2014 Ford Focus Estate Spes, Features, Performance review

2014 Ford Focus Estate Spes, Features, Performance review - This third era auto is more refined and higher quality than any time in recent memory, yet has lost a portion of the radiance that made the first such a work of art. On one hand it offers the 2014 Ford Focus car  best mix of ride and taking care of in its class, being really agreeable and awesome to drive, yet on the other it needs inside space.

The Ford Focus has been the top of the 2014 Ford Focus review  line family bring forth in the UK throughout recent years and in light of current circumstances. The original auto in 1998 was genuinely noteworthy, setting the outline for the 2014 Ford Focus specs  current family hatchback, keeping in mind ensuing eras haven't had the same effect, they've each enhanced the recipe in critical ways.

Presently in its third era, there's something for everybody in the most recent 2014 Ford Focus design  line-up, with an extensive variety of models from the essential Style variation to the superior ST hot portal. In addition there's the 345bhp 2014 Ford Focus design  RS, a standout amongst the most dangerously able superior hatchbacks ever constructed.

From multiple points of view this most recent 2014 Ford Focus interior  sets the standard in the family hatchback market, giving phenomenal quality, solace and taking care of that are frequently more than a match for the adored Volkswagen Golf.


Those needing more space have the alternative of the 2014 Ford Focus engine  Estate. Bizarrely, the domain form really drives pretty much and also the trapdoor, while solving so as to offer fundamentally more prominent common sense one of only a handful couple of issues the 2014 Ford Focus concept  standard hatchback has – a moderately little boot.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
In the interim, the 2014 Ford Focus cost  ST hot lid comes in three pretenses (ST, ST-2 and ST-3) with dynamically more gear, however whatever the spec it's an awesome different option for any semblance of the VW Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane. The reach topping 2014 Ford Focus release date  RS comes in one determination just – a quick one.

The 2014 Ford Focus style  motor line-up elements conservative diesel and smooth petrol motors, all turbocharged for good low-end reaction and mileage. We'd settle on the 2014 Ford Focus features  prominent three-barrel turbocharged EcoBoost petrol motor, which strikes a decent harmony between vivacious execution and low running expenses.

All things considered, you'll see that the greater part of the turbo petrol and diesel motors convey OK running expenses, while the driving background is never not exactly including.

Design and Styling

The most consideration getting rendition with regards to running expenses, on paper in any event, is the 2014 Focus price  Electric. As the name infers it's moved by an all-electric powertrain, however tragically it lingers behind the absolute best electric autos (like the Nissan Leaf and BMW i3) in light of its lodge space and battery range bargains.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The 2014 Focus car  is settled at motorway speeds, with the suspension benefiting work of dousing up knocks. The auto is exceptionally surface-touchy however – more seasoned motorways produce significantly more street clamor in the auto than recently reemerged ones, though equals cover surface changes better, particularly more solace arranged ones like the Citroen C4 or Peugeot 308.

In any case, it's on twisty streets that the 2014 Focus review  truly exceeds expectations. Its capacity to convey precisely what's happening between the tires and the street separates it from the normal family hatchback. Yet, there's dependably a decent feeling of smoothness at any velocity.

It's a trap of equalization that Ford has turned into an expert at pulling off, and it makes the 2014 Focus specs  one of the best all-rounders in the driver's seat in any fragment of the auto market. Furthermore, in light of the fact that they're so comparable in feel, that applies to the bequest also.

All things considered, today's 2014 Focus design  is not exactly as engaged as past models, in spite of the fact that it's important that the facelifted renditions (2014 onwards) had their suspension and guiding changed in light of feedback to that impact.

Those needing a sportier adaptation of the 2014 Focus performance  can pick the ST, one of the best hot hatchbacks accessible on the UK market. Its intense motor helps the auto achieve 0-62mph in only 6.5 seconds, and despite the fact that the 2014 Focus interior  ride quality is by and large firmer – more inclined to skip on rougher surfaces – it's still agreeable.

