DS 3 Puretech 110 auto Specs, Features, Performance Review

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto Specs, Features, Performance Review - This is the most recent adaptation of the DS 3 supermini – starting 1 May, without a notice of Citroën anyplace on the auto, or on the handout. The French auto creator needs the 2015 DS 3 Puretech car premium brand to remain all alone two feet and is putting resources into five all-new or restored models throughout the 2015 DS 3 Puretech review  following five years to bait clients into showrooms. In the long run, even the renowned twofold chevron will vanish from the auto's radiator grille.

The DS 3 got what could be considered as the first 50% of a midlife invigorate a year ago, with new petrol and diesel motors, new headlights and a styling revive hitting the 2015 DS 3 Puretech specs reach. Presently comes a torque converter programmed variant of PSA's turbocharged 1.2-liter three-chamber "Puretech" petrol motor, and also another touchscreen sight and sound framework and a few increases to the 2015 DS 3 Puretech design shading and trim palette.

The 109bhp Puretech petrol motor replaces PSA's old 118bhp 1.6-liter ordinarily suctioned petrol unit, besting it on torque and emanations by around 30%. It's required to be a genuinely noteworthy piece of the 2015 DS 3 Puretech performance deals blend, with petrol cars representing more than 10% of UK offers of Mini Coopers and Audi A1s.


The 2015 DS 3 Puretech interior is agreeable and as satisfying to drive as its ancestors were – yet it isn't as simple to suggest as it was five years prior. The motor is somewhat more rowdy than adversary turbo triples and sends whirlpools through the 2015 DS 3 Puretech engine body structure of the auto around unmoving, however else it equalizations refinement against vivacious character well. Quickening agent pedal reaction is sufficiently delicate to permit you to identify the 2015 DS 3 Puretech cost vicinity of constrained incitement, however the 2015 DS 3 Puretech concept motor makes plentiful torque at low and medium wrench speeds, making quick advance simple. It likewise revs readily to past 6000rpm.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
The gearbox is adequate to make a temperance out of both. It takes a brief instant to respond to a dove right foot, yet constantly picks its proportions well, and permits the 2015 DS 3 Puretech release date motor to work towards high revs as opposed to moving all through them. Execution levels are sufficiently dapper to draw to your advantage, yet not to the 2015 DS 3 Puretech features detriment of truly present day efficiency.

The 2015 DS 3 Puretech style taking care of supplements that eager execution. Its creators talk, in confounding however endearingly Gallic terms, around an idea called 'dynamic hyper-solace': the 2015 3 Puretech price combination, they case, of a tight yet consistent ride with class-driving seating solace and acoustic lodge refinement. Clearly.

Design and Styling

What makes a difference is that the DS 3 stays one of the all the more satisfying driver's autos in the 2015 3 Puretech car premium supermini positions. Taking care of is fresh and adjusted, yet regular, open and uncontrived with it. The directing is reliably and sensibly paced, with OK criticism and weight that fabricates as you include lock. Ride quality, then, is tight yet sensibly malleable.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
Somewhere else, rich calfskins and bright thwarts brighten the 2015 3 Puretech review lodge to pleasing impact, yet behind them the DS 3's sash moldings and switchgear materials aren't as strong or as clearly costly as they ought to be.

The DS 3 positively remains the 2015 3 Puretech specs brand's best individual model – and this form equalizations cost against convenience, execution and driver engagement superior to anything most.

This analyzer would in any case think of it as a solid if marginally left-field distinct option for the Audi A1 and a more attractive prospect than a great deal of the 2015 3 Puretech design more sensible however more commendable new superminis from standard brands.

Be that as it may, with an enormously enhanced Mini hatchback now on the scene, it's difficult to envision DS 3 deals keeping on impelling the 2015 3 Puretech interior brand's prosperity like once they did – whether the 2015 3 Puretech performance auto has a Citroen identification on its back end or not.

