2015 Lotus Elise S Cup Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup Specs, Features, Performance review - What number of natively constructed spats and spoilers have you seen adhered to Lotus Elises in track day enclosures? Lotus Motorsport's specialists figure they've seen truly many secondary selling bodykits throughout the years, of fiercely changing quality. Following the 2015 Lotus Elise car interest's there, they contemplated, it bodes well to do their own, and do it legitimately.

The bewinged Lotus Elise S Cup is the their reward for all the 2015 Lotus Elise review hard work, and the most track-centered Elise since the no frills 2-Eleven.

Downforce. Lotus depicts the S Cup as the street going form of the 2015 Lotus Elise specs Cup R, a race-prepared auto propelled a year ago that is qualified for different titles under the Lotus Cup umbrella, yet the primary concern it offers with the hustling auto is its streamlined bodykit.

Beside a couple key changes to ensure it passes sort endorsement regs – somewhat blunter radii on a portion of the pointier corners, that kind of thing – the 2015 Lotus Elise design extreme front spoiler, wide surfaces close by the ledges (complete with flying machine style 'No Step' notices), back wing and huge diffuser are pretty much indistinguishable to the 2015 Lotus Elise performance race auto.

They truly do create noteworthy downforce, as well: 66kg at 100mph (contrasted and 5kg in a consistent 2015 Lotus Elise interior), 104kg at 124mph and 125kg at 140mph, in case you're intrigued. The smart piece is, while ordinarily you'd pay a major punishment in drag for those sort of figures, Lotus has figured out how to hold that down to an expansion of just 8%.


Another by-item, obviously, is that this 2015 Lotus Elise engine oozes a reasonable piece more visual state of mind than its wingless kin, particularly consolidated with our test auto's 'Dangerous Green' paint work. In fact you could evacuate the 2015 Lotus Elise concept rooftop board, yet Lotus would rather you didn't. It's best to think about this auto as a roadster.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
The Cup is an entire three seconds a lap quicker around Lotus' Hethel test track than a standard 2015 Lotus Elise cost S. Furthermore, that time all originates from the air – in the motor cove it's the same Toyota-sourced 1.8-liter supercharged four-pot with 217bhp. The immaterial drag build implies top speed just tumbles to 140mph from the 2015 Lotus Elise release date standard auto's 145mph, with 0-60mph remaining a lively 4.2 seconds.

Beside the bodywork addenda, the 2015 Lotus Elise features Cup likewise gets reinforced track control arms to better adapt to clobbering kerbs on track, diverse seats (more on which later) and some additional bits of dark softened cowhide inside.

Contingent upon which choices boxes you tick, you can transform it into an appropriate dashing auto in the event that you need. The wiring loom for flame quencher, off button and so forth is now set up, and the 2015 Lotus Elise style various bits – move pen, tackles etc – are a biro stroke away.

Design and Styling

On the other hand go the 2015 Elise price other way – our test auto was fitted with air con (a £1250 alternative) and the 'Solace Pack' (Halfords-spec stereo, focal locking and additional sound stifling, among different odds and ends – £1200).

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
It's still an Elise, so there's the same flawless non-helped controlling and liquid ride quality, even on the Cup's firmer suspension (the 2015 Elise car same setup as the Elise Club Racer, with a movable front against move bar). A long way from an uncompromising hustling auto, it's entirely consistent.

Aside from the seats. Despite the fact that the 2015 Elise specs Cup's dark fabric seats look awesome, and are emphatically rich by stand out from the Club Racer's plastic shells secured with deliberately set bits of mouse mat, they're generally as uncomfortable. Either that or I'm only the 2015 Elise review wrong shape for them, as I was all the while nursing a wounded back for a considerable length of time subsequently.

That back wing rules the back perspective reflect and starts to get the opportunity to work from velocities as low as 60mph. Just thing is, after a diverting impact around Norfolk byways I really wanted to feel I'd have had the same amount of fun in a consistent 2015 Elise design.

