2015 Mazda 6 Tourer Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer Specs, Features, Performance review - The Mazda 6 Tourer is the organization's response to opponent models, for example, the Ford Mondeo Estate, Volkswagen Passat bequest and our present pick of the family auto class – the 2015 Mazda 6 car  phenomenal Skoda Superb Estate. We can spare you a normal £1,150 in the 2015 Mazda 6 review  event that you purchase your 6 Tourer from one of carwow's exceedingly evaluated Mazda merchants.

In 2015 the Mazda was redesigned, with the 2015 Mazda 6 specs extent being dealt with to a modified inside with new instruments and a somewhat enhanced dashboard. All models now come fitted with an electronic stopping brake, which permitted Mazda update the 2015 Mazda 6 design middle console.

The greatest outside changes were saved for the highest point of-the 2015 Mazda 6 performance reach Sport Nav models, which look more brilliant because of a bolder grille and standard LED headlights.

With the corrective modifications came some mechanical changes, in spite of the fact that the 2015 Mazda 6 interior scope of four motors (two petrols and a couple of diesels) continues as before. The overwhelming controlling which made the old 6 so speaking to aficionados has been helping – making the auto less demanding to drive, however ostensibly less captivating. All things considered, it is still a standout amongst the 2015 Mazda 6 engine most enjoyable to-drive models in class.

A greater boot is the most evident favorable position the 2015 Mazda 6 concept holds over its cantina auto sister, however its taller roofline implies that back seat headroom likewise gets an appreciated help – settling on it a superior decision for families with more seasoned kids.


Essential models now come complete with a seven-inch touchscreen, warmed entryway mirrors, and 17-inch compound wheels, and purchasers can indicate another scope of dynamic security highlights.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Indeed, even in this 2015 model, the 2015 Mazda 6 cost demonstrates its age most when you get inside. Where the most recent models – the Mondeo, Passat and Superb all included – support a straightforward configuration, Mazda proprietors are confronted by rather a great deal of catches to arrive heads round. This is off-set by the energetic feel offered by the 2015 Mazda 6 release date high transmission burrow, vigorously cowled dials, and also the calfskin trimmed guiding haggle handle, yet insufficient to make it a veritable contender.

Mazda has supplanted the old model's gleaming dark plastics, which were vulnerable to finger marks, with cowhide embeds that keep away from this issue and both look and feel more pleasant. Another change comes as the 2015 Mazda 6 features new infotainment framework and rotating radiator controls that have been persisted structure the 2015 Mazda 6 style more up to date Mazda 3. Yet, it doesn't take much looking to discover shabby feeling plastics that you wouldn't get in a Volkswagen Passat.

 Design and Styling

With a tallness customizable guiding haggle seat, getting settled in the driver's seat of the M 2015 6 price isn't an issue and the front traveler has bunches of space to extend their legs. Back space is likewise great – there's a lot of legroom and more headroom than you get in the cantina. The secondary lounge is likewise sufficiently wide to suit three grown-ups, despite the fact that the transmission burrow that keeps running down the focal point of the 2015 6 car auto eats into the center traveler's foot room. The 6 Tourer's most serious issue comes as the Skoda Superb Estate, which offers so much back space that even tall grown-ups have heaps of kneeroom to save.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
The Skoda additionally has the measure of the Mazda with regards to boot limit. The Superb offers a mammoth 660-liter burden straight contrasted with the 506 liters the 6 has. The 2015 6 review bay is much greater when you overlap the back seats down, with aggregate limit swelling to 1,950 liters in the Skoda and 1,648 liters in the Mazda. In any case, the last's heap zone has useful components, for example, a spread that ascents off the beaten path when you open the 2015 6 specs boot and a parcel that can stop the family pooch laying its head on the back seat's backrest. Stacking huge things is aided by rearward sitting arrangements that overlay level into the floor, a substantial opening and no heap lip.

What the Mazda 6 used to offer over models, for example, the 2015 6 design Skoda Superb was a genuinely compensating driving background, yet changes made in 2015 hose its USP. With an end goal to make the auto more agreeable, the directing is presently lighter making the auto all the more unwinding to drive, yet has the joined impact of making it less consoling when the 2015 6 performance street turns twisty. There's likewise less feel than in the old model, making it more hard to judge as far as possible.

Suspension changes follow in the same vein. The 2015 6 interior revived model is detectably more agreeable on smooth or somewhat uneven streets, however the harsher character of the 2015 6 engine old model is uncovered when you run over a poorer surfaces. All things considered, body incline is still all around contained even in quick corners.

Seemingly, the little picks up in solace are out weighed by the 2015 6 concept penances made as far as pleasure – a Skoda Superb is a considerable amount more agreeable and is currently closer than any other time in recent memory to offering the driving excites that used to be the 2015 6 cost principle offering point.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Included sound stifling means the 2015 Mazda 6 is a calmer cruiser than the model it replaces, be that as it may, even with the littler 17-inch wheels fitted to base models, streets commotion is more evident than in the Skoda Superb and wind clamor additionally falls behind the best in class. The 2015 6 release date diesel motor can likewise be somewhat abrupt under hard speeding up.

