2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Specs, Features, Performance review

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Specs, Features, Performance review - The limits between the first Exige and the Elise it was created from were obscured by the 2015 Lotus Exige car actuality they were in a general sense the same auto, sharing fundamental format and four-chamber motors.

The Exige was dependably the 2015 Lotus Exige review no-nonsense, track-day-prepared form however, accompanying a settled as opposed to fabric rooftop and progressively intense conditions of tune with regards to its aficionado center. At that point the 2015 Lotus Exige specs entry of the supercharged V6 motor from the Evora S in 2012 realized an altogether different Exige S, one significantly more intense and fast than any that had gone some time recently.

Roadster, programmed and race-prepared Cup renditions manufactured by Lotus Motorsport have taken after, however with this new Sport 350 Lotus has brought the pace of the 2015 Lotus Exige design most compelling variations into its standard Exige. What's more, it's done it in an extremely Lotus way - essentially by uprooting weight.

Each and every part has been examined for its motivation, weight and cost. In the 2015 Lotus Exige performance event that it wasn't required it was just dumped - the close futile sun visors have been uprooted for a sparing of almost a kilo, while the unmistakable louvered back deck is 3kg lighter than the 2015 Lotus Exige interior glass thing it replaces. More than 100 sections were either evacuated or overhauled, and a further chance to spare weight was offered by discretionary manufactured haggles brake plates.


In the 2015 Lotus Exige engine event that this moderation is excessively, you can put a couple of extravagances - and kilos - back in. Everything from a radio to covers are on the choices rundown, air-con is as well, in spite of the fact that it'll add 7.5kg to the 2015 Lotus Exige concept kerbweight. In any case, even completely optioned up, the Exige remains a resolute, centered auto.
2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
An Audi TT or Porsche Cayman will give you the posture worth and familiar luxuries for the 2015 Lotus Exige cost everyday routine and Sunday drives alike, the Exige is an auto for the track with sufficiently only to make it suitable out and about as well.

If not the sub-ton flyweight of the first Exige, the 2015 Lotus Exige release date V6 rendition is still more than 200kg lighter than a Porsche Cayman S; that is doubly critical when you consider the 2015 Lotus Exige features scope of the 350ps, 3.5-liter supercharged V6 motor.

The identically evaluated Cayman GTS approaches at 340ps, however the 2015 Lotus Exige style 295lb ft of torque beats the Porsche's 280lb both by numbers and feel. The normally suctioned Porsche may set the hairs on your neck shivering, yet it needs revs to convey its best. The 2015 Exige price quick punch of the supercharged Lotus - and its absence of weight - implies it feels much, much quicker in all cases.

Its closest on-paper rival as far as value and lightweight moderation is most likely the 2015 Exige car more outlandish looking Alfa Romeo 4C. Its extravagant carbon fiber tub may mean it's lighter, yet its turbocharged four-chamber motor can't keep tabs with the sheer snort of the 2015 Exige review V6.

Design and Styling

The Lotus additionally shows up the Alfa as far as taking care of. Shrewdly there are no critical changes to the suspension, past a honing of the camber and toe to dial out the 2015 Exige specs starting understeer present in the first S. The non-helped directing is overwhelming at low speed, however magnificently open at pace, encouraging back subtleties of grasp and street surface through minuscule movements in weight through the 2015 Exige design little edge.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
This makes it a pleasure to drive straight up to the plainly broadcasted limits, the 2015 Exige performance execution completely exploitable even on an oily track or snowy Norfolk B-street in light of the fact that you feel so personally included in what the 2015 Exige interior auto is doing. It might be a touch more pointy at the front end, yet the Exige still has an extremely safe set-up, delicately honing its line with a lift of the throttle and offering degree to get more innovative with its cornering position in the event that you so wish.

The shrewd "Race" method of the 2015 Exige concept Dynamic Performance Management strength control gives you enough slack to investigate this, while keeping up a security net on the 2015 Exige engine off chance that you exceed the imprint. Indeed, even completely separated the Exige stays unsurprising, fun and pleasant, however.