The DS 3 was Citroen's first endeavor at isolating its upmarket sub-brand from the 2015 3 Puretech engine more standard models. In 2015, it dropped the Citroen label by and large to make further separation – however its roots are still obvious, with natural styling and the 2015 3 Puretech concept mark twofold chevron grille.
DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
Situated as an up-to-date, young and more extravagant distinct option for the Citroen C3 supermini, the 2015 3 Puretech cost is pointed straightforwardly at the MINI Cooper, Audi A1 and Alfa Romeo MiTo. There's no denying it's more attractive than its modest kin, and with different personalisation choices, it's been inside and out more fruitful with more youthful purchasers.

The 2015 3 Puretech release date first went on special in 2010, yet has been always created in the course of recent years, with the greatest tasteful changes touching base in 2014. The progressions incorporated a changed front end with new LED headlights, and in addition different upgrades within. In 2015, the 2015 3 Puretech features moderate and parched programmed gearbox was supplanted with a far prevalent six-rate EAT6 framework – however it's just accessible on the PureTech 110 petrol model.

In any case, it's not all style and fun. It's additionally pleasingly proficient, with the 1.6 e-HDi diesel model radiating just 91g/km of CO2 and overseeing 78.5mpg. Indeed, even the 2015 3 Puretech style turbocharged three-chamber petrol will do 60mpg, feeling suitably energetic, as well.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
The 2015 3 Puretech price is accessible in five trims - section level DSign, mid-extent DStyle and Dsire and in addition DSport and Ultra Prestige adaptations. There are likewise different extraordinary releases that include one of a kind trim and styling updates.


The Citroen DS3 is a fun auto, both to take a gander at and to drive. Its vivid, particular configuration may not be to everybody's taste but rather it surely emerges in the 2015 DS 3 Puretech images premium supermini class. A sparing and punchy motor reach keeps it on the 2015 DS 3 Puretech news radar of numerous purchasers, while shoddy running expenses ought to speak to more youthful purchasers.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
For petrol fans, the reach comprises of a 1.2-liter VTi with 82bhp, a 1.6-liter VTi with 120bhp and the 2015 3 Puretech pictures more blazing THP 165 that, as the name recommends, offers 165bhp and has a 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds. Notwithstanding, our pick of the reach is the 2015 3 Puretech speed new 1.2-liter PureTech three-barrel turbo petrol, which offers enthusiastic execution and more than 60mpg efficiency.

For the individuals who incline toward diesel power, there's a couple of thrifty BlueHDi units with either 98bhp or 118bhp. Both have a lot of torque for surpassing, and neither feel especially loud on the 2015 3 Puretech sound motorway.

Point the Citroen's thickset nose down a contorting byway, and you'll soon be delighting in the 2015 3 Puretech video auto's lithe and amusing taking care of. The 2015 3 Puretech wallpaper guiding doesn't have the same substantial weighting as the MINI's, however it's brisk, exact and conveys tolerable criticism.

Body control is likewise great and grasp is solid. Indeed, even along these lines, it's conceivable to unobtrusively modify the 2015 3 Puretech series line through a corner utilizing a blend of directing and throttle.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
Another EAT6 programmed alternative joined the reach in 2015. It's presently just availalble on the 2015 3 Puretech dimensions PureTech 110 motor, yet is a tremendous change over the old 'box – offering 40 for every penny quicker moves and gigantic 30 for each penny picks up in mileage. There is a games setting which hones the reaction, yet you'll need to manage without directing wheel paddles, uprooting a level of driver fun from the 2015 3 Puretech autocar entire experience. On the off chance that you need a lively programmed supermini, the MINI Cooper is still the one to have.

