2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2 Specs, Features, Performance Review

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2 Specs, Features, Performance Review -  Finally! Following quite a while of studio shoots and traveler ride teases, CAR has at long last determined the 2009 Ford Focus car every single new Focu RS Mk2 – Ford's 301bhp, front-wheel drive super bring forth – on a percentage of the best mountain streets southern France brings to the table. 

You'll perceive how the new second-gen Focus RS resists the 2009 Ford Focus review best hot portals ever (Renault Clio Williams, Peugeot 306 GTi-6, unique and current VW Golf GTi, Lancia Integrale and that's just the beginning) in the 2009 Ford Focus specs new April 2009 issue of CAR Magazine out 25 February, yet how about we get serious here: is the Ford Focus RS (2009) any great? It's a corker, however the new RS has its imperfections... 

All things considered, notwithstanding all the buildup that encompasses RevoKnuckle – a framework that permits MacPherson strut suspension to carry on with the virtue of a multi-join set-up – we can definitively report that this auto does torque steer. It's not clamorous like the 2009 Ford Focus design Focus RS could be, however the guiding wheel will solidify discernibly under hard speeding up and the wheels scrabble for hold in the lower riggings – the ESP framework permitting the 2009 Ford Focus performance driver to direct when force ought to be cut by and large, as opposed to cutting in ahead of schedule and ruining the good times. 

A failure, maybe, however then what did we expect with 301bhp experiencing the 2009 Ford Focus interior front wheels? It additionally includes that clamorous edge that we've generally expected from RS items. 


Where do we begin? The Focus RS is a flat out impact to drive – it's incredibly brisk point-to-point. Front-wheel drive was unquestionably the 2009 Ford Focus engine best approach; there's so much front-end hold that you simply don't require driven back haggles readily take the results of that vivacious front end for the additional deftness that the lighter two-wheel drive set-up manages. Furthermore, to be completely forthright, the 2009 Ford Focus concept is as of now a touch lardy at 1467kg – an all-paw drivetrain would take that kerb weight to around 1600kg. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
The 2009 Ford Focus cost guiding is totally extraordinary. At around 2.2 swings lock-to-bolt, it's recognizably snappier than the ST's and, while each little info has an impact, it's not apprehensive and there's a delightful, flexible resistance that works in extent to your endeavors. 

The suspension is somewhat inflexible for the day by day drive (the 2009 Ford Focus release date ST will better serve 9-5ers with a periodic trackday tingle to scratch), however it's not crashy, and its self-control over brisk B-streets is noteworthy, offering enough consistence and suspension go to douse up precarious streets at rapid where crashier set-ups would begin to skip. 

You'll presumably realize that the 2.5-liter five-barrel is imparted to the 2009 Ford Focus features ST (and various Volvos), yet it has just about 80bhp additional here and is completely re-worked: new cylinders, cams, turbo, intercooler, motor administration and then some.

Design and Styling

The 2009 Ford Focus style is incredibly quick, however it's adaptably refined from abject (it pulls emphatically and easily from 1500rpm in 6th) while likewise extending to a redline that – to be very legit – we couldn't discover on our twisty second and third rigging mountain streets – you'll generally go after another apparatus before you hit the limiter. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
The soundtrack, as well, is incredible, increasing the 2009 Focus price ST's throaty five-chamber chatter and including an additional serving of dump valve. There's more whooshing than at a Thomas the Tank Engine steam train tradition. You might turn your nose up at wastegate shrieks in any case, trust me, you will like it. Much like whatever is left of the auto. 
In general, the 2009 Focus car is a stunning bundle. It's anything but difficult to live with everyday (if somewhat firm for a few), while conveying a unimaginably exceptional adrenaline hit when you're in the right mind-set. In case you're after rushes, the new Focus RS hot seal makes the MkV VW Golf GTI (our past benchmark, keep in mind) appear to be decidedly person on foot. 

The RS, then, is an incredible hot seal. Be that as it may, is it the best? Perused the full survey in the April 2009 issue of CAR Magazine – out 25 February 2009 – where we set it against the dozen best pocket rockets ever. 

