2015 Ford C-Max Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Ford C-Max Specs, Features, Performance review - We like the Ford C-Max. Truly, it's anything but difficult to scrutinize a definitive reason for a supposed MPV that appears to offer minimal over an ordinary hatchback other than a higher rooftop, however in the plan of such things, the 2015 Ford C-Max carhas dependably offered cheerful taking care of and good running expenses.

Presently it gets sleeker styling, an overhauled dash and interactive media framework, and a scope of more proficient new motors including the 1.0-liter Ecoboost petrol, the 2015 Ford C-Max review 1.5-liter diesel we've as of now found in the new Focus and the 2.0-liter diesel whose force is currently up from 138bhp to 148bhp.

Thing is, the reduced MPV region has changed drastically in the course of recent months or so with the expansion of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and Volkswagen Golf SV, so these redesigns to Ford's putting forth need to give the 2015 Ford C-Max specs the fundamental capability to battle its corner against more up to date and more upmarket rivalry.

Whatever witchcraft Ford has been wielding in its suspension division for the recent decades, the spell is unmistakably as yet working. Inside of the humble domains of the minimal MPV class, the 2015 Ford C-Max design remains the best to drive.

Truth be told, it handles with noteworthy levelheadedness and eagerness for a marginally dumpy-looking high-roofed family bring forth. Swing it into a corner and you'll appreciate OK levels of correspondence through the 2015 Ford C-Max performance genuinely exact directing, making it simple to put precisely out and about, and it gives you a lot of caution when you're coming up short on grasp and going to stray into some moderate understeer.


For the majority of its cornering capacity, the 2015 Ford C-Max interior has very much judged damping that diminishes everything except the most rucked-up surfaces, and the body is kept from lolling about too intensely, so it's impeccably agreeable even over poor streets.

2015 Ford C-Max

The main motor we got the chance to drive in the 2015 Ford C-Max engine is the 1.5-liter Ecoboost. This specific powerplant won't go to the UK, be that as it may, and that is a disgrace in light of the fact that it's an awesome motor.

It's a refined unit and turns unreservedly through the rev range, just getting brutal and whiny in the 2015 Ford C-Max concept event that you truly run it out towards the red line, however given that just 1% of purchasers in the UK purchased the powerful petrol offering on the 2015 Ford C-Max cost active model, it's anything but difficult to see why Ford has chosen not to try acquiring it this time around.

Involvement with the overhauled 148bhp 2.0 TDCi in the Grand 2015 Ford C-Max release date lets us know this extent topping diesel will be a decent alternative for the individuals who need okay mid-reach haul, but at the cost of somewhat abrasive motor commotion and a portion firmer knock retention.

Design and Styling

For the most part, even with the heavier diesel engine in the nose, the 2015 Ford C-Max features is a wieldy thing that offers the perfect bargain between pleasant progress and a truly all around controlled, flexible ride.

2015 Ford C-Max
On the 2015 C-Max price mid-spec Titanium trim that we'd prescribe (and that most purchasers are relied upon to go for) you additionally get the 8.0in shading touchscreen included. It's a reasonably fiddly framework, yet include nav and you have every one of the 2015 Ford C-Max style capacities you could require on a dash that looks considerably more upmarket than it did some time recently.

Whatever remains of the 2015 C-Max review seat bundling hasn't changed, so you can sit two grown-ups serenely, and they can even overlay the focal segment of the 40/20/40 split seat to permit the 2015 C-Max car two seats to slide back further for considerably additionally relaxing room.

For major Ikea undertakings, the seats can likewise be uprooted through and through. The 432 liter boot is a decent shape, however numerous may expect a couple of more traps – a variable stature floor, even – where you simply get a standard squared-off boot that'll offer just barely preferred hauling capacity over that of an ordinary family bring forth.

Beyond any doubt. In the event that you truly need a high-roofed seal, whether for simpler access, the somewhat more adaptable seating or both, the 2015 C-Max specs has a considerable measure taking the plunge. A 2.0 TDCi 2015 C-Max design in Titanium trim will set you back £22,895, which is heaps of cash, yet it is truly all around prepared and practically identical in cost to a Golf SV 2.0 TDI. It's likewise less expensive than a BMW 2 arrangement Active Tourer.

