2015 DS 5 BlueHDi Specs, Features, Performance Review

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi Specs, Features, Performance Review - On the outside the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi car old DS5's particular configuration remains, however rather than Citroen's natural chevron grille there's a downplayed DS identification at the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi review focal point of a chrome-edged grille. It's flanked by new headlights that consolidate LED running lights planned in the new DS signature style.

There's a choice of new or overhauled petrol and diesel motors, all of which meet Euro 6 discharges focuses, in addition to a diesel-electric cross breed with all-wheel drive too. The 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi specs reach has additionally been improved to only two trim levels: Elegance and Prestige.

We had an opportunity to test each of the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi design three diesel motors, which is something worth being thankful for; these will be most significant to UK purchasers as they are relied upon to shape the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi performance foundation of DS 5 deals.

The passage level BlueHDi 120 feels underpowered in an auto of this size and comes up short on puff at around 3500rpm. On the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi interior off chance that it offered drastically enhanced productivity then this may be a value worth paying, yet as the increases in mileage and CO2 outflows are moderately little over the BlueHDi 150, we'd prompt you go for this all the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi engine more intense motor.


While the 150 doesn't feel that quick off the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi concept line, it offers a lot of mid-extent push somewhere around 1500rpm and 4000rpm. This is precisely what you requirement for building speed while joining motorways without the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi cost need to continue evolving outfit, and makes for a more casual drive. It's moderately effective as well, so organization auto charge and fuel bills will be like a 316d or C220 Bluetech diesel.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
Both these motors accompany a six-pace manual gearbox just, which isn't that wonderful to utilize. The gearlever feels somewhat disengaged and unclear and the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi release date change activity, especially on the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi features 120 motor, is infrequently notchy.

On the off chance that you need a diesel with an auto 'box the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi style 180 is your just choice. Like the 150 it isn't energetic in by and large pace, however utilizes its six apparatuses well to give average certifiable execution. The 2015 5 BlueHDi price apparatus changes are by and large smooth, yet at low speeds a tender touch on the quickening agent can trigger it to change down an excess of riggings, bringing about an undesirable whirlwind of motor revs.

The 180 motor is the most refined of the three, delivering the 2015 5 BlueHDi car slightest diesel drone. The 120 and 150 motors are boomier and move more vibration into the lodge - most recognizably felt at the 2015 5 BlueHDi review pedals. They quieten down at motorway speeds, yet right now you begin to see some wind and street commotion.

Design and Styling

In the past the 2015 5 BlueHDi specs was censured for its brutal ride, and despite the fact that Citroen has made changes in accordance with the suspension, it's an issue that endures. The 2015 5 BlueHDi design adapts well to light surface undulations, yet the profound potholes and sharp edges that multiply on our UK streets send a shiver through the 2015 5 BlueHDi performance lodge. There's a slight change with autos on the littler 17in wheels, so keep away from the bigger wheels on the off chance that you need to amplify ride solace. look also the 2015 Ssangyong Tivoli review

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
Through corners the 2015 5 BlueHDi interior holds body incline in line, yet get a move on and it comes up short on front-end grasp before long. There's very little criticism through the directing wheel to demonstrate the accessible grasp level either, so the 2015 5 BlueHDi engine is certainly more content when driven at an all the more comfortable pace. For those that need driver satisfaction, the 3 Series conveys more grasp and better-adjusted taking care of.

The 2015 5 BlueHDi concept guiding has a profound vibe, something that is welcome on the motorway as it offers you some assistance with keeping inside of your picked path. It remains inquisitively overwhelming at moderate speed however, making stopping moves a greater amount of an exertion than they need be.

Fundamentally the same to the past 2015 5 BlueHDi cost. You get extensive and steady front seats with a lot of change fore and rearward, permitting grown-ups of different statures space to fit in serenely. All things considered, the tallness and reach movable controlling wheel would suit taller individuals better in the 2015 5 BlueHDi release date event that it developed prizes a couple of more crawls.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
It's by and large simple to see out of gratitude to an extensive glass zone. The 2015 5 BlueHDi features main special case is the perspective out of the back, which is thwarted by the 2015 5 BlueHDi style rooftop spoiler running over the 2015 5 BlueHDi price center of the back screen.