In the interim, the section level 81bhp PureTech returns 62.8mpg and radiates 104g/km, while the 2015 3 Puretech emissions all the more effective 108bhp auto is just somewhat less proficient posting figures of 107g/km. It's additionally accessible with Citroen's EAT6 programmed gearbox, returning 60.1mpg generally speaking, with CO2 outflows of 108g/km. That is a huge 28 for each penny change on the 2015 3 Puretech first drive old auto – cutting discharges by an incredible 42g/km. look also the 2015 Vauxhall Corsa VXR review

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
Be mindful so as not to escape with the 2015 DS 3 Puretech launch adornments inventory, as Citroen DS 3 costs can soon develop. Route costs around £1,000, and like-for-like the 2015 3 Puretech horsepower DStyle is still around £700 more than the identical MINI Cooper.

Remaining qualities are much more grounded than on whatever is left of the DS 3 Puretech car range, however, with most models holding more than 50 for every penny of their worth following three years of proprietorship. You can likewise exploit a not too bad esteem £449 adjusting pack, which covers booked upkeep for a long time and 35,000 miles.


It's been around for a long time, yet the particular DS 3 still has what it takes to knock some people's socks off. With its intense twofold chevron grille treatment (which will be evacuated on future models), in addition to 'shark blade' C-columns and a squat, lively position.
DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
The DS 3 remains an auto that emerges from opponents, for example, the downplayed Audi A1 and developmental MINI. It includes the DS 3 Puretech review strong lines and peculiar points of interest that Citroen is known for, yet with sacks more style and youth advance.

Highlights of the DS 3's configuration incorporate eye-discovering LED running lights, 'shark blade'- motivated B-columns and 3D-impact LED tail lights. From 2014, DS included idea style LED headlamps and eyebrow pointers, including an additional demeanor of advancement to the DS 3 Puretech specs front end.

Inside, the DS 3 is jazzy and firmly manufactured. It imparts its inside to the DS 3 Puretech design more customary C3 hatchback, however there's a decision of eye-getting completes for the full-width dash board, while a coasting cowl sits over the DS 3 Puretech performance chrome-ringed dials. To finish the upmarket look, there's a shine focus support, calfskin and metal-impact gearlever and penetrated combination pedals.

In spite of the costly look of the DS 3 Puretech engine inside, it's let down in a few territories by modest feeling plastics - especially on the entryway tops and the lower portion of the dash. Still, the DS 3 Puretech interior comes liberally furnished with MP3 availability, voyage control and electric windows and mirrors standard over the reach.

Likewise with most autos in a style-drove class, reasonableness is hampered by a three-entryway bodystyle. Still, the entryways have wide openings and the DS 3 Puretech cost front seats slide forward to get in and out of the rearward sitting arrangements. Likewise, there are all around put get handles on the DS 3 Puretech concept B-columns to guarantee access to the back seat is sufficiently basic.

In the back, there's a trio of three-point safety belts and a conventional measure of head and legroom on offer. Convenient components, for example, cupholders and cubbies are specked around the DS 3 Puretech features lodge, and in addition valuable entryway pockets and a profound focus console capacity canister. Regardless of the measure of capacity on offer somewhere else, the DS 3 Puretech release date glove compartment is for all intents and purposes pointless in view of the meddling fusebox.


Opening the rear end uncovers an all around molded boot with a solid 285-liter limit – 74 liters more than in the MINI. Fold the 60:40 back seat level and this expansions to 980 liters.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
Citroen has dependably attempted to shake off its notoriety for flaky form quality and poor dependability, however the DS 3 Puretech price standalone DS brand is beginning to have any kind of effect. The DS 3 Puretech style completed 67th out of 150 autos in our Driver Power 2015 study, yet a 150th spot complete for manufacture quality is a worry.

The DS 3 has a five-star Euro NCAP rating, yet this was honored in 2009 when the testing method was less thorough. Indeed, even thus, all adaptations accompany six airbags, security control, a safety belt update and programmed risk cautioning light actuation amid crisis braking. Low-speed impact shirking is accessible for £250, yet just in mix with the £820 Plus Pack.

The DS 3 Puretech news was a long awaited auto. To such an extent that before it was even dispatched 100 individuals submitted a request without to such an extent as opening an entryway. It's pretty much also, as Citroen had a great deal riding on it. The DS 3 Puretech images was more than only another little auto in 2010, it was the first in another line of DS models - DS4 and DS5 follo.