Picking the six-pace programmed gearbox – as opposed to the 2015 6 features standard six-rate manual – comes without punishment, however – it picks equips well and doesn't change down unless it truly needs to.

Mazda's choice to stay with non-turbocharged petrols doesn't looks entirely advocated once you have done the math. Its entrance level 145hp 2.0-liter petrol returns respectable efficiency of 51.4mpg and CO2 discharges of 130g/km for street duty of £110 a year, however the 2015 6 style 1.4-liter petrol improves. Skoda claims it tastes fuel at a rate of up to 55.4mpg and its lower CO2 emanations of 119g/km mean you'll save £90 a year on street charge. Yet, on account of its turbocharger, the Skoda's littler motor delivers more power (150hp) and can push from 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds – almost a second speedier than the 2015 6 price can oversee. look also the 2015 BMW M235i Convertible review

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Indeed, even the Mazda's top-of-the-extent petrol is slower than the Skoda, with 0-62mph taking 9.1 seconds, and it likewise costs more to run – mileage drops to 47.9mpg and street charge costs £130 a year attributable to CO2 outflows of 136g/km.

Few individuals are liable to determine a petrol Mazda 6, however, on the 2015 Mazda 6 images grounds that the diesel are both speedier and a ton less expensive to run. The fundamental model's efficiency of 67.3mpg and CO2 outflows of 108g/km (for yearly amphibian duty of just £20) matches the 150hp 2.0-liter diesel Superb precisely and the Skoda can shave only three tenths of a second off the Mazda's 9.2 seconds 0-62mph time. Go for the 175hp Mazda diesel and 0-62mph is dispatched in only eight seconds.


The SkyActive G unit replaces the 2.0 direct infusion motor from the past era Mazda 6 and conveys 163hp and 155lbfft. This outcomes in a critical stride up in execution, pushing the home to 60mph in 9.1s - a 2s change on the active model - and 133mph. On the other hand, wringing it out to meet the execution figures results in an ordinarily disappointing raspy and thrashy four chamber commotion.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
While mileage is additionally enhanced to 47.9mpg joined (136g/km), it's proposed that it's more hard to accomplish that in this present reality, because of the torque top being at the same point as the force crest at 4,000rpm. It's still a 20% change over the more seasoned auto however, so you ought to still have the capacity to get really respectable numbers.

This lower-controlled SkyActive D unit is portrayed as "the pick of the bundle". 148hp and 275lbfft - from 1800rpm - implies the 150 is just as speedy as the higher-fueled petrol alternative while returning 64.2mpg joined (116g/km), superior to anything practically whatever else in the class. £30 every year to assessment is difficult to contend with as well.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Commentators commend the absence of diesel clack and the general refinement of the motor, being calm and responsive. The iStop framework consolidated with the i-ELOOP regenerative braking improve the motor's thrifty certifications.

Like the lower-fueled diesel, the fresh out of the box new 175 is persisted from the CX-5 and 6 cantina models. It's the execution pick of the extent as well, breaking 8s from 0-60mph and coming to 137mph, all at a consolidated 61.4mpg (121g/km). Sadly this implies it's essentially more to duty every year than the less capable diesel at £95.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
This is the main model in the reach with a programmed gearbox alternative as well, however that blunts both execution and economy, with a 4mpg punishment - 57.6mpg and 129g/km - and a half second added to the 0-60mph time. It's a £1,000 alternative as well, so while surveys recommend it's a decent gearbox and moves neatly and freshly, it's educated to make sure it'll be with respect to advantage to you.


Like every one of its adversaries, the Mazda 6 got a five-star rating when it was accident tried by Euro NCAP be that as it may, as its was assessed in 2013, more up to date five-star models tried in 2015 (counting the Skoda Superb) are prone to be even more secure.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
By and by, Mazda supported the 6's wellbeing when the auto was overhauled in 2015. With the facelift came extra pack, for example, LED headlights, can be utilized on full bar without blinding different drivers; path keep help that can direct the auto in path on the motorway, a visually impaired game checking framework and, what Mazda calls, Driver Attention Alert. It can caution a lazy driver to take a rest. That all comes as a component of the £800 Safety Pack accessible on Sport Nav models.

Sit in the fundamental Mazda 6 SE and little will give the amusement away that you have gone for the least expensive model. All that you need arrives including front and raise electric windows, a DAB radio with perfectly clear solid and incorporated Bluetooth; voyage control, cooling and a seven-inch touchscreen.

Regardless of the fundamental 6's better than average rundown of standard gear, there are various great motivations to move up to SE L trim. One of the best is the auto's standard front and raise stopping sensors, which ought to shield the auto's body shaded guards. Same's valid for the wing reflects that, once the auto's stopped, overlap away to abstain from being thumped. Auto lights and wipers are another in addition, while programmed crisis braking (that comes complete with dynamic journey control) is certain to offer in the event that you have a crew. Sat-nav is a £700 choice on SE and SE L models.