Its new uncovered gearshift linkage is a slick touch, additionally a visual update Lotus has buckled down on enhancing this customary shortcoming in Elise-based autos. Given by the Evora 400, it's snappier, more positive and more pleasant to use than any other time in recent memory. The 2015 Exige cost programmed alternative remains, however is truly there to provide food for business sectors where manuals don't offer - Porsche's PDK is a vastly improved choice in the 2015 Exige release date event that you lean toward a two-pedal auto.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
In the event that you think advanced execution autos have lost the 2015 Exige features plot with their unlimited devices and doohickeys, incorporated controls and lardy kerbweights, then totally. There aren't numerous choices staying for the genuine perfectionist driver, however the 2015 Exige style Sport 350 is one of them, holding simply enough day by day ease of use to make it function as a solitary auto, while conveying the sort of track-centered exactness no opponent can touch.

Since it's light you could pound cycle a circuit throughout the 2015 Exige price day without trepidation of destroying brakes or tires as well, making the intermittent track day well inside of its ability with no worries about costly consumables. While it would be a waste to purchase an Exige and not do this once in a while it's additionally a convincing street auto, two clearly unique credits couple of autos figure out how to effectively draw off.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
This center is not without trade off however. The 2015 Lotus Exige images fat ledges and shallow entryways make it difficult to get in and out of with any style, its moderation will come as a stun to those usual to standard autos and the power of the 2015 Lotus Exige news input through the non-helped directing will moreover be something of a reminder.

Be that as it may, that is the 2015 Exige speed magnificence - it makes no statements of regret for being an unmitigated fan's auto, and for that, and its capacity to experience the 2015 Exige pictures brand DNA of conveying more execution and less weight, it remains a much needed refresher.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
The trade for the Exige S and a definitive incarnation Lotus' mid-engined V6 car: the Sport 350. It's lighter and speedier than the Exige S and is the following stride on Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales' stepping stool to recuperation for the British sports auto creator.


While Lotus works off camera on an all-new Elise planned for 2019, the 2015 Exige sound current reach is coming in for a progression of long late redesigns. These began with the Evora 400 uncovered at the Geneva Motor Show in March and the Sport 350 is the 2015 Exige video  following new model.
2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
The Exige Sport 350 hasn't experienced such a complete upgrade as the 2015 Exige series did to wind up 400, the Exige has dependably been characteristically right and accordingly had less regions that required consideration. The starting arrangement had been to fit the Evora's 400bhp motor to the Exige, however in doing as such it would have implied the specialists couldn't get the auto beneath the 1200kg target weight set by Gales. Furthermore, it's weight reduction that has been the 2015 Exige wallpaper key center, with 51kg taken out of the auto decreasing the kerb weight to 1125kg.

The gearbox's day of work component has been completely updated with the 2015 Exige dimensions new instrument intended to give a more tightly, more exact and cleaner movement activity – a terror of the standard Exige. The system's new parts are machined from cast aluminum and result in a 1.5kg sparing, it's additionally on show in the transmission passage because of the 2015 Exige autocar lightweight focus console. The six-speed programmed gearbox presented before in 2015 is additionally accessible for the Sport 350.
2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
In spite of no extra power from the V6 motor, the Sport 350 is a tenth faster to 60mph, halting the 2015 Exige emissions check in 3.7 seconds. Top velocity stays at 170mph and it laps Lotus' Hethel test track 2.5 seconds quicker than the Exige S, setting a 1min29.8sec, the first creation Lotus to get underneath 1min 30sec.


Under Jean-Marc Gales' stewardship Lotus has been on a weight sparing mission. Each Thursday Gales and his architects enter the Lotus Lightweight Laboratory and experience the 2015 Exige first drive tables of parts and segments that, had they made it to the processing plant floor would have been gathered to manufacture a Lotus auto. Rather, every part is investigated and examined for suitability of reason, the key inquiries asked being: is it the most ideally equipped part for the occupation? Is it true that we are paying the right cost for the part and, critically: is it the lightest accessible?
2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
This fine-tooth brush arrangement can bring about a section being upgraded –, for example, the 2015 Exige horsepower Sport 350's back subframe, supplanted – the motor spread is presently a plastic louvered thing (it spares 3kg as well as it enhances motor cooling as well), or uprooted through and through. 'We upgraded the HVAC framework, it hadn't changed in 20 years, and on account of this there was a funnel we no more required. That was 3kg spared. Furthermore, we had a framework that warms up speedier, is more effective and calmer as well' clarifies Gales.

