2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec Specs, Features, Performance review

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec Specs, Features, Performance review - It's unquestionably not the quick one, that is without a doubt. With only 114bhp under the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 car  hood, the C180 BlueTEC gets to 62mph in an unhurried 11.1 seconds, which is sufficiently snappy not to be an obligation but rather won't be anything excessively energizing. The 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 review  1598cc turbodiesel four-barrel motor is really found in a couple Renaults, mounted transversely and badged as a 1.6 dCi, however here it's longitudinally set and drives the back wheels by means of a standard six-speed manual gearbox in spite of the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 specs  fact that a programmed is advertised. The motor is conventionally refined keeping in mind it grows less power here than it would in a Renault, it offers way more torque, up from 204 to 279Nm.

That improves things significantly, giving the C180 a decent, languid pull from as meager as 1,500rpm. In the event that you truly believe that this unit won't not be sufficiently quick, then it merits realizing that you can likewise get it tuned to convey 134bhp in the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 design  C200 BlueTEC variation, which speaks to the following rung up on the Mercedes C-Class diesel possession step. In any case, your auto will accompany five diverse driving modes, offering the driver the decision between Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual. Every position doles out various settings for the throttle sharpness, controlling weighting, aerating and cooling and begin/stop framework. On the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 performance off chance that you determine the programmed box, Sport and Sport+ modes will clutch equips longer and will even give a little blip of revs on downshifts which sounds pleasantly indecent. At that point you understand that you have 114bhp under the hood and space the auto once more into Eco before a Fiesta makes mincemeat of you. Saying this doesn't imply that this C-Class isn't a decent drive. It streams wonderfully on all surfaces, thanks in vast part to a front suspension that has been significantly enhanced with an exceptionally astute four-join setup that detaches the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 interior struts taking into account improved geometry and better hold. The electric directing framework is quite enhanced as well.


Taking a gander at the outside of this C-Class, you'd be pardoned for imagining this was the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 engine  most preservationist of styling bearings. Any notionally auto proficient individual would have the capacity to let you know it was a Mercedes C-Class, regardless of the fact that they'd never set eyes on the thing. It's neatly executed, with indications of the most recent S-Class in its specifying. The long hat, a traveler compartment set well back and short shades characterize the C-Class' exemplary extents. Expansive wheels accentuate the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 concept back and convey a gorgeously lively character. Halogen headlamps are fitted as standard however there are additionally two LED alternatives offered: a static framework and a dynamic form with "Drove Intelligent Light System".

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
Drop inside and you'll see where this Mercedes separates itself. It's fundamentally distinctive to its ancestor with an expansive focus console swooping between the front inhabitants, In programmed vehicles, a huge one-piece focus console board performs an exquisite scope from the middle air vents to the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 cost armrest. On vehicles with manual transmission, the inside console is somewhat more extreme and components two separate trim components keeping in mind the end goal to make adequate space for ergonomic operation of the movement lever. There's additionally an unsupported 7-inch focal presentation which or, on the off chance that you select COMAND Online, a 8.4-creep thing is determined. Materials quality is abundantly enhanced and there are some smooth points of interest such as the five metallic round air vents and the touchpad in the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 release date hand rest over the Controller on the inside passage. There's even a head-up showcase choice. An additional 80mm in the wheelbase backs seats space and there's a best in class 480-liters of boot space as well.

The huge draw of this C180 BlueTEC is its little cost of possession figures. Mercedes figures it'll return 67.3mpg on the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 features joined cycle with discharges of only 109g/km. That is clearly going to have business clients lining up, however even private purchasers are going to like what they see here. We've been usual to Mercedes highlighting an entire host of effectiveness measures, for example, begin/stop, propelled optimal design and low inner transmission rubbing yet the 2014 C180 price most recent C-Class has been on an eating routine to offer things some assistance with improving. In spite of being an essentially greater auto than before (somewhere in the range of 95mm longer and 40mm more extensive), weight has been sliced through broad utilization of aluminum in the 'body in white'. Truth be told, utilization of aluminum here has gone up from around 10 for every penny in the old auto to around 50 for each penny now, with the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 style outcome that around 70kg, or the heaviness of a normal grown-up, has been trimmed from the body structure.

Design and Styling

On the off chance that you can live with the way that the 2014 C180 car pace of life is more casual in a Mercedes-Benz C180 BlueTEC, there's valuable little reason not to like what it offers. Alright, so one may ask why you'd pay about thirty thousand for an auto with a 1598cc diesel motor that is like something you'd find in a Renault Scenic, however there's genuine quality here. You just need to sit in the auto for five minutes to make sense of that. Mercedes offers various alternatives in this value section and in the event that you need a zippier cantina, the 2014 C180 review models will have something to offer. The C180 BlueTEC is a flawless decision for the individuals who need to cover enormous miles in relative solace. Determine it on the littlest wheels feasible for the 2014 C180 specs best quality ride and simply dial back the anxiety. It's an impeccable accomplice.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
On the off chance that you need to purchase a diesel Mercedes C-Class now you've just got the 2014 C180 design decision of the C220 or C250. Nonetheless, hold up until September and you'll have the capacity to request this Mercedes C200 BlueTEC, bragging discharges of only 99g/km.