Portage tightened up the impact by offering the RS in only three hues – Ultimate Green, Frozen White and Performance Blue (of which the generally unobtrusive blue is, maybe tellingly, the rarest). So maybe the main thing to think about the mk2 2009 Focus specs  RS is this is not an auto for contracting violets, nor the individuals who like to gain ground cautiously. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
Yet, gain ground you most without a doubt will. The RS moved down its visual guarantee with a vigorously adjusted adaptation of the 2009 Focus design  ST's turbocharged 2.5-liter in-line five – greater turbo, new intercooler, manufactured wrench, silicon-aluminum cylinders and graphite-covered bores. The changes created a pleasant cycle 300bhp at 6500rpm (78bhp up on the ST) and a torque level of 324lb ft that extended the distance from 2300 to 4500rpm. 

That part could have been a boisterous modest bunch had the 2009 Focus performance  suspension not been completely all around sorted. The RS might not have had the four-wheel drive that numerous had sought after, yet a blend of Ford's trap RevoKnuckle front suspension, a Quaife restricted slip diff and all around judged ESP made an awesome showing of putting the shut down and dealing with the torque-steer while as yet giving a lot of contribution. The 2009 Focus interior  hit 60mph in less than 6sec and topped 160mph, all joined by an unmistakable five-barrel chatter, a lot of turbo gab and even the infrequent pop and blast from the depletes. Furthermore, when you weren't on a charge, the RS was a humanized and handy hatchback equipped for returning 25-30mpg. No big surprise it sold well. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
Around 11,500 were implicit a creation run that kept going barely three years. Of those, 4000 discovered homes in the 2009 Focus engine  UK, so it's not precisely uncommon. Be that as it may, costs have held up astoundingly well, with just high-mileage samples dropping much underneath £20K up to this point (see 'What To Pay'). 

Spec-wise, Ford offered two alternative packs. Extravagance Pack 1 included double zone atmosphere control, programmed headlights and wipers, back stopping sensors, tire weight checking, keyless go, DAB radio and a Sony six-plate CD player. Extravagance Pack 2 went ahead top, supplanting the hello there fi with a Ford framework including a back perspective camera and touch-screen satnav. Air-con was standard on all variants.


At the point when running one as a long-termer, our most concerning issue was the 2009 Focus concept  motor's refusal to stay in line on light throttle openings. We've identified with a few proprietors about this and most are in understanding: the motor surges, making the RS difficult to drive easily. Hauling hard through the mid-range the motor was explosive, and secured by those eminent Recaros, with a charging perspective of the 2009 Focus cost  street ahead (the seats were mounted too high), there was little that could touch the RS's pace along a testing street. Driving it you had a feeling of its scarcely contained vitality, its earnestness and unstable conveyance. It's completely, absolutely diverse to the ST, and to answer all the 2009 Focus release date  gathering faces off regarding we've seen, grea

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
The standard mk2 RS remained basically unaltered all through its generation run, yet the suggestively named RS500 inclined up the  2009 Focus features  execution – and attractive quality – to another level upon its dispatch in April 2010. Restricted to 500 units (only 101 of which were dispensed to the UK), the RS500 sold out inside of a week regardless of its £35,750 list value (a £8K premium over the RS) and remains exceptionally prized today. Every one of them 500 were done in a matt dark wrap with dark compounds and red brake calipers, while the 2009 Focus style  inside included additional cuts of carbon trim and a numbered plaque on the middle console. 

'I had agonized over conveying a R26.R out to meet the RS. The Mégane goes right to the 2009 Ford Focus images  heart of all that we at evo need in a hot trapdoor, as well as in autos, period. There was a decent risk that the Ford would basically shrivel in the vicinity of the Renault's lightweight determination, however the 2009 Focus price  has more than stood its ground, notwithstanding abusing a portion of the Mégane's couple of shortcomings, in particular its soundtrack and the punch gave by its motor. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
'The R26.R is still the lord, the better driving device, so sharp, so exact that you turn out to be a piece of it, yet the harder I went in the RS the 2009 Ford Focus news  greater my smile developed and the all the more profoundly inspired I got to be. Not once in the hour-lengthy drive back did I think 'I want to be in the Mégane'. Nor did I wish that I had four-wheel drive.' 