One of the greatest weight reserve funds was 12kg in the 2015 Lotus Exige launch body boards. Already there could be as much as 4kg contrast between the heaviness of one arrangement of body boards and another however the assembling procedure has now been changed; quality control enhanced, and each body board on each Sport 350 will measure the Lotus Exige car same - and essentially not exactly some time recently.

The Sport 350 system concentrated on weight reduction and with lower mass the Lotus Exige review specialists could likewise concentrate on adjusting the frame further. Camber, toe and knock cow have all been changed, the toe edge to permit a level of pre-burden in the tires (a Pirelli P Zero Corsa, or Trofeo R in case you're track centered) to wipe out the apprehension the Lotus Exige specs endured on not as much as flawless surfaces. The controlling rack has likewise been repositioned and the back wheel is a large portion of an inch more extensive at 10 inches. There's additionally another lightweight fashioned wheel that spares 5kg of unsprung weight, which Lotus can bear to fit on account of the cost reserve funds made by enhanced buying productivity.

The motor, not the most instrumental in the business, still astounds with its tractability and abject torque that feels like it's for all time prepared and sitting tight for you to request that it get on with it, which it does effortlessly. In any case, it's not the Lotus Exige design motor's execution that gets you, it's that first gearshift.

Whoever you love express gratitude toward them, in light of the Lotus Exige performance fact that Lotus has a gearshift it can be pleased with and you can utilize. It's tight around the entryway, as well as exact and natural and inside of three or four moves your left hand drops intuitively to go here and there the proportions, no more do you have to try to change equip and be arranged to wrestle it home. On the off chance that this was the Lotus Exige interior main overhaul Lotus had made to the Sport 350 we'd be extremely upbeat. Be that as it may, there's additional.

The suspension work has brought about a significantly more exact machine. There's no more a little defer when you first apply a measure of lock before the Lotus Exige engine front pivot responds, rather it's moment yet critically it's not too speedy nor restless, but rather direct and exact and introduces quick certainty.

Consolidate the controlling changes with alternate skeleton redesigns out and about – a more consistent ride regardless of stiffer Exige Cup dampers, enhanced body control, expanded grasp levels and the more casual nature and settled developments on poor street surfaces – and the Lotus Exige concept Sport 350 attracts you. It urges you to push harder, brake later and more profound into the corner (the discretionary lightweight circles fitted to our test auto were a portion of the Lotus Exige cost best we've attempted: dynamic pedal travel, simple to adjust and as solid at moderating the auto as the supercharged engine is at quickening it) and incline toward the external tires' grasp, and play with that splendid suspension underneath you.

Lotus didn't need to do much to the Exige S to enhance its capacity, yet in the Lotus Exige release date 350 each range is enhanced by 25 for every penny, the outcome being a significantly more captivating and enchanting auto than some time recently. It's no Porsche Cayman GT4 as far as convenience (it doesn't get the Evora 400's reconsidered suspension so getting in and out requires a level of reshaping) and the NVH levels, however enhanced, can't cover the uncovered expelled aluminum skeleton, glass fiber body and that unforgiving motor note. In any case, there are few, if any that convey the Lotus Exige features uncorrupted rush of an Exige Sport 350.

There's stand out truly: Porsche's Cayman GT4. In the Lotus Exige style event that you could in any case purchase a GT4 new it would cost almost £10,000 more than the £55,900 Exige Sport 350 and for some the premium would be justified, despite all the Lotus Exige price trouble.