Unfortunately those different DS models weren't in the same class as the DS 3 Puretech pictures. It's idiosyncratic, trendy, great to drive, very much prepared yet still reasonable to run - there's even a 99g/km street charge free form on offer. It exemplifies all that is great about Citroen.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
The firm has been painstakingly observing how any semblance of Alfa Romeo, Fiat and MINI have developed must-have little brings forth and squeezed the DS 3 Puretech speed best bits. They've made it smart without going down the retro course (in the event that you overlook the way that the DS name goes back to 1955) and included a couple touches - like the LED lights implanted into the 3 Puretech sound front guard - that you would hope to discover on more costly autos.

There's likewise an upmarket inside. Albeit quite a bit of it is imparted to the five-entryway C3, the 3 Puretech video materials utilized are better quality and there's an inclination that you're in the driver's seat of something more unique than a workaday hatchback. You can indicate the 3 Puretech series dash in dark, white, blue, red or carbon fiber with a coordinating gearknob. Outside, Citroen has taken a leaf out of MINI's book by making it customisable.


Purchasers can make it look as staggering - or stunningly awful - as they like. And in addition a wide decision of hues (you can have it in yellow or white in case you're feeling daring), you can have the 3 Puretech wallpaper rooftop painted in a differentiating shading and even add decals - panther print and polkadots are only two - to the 3 Puretech dimensions rooftop.

DS 3 Puretech 110 auto
The DS 3 is a radical flight for Citroen in that it's sold nearby the C3 on which it is firmly based, yet is advertised as a totally distinctive item, as a result of a totally diverse brand. Also, by one means or another this bodes well, particularly on the off chance that you read the C3 audit and acknowledge exactly how Johnny Sensible Citroen's boggo five-entryway supermini has ended up.

The DS 3 is a way of life item, grasping configuration thoughts and enduring bargains that the 3 Puretech autocar less expensive, more commendable C3 proved unable. You can alter it to your heart's substance, wring its neck through a progression of testing curves and afterward pop to a boutique to fill it with whatever it is polished French sorts wear nowadays.

A late expansion to the 3 Puretech first drive reach is a more appealing passage level 1.2-liter motor, supplanting a lazy and parched 1.4. It improves the section level advance of the 3 Puretech emissions - and a much less expensive 1.0-liter is to take after later in the year, as well.


Running Cost 

Price is £17,495; DS engineers have changed the super-delicate frame of the C3, giving the 3 its own damper settings and a speedier directing rack. It's more exact and meatier in feel (not this is an extraordinary jump forward) than the five-entryway, yet it's still a light and rather uprooted experience when you contrast it with the seat-of-your-jeans inclusion of the DS 3's bête noire, the Mini. Indeed, even the additionally wearing models, with their 155bhp turbo engines, do not have the directing feel to give you any genuine certainty. Be that as it may, then the DS 3 isn't a no-nonsense portal. It's about smoothness. How exceptionally French.

The DS 3's cockpit is very nearly an arrival to shape for Citroen, the organization that brought us splendid and bonkers thoughts like single-talked controlling haggles suspension. It's prominently diverse in here without feeling over the top or juvenile. You can modify it to a strong degree as well, with a decision of gearknobs, dash hues and situate trims, and all that underneath one of four diverse skimming rooftops. You must be cautious with this however. The bespoke bits and weaves all come at a weighty cost – something DS is entirely upbeat to discuss – and it now supportively empowers purchasers to spend significantly more on a standard auto by propelling the, er, ultra extravagant Ultra Prestige. The DS 3 is generally roomy for a three-entryway with donning demands however, making it agreeable and more functional than the Mini it is out to annoy.

The DS 3 looks premium-spec yet it has some truly fuel productive motors which make it shabby to run. Diesels are so green, they get free street charge status. Held qualities are not far-removed the Mini, ei