I immediately understood the blunder of my ways and I'd perused the reports on the mk2 2009 Focus pictures  RS. As it generally got five-star surveys, I thought it was justified regardless of a look. Advantageously, my neighborhood Ford merchant – Hartwell in Kidlington, Oxfordshire – had one available to be purchased: a 2009 RS in Frozen White with Luxury Pack 1 and just 6173 miles on it. I knew I was going to purchase it when I saw it: it has genuine vicinity in the 2009 Focus speed  substance, so unless the test drive was a fiasco, it was a done arrangement. Obviously it drove and in addition it looked and I lifted it up last November. 

From that point forward the 2009 Focus video auto has timed up a further 7500 miles and it's been perfect. There are not very many squeaks and rattles, and nothing's severed or fallen. My just cost so far has been tires, with the fronts being supplanted at 10,000 miles. It midpoints around 27mpg on my drive and on a 1000-mile trek to Le Mans it found the 2009 Focus sound  middle value of 31mpg – not awful for a down to earth hatchback with 300bhp!' 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
England is loaded with quick Ford fans, and most totally pine for the RS brand. Following the 2009 Focus wallpaper  sixties those two letters have connoted the absolute best generation street autos the Blue Oval can offer and have enhanced the absolute most respected autos in car history. Who can overlook the 2009 Focus series  whaletail-bragging Sierra and Escort RS Cosworths? The rally-frolicking Escort RS2000? These are currently genuine great autos and utilized qualities reflect it. 

So it's with powerful history and huge devotees' flourish to fight with, we headed out to Valencia, Spain, for our first go in the 2016 Ford Focus RS out and about and on the 2009 Focus dimensions race track. It has its work removed to tackle the Mercedes-AMG A45, Audi RS3, Honda Civic Type-R, Volkswagen Golf R and Renaultsport Megane.


Its fundamental formula looks encouraging, with a tuned 2.3-liter motor obtained from the most recent Mustang meaning limit for 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds and 165mph, while the 2009 Focus autocar shrewd all-wheel drive framework (AWD) - a first for a 2009 Focus emissions  RS, which as of not long ago has dependably been front-wheel drive just - making a 'float mode' a probability. Tail-out tricks ahoy, then. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
Really, it's entertaining you ought to say that. The Youtube star was counseled on the 2009 Focus first drive improvement of this RS, and it's his impact that makes powersliding conceivable regardless of the fact that you've never attempted it. 

The surprising thing is this is one genuinely able auto on a circuit as well, with the 2009 Focus horsepower Track setting hardening the two-stage versatile suspension significantly and modifying the AWD framework alongside the guiding weighting, throttle reaction, footing control and motor commotion. 

Indeed, even out and about there's a setting above Normal that makes the 2009 Ford Focus launch  way more lively. Sport mode does all the above, yet without the solace punishment of changing those dampers to their most forceful setting. 

In any case, the dominant part of clients are relied upon to redesign these to race-style things. Truth be told, a considerable measure of pre-requested Ford Focus car  RSs will accompany practically every alternative ticked. That isn't a colossal sum, however things like lighter fashioned wheels, stickier tires and the Ford Focus review  Pack (clarified here) have been precisely chosen by Ford to speak to the kind of devotee who values such things. 

Still, on the Ford Focus design  off chance that you pick each choice accessible you're just including a moderately little rate of the auto's worth. For that you'll get an auto that'll extensively out-handle anything in its class and go faster than most, as well. Considering the staggeringly solid leftover values the Ford Focus specs  brand appreciates, it'll make an incredible purchase or an awesome worth lease.


In case you're in the Ford Focus performance business sector for an auto such as this, and need an option that is livelier than a Golf R, more usable than a Civic Type-R and less expensive than an A45 or RS3, yes. It's amusingly great to drive. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
What is the distinction between the new Ford Focus interior RS and the ST rendition presented in 2005? One could say the stray pieces of it – like the RS's hugely more noteworthy force and torque and its wonderful capacity to transmit that to the Ford Focus engine street – and, in time, we will end up like that. Be that as it may, for the time being, Jost Capito, Ford's overall chief of execution vehicles, puts it more figuratively: 

"The ST and RS are distinctive creatures, just like a dolphin and a shark. Both are exceedingly created for their parts, however have novel qualities. The Ford Focus features ST is a parity of execution and refinement, yet would not fit the traits we set for the Ford Focus style, and the other way around. It is amazing the amount we utilized this similarity." Indeed. Executione

No one else has put a 300bhp front-driven auto into creation. The top torque of 325lb ft is 38 for every penny higher than that of the Ford Focus interior pictures, which is no slug. In examination, the prior Ford Focus price  RS (2002-2003) was, in Capito-talk, maybe a marginally forceful cod, with 212bhp and 229lb ft of torque. The 2009 RS can do 163mph. With connected experimental ruthlessness, it can achieve 60mph from rest in a guaranteed 5.9 seconds: junior supercar domain.


