2015 Citroën C4 Picasso Specs, Features, Perfromance review

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso Specs, Features, Perfromance review - There's an estimated science with regards to settling on what long-termers CAR staff have push onto them. The 2015 Citroën Picasso car mathematical statement is something like time of driver + length of drive ÷ number of posterity. The figure is then constrained through the complex Pulmonian calculation, named after our previous street test manager, which oversees how every now and again the beneficiary of the 2015 Citroën Picasso review vehicle will need to get it sideways.

Which is the reason I've by and large wound up running MPVs and delicate roaders for as long as six years. Having driven the Grand Picasso for the 2015 Citroën Picasso specs best a portion of 12 months, I've had plentiful time to choose that, while it's not a vehicle that causes expectant globules of sweat to create and it doesn't inspire second looks from the 2015 Citroën Picasso design back line of school mentors, it's up there with my most loved long-termers. I thought my Seat Alhambra of 2012 had the huge MPV segment licked, however the Grand Picasso is each piece its equivalent… and doesn't look like Postman Pat's day by day whip either.

First off, the Grand Picasso's rich nose and well sharpened sharp running lights loan it a demeanor of Evoque. That keenness of outline proceeds inside keeping in mind I incline toward the 2015 Citroën Picasso performance champagney golden inside I've seen it clad into our slate dark, Citroën pulls each and every lumen of light into the auto. Slide the 2015 Citroën Picasso interior customizable sun visors back and there's essentially continuous glass from stern of cap to back of rooftop. On the off chance that there's a more breezy lodge available then it's a convertible.


Its short focuses aren't major issues. I'd joyfully manage without Park Assist in an exchange for wipeable, kid-evidence full-calfskin seats (which are likewise the 2015 Citroën Picasso engine main alternative in the event that you need a warmed rear in the winter, not at all like the fabric/conceal blend of our vehicle). The guiding needs criticism – yet that is a typical characteristic in this area – while its "stripped" outline cleanses the dashboard of the greater part of its catches, which isn't useful if your touchscreen is moderate, cumbersome and diverting to arrange while driving. Take indications from the Germans on the 2015 Citroën Picasso concept model amendment if you don't mind Citroën. While you are busy, move the handbrake lever far from the focal stockpiling unit to maintain a strategic distance from unintentional braking at fast.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
Thankfully, the Grand Picasso does first-class things well. Adaptable seating plans and enough second line legroom to have kept Robert Wadlow glad implied long family trips included tossing both packs and kids in and abandoning them where they settled. Keeping in mind Ben Whitworth felt ride and body control 'free and loose' (a depiction you'd never use about Ben himself), it was mainly determined on motorways for a lot of its existence with me so this appeared to be less of an issue. Considering its extents, it handles rather flawlessly.

Design and Styling

Having ventured into the Grand Picasso from the Lexus IS300h I required some serious energy modifying my sending of the throttle to suit the 2015 Citroën Picasso cost driving that Citroën's 2.0-liter diesel requests, yet the 2015 Citroën Picasso release date fuel cost slide in late 2014 joined with mid-40s mileage implied that it was focused on running expenses. All things considered, in case you're a high-mileage client, set something aside to pay for visits to the 2015 Citroën Picasso features dealership to renew your diesel added substance. A week prior to I was because of hand back the keys, the 2015 Citroën Picasso style notices started once more, debilitating carmageddon if disregarded. Two events inside 10,000 miles appears to be fairly excessively visit. look also the 2015 Toyota Auris 1.2 Turbo 5dr manual review

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
Yet the odd shortcoming aside doesn't take away from an auto that endeavors to glimpse diverse both all around and fulfills that sacred trinity of being able on the 2015 Picasso car day by day drive, adaptable family transport and having the 2015 Picasso price capacity to transform into a van when drafted into greenery enclosure/house-clearing obligations. It's a genuine contender for best family auto available.