Dissimilar to the current 2.1-liter diesels, this uses a 1.6 motor inexactly identified with a unit utilized as a part of numerous Renault models. As far as refinement it sounds somewhat smoother than the 2014 C180 performance 2.1 diesels, but since it's marginally down on force you wind up working it harder, which tends to counteract the additional refinement.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
The C200 BlueTec we tried was about as essential as a C-Class can get, with no programmed transmission or air-suspension fitted. With a marginally slack movement activity and standard springs that vibe a bit too delicate through twists, this auto doesn't feel as premium as the 2014 C180 interior high-spec models we've driven beforehand – in spite of the magnificent lodge. On the 2014 C180 engine off chance that you can extend to it, the £895 air-suspension is well worth fitting.

We're anticipating that costs should kick off from around £28,500 which, when joined with the 2014 C180 concept low CO2 emanations, will make this a standout amongst the most organization auto inviting models in the reach.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
The Mercedes C-Class has been a main contender in the C180 sound smaller official auto market for quite a long time yet the opposition for deals in this armada orientated portion has never been fiercer.

Mercedes has added parts more gear to draw in purchasers, so spec-for-spec the 2014 C180 cost new model is entirely esteem than at any other time. Running expenses are solid too with Mercedes asserting a normal 20 for each penny proficiency change over the reach and the cross breed models offering enticing duty favorable circumstances.


Where once the C-Class would have been the passage point to Mercedes proprietorship, the 2014 C180 release date approach of the An and B-Class autos implies the C-Class is presently a couple of rungs up the stepping stool in the Mecedes-Benz C180 speed range.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
Propelled a year ago, the W205 is the fourth era of autos badged C-Class, the first being the W202 – that model, created from 1993 to 2000, was an immediate successor to the 2014 C180 features amazingly effective W201; otherwise called the 190E.

Overlooking the 'old model' Coupe that is expected for substitution soon, there are two body styles for the Mercedes C-Class: the cantina and the domain. Trim lines are, on the 2014 C180 style substance of it, easy to comprehend, as they keep running from SE to Sport and AMG Line, yet three gear groups – Executive, Premium and Premium Plus – confound things to some degree. The Executive pack is just accessible as a move up to the SE, while the Mecedes-Benz C180 pictures last two packs are for the 2014 C180 price Sport and AMG Line models. The AMG C 63 gets its own extensive hardware list.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
At long last, at the highest point of the reach sits the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 images great 4.0-liter biturbo V8 Mercedes-AMG C 63, which can be had as a S model, in spite of the fact that a C 450 AMG with a twin-turbo V6 petrol will soon conquer any hindrance between the Mecedes-Benz C180 news customary model line-up and the C 63.


This C-Class was the 2014 C180 pictures primary auto to be assembled utilizing Mercedes' new back wheel drive engineering (called MRA). This utilizes around 50 for every penny aluminum in its development – up from 10 for each penny before – and cuts 70kg from the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 news body. Other weight investment funds mean the new Mecedes-Benz C180 images weighs around 100kg not exactly beforehand, which enhances the driving knowledge and proficiency.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
The standard suspension offers an agreeable ride in the 2014 C180 speed event that you stick to 17-inch wheels or littler. The Mecedes-Benz C180 price £895 Airmatic Agility bundle includes air suspension, versatile dampers and an Agility Select capacity that permits you to look over Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+ driving modes. On smooth streets, any C-Class with this buoys over knocks, yet potholes, broken landing area and motorway extension joints send an accident through the 2014 C180 sound generally undisturbed solace in the lodge.

The guiding is brisk and coordinate, however it's conflictingly weighted and gives little criticism. Selecting Sport+ mode hones the Mecedes-Benz C180 style throttle, adds weight to the directing and hardens the 2014 C180 video dampers, yet the Mercedes' front tires begin to lose hold more effectively than we'd like. Also, the firm suspension causes the auto to skitter uncomfortably over mid-corner knocks.


Notwithstanding, it's not every single awful new for sharp drivers, on the 2014 C180 series grounds that Mercedes' tuning arm AMG has acted the hero. AMG has buckled down on the suspension and guiding, so the C 63 conveys the Mecedes-Benz C180 features kind of grasp, self-control and engagement that drivers of the 2014 C180 wallpaper standard C-Class can just long for.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
The C 450 AMG lands in summer 2016 and utilizes a large number of the C 63's suspension and controlling segments to convey an additionally including driving background. All the 2014 C180 dimensions more critically, the more keen taking care of is mated to Mercedes' 4Matic all-wheel drive transmission, which conveys fantastic all-climate security.

