in some cases called French dashing blue. Inside, the Renault 220 design wallpaper has sport situates and guiding wheel.

There's additionally a standard wagon with great burden conveying limit. And additionally rearward sitting arrangements that overlay level, the front traveler seat can likewise overlap level. With the front seat down there's a heap length of 2550 mm.