For this sort of cash, nothing else is specifically similar. Vauxhall's Astra VXR and most likely Volkswagen's approaching Golf GTI are more like ST opponents, while Renault's Mégane R26.R is for diehard fanatics. The Ford Focus images four-wheel-drive street rally autos from Subaru and Mitsubishi are most likely the nearest, yet don't generally answer the same inquiry.  look also the 2014 Ford Focus Estate review

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
The Ford Focus interior images is significantly more than an overhauled, brought down, wide-track, bewinged ST: yes, it is a three-entryway Ford Focus news  with a five-barrel motor, mounted transversely, driving the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. No, you can't have a self-loader adaptation. Nor would you be able to have journey control, which a Swiss motoring writer at the driving dispatch, based close Nice, peculiarly considered a noteworthy exclusion. 

In the Eighties the Audi Quattro set the aural standard for musicality in exceedingly tuned five-barrel turbocharged motors. This intricate RS motor sings another and intriguing tune. The improvement group seems to have invested extensive energy accomplishing the Ford Focus pictures craved note. Don't bother force and torque, simply tune in: at tickover, there is virtual quiet and no vibration. It never turns out to be unsuitably loud, yet when smacking the needle towards the Ford Focus speed  red line you can hear the wastegate, a throaty incitement thunder, a satisfying tailpipe snarl and much mechanical work in advancement. There is even a wonderful, far off "Bop!" in the wake of lifting the Ford Focus engine performance throttle suddenly.


There are two methods of utilization. Mode one: keep inside of the Focus sound 2,300-4,500rpm torque band and imagine you are driving a unimaginably quick turbodiesel. You can in any case be faster than pretty much whatever else around, with low clamor levels and no dramatization. Mode two: stay in the force band and switch up at the Focus video 6,500rpm red line, never dropping underneath 4,500rpm. 

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2
From the start, the choice of four-wheel drive was rejected. "Front-wheel drive was our inclination from the beginning," says Capito, "in light of the Focus series fact that all-wheel-drive frameworks include cost, weight, idleness and, subsequently, fuel utilization." Compensating for the Focus wallpaper additional weight required element bargains Ford favored not to make. 

Controlling this by electronic craftiness was additionally dismisses, in light of the Focus dimensions fact that that successfully limits full execution to straight-line speeding up on dry, all around surfaced streets. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is standard, however it acts so unobtrusively that there is little point exchanging it off, maybe even on a race circuit. The building group's test drivers have turned in verging on indistinguishable lap times at the Focus autocar Nürburgring with ESP on and off.


Running Cost

2009 Ford Focus RS Mk2 Price is £24,995; What is the way to the Ford Focus specs and performance dynamic achievement? Passage RS engineers worked with Quaife to enhance the constrained slip differential, and, more than six years, built up the "RevoKnuckle" framework, which confines varieties in kingpin balance point. This arrangement, claims boss project engineer John Wheeler, "rethinks what is conceivable with front-wheel drive". 

Having driven the Ford Focus review specs and performance hard on requesting streets with a wide assortment of surfaces and hold levels, I can just concur. Front-wheel-drive autos have an upper force limit, past which they get to be unmanageable, or so for the Focus emissions most part acknowledged learning says. That is likely still the case, however as far as possible has moved northwards. Torque control, that fallen angel of effective front-driven autos, is not so much wiped out yet full throttle before the Focus first drive zenith causes just a gentle sensation through the controlling. The sought force is constantly accessible yet there is never over the top pull mid-twist. 

With back wheel drive in these circumstances, one would ordinarily need to work harder to apply this level of force and torque, while with all wheels driven there is frequently a feeling of separation. You never feel separated in the Focus horsepower. 

At high speeds, the suspension (at the back, a propelled variant of the Ford Focus car review specs and performance control-cutting edge multi-join) assimilates knocks and undulations. In Nice's urban sprawl, the RS is similar to whatever other Focus launch, aside from with a firm ride over surface flaws. This is a lively auto, however it is never cruel.