Overlooking the auto's huge 19-inch combination wheels, which make it noisier at a voyage, little's really energetic about Sport Nav trim. Better to consider it, then, as the line-ups' extravagance range-topper by virtue of its cowhide inside, premium BOSE sound framework and electrically flexible front seats. Its the main model to accompany sat-nav as standard and the one and only accessible with the £800 Safety Pack.


The 2015 Mazda's is marginally more agreeable than the auto it replaces be that as it may, in making it in this way, a portion of the character of the pre-facelift auto has been lost. Therefore it's no more the undeniable decision in case you're searching for a sensible family auto that is additionally amusing to drive. That is a disgrace since it implies the principle motivation to pick the Mazda over an adversary, for example, the Skoda Superb, which does practically everything else a tiny bit better, is observably reduced.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Mazda has joined the 21st century finally: the 2015 modification to the Mazda 6 accompanies DAB computerized radio, a first for the organization. Truth be told, in case you're attempting to recognize the distinction in the middle of this and the pre-2015 Mazda 6, that is on the grounds that they're centered around enhancements to things you can't promptly see –, for example, the infotainment, wellbeing unit, suspension settings and refinement.

As it happens, the Sport Nav model driven here does really get a makeover, yet this is constrained to a minor nose work that incorporates another grille and LED headlights. Sport Nav is top of the extent, above SE, SE Nav, SE-L and SE-L Nav; standard gear is enhanced right over the reach.


It's generally been a fascinating auto, the Mazda 6. Kinda attractive, for a major cantina, particularly in suggestive Soul Red metallic paint, and great to drive. It's generally been let around the subtle elements – the inside quality, the refinement, the ride. So the genuine inquiry is, has the overhaul enhanced any of these powerless focuses?

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
  specific degree, beyond any doubt. The new seven-inch touchscreen and 'Interactive media Commander' revolving controller blend – like the framework in the Mazda 3 – are a touch chintzy in the illustrations division, yet the standalone screen and going with structural engineering changes promptly lift and modernize the inside. Bit of a BMW vibe, maybe, however that is no awful thing, and the discretionary Stone calfskin on the test auto included a tasteful blaze of delicacy.

Nor do we have any protestations about the tasteful dial pack. Be that as it may, we found the head-up presentation – which extends onto one of those pop-up perspex gravestones instead of the windscreen – didn't exactly gel with our favored controlling wheel position, rendering it practically pointless. Also, a portion of the plastics still aren't exactly up to snuff; take the fold covering the 12V attachment for instance. We aren't persuaded the 'more agreeable' seats are really that, either.

Completely. The directing is very light, however the 6 is responsive and moderately armada of foot, so it suits it. This is unquestionably not a stodgy cantina auto from in the driver's seat – you can feel the heaviness of Mazda's building fixation in the slick exactness of the six-velocity manual gearbox, and the regulation of the 2.2-liter turbodiesel's reaction. This is an auto you can truly drive.


The input that empowers this cuts both ways. From one perspective it gives you the certainty you have to push on over oily February street surfaces; on the other, you will get a little kickback through the wheel over knots and knocks, and on the Sport Nav's standard 19-inch amalgam wheels the ride infrequently goes jumpy ¬– however given the wheel size, general solace levels are by and large great.

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer
Mazda's discussion of enhanced sound stifling for better refinement ought to maybe be brought with a squeeze of salt. The 6 still produces a great deal of street clamor, which means you might wind up coming to turn up the stereo more than expected.

Goodness, yes. For 2015 there's an "improved" Safety Pack, which incorporates new Adaptive LED headlights – effectively blanking off segments of lit regions to amplify your perspective ahead while minimizing glare to other street clients (we're yet to test this, yet equal frameworks of this sort work extremely well) – and an updated back checking framework.


Running Cost

2015 Mazda 6 Tourer Price is £25,995; This elements blind side screens with vast territories of scope, Rear Cross Traffic Alert to offer you some assistance with spotting threat while switching and Rear Smart City Brake Support to stop the auto if you neglect to regard the earlier cautioning. That is similar to the independent city braking we're utilized to, with the exception of in opposite, and just somewhere around 1 and 5mph.

There are couple of other specialized changes; the motors continue wholesale. The hawk peered toward might recognize that the lower-controlled 148bhp 2.2-liter diesel now transmits more CO2 than before – that is on the grounds that EU regulations now require homologation utilizing the biggest standard wheel size, instead of the center one.

The Mazda 6 remains a fine decision of option junior executive. It's extraordinary to drive – love the taking care of and gearbox – and the new inside truly is a major change. It may do not have the gravitas of something such as a 3-arrangement, however with much more gear as standard over the extent, it's solid worth and a decent auto. It won't not look entirely different, but rather it unquestionabl