The enormous offering motor is the 2.1-liter diesel in the C 220d and C 250d autos, which gives a lot of force and aggressive mileage figures. Notwithstanding, it's continued from the 2014 C180 autocar past era, and stays really rough and loud.

The Mecedes-Benz C180 release date upmarket climate is ruined when you begin it up and that maturing Mercedes diesel rattles into life. The 2.1-liter motor doesn't settle down moving, either – it sounds strained when expanded and rambles on the motorway.

There's nothing amiss with the 2.0-liter petrol motor in essence, yet the 2014 C180 emissions cross breeds give the best responsiveness, notwithstanding the certainty they're no less than 120kg heavier than whatever other non-AMG C-Class. The C 350e plunges underneath 6.0 seconds for the 0-62mph sprint as a cantina and the C 300h isn't a long ways behind.


The Mercedes-AMG C 63 is a monster of an auto, controlled by a powerful twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. It's accessible in "standard" 469bhp trim and wild 503bhp S appearance. The 2014 C180 first drive last will sprint from 0-62mph in only 4.0 seconds as a cantina (4.1 seconds for the home) and can be determined with a raised rate farthest point of 180mph; choose not to decide on this and both autos are electronically restricted to 155mph. The new motor sounds amazing, as well, emanating a NASCAR-style roar at high revs.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
The first dispatch line-up for the 2014 C180 horsepower has extended to three diesels, one petrol and a couple of cross breeds, and in addition the AMG V8. The C 200d returns 72.4mpg and 101g/km, however including the programmed or 18/19-inch compounds sees its profits tumble to about the same level as the all the more capable C 250d.

Without a doubt, both the 2.1-liter diesels are in Band B in the 2014 Mecedes-Benz C180 launch event that you can adhere to a most extreme of 17-inch combinations. With those littler wheels the C 220d records a joined cycle return of 70.6mpg and the C 250d gets 65.7mpg, with emanations remaining at 103g/km and 109g/km individually.

In any case, the C 350e module half breed is path ahead on paper, with a mind blowing 134.5mpg authority economy and outflows of anything somewhere around 48-and 53g/km. That implies in addition to the fact that it is absolved from VED it beats the Mecedes-Benz C180 car London clog charge. The C 350e is aided by a completely electric scope of around 19 miles, while the C 300h can just drive in zero-outflows mode for brief timeframes at low speeds.


Regardless of all C-Class models having stop-begin usefulness, the C63 AMG autos can just accomplish 34.5mpg as a cantina or 33.6mpg as a bequest, with discharges figures of 192-and 196g/km.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec
Advantage in-Kind organization auto duty is as low as five for every penny on the C 350e, with the C 300h next behind at 13 for each penny. The Mecedes-Benz C180 cost is section point for BiK as far as traditional drivetrains, at 18 for each penny, while the all the Mecedes-Benz C180 review more intense models in AMG Line 7G-Tronic trim summon 21 for each penny. The AMGs are out all alone, both sitting in the 34 for each penny section.

Private purchasers will appreciate solid 45.2 for each penny residuals, setting the Mecedes-Benz C180 specs among the Mecedes-Benz C180 concept best in class. Alternatives are packaged in average worth packs, for example, the £995 Executive Pack that includes sat-nav, warmed seats and a split-collapsing back seat to SE models and will help that resale esteem. The previously stated Premium and Premium Plus packs are likewise worth considering on higher spec models. Likewise with such a large number of autos in this class, anticipate that the diesel models will hold their worth best of all.


 Running Cost

2014 Mercedes-Benz C180 Bluetec Price is £27,000 (est); Searches include for a considerable measure the official auto park and the Mercedes hits the Mecedes-Benz C180 design spot. Taking its motivation from the brand's lead S-Class limousine, the C-Class' conveniently styled lines, etched sides and cleared back headlamps give a lot of advance.

Discussing which, the Mecedes-Benz C180 performance lead C 63 is set apart out by its more profound front guard, inconspicuously flared front wheelarches, quad deplete format and a hat that elements a couple of "force" lumps. The standard C 63 gets 18-inch composites, while the C 63 S has bigger 19-inch edges.

One issue here is a shading palette that is really dull. Standard hues are dark or white, while the Mecedes-Benz C180 interior £645 metallic choices are to a great extent monochrome with the odd dim blue tossed in for good measure. For £845, two "designo" hues – Diamond White and Hyacinth Red – give more visual shimmer.

The C-Class' upmarket feel is underscored inside where the lavish lodge sets new gauges in the Mecedes-Benz C180 engine  class. Again it's affected by the S-Class, so you get excellent materials and a flawlessly planned dash with eyeball air vents and coal black trim a