2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK Specs, Features, Performance review - Nürburgring lap records, rightly or wrongly, manage conclusions in the auto world. The 2015 Seat Leon car  achievement of a brand or model can rise or fall contingent upon whether you can secure some lap record - and rivalry is savage. Simply take a gander at the 2015 Seat Leon review media furor encompassing the lap times of the LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 Spyder and the McLaren P1.

The record that is most important to this test is the 2015 Seat Leon specs title for front-wheel-drive creation autos. Seat softened it up March a year ago with the three-entryway Leon SC Cupra 280, yet the title was brief. Just a couple of months after the 2015 Seat Leon design fact, Renault sliced an entire four seconds from Seat's lap time of 7min 58.4sec with the 271bhp Megane Renaultsport 275 Trophy-R.

Still, Seat regarded its accomplishment with another execution pack, named the 2015 Seat Leon performance Sub8. It's accessible in three stages, however every expands on the standard three-entryway SC Cupra 280, which is fueled by a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol motor creating 276bhp.

Stage one of the 2015 Seat Leon engine pack, as tried here, includes orange paintwork, side skirts, lightweight 19-inch composite haggles bigger ventilated brake plates with Brembo calipers at an expense of £2150. Stage two includes Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 elastic, taking the 2015 Seat Leon interior aggregate expense to £2510.


Stage three is the genuine choice, and includes evacuating the 2015 Seat Leon concept middle armrest, back air vents and front stockpiling units, diminishing the speaker tally from eight to four, and supplanting the 2015 Seat Leon cost standard atmosphere control framework with a littler warmer - for this radical eating routine, you'll pay £4200.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
The 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine is as charming as constantly, being an adaptable and intense motor all in one. Directly through the rev range, it feels speedy. The 2015 Seat Leon release date DSG transmission in our auto works exceptionally well, as well, with fast changes, notwithstanding when changing to the 2015 Seat Leon features directing wheel-mounted oars. Sport mode includes additional pleasure, as well, at first dropping down a rigging when chosen, for a much snappier burst of increasing speed.

Seat's driver profile select framework is additionally here unaltered, which means you can look over four changed modes relying upon driving style. This being the 2015 Seat Leon style Sub8 model, we'd propose selecting "Cupra" mode and afterward allowing it well to sit unbothered. Here, with a honed throttle reaction, and a magnificently donning fumes note, is the place the 2015 Leon price genuinely sparkles.

The 2015 Leon car bigger brakes surely have any kind of effect when cleaning off velocity, however their advantage is just truly felt when pushing hard. For whatever remains of the 2015 Leon review time, particularly around the local area driving, they tend to feel somewhat over-built.

Design and Styling

Inside it's the same old thing. There's OK space for four grown-ups, the 2015 Leon specs infotainment framework stays one of the better touchscreens available, keeping in mind you aren't dealt with to the kind of fit and complete Audi or VW incorporate, the 2015 Leon design dash and switchgear positively don't baffle for saw quality.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
The inquiry stays of what impact this Stage one pack has had on the 2015 Leon performance Cupra. The answer is practically nothing, in light of the fact that despite the fact that the ceasing power is unquestionably more noteworthy, and the orange paint collects consideration, this isn't the 2015 Leon interior huge jump we'd expect of a Nürburgring challenger. To encounter that, we think you'd need to skip right to stage three of the Sub8 stepping stool.

The Sub8's searches are additionally easily proven wrong. Orange paintwork will unquestionably get you saw, however regardless of whether you surmise that is something to be thankful for is a matter for individual inclination. To this present driver's eyes, it's excessively pompous.

All in, and consolidating the expense of the 2015 Leon concept Stage one Sub8 execution pack with an upgraded sound framework (£260) and metallic dark paint (£575), the 2015 Leon engine expense of our test auto came to £32,250. Considering that Volkswagen's Golf R - which ostensibly feels a more premium item - costs £32,235 in three-entryway DSG structure, that is a major sticker price to legitimize.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
On the other hand, in the event that you need the present record holder, attempt the 2015 Leon cost £32,195 Honda Civic Type R, which grabbed the record from Renault toward the 2015 Leon release date begin of this current year.