The RS, in the interim, is a genuine bit of elite pack – it's still a family hatchback, obviously, yet that trademark is a far off second to the matter of going rapidly. It softens the 2014 Focus engine  62mph boundary up well under five seconds and accompanies an exceptionally refined suspension setup so as to prevent that 345bhp motor from overpowering the 2014 Focus concept  front wheels.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
Notwithstanding detail the 2014 Focus cost  has a standout amongst the most charming manual gearboxes in the business, with a dazzling light activity and exactness through the entryway – both the five-speed gearbox of lower controlled petrol motors and the six-speeder of the 2014 Focus release date  diesels have this trademark.

Portage's programmed transmission choice in the 2014 Focus features  is called Powershift and is a twin-grasp sort, the same as Volkswagen's DSG alternative on a basic level. It's not exactly as smooth or brisk to change gear as the VW unit, yet it's still a refined, non-prominent gearbox that doesn't debase the 2014 Focus style  generally astounding driving knowledge. So, changing gears physically is marginally odd in light of the fact that you need to push the stick forward for an up-movement and back for a downshift, which is legitimate however by and by really strange.

The pre-facelift variant of the 2014 Focus price  (2010 – 2014) accompanied a 1.6-liter TDCi diesel motor, however Ford traded this for a 1.5-liter unit with the facelift, accessible with 94bhp or 118bhp yields.

Try not to be tricked by the limit diminish – the 2014 Ford Focus images  marginally littler motor is better. Smoother and more productive than the active 1.6-liter motor, what both forms need in through and through force, they compensate for with punchy low-end torque (250Nm at 1,500rpm and 270Nm at 1,750rpm separat

There's a 2.0-liter TDCi diesel unit as well, in two conditions of tune. The 2014 Ford Focus news  lower controlled gloats 148bhp and, all the more vitally, 370Nm torque from only 2,000rpm. That trumps the figure of the 148bhp 2.0-liter TDI Volkswagen Golf by an entire 50Nm and gives a so-prepared Focus a 0-62mph time of 8.8 seconds (9.0 in the 2014 Focus pictures Estate).

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The all the more intense 2.0 TDCi has 182bhp and is just accessible in the ST diesel model, presented with the 2014 facelift. It has a severe 400Nm torque (10Nm more than a Porsche 911 Carrera), thus feels a mess speedier than its 8.1-second 0-62mph time.

Both of these greater diesels offer genuine low rev adaptability, which means the 2014 Focus speed  lazier driver can serenely pull far from low speed roundabouts in third rigging, in spite of the fact that according to most four-chamber diesel motors it's not the 2014 Focus sound  last word in calm smoothness, particularly before it's warmed through.


Despite the fact that the 2014 Focus video three-barrel drone from this 1.0-liter model won't be to all tastes, the six-speed manual adaptation includes a double mass flywheel that wipes out vibrations well, and it's surely a change from a regularly dull four-chamber motor note.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The 2014 Focus wallpaper lower fueled EcoBoost motor, with 99bhp, is exceptionally mainstream with purchasers and accessible with every trim level bar sportier Zetec S. On paper it doesn't look much cop, execution shrewd – 0-62mph in 12.5 seconds and 115mph top pace. Be that as it may, it has more torque than the four-chamber petrol motors in the 2014 Focus series  go and is in this way more adaptable at lower velocities.

Those four-barrel petrol motors are the weakest of the Focus pack, and truly just deserving of thought in case you're hoping to hold your purchasing costs down. Accessible with 84bhp or 103bhp, they should be endeavored to benefit as much as possible from their execution, and their tone does not have the character of the three-chamber motors. They're not as smooth either.

By differentiation, the 2014 Focus dimensions  pair of elite turbo petrol motors, to be specific the 247bhp 2.0-liter four-chamber turbo in the ST and the 2.3-liter unit with 345bhp in the 2014 Focus autocar  RS, are among the hot portal greats.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The last era of the 2014 Focus emissions  ST utilized a five-chamber 2.5-liter turbo with an unmistakable sonic character, keeping in mind this 2.0-liter isn't as tuneful it's to a great degree strong and still has a pleasant rough note. The 2.3-liter unit is a sparkler, with 470Nm torque getting the auto to 62mph in 4.7 seconds.

In the event that you don't number the lively 2014 Focus first drive ST and RS models, each auto in the line-up transmits under 140g/km of CO2, which is really great in the 2014 Focus horsepower  event that you consider how vast the motor reach is.