2015 Ford C-Max
Issue is, while resale qualities are anticipated to be preferable with this model over with the past C-Max, they're still unrealistic to be in the same class as the Golf's, and the inside of the VW still feels plusher. Still, in case you're willing to neglect the better monetary standpoint of the no nonsense Golf SV, the C-Max is on a par with its opponents on a large portion of the items of common sense, and is ideal to drive than every one of them.

In 2012, Ford brought a couple of hybridized small scale minivans to the U.S. in the types of the C-Max and the 2015 C-Max interior Energi. Sold somewhere else on the planet under the same C-Max flag however with accessible gas-and diesel-just powertrains, the crossover just methodology here is an endeavor to take the battle to Toyota's Prius image. (A more straightforward exertion is in progress including a devoted Ford mixture for 2019.) Now, the C-Max's European kin are getting a midcycle revive, and the progressions ought to hit our C-Max models one year from now.

2015 Ford C-Max
The upgraded European-spec C-Max, which additionally arrives in a more drawn out wheelbase, sliding-entryway, real minivan variant, makes its presentation at the Paris car exhibition. In spite of the fact that that may appear like excessively fabulous a venue for a couple of individuals movers, Ford has made a pleasant showing sprucing up the C-Max's search for design cognizant families. Obviously, we don't—and won't—get the bigger, seven-traveler Grand C-Max, however the elaborate changes being made to the five-seat model ought to port over to our C-Maxes with couple of adjustments.


As is getting to be standard working technique for new or upgraded Fords in the later past, the C-Max completely deserts the high, little grille/low, substantial admission front-end treatment for a greater Aston Martin–style grille over a full-width lower admission. The upscale throat is flanked by more slender headlamps and highlights more etched embellishments. The progressions are minor, however they successfully get rid of the present C-Max's hefty, jam bean-like stylish. Passage scarcely touched the C-Max's tail, with a couple of more-streamlined taillights and a smoothed-over rear end being the main detectable adjustments.

2015 Ford C-Max
Portage as of late downsized the C-Max cross breed's mileage gauges from 47 mpg both in the city and on the thruway to 45 mpg city, 40 mpg expressway; the organization is confronting a few pending claims over its charged expansion of half breed models' EPA numbers. We think that Ford may attempt to recover a couple of the C-Max's miles per gallon furthermore endeavor to build the C-Max Energi's electric-just driving extent, yet we'll need to hold up until the new C-Maxes hit our shores at some point one year from now to figure out.

The Ford C-Max is one of the best autos in its class and is likewise shockingly pleasant to drive for a family-engaged individuals transporter. Before picking the C-Max it merits investigating a portion of the opposition out there, not slightest the Citroen C4 Picasso, VW Touran and Renault Scenic are likewise commendable options.

Costs begin from £18,195 and on the off chance that you purchase your new C-Max utilizing carwow you can spare £2,350 overall.

Looking to some degree like a swelling family hatchback, the Ford C-Max really offers sacks of reasonableness and abundant space for four grown-ups. Continuing with the topic, the driver of a C-Max could be excused for supposing they had really obtained a Focus, were it not for the expanded headroom. From the air vents to the dials and the switches, you will be certain you're in a Ford – however perhaps marginally less beyond any doubt which one.

2015 Ford C-Max
The emerge highlight of the C-Max is the ride quality. Despite the fact that an incredible drive is presently anticipated from all Fords it is still a touch of astounding to have such a vibe from a moderate sized multi-reason vehicle (MPV). We tried the C-Max in 2015 and were inspired by its inconceivably agreeable ride – while driving you feel extremely very much separated from any hindrances, making it perfect for continuing resting kids sleeping on long trips.

Passage has situated the C-Max between the multi-grant winning Focus and its namesake huge sibling the Grand C-Max. The last offering sliding back entryways and a bigger, seven-seat inside for those that need it.

Accessible in three emphasess, even the section C-MAX Zetec offers 16-inch compounds wheels, USB and Bluetooth network, DAB radio and a warmed front windscreen.

The inside of the C-Max might, at first look, appear to be reasonably regular yet there are some cunning additional items that could remain to make it a family top choice. The vehicle is covered with cubbyholes and storage room. The rooftop, for case, holds two compartments, one for your shades and one for your reinforcement shades, apparently.

At that point there's the bigger than normal glovebox, the all around estimated entryway canisters, that will effortlessly hold an one-liter jug of water and the focal stockpiling container. The recent of these likewise conceals iPod and aux inputs, putting joined gadgets and their related wires far out of perspective.