Until the 290 touches base on our streets in the coming months, the 2015 Leon features speediest auto SEAT makes, and one of the swiftest and most capable hot portals you can purchase because of a turbocharged 2.0-liter TFSI motor creating 276bhp. The 2015 Leon style 290 will go marked down in November, so purchasers just have two or three months left to get (likely vigorously reduced) 280s.
That motor is basically the same as the one that powers the 2015 Leon price all-wheel drive Golf R and Audi S3, yet heading to the front wheels through a six-speed manual 'box or discretionary double grip DSG self-loader with guiding wheel paddles. SEAT has drafted in a VAQ Haldex-based dynamic locking differential from the Performance Pack Golf GTI to offer the 2015 Seat Leon images driver some assistance with doing the guiding as opposed to the motor's 258lb ft of torque, guaranteeing that footing is enhanced to the degree that it can direct up to 100 for each penny of the turbocharged motor's yield to one wheel on the 2015 Seat Leon news off chance that you truly incline toward it in a tight twist.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Sitting lower than the less effective Leon FR by 10mm at the front and 5mm at the back, the Cupra 280 has the 2015 Leon pictures same MacPherson strut/multi-join suspension design however with three-way customizable dampers (supposed DCC) including a "Cupra" mode that sets everything to firm. And additionally measuring somewhere in the range of 55 kilos not exactly the past Cupra R, the blend of the new auto's variable-proportion guiding (named "dynamic" via SEAT) and the 2015 Leon speed mechanical diff is said to have thumped lumps off lap times round any circuit, not slightest, definitely, the Nurburgring. Expect a declaration about the lap time just before the Geneva engine show in March.


Really damn brisk. Indicated with the 2015 Leon sound discretionary six-speed double grip DSG transmission, SEAT says the Cupra 280 will hit 62mph from rest in 5.7sec (5.8sec on the off chance that you settle on the six-speed manual). In any case, it's the fastest and most intense street going auto the organization has ever constructed. Indeed, even the 2015 Leon video somewhat less strong three-entryway just Cupra SC, with 261bhp – the same as the past era Cupra R, SEAT's past force champ – plunges under 6.0sec by a tenth and that is without DSG, which isn't offered as a choice.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Regardless of its energy, the 280 is definitely not a chatty hotshot – a great deal more the 2015 Leon series timid fellow who's helpful in a battle. Superfast DSG oar impelled gearshifts suit the motor delightfully be that as it may, on equalization, the snickety exactness of six-pace manual is all the 2015 Leon wallpaper more fulfilling still.

Perhaps the Cupra 280 doesn't feel very as speedy as the details propose (up to around 100mph, the 2015 Leon dimensions base 261bhp Cupra doesn't offer a bit of leeway) yet it never appears to be not exactly easily quick, whatever the street. Maybe the feeling that it's never trying that hard saps a portion of the satisfaction. At first, at any rate. Where the also effective Vauxhall Astra VRX does its thing in piece capitals with a liberal sprinkling of outcry denote, the 2015 Leon autocar SEAT's methodology is more chilled and measured and, as a proprietorship recommendation, likely additionally fulfilling. In the event that less lively, it feels a lighter, lither auto than the Focus ST, grippier and more coordinated.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Somewhat, it comes down to the pace it can do into and of curves. The 2015 Leon emissions brakes are so great you can tailor a passage pace to flawlessness, utilizing the additional feel of the new variable-proportion helped guiding - which puts on weight as the front wheels' workload increments in a substantially more dynamic route than the old Cupra's - to nail the turn in without washing wide, then utilize the dynamic diff to slingshot out the other side. Simply hop on the 2015 Leon first drive force early: it connects and goes. Assault the following corner with more warmth and duty, come to the heart of the matter where you think you've contributed it pretty much as hard as it needs to go and, regardless of the possibility that the 2015 Leon horsepower corner begins to fix, rather than sponsorship off you keep the throttle completely open and turn the wheel a couple of degrees more. Again the Cupra drags itself through with apparently no lost force. The 2015 Seat Leon launch diff is working wonders yet you scarcely notice it's there. There's mellow torque steer, yet with it some bona fide feel. It's a reasonab