Furthermore, without a doubt the GT4 is justified regardless of each penny and the sky is the Lotus Exige images limit from there. It is, similar to the Sport 350's ancestor, a Car of the Lotus Exige news Year champ. It is one of the finest Porsches of the advanced period and one of the genuine game

The Exige Sport 350 expenses £55,900. Lotus has trimmed the Lotus Exige pictures alternatives once again from 16 to only nine; key amongst these are the two-piece superior brakes. Different alternatives incorporate Alcantara, cowhide or Tartan trim – a gesture to Lotus' past – aerating and cooling, and a radio; the auto's 1125kg kerb weight is measured without the Lotus Exige speed recent two parts.

Each maker has a specific aptitude set. For reasons unknown Lotus' bases on making light and quick games autos. The new Exige Sport 350 is a flawless sample of how the Exige sound Norfolk based brand works – including execution not through boosting force, but rather by stripping out any superfluous weight.

By transportation the current Exige S off to the rec center, the Exige video Sport 350 is invited back leaner, meaner and considerably snappier. Scarcely a heavyweight in the first place, Lotus has figured out how to expel 51kg from the Exige series 1,176kg Exige S. It's been done, Lotus says, by including a lighter battery, another louvered back end, new motor mounts, a modified focus support and much lighter body boards.

To shave each superfluous kilo, builds totally stripped the Exige to the Exige wallpaper whole of its parts, laid each body board and tighten its 'Lightweight Laboratory' and investigated every segment. In the event that it wasn't required it was disposed of, and if too overwhelming, it was overhauled from new materials. The Exige dimensions handbrake, for instance, seems to be indistinguishable yet is 26 grams lighter than some time recently.

Lotus has listened to reactions of the manual gearbox in the active Exige S and made the Exige autocar important adjustments. Movements are currently shorter, snappier and more exact than some time recently, yet not just would you be able to feel the Exige emissions progressions, you can see them as well – because of the awesome uncovered rigging linkage. Be that as it may, Lotus being Lotus, this framework additionally fills a need, as the Exige first drive updated focus console used to suit it is currently 1.5kg lighter.

The Exige launch progressions mean an auto that is not just speedier in a straight line – 0-62mph takes 3.9 seconds (one tenth quicker than before) – however speedier all over else. The Exige horsepower Sport 350 is the snappiest creation auto to ever lap Lotus' Hethel test track.

New dampers and camber modification make the Lotus Exige engine more ready and significantly more straightforward than some time recently, with controlling so definite in its criticism and a front-end steadfast to even the Lotus Exige concept most moment inputs.


The motor remains dangerously sharp in its reactions as well, with the Lotus Exige cost faintest flex of your right foot punching you back in your seat as the Exige sways forward. Lotus' DPM framework is currently standard, with Sport and Race modes altering the footing control, opening the fumes and honing the throttle reaction. Be that as it may, for such an engaged auto, the ride is amazingly agreeable – even over the battered British B-streets we subjected the Lotus Exige release date auto to. Without a doubt, it's firm, however bring an Alfa 4C down the same stretch of street and you'll be going to the chiropractitioner for a considerable length of time.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
Lotus Cars is healthy. For as long as two months, it's been capital positive, an unbelievable accomplishment in itself for the Lotus Exige featurescustomarily emergency strewn British sports auto producer. It's been occupied as well, dispatching new autos – and the Lotus Exige Sport 350 is the most recent model in the new insurgency.

Its entry finishes the upgrade of Lotus' center model reach. We as of now have the fabulous Lotus Evora 400, and all the more as of late the Lotus Elise Sport. Presently it's the turn of the Exige; for some time now, the Lotus car has utilized the company's expert 3.5-liter V6 motor. Presently it's been given the center to run with it.

A brief piece of situating: Evora is Lotus' extent topper, the auto it needs to be its Porsche 911. Elise is its fun roadster and the Exige is its effective hard-best cousin; to proceed with the Porsche relationship, if Elise is Lotus' Porsche Boxster, the Exige is its Cayman.


What's more, the Sport 350? Why, this is Lotus' Cayman GT4. "Game" is a name with legacy inside of Lotus and it doesn't simply stick it on anything. The new Exige needed to win the privilege to utilize it; prompt one gigantic redesign that saw the auto totally stripped to pieces, laid out in the Lotus Lightweight Laboratory and afterward broke down, a tiny bit at a time, to spare weight.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
The outcome is an auto 51kg lighter than the old Exige S. Doesn't sound a considerable measure, until you recall the auto's general weight is an insufficient 1,125kg. Makes even the essential Cayman 2.7, at 1,330kg, resemble a touch corpulent in correlation.