In case you're not a mate of diesel rattle, in any case, this new 1.2-liter Puretech petrol motor has been acquainted with the 2015 Picasso review line-up. It accompanies a rough three-barrel motor and a turbocharger for a touch of additional oomph. What's more, being a piece of the 2015 Picasso specs most recent Puretech extent it's really spotless, being Euro 6 agreeable and equipped for asserted joined efficiency of 56.5mpg.

Without a doubt, most four-barrel motors have a tendency to be smoother than the 2015 Picasso design new type of three-chamber engines, yet this Puretech 130 figures out how to be truly entirely refined as it drones away, notwithstanding when whipped.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
It's an expert either, feeling much snappier than the 2015 Picasso performance guaranteed 0-62mph time of 10.8sec would recommend - in spite of the fact that you do need to endure its off/on base end power conveyance.

Being a turbo you anticipate that it will feel a little boosty, yet in the event that the 2015 Picasso interior motor is turning at under 1500rpm when your foot goes down, you sit tight and sit tight for the revs to climb and afterward wham (in a way), you're off. Past this point things enhance drastically, and regardless of its little limit the motor is gutsy and skilled, even at motorway speeds.

There's no programmed adaptation, only a six-pace manual gearbox, however the 2015 Picasso engine proportions are dispersed well to keep the motor in its torque bend. Top apparatus works much like an overdrive to make the C4 Picasso a cruiser - an accreditation that is reinfocred by there being scarcely any tire commotion. On the off chance that no one but Citroën could dial out the steady vacillate of wind clamor, the C4 Picasso it would have the 2015 Picasso concept peacefulness of a sanctuary.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
Another Ford C-Max will be discounted in a matter of seconds, and on current structure we'd be shocked if that auto isn't at present a superior cow. In any case, saying this doesn't imply that the 2015 Picasso release date is without element merit. Unsurprising, very much weighted guiding makes it not too bad to drive down winding nation paths, however similarly it requires pleasingly little push to direct nearby.


In the event that you need to hazard making the 2015 Picasso cost children debilitated and corner with a little verve it will react with a level of body incline yet not to the point of feeling free. There's little uncertainty however that Citroën has gone for supple as opposed to lively, and subsequently the Picasso's suspension takes the sting out of most knocks. All things considered, it will shake you up in the event that you hit a profound pothole or sharp edge, and the 2015 Picasso features delicate damper settings permit some body-drift over peaks.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
The C4 Picasso's greatest draw is its style, both on the outside where it brandishes a sharp nose and LED gems and inside where there's a lot of panache because of multi-textured surfaces produced using delicate touch materials. There's substance there, as well, in light of the 2015 Picasso style fact that it feels well made and prepared to take a beating in family utilize.

It'll additionally situate four in sensible solace – in spite of the 2015 Citroën Picasso images fact that a Volkswagen Golf SV offers better back extra space to move around – and there's lodge adaptability cordiality of the 2015 Picasso price independently tilting and sliding back seats. With the back seats slid forward the boot's volume is a huge 630 liters.

This new petrol variant costs less to purchase than a diesel and it's nearly proficient, so worth contemplating in case you're private purchaser who mostly drives around the 2015 Picasso pictures local area. Then again, the diesel's true economy and better emanations still improve it the organization auto decision and in addition for those that cover more miles.

In case you're going to purchase a medium sized MPV then the 2015 Citroën Picasso news Puretech ought to unquestionably include on your shopping list. Be that as it may, we'd recommend holding off until you can attempt the new C-Max.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
It's odd how the excellent family wagon is out of support nowadays, uprooted by the 2015 Picasso speed normally less-functional minimized SUV, which could make the most recent Citroen C4 Picasso appear like an all the 2015 Picasso sound more fascinating recommendation for those looking for space and style.

The support begins with the 2015 Picasso video cutting edge outline, which figures out how to be both smart and utilitarian. The glasshouse is enormous, from the huge windscreen that wraps up over the rooftop, to the additional windows at the 2015 Picasso series front and raise corners that enhance perceivability.

The profile lines are less difficult than the 2015 Picasso wallpaper, streaming into a cleaner backside joining LED tail lights and a little spoiler over the back window.