Mario Andretti broadly portrayed his ground-impact Lotus 78 F1 auto as feeling 'such as it's painted out and about' however the 2015 Elise interior saturated January climate amid our test was sufficient to make any auto's hues run. It was extremely elusive out there, however the 2015 Elise performance infrequent chilling mid-engined jerk through quick corners aside, the Cup was unfathomably considerate.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
There's a safe understeer equalization on turn in, immediately suppressed with a lift, and, in the wet at any rate, as much oversteer as you need on corner way out cordiality of the 2015 Elise engine electronic differential lock. We were on normal Yokohama street tires instead of the 2015 Elise concept sticky street lawful track tires additionally accessible – presumably generally advantageous.

The brakes are fabulous, capable, blur free and with scientific levels of input through the 2015 Elise release date splendidly weighted and situated pedal. That petite directing wheel, which you control with your wrists instead of your arms, is stunning as well. Truth be told, everything about the 2015 Elise cost Cup makes the driver's occupation simple from the irritating three-stage shift-up lights, which really mean you have to take your eyes from the 2015 Elise features street for more than a plain old red line would.

An enormous chicken tail of shower shadowed the 2015 Elise style around the track and a while later we found inquisitive clear fixes in the street grime along the auto's flanks where the winglets had padded the wind current.

The S Cup is an indication of exactly what a delightful driving knowledge the 2015 Elise price is, particularly in this refined track-centered structure. The main thing remaining in the middle of it and a five-star rating is the cost. £43,500 is a considerable amount of cash for an 2015 Lotus Elise images, whichever way its air pack cuts it.

At £6,300 more than a standard 2015 Lotus Elise news S, the S Cup rendition isn't especially modest, particularly when the base model will be brisk, responsive and connecting with enough for most. Yet the additional visual, aural and mechanical show makes it a standout amongst the most inebriating games autos at any cost. Along these lines, while it's a costly toy few will have the 2015 Elise pictures capacity to legitimize, this never puts on a show to be whatever else. What's more, for that, we adore it.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
The 2015 Elise speed is basically a racecar with number plates. A diluted adaptation of the out and out 2015 Elise sound racer, it's implanted with Lotus' motorsport enchantment and could be a standout amongst the 2015 Elise video most invigorating models that the

The front splitter, winglets, back diffuser and back wing alone are sufficient to produce 61kg more downforce than the standard 2015 Elise series at 100mph. At its 140mph top speed, the S Cup makes 125kg of downforce – 117kg more than the base model. It extends the 1.8-liter supercharged motor and creates the same 217bhp, as well – so no prizes for speculating the 2015 Elise wallpaper 0-62mph time stays unaltered at a rankling 4.6 seconds.


The low rooftop and wide ledges uproot any plausibility of a honorable passageway, yet once you sink into the 2015 Elise dimensions drivers seat you'll never need to leave – and not on account of its hard to escape. From the minute the four-chamber whirrs into life and the wheels turn, the Lotus never neglects to convey a standout amongst the most instinctive and drawing in encounters conceivable.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
Point its nose down a winding B-street, and the 2015 Elise autocar assaults twists with significantly more noteworthy readiness and exactness. The springs and dampers are somewhat firmer and the controlling feels invigorated in your grasp, permitting you to flawlessly fasten swooping twists together.

The 1.8-liter motor even sounds great; there's not the 2015 Elise emissions same supercharger of old Elises, but rather sufficiently only to let you know there's some constrained affectation at work. It's an excited motor, flourishing off the revs with the 2015 Elise first drive main part of force settling comfortable top end of the extent.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
Working your way through the short and smart proportions of the 2015 Elise horsepower six-speed manual gearbox urges you to push on, while each sense is over-burden with criticism and data regarding what the auto is doing out and about. At higher paces, you can feel the body being squeezed into the landing area in corners, with a decent lump of the 2015 Lotus Elise launch additional downforce becoming possibly the most important factor upwards of 60mph.