However, it's not just lighter. It's additionally better. Manager Jean-Marc Gales has presented another spotlight on quality at Hethel that implies, for instance, the radiator is both 3kg lighter additionally speedier and more effective than any Lotus warmer before it. The battery is 3.5kg lighter, however you can likewise leave the Exige Sport 350 in an airplane terminal auto park for two weeks and it will at present begin. This is Lotus, spe

Goodness, and it looks unbelievable. The Exige has dependably resembled a street going race auto; the Sport 350, with its new dark composite louvered back end and matt dark air unit, is every last bit the smaller supercar. What's more, if Porsche can charge about £65,000 for the Cayman GT4, Lotus can absolutely legitimize £55,900 for the Exige Sport 350, without a doubt? We went by Hethel to figure out.

'Light is correct' is the manager's mantra. Here, it implies the 345hp 3.5-liter V6 motor is useful for 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds and 170mph level out. Sufficiently snappy for you? Positively it's a large portion of a second speedier to 62mph than that Cayman GT4, you know… look also the 2016 Renault Mégane GT review


Be that as it may, the first thing that inebriates you isn't the velocity, it's the skeleton and controlling feel. Like every great Lotus in that regard, then. Directing is dynamite, a waterfall of constantly fluctuating weight and heartbeats, writhes and squirms through the small Momo edge. It's a living thing you're holding; this is F1-level criticism, way past some other auto out and about.

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350
It's implied that it's precise, upgraded by a suspension that is more keen, more straightforward and more controllable. With broad geometry changes and a lower focal point of gravity, it immediately feels more regular, more sharp, more natural and, interestingly 'shorter': you sense you're right amidst the auto, masses pivoting around you. Once more, rather like a F1 auto.

You turn out to be unbelievably certain about it subsequently. Since it's so light and everything's so all around flagged, it's anything but difficult to feel brave driving it, and being inebriated by the experience is for all intents and purposes a default. It even makes the absence of security control less of an issue – in case you're doing it right, you'll have the capacity to feel when the auto's getting insecure well ahead of time…

Rather than dependability control, Lotus' own footing control is standard. It's great in full security mode, "Game" gives you a chance to get the tail out in wellbeing and "Race" changes the auto once more into an all out livewire. On an icy, wet, early sunrise Hethel test track, we discovered Sport was sufficiently only to feel a driving god.


Running Cost

2015 Lotus Exige Sport 350 Price is £55,900; Like every single great Lotu, it additionally rides extraordinarily well. Splendid damping and body control mix with out of the blue fine B-street consistence and that sans mass light weight to convey one of the fastest indicate point autos at a bargain. You don't battle it, simply give it a chance to stream, and it tears staggeringly rapidly however with straightforward or overwhelming slack. Stunning.

That torquey supercharged 345hp mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 motor makes a difference. The multi-barrel soundtrack normally gives the Exige Sport 350 a tasteful, upmarket feel; the quick and slack free compel it punches out is again race-propelled. The conveyance itself is additionally rich – you don't have to rev it to feel the moment surge which, joined with the absence of mass, makes this Lotus energetic and responsive like couple of different autos. The rush when you do rev it through is god-like.

The new gearshift is great. Alright's, regardless it not Porsche-like, but rather is much more clean, snickier and positive than some time recently. All the more vitally, it snaps and clicks as you change gear much the same as an old Ferrari – it's genuinely splendid. For all the discretionary programmed's amazing explicitness and absence of soaked slur, you'd be distraught not to pick the manual.

Goodness, beyond any doubt, it's extreme. The ride has a basic firmness as an aftereffect of its shocking setup (not to be mistaken for cruelty or hardness, mind). The directing will babble away to you notwithstanding when you're loping up a straight double carriageway. Furthermore, this is definitely not an one-gave, sit-back cruiser. In any case, you'd be baffled in the event that it were something else, correct? This truly is the ideal Lotus.