2015 Ford C-Max
In a savvy move Ford have included back blinds as standard – no requirement for the Winnie The Pooh post-retail form any more. Disgrace… Another youngster well disposed move is the expansion of outing plate to the back of the front seats, it's positively not another thought but rather that doesn't mean it's not out and out valuable.

Concerning whatever is left of the inside, the driver and front-seat traveler are dealt with to a strong and well-assembled complete, with touches, for example, voice-order and DAB advanced radio.


The controls that you can't control utilizing the infotainment's voice-order framework are anything but difficult to discover and utilize. Sit in the driver's seat and you'll see the C-Max's dashboard extends away before you, giving you a genuine feeling of being covered in a protected auto – simply need you need to feel when you're transporting your crew.

2015 Ford C-Max
On account of its marginally bulbous rooftop, the C-Max offers incredible back traveler head space. Moreover legroom is not too bad. The slight issue accompanies the presentation of a fifth grown-up amidst the back column, and shoulders are sure to conflict. Nonetheless, leg space still tolls entirely well in light of the fact that there's a level floor before the back column of seats – there's no focal transmission passage to tangle legs over.

It's important that the C-Max is accessible with a without hands electric-opening boot – you can simply wave your foot under the back guard to open the boot. We've tried it and it requires a touch of tolerance to locate the right spot to swing your foot at – it's regularly only simpler to scrabble for the electric-boot opening catch, regardless of the fact that you have your hands full.

The heading pretty much says it truly. For most MPV clients, driver experience comes genuinely wretched the rundown of needs, clearing a path for all the more squeezing matters of space, efficiency and common sense. The C-Max has those focuses secured however, so why not have a ton of fun?

The C-Max gives you the certainty to handle a twisty nation street at the national velocity limit, with little body incline and OK criticism through the guiding wheel, so you generally know the amount of grasp you have. This implies it's a fun auto to drive considering its size, and the ride quality doesn't endure.

Talking about ride quality, we were bewildered by how well the C-Max adapts to hindrances – you might worry expecting an especially awful pothole to jolt your spine, however the C-Max's suspension just covers it. In case you're after an agreeable and cosseting family vehicle, this smooth ride ought to be reason enough to consider the C-Max.

To oblige the moderately lively taking care of, Ford offers the C-Max with a 1.0-liter EcoBoost petrol motor that pumps out 123hp, yet can at present return mileage of 54.3mpg. While an energetic drive may not be a principle thought for the C-MAX's objective business sector, it is another quill in the models top. The allurement then may well be to include a couple of the bigger 18-inch wheels, which offer more hold additionally harden the ride.

In case you're wanting to utilize the C-Max for more pulls, the diesel models are unquestionably the best approach. They offer a smooth ride, adequate overwhelming force and the vital economy

Portage offers the C-Max with a sum of six motors – current 1.0-liter and 1.6-liter Ecoboost petrols and diesels running from 1.5 to 2.0-liters.

We tried this 2.0-liter Duratorq diesel motor in 2015, and despite the fact that it makes very much a noisy diesel bang when you begin it up, it's a by and large calm motorway buddy. It's unquestionably sufficiently effective to whisk the C-Max up to motorway speeds with no dramatization, and there's sufficient oomph to surpass energetically and securely.

The diesels (there's additionally a 120hp adaptation) make for an all the more calming ride on whole deals and are comfortable

While execution is all extremely well, for the dominant part of C-Max proprietors the key inquiry is 'yes however what will it cost me to run?' Well, it's no Porsche yet then it's no sun powered controlled green machine either. For those slanted to attempt, the 150hp diesel motor will return more than 60mpg, which isn't terrible, yet 13mpg down on the C4 Picasso and 7mpg down on the Renault Scenic. Matching it with Ford six-velocity, PowerShift programmed drops that figure to 56.5mpg. In an amazing turn, the 118hp diesel can just oversee 58.9mpg.


Concerning true figures, we figured out how to squeeze 48mpg out of the 2.0-liter 150hp diesel with the PowerShift auto gearbox on 300 miles of motorway driving with heaps of stop-begin activity.

2015 Ford C-Max
On the off chance that psyche are at the forefront of your thoughts, then it's important that both 1.0-liter petrol motor produce CO2 of only 119g/km. Tragically none of the extent offer the blessed vessel of duty free motoring – a motor must transmit under 100g/km of CO2 for that. For circling town and city, the 1.0-liter petrol models offer nippiness and nimbleness – perfect for a trek to the grocery store or the school-run.