Racecar additional items are accessible, as well, including an execution prompting unit, much stiffer suspension and a move confine – as the Lotus Elise car can be changed over into the completely blown racer, making it qualified for the Lotus Cup Series. Doing as such includes around £8,000 however most purchasers will probably fit air-con (£1,250) and a solace pack (£1,200), which includes more stable protection, a MP3-good stereo and focal locking.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
The Lotus Elise review. It's the roadgoing form of the S Cup R. To unravel: S implies supercharged, Cup implies no-nonsense and R implies dashing auto. The S Cup R has a high-downforce body unit and solid suspension, produced composites, uprated brakes and settled hardtop, and the Lotus Elise specs dead-looked at gaze of an auto whose headlamps have been evacuated for daintiness. In any case, as a completely guaranteed street auto this new S Cup (no R) recovers its lights, in addition to a two-stage ESP framework. What's more, a radiator, airbags, three-point belts and a trimmed inside. The one I drove even had air-con, a stereo and some additional sound stifling. In any case, you can likewise choice back huge numbers of the Lotus Elise design track parts – full pen, quenchers, bridle, race seat, lightweight battery, race tires et cetera.


It is. At 120mph it's pushing you into the landing area with a power identical to 100kg. It's as of now doing 66kg at 60mph. But then the Lotus Elise performance pack costs only eight percent in drag. It comprises of a major front splitter, canal boat sheets, side conduit vanes and a colossal back wing and diffuser combo. The diffuser works a treat with the Lotus Elise interior level underfloor.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
Around three seconds a lap versus a consistent Lotus Elise engine. At any rate it does on the off chance that you've the expertise and confidence to misuse the additional grasp it gives. Need to admit I don't, yet even so there's an undeniable and flavorful dosage of substantiality and accuracy as you barrel through quick twists, circumstances where a standard Lotus Elise concept would be getting somewhat floaty.

Yup, I was on a track. A spot where this auto flourishes. There's satisfactory yet not scaring execution, eminent footing and grasp, and every one of the brakes you could need. Above all else it's about exactness and conversing with you, the Lotus Elise cost flavorful directing letting you know exactly when it's snacking at understeer, the seat conveying the onset of oversteer. The ESP's game setting permits you to play little slide edges with incredible nuance. Indeed, even in this way, it's an auto that prepares you to drive flawlessly. The Lotus Elise release date short wheelbase means it's not for a lairly oversteery style. I had a go at cutting the ESP altogether on a wet controlling cushion

There are a lot of supercars that can do comparative things on a track. In any case, out and about a snappy Elise is similar to no other auto, even ones that can numerically out-quicken and out-corner it.

The Lotus Elise features is little, and its ride is supple, and its tires are a super-thin 175mm in area. So it needn't bother with much street width, and it isn't dragged off base by cambers or knocks. It brakes straight and genuine as well. On tight and knotty British byway those are staggering resources. Furthermore, the minute nose weight implies the controlling rack cheerfully abandons power help. The directing that outcomes is a flat out satisfaction, free of erosion and generally without kickback, yet suggest in letting you know precisely what the Lotus Elise style tires are doing, what grasp they have left, and perhaps whether the surface was laid by the men from Murphy or Amey. It adds gigantically to your certainty. I hadn't driven an Lotus Elise price or Exige for a few years. To get in one was to advise myself that the hole between Lotus' naked guiding and others' fueled frameworks is developing, and that is others' misfortune.


All things considered, even on the dyno it's none excessively shabby for a 1.8. Lotus takes a Toyota four-barrel motor and puts a supercharger onto it, and does its own administration. Result is 237bhp. At that point there's the way that this Lotus Elise images is only 932 kilos and has short adapting. Result is it makes 0-60mph in 4.2sec, or 0-62 in 4.6. In spite of the fact that it didn't feel that speedy when I was driving since I had a traveler pretty much as substantial as me. In an auto this light, every additional kilo of human substance has any kind of effect. Whatever, it's a powerful motor, though somewhat whiney in its sonics. It goes superior to anything it sounds. Furthermore, the light weight powers economy. The Lotus Elise news gearshift is short and precise now, an endless change on ahead of schedule Elises.look also the 2015 Citroen DS3 DSport Plus review

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
Not on the off chance that you've ventured out of a Boxster. It's difficult to get into, it's confined, the boot is little, the Lotus Elise pictures seat modification is simple and there's no nav or comms. However, it's not really that loud, and the ride is worthy. It's more edified than other low-volume track-one-sided specials. There has even been an endeavor to buoyant up the Lotus Elise speed lodge with some Alcantara and difference sewing, yet lamentably the differentiating shading shows up that the sewing is somewhat unstable.