Putting the £27,500 VW Golf GTI to the other side, the Cupra 280's most smoking rivalry originates from Ford, Renault and Vauxhall. What's more, the most blazing of those is without a doubt the Seat Leon car Vauxhall Astra VXR. It costs £160 more than the SEAT however coordinates its energy and feels more brutal to drive, in spite of the fact that its asserted speeding up details are partially slower. The Astra can feel worn out, however. It doesn't have the Seat Leon review exactness or self-restraint close as far as possible. The Focus ST is much harder to release. Indeed, even in extravagant ST-3 appearance, it undermines the Cupra 280 by £1610, however it is giving endlessly 30bhp and trails by 0.7sec in the sprint to 62mph. Ostensibly it bests the Cupra as a diverting cow, having a frame adjust that can be tweaked all the more promptly with the throttle. Current lord of the Seat Leon specs hot portal slope, be that as it may, is the respectable, and as of late redesigned Renaultsport Megane 275 Nav. Somewhat down on force, marginally slower to 62mph, the Megane remains the most engaged and remunerating hot seal of all and, at £25,935, costs £1975 than the Seat Leon design SEAT. There's even a less expensive Cup-S form that is £2000 less expensive - however that discard a few common luxuries to wind up a through and through rawer machine.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Extraordinary to the Seat Leon performance 280 is a back end lip spoiler, dark entryway mirror tops, titanium-shaded 19-as opposed to 18-inch haggles brake calipers. Inside, the "restless" subject proceeds with maybe excessively much that is surrounded with splendid trim and a slight disillusionment that that material quality, while superior to you'd find in an adversary Ford, Renault or Vauxhall, isn't exactly as strong and finely textured as a Golf's. Be that as it may, then nobody adjusts construct and complete between its brands as fastidiously as the Seat Leon interior VW Group.

The 280's substitution, the 290, has now been uncovered. The new auto trims the Seat Leon engine 0-62mph time by a tenth to 5.7-secs, and keeps running into the same 155mph limiter. The 290 additionally accompanies an electronically controlled mechanical constrained slip differential as standard, the same unit that is fitted to the Skoda Octavia VRS 230. The Seat Leon concept Sub8 Performance Pack is likewise accessible as an alternative, carrying with it bigger Brembo brakes, diverse haggles superior tires.


Despite the fact that it speaks to a slight stride forward over the 280, request books for the 290 won't open until November 2015. Until then, purchasers needing a 280 will have the capacity to get remaining showroom autos - which will probably accompany a heavy rebate.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Peel back the skin of the SEAT Leon Cupra and the greater part of what you'll discover is indistinguishable to the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Both autos sit on Volkswagen's lightweight MQB structural planning, both utilize a 2.0-liter turbocharged motor and both send power through the front wheels. Yet, while the Golf is accessible with either 217bhp or 227bhp with the Performance Pack fitted, the Leon Cupra packs a huge 261bhp or 276bhp under its cap.

In spite of just costing a division more than the Golf, model for model, the SEAT Leon Cupra accompanies a front constrained slip differential as standard and three-stage versatile dampers. You can pick between a five-entryway or a shorter-wheelbase three-entryway model, as well. Brought down suspension and variable-proportion directing guarantee its speedy in the corners, yet relax off the suspension and the Cupra is upbeat to waft around like a standard Leon.

The SEAT Leon Cupra is controlled by the Volkswagen Group's 2.0-liter TSI turbo petrol motor, despite the fact that its energy has been swung up to a solid 276bhp, making the Leon Cupra a standout amongst the most intense hot hatchbacks out and about. Beforehand, that would have tormented the front-wheel-drive SEAT Leon with masses of torque cow, yet the expansion of a constrained slip diff and SEAT's smart XDS gadgets mean it's tremendously competent in corners.