In spite of the auto having more wellbeing unit and by and large being more refined, Ford has figured out how to make the new 2014 Ford Focus launch  lighter than the two past variants. Accordingly it's less expensive to run by and large, yet the lower-controlled EcoBoost petrol motors and TDCi diesel emerge.

For instance, the 99bhp variant of the Ford Focus review 1.0-liter three-barrel turbo petrol returns 105g/km CO2 in standard structure, however oddly, for somewhat additional on the rundown cost (£350), Ford will offer you a 99g/km form. That'll spare you £20 every year in VED from the Ford Focus car  second year onwards, while the mpg contrast between the two is 65.7mpg versus 61.4mpg.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
Much of the time the Estate variant of the Ford Focus specs  is a couple mpg less conservative than the five-entryway hatchback (there's no three-entryway alternative for this era), inferable from the additional weight and somewhat less elusive shape.


While the Ford Focus design  Electric is the most practical rendition on paper, with zero tailpipe discharges, it's truly a non-starter in all actuality in case you're taking a gander at minimizing your expenses. What you'll save in fuel, a zero VED bill or duty motivating forces (in case you're an organization auto driver), you'll pay out on the auto itself – it costs £31,000 before the Ford Focus performance  £5,000 electric auto gift is connected. It's likewise traded off on space and drivability.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The last era Ford Focus interior  had a valuing structure that looked high, permitting merchants to cut the costs and allure purchasers with apparently vast rebates. Passage was rightly censured for that, so this time around the Ford Focus engine evaluating is more sensible – and extraordinary worth.

The section level Ford Focus concept, at under £16,000, undermines a passage level Golf by a decent £1,500 – particularly noteworthy thinking of it as' very much prepared, with Ford having dropped the simple Studio model in 2014. As a rule, the Ford Focus cost rundown costs contrast positively and standard opponents like the Vauxhall Astra, Peugeot 308 and SEAT Leon.

The 1.5-liter Ecoboost with 148bhp passages strikingly more regrettable, in any case, returning 51.4mpg and 127g/km CO2, while the Ford Focus release date hot seal can just oversee 41.5mpg joined and 159g/km CO2 – deserving of a £180 yearly charge.

Most would agree that expenses won't be such a major ordeal for RS purchasers, and it's a great job as well: 36.7mpg and 175g/km aren't too awful given the execution, yet you'll be taking a gander at mid-20s economy as a general rule.

It's additionally important that the Powershift programmed, regardless of being of the twin-grip sort that should have negligible impact on economy, considerably diminishes mpg appraisals. The Ford Focus features  70.6mpg 2.0-liter diesel returns 70.6mpg with a manual gearbox, for instance, yet 64.2mpg with Powershift.
Because of the ubiquity of the Ford Focus style, you're liable to discover bounty available to be purchased on the utilized auto market, while parts and adjusting are moderately economical. Be that as it may, residuals aren't in the same class as the Volkswagen Golf and you'd most likely be fortunate to get even 40 for every penny of its worth back following three years and with normal mileage. The Volkswagen Golf and SEAT Leon trump the Ford Focus price for residuals, however it is superior to the Vauxhall Astra, which has residuals that are famously poor.

Yet, once more, that general standard doesn't have any significant bearing to ST and RS models, which are both rarer and more attractive and in this manner appreciate better residuals. A ST-2 or ST-3 particular variant of the previous will dependably be less demanding to offer on than the more fundamental passage level ST.

The greatest changes in 2014 were held for the Ford Focus news lodge, where the all-new dashboard is more moderate and more tasteful than before – tending to feedback of the Ford Focus images  second era auto (and the main form of the third era) about its particular, catch substantial configuration. It was bewildering to utilize, because of horde odd-molded catches, particularly for t

That is changed, yet the Ford Focus pictures still doesn't have the class or instinctive advancement of a Volkswagen Golf or SEAT Leon – actually, Ford could truly take in a thing or two about tasteful lodge outline from the Volkswagen Group items all in all.

In any case, we should not be excessively unforgiving – material quality is great, with delicate touch plastics and enhanced atmosphere control switches that are bigger and clearer than they were. The Ford Focus speed blue-lit instruments look tasteful, while a bigger outing PC show between the dials is simpler to peruse.