Dispatched in 1996 as a back wheel-drive, mid-motor roadster, the Lotus Elise sound supplanted the maturing Elan in the organization's lineup. At first controlled by a 118-pull, 1.8-liter Rover motor, the little roadster weighed just 1,598 pounds and could quicken from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds. All the more effective emphasess, incorporating one that accompanied 190 torque on tap, were discharged until the original model was supplanted in 2001. The second-gen sports auto accompanied amended outside styling and an invigorated inside, while the Rover motor was dropped for a Toyota - sourced, 1.8-liter four-banger. The second-gen Elise video got a gentle facelift in 2011, when a passage level, 1.6-liter unit was presented for the European market. As we're drawing nearer to 2015, Lotus started testing another form of the Elise series on the Nurburgring track and, things being what they are, the Brits have propelled yet another emphasis of its famous games auto. Named Elise S Cup, the Elise wallpaper lightweight car is simply a street lawful variant of the Cup R race auto that was propelled in 2013.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
As such, it's the most effective street going Elise dimensions ever assembled and it accompanies all that you requirement for an exciting weekend at the races. Look at the full points of interest after the hop.

Redesigned 01/16/2015: Lotus declared that the all-new Elise autocar Cup is currently formally underway and the organization has begun to acknowledge orders for it. Additionally, the organization discharged another arrangement of high-res pictures, and we need to concede, that green paint fits it flawlessly. Check the new pictures in the Elise emissions "Photos" tab.


n brief, the Elise first drive outside is indistinguishable to that of the S Cup R race auto, with four noteworthy special cases: there's no opposition uniform, no tow snares front and back, no outer battery isolator switch, and the plastic tops mounted where the headlamps would be on the last have been supplanted by working units. Other than that, each small detail seen on the Cup R is found on the Elise horsepower too.

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup
These elements incorporate the streamlined splitter and side skirts, the race-spec back diffuser and the settled back wing. The Elise launch last mentioned even has the Union Flag decals on its sides. The front grille, front hood and side air admissions have additionally stayed unaltered. Clients will likewise get the opposition spec move loop of the S Cup R, the Lotus Elise car review specs and performance Y-sort lightweight wheels measuring 16 inches in advance and 17 inches on the back, and the superior Yokohama tires.

Adjusting off the outside bundle are matte-silver mirror backs, " Lotus Elise review specs and performance " decals, and a chrome deplete tip. Standard shading decisions incorporate Solar Yellow, Aspen White, Chrome Orange, Daytona Blue, Formula Red, and Toxic Green. From the Lotus Elise specs and performance alternatives list, purchasers can choose 14-talked wheels, custom outside paints, and a tow eye unit.


Running Cost

2015 Lotus Elise S Cup Price is £43,500; The inside on this machine mixes standard Lotus Elise engine performance hardware with the race-spec elements of the S Cup R. The base bundle incorporates sport seats, radiator, electric windows, and driver and traveler airbags. A discretionary Comfort Pack includes a CD/MP3 players with speakers, bespoke "Container" floor mats, sound protection, a traveler stool, and focal entryway locking. Aerating and cooling is a standalone choice.

Those hoping to invest the vast majority of their energy at the Lotus Elise interior images track can event from alternatives, for example, airbag erase, an arrangement of FIA-endorsed race seats, outfit bar with four-point security saddles, a lightweight 12-volt battery, a flame douser, and electrical off buttons.

This new cycle of the Lotus Elise interior wallpaper is fueled by the same motor fitted in the S Cup R race auto. That is a Toyota - sourced, 1.8-liter, four-chamber force plant with an Eaton supercharged on top. In spite of the fact that we were seeking after a couple of additional horses, the Lotus Elise interior pictures Brits kept the yield in place at 217 pull and 184 pound-feet of torque.

Really, there are three additional pound-feet of torque in the Lotus Elise design wallpaper, yet it's not care for it will have any kind of effect. We're not grumbling however, as the vehicle tips the scales at just 2,054 pounds and achieves 60 mph from a standing begin in 4.2 seconds. The brisk sprint runs with a top velocity of 140 mph. Not excessively great, but rather enough to put out quick laps on pretty much any track.