The lodge surely feels premium and classy. The German rivalry might in any case have the 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi images edge on seen quality, however the DS 5 matches the Mercedes C-Class for ostentatious inside configuration and makes the 3 Series appear to be fairly useful by examination. It additionally simple to use, with unmistakably named switches and catches that are inside simple compass of the driver.

One region of progress is the expansion of a 7.0in touchscreen to work the 2015 5 BlueHDi pictures infotainment capacities, including the standard sat-nav. It's easy to work, however the 2015 5 BlueHDi speed rotational controllers utilized by both Mercedes and BMW to work its frameworks can be less diverting for filtering through menus moving.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
Back seat travelers will discover space is tight, particularly in the 2015 5 BlueHDi sound event that they are situated behind anybody tall in advance. Extra space is the principle issue, however headroom for anybody more than six-foot is constrained as well.

The 465-liter boot is somewhat short of both the BMW and the Mercedes, yet the 5 counters by having a more down to earth hatchback opening, giving more extensive access to what's a conveniently square space inside.


We attempted to prescribe the 2015 5 BlueHDi video past variant when it was the Citroen DS5, and as it's still to a great extent the same auto, the same flaws remain. It's idiosyncratic and snazzy and in the event that you are urgent to drive something that is not the same as the 2015 5 BlueHDi series standard then exposed the 5 personality a primary concern.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
On the other hand, to drive, the 2015 5 BlueHDi wallpaper is someway behind its premium opponents and excessively confined in the back. In spite of the fact that it's great prepared, it's not altogether less expensive than the opposition to balance these 2015 5 BlueHDi dimensions disadvantages - particularly when you figure its poorer resale values.

In the first place things first – the DS5 is no more a Citroen. PSA – the 2015 5 BlueHDi autocar guardian organization of both Citroen and Peugeot – has chosen to dispatch another, extravagance sub-brand, which implies each DS model will lose its Citroen marking, including the prevalent DS3. It bodes well to begin with leader DS show however, so here is the new 2015 5 BlueHDi emissions.

It's not only an instance of changing a few stickers however – the 2015 5 BlueHDi horsepower auto has been given a styling upgrade with another grille and overhauled headlights. There are corrections to the 2015 5 BlueHDi first drive inside, alongside another, cleaner and more prudent scope of motors. Citroen (sorry, DS) has additionally included an enhanced infotainment framework and different upmarket additional items like posher cowhide.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
The 2015 DS 5 BlueHDi launch motor extent comprises of a 1.6-liter petrol motor and a diesel half breed, alongside three BlueHDi diesel motors – a 1.6-liter with 120PS and a 2.0-liter with either 150PS or 180PS. The diesels are relied upon to make up the greater part of offers, with the 150PS the most famous of the three – so that is the thing that we invested the DS 5 BlueHDi car most energy with.

In addition to the DS 5 BlueHDi review fact that it is cleaner than the active 160PS diesel - with discharges down 23g/km to an amazing 105g/km and economy up to 68.9mpg – yet it additionally delivers more torque. 370Nm is accessible at 2000rpm, so quickening and surpassing are simple. It's a peaceful motor, as well, especially at motorway cruising speeds, with little clamor advancing into the lodge from the motor or the

The enhanced refinement is somewhat down to some abundantly required suspension amendments, with changed dampers offering a more agreeable ride over knocks than some time recently. The progressions are welcome, however while the DS 5 BlueHDi design is great, it could even now have better ride quality over undulating and broken street surfaces. Here things get somewhat nervous. The DS 5 BlueHDi performance suspension additionally pounds and crashes over potholes recognizably.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
There's no denying the enhancements in corners however, where the additional consistence isn't to the detriment of body roll. The DS5 is slick and exact through curves, however the DS 5 BlueHDi interior auto feels overwhelming - it may competent yet you won't savor the drive like you would in a DS3. The DS5 is truly getting it done on a long excursion, where the DS 5 BlueHDi engine sufficient torque, smooth gearbox and calm lodge make things casual and easy.