A little focal shading show screen is standard. It's on the little side truly, and not too clear, but rather the controls are anything but difficult to work. Still, it's vastly improved to pay additional for the Ford SYNC route framework (a sensible £250 choice on Zetec autos, or £500 with Style) that makes the screen bigger and includes DAB radio. look also the Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-in Hybrid review

2014 Ford Focus Estate
Bluetooth is standard on all models, as is aerating and cooling, however you'll need to move up to a Zetec for composite wheels, warmed entryway mirrors and more pleasant inside trim. Titanium trim is the place things begin to look decidedly rich however, with double zone atmosphere control, stopping sensors, versatile voyage control and velour seats.

Zetec S and Titanium X models are top-of-the-reach (before you go to the ST and RS forms, that is), with the previous concentrating on sportier choices like greater haggles body it, and the last more on extravagance pack like bi-xenon headlamps, warmed electric seats and calfskin upholstery.

The Focus sound  additionally elements Ford's MyKey innovation, which permits the primary driver to confine another client (or clients) of the auto. It's intended for folks to control their new driver posterity, essentially; MyKey will cripple the stereo totally until the Focus video  safety belts are affixed, caution around a low fuel level much prior, and keep the footing control framework from being incapacitated, for instance.


Six speakers are standard, so the stereo's sound quality is not too bad, which is great on the Focus series  grounds that Bluetooth music gushing is standard as well, so even in base model autos you can attach your iPhone or Android handset effectively. Passage's updated route framework – standard in Titanium models and a genuinely ease choice underneath that – is an eight-inch touchscreen setup and one of the more advanced ones right now available. It highlights voice operation, so in principle you require never take your hands off the Focus wallpaper  wheel to work it.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
The 2014 facelift was a chance to cure these weaknesses, yet Ford didn't take it. The boot stays much littler than the Volkswagen Golf's, whether the Focus dimensions  seats are up or down. At any rate stockpiling is ample in the lodge, moderately talking, with not too bad entryway receptacles, a profound armrest cubby and a major glove box.

Rearward sitting arrangement space is generally confined, with less legroom than adversaries such as the SEAT Leon and Nissan Pulsar, despite the fact that the back entryways open wide. One slick component is the edge defenders that pop out of the Focus autocar  entryways as you open them to forestall auto park dings.


Add to that the previously stated ride solace of the Focus emissions, which is astounding at all velocities, and you have an auto that is generally as fulfilling whether doing a short impact on a byway or a 300-mile crosscountry venture.

2014 Ford Focus Estate
In addition, on the off chance that you truly require more common sense, you can simply select the Focus first drive  Estate variation. This has a 476-liter boot that extends to 1,502 liters. That may at present seem little contrasted with the Skoda Octavia, for instance, however the back end opening is gigantic and the enormous elliptical molded space it offers is exceptionally valuable, while never adversely influencing the Focus horsepower driving knowledge.

There's no three-entryway form of the Focus launch this time around – both the first and second era Ford Focus review specs and performance models accompanied three or five entryways – however Ford has given the third era auto a roadster like position, which decreases reasonableness. All things considered, it needn't be the Ford Focus interior pictures situation – the Ford Focus car review specs and performance is longer, more extensive and taller than the five-entryway SEAT Leon, which is seemingly the prettier, more dapper auto, yet has more lodge space and an altogether greater boot than the Ford.


Running Cost

2014 Ford Focus Estate  Price is £20,995 (from); While failing to feel confined thusly, there isn't as much back knee room or foot room in the center as you'd like – positively short of what you'd find in the Golf, Leon or Octavia – most other family hatchbacks, actually. Yet despite everything it performs consummately well as a famliy hatchback, obliging normal estimated grown-ups fine and dandy, and with enough space for back confronting kid seats in the back utilizing the standard-fit Isofix mountings.

The Ford Focus specs and performance domain has a higher roofline than the hatchback so there's an eminent measure of additional back headroom and some extra expansive cubbyholes for capacity – the Estate, all things considered, feels like the fundamentally more valuable model, as you'd anticipate.

In unadulterated volume terms this is truly very poor, particularly, once more, given the Ford Focus engine performance has one of the greater foot shaped impressions in the section. What's more, to further effectively express the idea, the Ford Focus interior images   brags 590 liters, reaching out to 1,580 liters.