Turn in at rapid, and the SEAT Leon Cupra essentially tucks its nose into the twist and adheres to its line, as the electronically controlled diff stifles understeer by sending energy to the wheel with more hold. Thankfully, there's a lot of that from the wide tires, while the sharp guiding means the case reacts to the scarcest of inputs. look also the 2015 Volvo V60 Cross Country review

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
To hotshot the Cupra's massive execution, SEAT set another Nurburgring front-wheel drive lap record of 7 minutes 58 seconds (despite the fact that Renault has subsequent to stolen it back with the Megane RS 275 Trophy-R). That auto was fitted with a Performance Pack, which is currently accessible to clients. It includes greater Brembo brakes, semi-smooth Michelin tires, lightweight 19-inch haggles side ledges. For clients that arrangement on going to track days routinely, the Performance Pack is an absolute necessity.

Despite the fact that the Cupra is the lead of the Leon line, regardless it utilizes the same running rigging as whatever is left of the Leon range, though in overhauled structure. Luckily, this likewise implies the SEAT Leon Cupra has the same five-star Euro NCAP accident test rating. Besides, headlights, a smart diff and an upgraded soundness control framework offer it some assistance with feeling considerably more secure out and about.

SEAT merchants came base in our Driver Power 2013 fulfillment review, so you may not get the best administration from them in the event that you do choose to bring the dive with the Cupra. In any case, in light of these outcomes, the brand is liable to roll out improvements that will enhance the client experience.


The SEAT Leon utilizes the Volkswagen Group's MQB stage, so it imparts its running apparatus to the Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia. In any case, it's doubtful that the SEAT Leon is better looking, particularly in three-entryway SC appearance.

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK
Contrasted with a few adversaries, the Leon has a premium vibe inside. The stylised dials are still clear, with an all around adjusted blend between the simple gages and the focal driver data screen. There's additionally a substantial 6.5-inch touchscreen for the mixed media framework, which elements sat-nav, Bluetooth and DAB.

The SEAT's characterized lines outside are thought about within, with converging edges making up the dashboard and focus console design. The inside outline is highlighted by LED lighting on the entryways, which changes shading from white to red contingent upon the driving mode chose.

You can spec a £1,055 Cupra calfskin pack, which includes electric warmed cowhide seats. They aren't full pails and don't bolster you entirely and additionally those in any semblance of the Honda Civic Type R or Renaultsport Megane, however they're significantly more agreeable on long trips and still hold you set up alright.


 Running Cost

2015 Seat Leon SC Cupra 280 Sub8 UK Price is £31,415; The common sense of your SEAT Leon Cupra relies on upon which show you go for. The three-entryway Leon SC model has a wheelbase that is 52mm shorter than the five-entryway Cupra, which hacks down back legroom somewhat, and the additionally inclining rooftop likewise means there's a couple mm less headroom. Then again, SEAT has figured out how to keep up precisely the same space for both models however at 380-liters, despite the fact that that is still 25-liters down on the Renault Megane.

It's reasonable that the SEAT Leon has been composed from the start to look great, as well as to be utilized as a family auto. Wide entryway openings, enough back head and room to breathe for grown-ups – even in the SC – and roomy front seats make it ideal for long adventures. There are a lot of cubby openings dabbed around, as well, in the inside console, glove box and entryway receptacles.

SEAT made a major general change in our Driver Power 2015 review, climbing nine spots to fifteenth. Yet ordinary unwavering quality and poor merchant benefit (its system completed base of 32 makers in our latest merchant survey) discolor the Cupra's picture.

The Leon ought to be dependable, however, and was voted the fourth best auto to live with in Driver Power 2015, so this execution variation ought to be the same. It drives the path in the airbag include, offering seven aggregate, in addition to with LED headlights and the alternative of path help, it gets an entire five-star Euro NCAP wellbeing