Things are much more serene on the DS 5 BlueHDi concept off chance that you decide on a programmed transmission, however you'll have to pick an alternate motor to get one. We attempted the DS 5 BlueHDi cost 180PS BlueHDi with the EAT6 programmed and discovered it exceptionally smooth to be sure when moving up or down, yet sufficiently responsive to tackle moderate moving activity or to get speed on a slip-street.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
A standout amongst the most one of a kind elements of the DS 5 BlueHDi release date has dependably been the DS 5 BlueHDi features airplane enlivened lodge, which just gets light changes. It holds its overhead switches, discretionary head-up showcase and etched focus console, however is presently accessible with some new styling additional items including plusher 'semi-aniline' cowhide. There is likewise a clearer and more natural infotainment framework with route as standard.

The inside is from immaculate, on the other hand. Rearward perceivability is poor because of a spoiler mounted precisely where you have to see, while back legroom is tight for an auto in this class. The DS 5 BlueHDi style capacity cubbies are little and cumbersome to utilize as well. Grown-ups will battle to get settled in the DS 5 BlueHDi price back unless the front seat tenants are genuinely little keeping in mind boot size is satisfactory at 450 liters, in correlation a Skoda Superb offers more than 600 liters of limit.

A Skoda Superb costs less as well. The DS 5 BlueHDi images begins at a not economical £25,980, however that gets you a liberal level of standard hardware. Section level Elegance autos get keyless passage and begin, a three-section all encompassing rooftop, touchscreen infotainment, Bluetooth, route and DAB radio. Climbing to Prestige trim includes additional items including cowhide and LED headlights.

Clearly settling on the top-trim level wrenches up the DS 5 BlueHDi pictures cost, as do discretionary additional items like the excellent watch-strap style calfskin seats. Truth be told it is anything but difficult to push the DS 5 BlueHDi news list cost past £30,000, which is in the same domain as ostensibly more prestigious models like the Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake. There are likewise less expensive alternatives to consider, similar to the noteworthy new Volkswagen Passat.

Be that as it may, to utilize an adage, the DS 5 BlueHDi speed has some French 'je ne sais quoi' about it. The striking looks and one of a kind inside come united to abundantly enhanced suspension while more temperate motors mean lower running expenses. In this way, on the 5 BlueHDi sound off chance that you've generally fancied the DS5, the changes mean there is more reason than any other time in recent memory to purchase one

Ben Griffin surveys the New DS 5, the otherworldly successor to the 5 BlueHDi video from 1955 and the first to go only it without the Citroen identification in the UK.

Our survey feature might say Citroen for pursuit purposes, however this is actually the 5 BlueHDi series first standalone auto from the upmarket DS brand, which split far from the French producer in 2014. It has experienced a pinch and tuck to make it look significantly prettier. We chose to check whether it's any great.

The New 5 BlueHDi wallpaper looks phenomenal. It's a tasteful thing, yet without giving up the idiosyncratic "take a gander at-me-I'm-fun" outline ethos the littler DS 3 radiates.

New outside corrections can be fundamentally seen around the front guard, for example, another front grille, lashings of chrome, a "saber" styling line over the hat and LED headlights with Xenon knobs.

Naming the DS 5 is a bit troublesome as it's greater than a commonplace hatchback, has the 5 BlueHDi dimensions profile of a tourer and there's unquestionably a hybrid vibe. Size-wise, it is bigger than the DS 4 and offers a couple of similitudes however the DS 5 has more vicinity. The 5 BlueHDi autocar new DS 5 additionally swaps the Citroen chevron with a DS identification.

Within is unquestionably plastic-overwhelming, yet the configuration is awesome. The 5 BlueHDi emissions catch format is to a great degree coherent and there are no unbalanced shapes or any superfluous jumble to reduce the structure over capacity approach.


We especially like the plane style switches, which can be found on the 5 BlueHDi first drive middle support and roof, and the magnificently stout apparatus handle. Little points of interest like that make you feel like the 5 BlueHDi horsepower inside was outlined with consideration and consideration, not involved a heap of extra parts.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
The passage level, 120hp four-barrel BlueHDI 120 S&S diesel is a smidgen gutless at low revs, however the 300Nm of torque means it can overwhelm once twisted up without putting the trepidation into you. Combined with the 5 BlueHDi launch six-pace manual, which is a delight to utilize, it's a fantastic drive.

It has light controlling (by means of an uncommonly vast guiding wheel, evading the pattern of its French cousin, Peugeot) and dexterous taking care of, both of which let you make fast directing conformities and great body control. You would be unable to know the auto weighs 1,605kg. The suspension is a change on the old setup, offering great pothole-dousing capacities.