Going inside, the time travel proceeds, with the majority of the dials and a great part of the switchgear supplanted with two high-determination shows. A monstrous 12.0-inch show sits on the center of the dash in our Exclusive evaluation C4 Picasso, with a littler 7.0-inch touchscreen s

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
The bigger of the 2015 Picasso autocar two screens has customisable subjects and data boards, and is controlled by catches and scroll wheels on the directing wheel. On the left you have alternatives for a breakthrough computerized show, or more excellent skeuomorphic simple readouts. On the 2015 Picasso dimensions right you can browse route, trip PC or even show photos. Exactly when you thought choosing a wallpaper for your cell phone was sufficiently troublesome, your auto can now have one as well.


While the thought behind this game plan is great, the 2015 Picasso first drive execution is somewhat less effective. Where changing the temperature in many autos should be possible just by feel – with a touch of a catch or the bit of a handle – the touchscreen obliges you to tap the atmosphere control alternative then press awkward onscreen catches, a troublesome accomplishment in the 2015 Picasso emissions event that you want to keep your eyes out and about.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
There are a lot of canisters and holders around the 2015 Citroën Picasso launch lodge, with an extensive focal compartment between the front seats, a not too bad estimated glovebox and pockets in the back entryways. The 2015 Picasso horsepower compartment underneath the touchscreen is the center for cabled availability, with two USB ports, a 12-volt lighter attachment, and even a standard 120W electrical plug.

On the backs of the Citroën Picasso review front seats are fold down tables with LED perusing lights, much like you'd find on a plane. Air vents in the B-columns with individual fan controls make an incredible showing of pumping cool air through to the back travelers – particularly helpful on the Citroën Picasso car off chance that you have little children.

You can slide the back seats fore and toward the back and also lean back each of the Citroën Picasso specs three autonomously of one other, making it simple for four travelers and a driver to get settled. Legroom and headroom for all is remarkable, making this a genuine five seater.

The boot is suitably huge at 537 liters with the seats slid back, and 630L with all of them the Citroën Picasso design route forward. This far surpasses a customary hatchback or even numerous minimized SUVs, and can best some conservative wagons like the Skoda Octavia (588L) and Volkswagen Golf (605L).

Its perceivability may be great and stopping was made considerably simpler by an electronic help framework. Programmed parallel and opposite stopping can slip you all through a spot with simply your feet on the Citroën Picasso performance pedals, while front and raise sensors and a converse perspective camera are likewise included in the Citroën Picasso interior event that you like to DIY.

Out and about the Citroen C4 Picasso is an extremely agreeable cruiser, much the same as the seven-seater.

Street clamor was kept to a base, notwithstanding cruising at the motorway furthest reaches of 130 kilometers for each hour. The Citroën Picasso concept sound framework might do not have any extravagant marking, yet sound quality was clear and fresh gushing over USB or Bluetooth, making the Citroën Picasso engine voyage significantly more charming.

While they are partial to un-signposted speed cameras in France, the Citroën Picasso cost versatile journey control effortlessly dealt with our licenses, delicately braking on slopes and moderating for movement when required.

Motorways in France are similar to billiard tables generally, yet downtown areas and residential communities present all the more then what's coming to them of cobblestones, sewer vent covers and hindrances. The Citroën Picasso release date suspension douses them up without complain.


The Citroën Picasso style 2.0-liter turbo diesel motor in our auto is mated to a six-pace manual with a spotless and simple toss. It packs a solid 110kW of force, however all the Citroën Picasso features more critically 370Nm of torque is on tap from abominable in the rev range.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
It's not the quickest vehicle to get going, with some turbo slack down low in the Citroën Picasso price event that you punch it out of the pieces. In any case, moving it's easy, with decent mid-reach pull that doesn't abandon you panting for revs.