The 1.6-liter Ecoboost petrol is very like a games auto motor than a MPV one, and accordingly it feels and sounds shocking and includes another level of energy to the C-Max. The running expenses are likewise sportscar-like, so for the best execution we'd adhere to the 2.0-liter diesel.

The Ford C-Max offers Euro NCAP five-star accident test security, an 'effect retaining body shell' and a full-compliment of airbags.

The directing segment and pedals are intended to fall far from the driver to lessen the danger of harm in an impact. For footing's purpose the auto is furnished with flexible ESP and ABS, which means you'll be more secure ought to the auto start to slide. Furthermore, to guarantee the security of more youthful travelers the C-Max has two Isofix tyke seat connections, safety belt updates and tyke locks.


Discretionary driver helps incorporate the blind side data framework, which alarms drivers to vehicles covered up in the auto's blind sides, and a back perspective camera framework, making stopping both less demanding and more secure. For further insurance the C-Max likewise offers driver sluggishness checking and path help. look also the 2015 Volkswagen Club Up review

2015 Ford C-Max
Portage has kept things basic with regards to determining your C-Max. There are three trim levels to browse – Zetec, Titanium and Titanium X. Fundamental Zetec models are not short on pack, they get keen looking 16-inch composite wheels, and in addition body hued entryway mirrors and guards. Inside the auto has the most recent adaptation of Ford's SYNC infotainment framework. Different components incorporate timber support for the driver's seat, electric windows and aerating and cooling.

Notwithstanding the passage level model being all around specced, numerous purchasers move up to Titanium trim. Its bigger 17-inch amalgam haggles chrome grille recognize it from Zetec models. Inside an eight-inch touchscreen show gives the dashboard a more present day look and families will welcome the extra stockpiling regions that incorporate a secured focus cubby and overhead stockpiling for your shades – there's likewise a mirror that implies you can watch out for children in the back. Additional unit comes as atmosphere control, in addition to auto lights and wipers.


Picking the highest point of-the-extent Titanium X model won't not bode well to most families, but rather we can't deny it has some pleasant components. We especially like the half-calfskin inside and the all encompassing glass sunroof – both make within feel significantly more premium, and despite the fact that the sunroof doesn't open, it gives the lodge a truly decent vaporous fondle that'll root for the children a late spring occasion drive.

2015 Ford C-Max
It additionally gets an uprated infotainment framework called SYNC2, which can read instant messages so anyone might hear and in addition giving you a chance to manage a reaction moving. Its Bi-Xenon headlights are more capable than the standard undertakings and can likewise take after bends in the street

Recently Ford disclosed the new S-Max individuals bearer; today it's the turn of littler sibling, the C-Max and Grand C-Max midi—MPVs, crisply facelifted for 2015.

It's a midlife fillip for the C-Max family, because of get the same corrective and inward amendments as the Focus medium sized hatchback range.

In any case, it's the contraptions and thingamajigs accessible on the 2015 C-Max which might offer more to family drivers.


Running Cost

2015 Ford C-Max Price is $20,995; Purchasers can now spec a foot-waggle back end opener, programmed opposite stopping set-up and Active City Stop impact shirking up to 31mph. Be in most likely: even standard autos are step by step, gradually turning out to be more self-sufficient…

Passage's most recent Sync2 voice-initiated availability framework is accessible surprisingly on the 2015 C-Max, letting clients synchronize their cell phones, access applications and control a large number of the auto's minor capacities by talked summon. One twist off is a tided-up, less catch overwhelming lodge. The clearer, 8in shading touchscreen is an appreciated expansion, as well.

A considerable measure of consideration has been lavished inside the C-Max. Something to be thankful for, since this is the place family travelers will invest the majority of their energy. Passage guarantees higher quality trim - a case we'll need to test at its Paris engine show debut - and amenities, for example, a discretionary, warmed directing haggle glass to quieten the lodge.

The upgraded focus console can now convey an one-liter beverages bottle and a vast glass in the meantime, while Ford 's made the glovebox less demanding to utilize and MP3-players more straightforward to connect to. All great, strong, sensible stuff.

There's additionally Ford's MyKey innovation, ought to your children be mature enough to figure out how to drive in the C-Max. This tricky lets folks set a top speed and confine stereo volume ahead of time - keeping youths on the straight a