The directing feel is to some degree obscure, yet the auto demoralizes quick cornering so seldom will you ever find its inclination to understeer close as far as possible. This is an auto that likes to set aside its opportunity to let passers-by absorb the French styling – lethargic and agreeable, not lively and ex.


Greater diesels like the BlueHDI S&S 180hp give you especially better increasing speed (0 to 62mph in 9.9 seconds versus 12.7 seconds for the 120hp variation) and the petrol brags a more pleasant motor commotion and just somewhat more regrettable efficiency than the 180hp diesel, however we never felt we required the additional force.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
Street clamor is sufficiently peaceful at 70mph so you can hear yourself think. Then the programmed gearbox is incidentally laggy, yet that is just truly observable on the off chance that you foot it.

There's no genuine gas-guzzler in the extent. The DS 5 BlueHDi car review specs and performance 120 S&S six-pace manual, for occurrence, barely passes up a great opportunity with the expectation of complimentary assessment, because of CO2 outflows of 104g/km while overseeing and noteworthy 70.6mpg consolidated.

The all the more intense BlueHDI 150 S&S six-velocity manual comes in at 105g/km and 64.1mpg. Minimum ozone-accommodating is the THP 165 S&S EAT6 auto however that is still just 136g/km of CO2, which means it costs £130 to charge.

Best of all is the Hybrid4x4 200, which oversees 103g/km and 72.4mpg, however it costs significantly all the more so it will require a long investment to recoup the DS 5 BlueHDi review specs and performance expense contrasted and the two diesels.


Three trim levels – Elegance, 1955 Limited Edition and Prestige – keep it straightforward while picking what number of additional items you need and all offer a decent standard program of treats.

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi
Tastefulness incorporates 17-inch combination wheels, Hill Start Assist, voyage control, keyless passage and begin, 7-inch Touch Drive interface, programmed double zone atmosphere control, back stopping sensors, trip PC, simple clock (recall that them?) and a programmed electronic stopping brake.

Knock up a rung or two and you can appreciate bigger amalgams, body hued specifying and LED inside mind-set lighting. To put it plainly, Elegance is the DS 5 BlueHDi specs and performance pick of the cluster as it has the greater part of the well done, even better, it's the least expensive.

While the inside is sufficiently strong at its most fundamental, the different cowhide and other inside choices merit considering, as this is the auto's best element and they have an enormous effect to the look and feel. We would likewise consider the head-up showcase for comfort and the Blind Spot Monitoring framework in the event that you frequently drive on motorways and double carriageways.

We did rather appreciate the back rub capacity, accessible for £500 as a component of the Electric Comfort pack. Whether it has any genuine health advantage, we are uncertain, yet it demonstrated diverting and agreeable in equivalent measure.


Running Cost

2015 DS 5 BlueHDi Price is £12,950; Slope Start Assist is an incredible standard additional as it will help anxious drivers from moving in reverse into an auto. The DS 5 likewise has driver and traveler and sidelong airbags and a five-star Euro NCAP rating to boot. Different security choices can make it even more secure than it as of now is.

We were shocked exactly how agreeable and smooth the New DS 5 is. You don't drive it to such an extent as coast from A to B while appreciating the loco inside. It's still a Citroen on a basic level, yes, and barely a shoddy one at that, yet it would be a disgrace to leave behind on it over identification pomposity.

Driving elements are auxiliary to tasteful twists, however in no way, shape or form is that an awful thing. A remarkable inverse, truth be told, as the DS 5 is an auto with rich character and beguile. The DS 5's outside and inside styling makes most autos in its cost range look more drained than a FIFA shredder.

Better taking care of and execution can be discovered somewhere else, however there is little in its cost go that will make driving or day trips as agreeable and extravagant. The Elegance spec and passage level diesel are more than adequate to keep the cost sensible.

The DS 5, then, can sit in an one of a kind spot in the business sector for the individuals who need to appear as something else and like their motoring to be presented with a touch of French enthusiasm. It's in no way, shape or form immaculate, yet there's sufficient great to overlook the terrible

New dampers don't seem like much, however what a distinction they make, transforming the DS5 into the auto it generally ought to have been