Flying out to and from an occasion 400km from Paris we timed up an aggregate of more than 1000km over the space of three days in the Citroën Picasso images, and turned out to be entirely stricken with it. Citroen claims a fuel use figure of 4.3L/100km for this motor variation, and amid out time in the auto we saw normal fuel utilization of around 5.5L/100km.

A huge breezy lodge loaded with quality materials, comfortable seats and some clever devices make it a pleasant spot to sit, while its on-street conduct are splendidly solid for a minimized MPV.

The C4 Picasso had beforehand been affirmed to arrive locally in 2014, however right now there are no firm dates for its nearby dispatch here in Australia nor what motors and particulars will be found in the MPV. Be that as it may, with Citroen Australia's six-year boundless kilometer guarantee, you can include bit of psyche top of this extraordinary bundle


This is not the first Citroen that declines to opening perfectly into any class, nor will it be the Citroën Picasso news last. We cherish the French marque for that.

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
Citroen C4 Picasso looks like nothing else out and about. The greater part of its upper surfaces are glass, from its gigantic windscreen that practically converges into a super-sized sunroof and onto the Citroën Picasso pictures smooth back glass the conservative French individuals mover challenges tradition. Inside, there are intriguing bends, aspects and materials. Numerous in the Citroën Picasso speed dashboard zone are molded around the huge electronic sc

An extensive screen in the focal point of the dash shows the Picasso video primary instruments. It can be set up with a decision of presentations to suit your individual tastes and driving conditions.

A littler screen in a more ordinary position let down in the Picasso sound inside console takes care of aerating and cooling, sound and other minor assignments.

Citroen C4 Picasso is valued at $40,990 in addition to on-street costs. It has a decent scope of standard hardware, with keyless passage and begin stop, programmed headlights and wipers, LED daytime running lights, and haze lights with a cornering capacity.


The Lounge Pack has part calfskin seats, "unwind style" headrests, LED light for plate tables on the Picasso series backs of the front seats, fronts seats with electric lumbar backing and rub capacity and electric hassock for the front traveler ($2000); and Full Nappa cowhide seats with the Picasso wallpaper Lounge Pack in addition to electrically customizable and warmed seats ($5000).

2015 Citroën C4 Picasso
The Drive Assist pack has path takeoff cautioning, keen bar capacity, dynamic voyage control, against impact cautioning, dynamic safety belts and electro-chromatic back vision mirror. All are beneficial things and we recommend spending the additional $2000 bodes well.

Driving the C4 Picasso dimensions is an alternate affair, not just do you have that goldfish dish before you, the rigging lever is in an irregular spot on the upper right of the guiding wheel. It takes a touch of getting to be usual to, so we recommend a more drawn out than normal test drive on the off chance that you've never been in a Citroen.

On the off chance that the daylight is excessively solid it can be kept out by moving the front of the lodge's rooftop forward in two segments to cover the top territories of the windscreen.

Picasso has five individual seats, with all the back units having the same measurements. The back seat can slide back and forward to give you a chance to pick between traveler legroom and boot limit. With the seats in their rearmost positions there's great legroom for grown-ups.


Running Cost

The front seats have modification in different headings, a few settings are controlled by little catches in the front corner of the seat. It looks just as it consumes up pointless room however we soon got to be usual to it.

Citroen Picasso's ride solace is all that you anticipate from a French auto - smooth and calm to the point of quietness. There was more tire commotion than foreseen on some of Australia's infamous coarse-chip surfaces, however other than that it's really noteworthy. Maybe attempt that kind of street on your private test drive in the event that you suspect nation visiting in your new Citroen.

Taking care of is sufficiently sheltered, yet tall incubates never feel in the same class as standard stature ones because of the higher focal point of gravity. In case you're a sharp driver who likes press-on motoring in uneven zones maybe take a gander at an alternate Citroen.

The motor is no bundle of flame, yet is prone to have enough execution for the commonplace purchaser - if there is such an incredible concept as an ordinary purchaser for any Citroen. The six-rate programmed transmission awed us with the way it cooperated with the smallish 1.6-liter turbo-petrol motor to have it taking care of business revs.